The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

COACHLIGHT CT., 7291-Rochelle D. and Parnell R. Jackson to James J. Benjamin, $132,500.

PLEASANT VIEW RD., 1402-Donna M. and Richard K. Martin to M. Richard Carr, $390,000.

Brunswick Area

BRUNSWICK ST., 303-Lisa K. and Richard A. Floyd to Jessica Robin Hilburn Holmes and Brian Gerard Hilburn, $160,000.

DELAWARE AVE. N., 216-Michael Keith Cline to Whitney M. and Andrew J. Duck, $143,000.

PEACH ORCHARD CT., 17-Penny L. McLane to Richard R. Gardner, $110,000.

Emmitsburg Area

MAIN ST. E., 210-Lingg and Myers Properties Corp. to Emmitsburg East Industrial Park Corp., $195,000.

PROVINCIAL PKWY., 37-Neal L. Harrington to Julie A. Boggs, $123,500.

WELTY AVE., 110-Sherry A. Hicks to Celeste Marie Merson, $119,900.

Frederick City Area

AZTEC DR., 813-Joseph M. and Wendy Bertrand to Jose and Miriam A. Medrano, $420,000.

BASFORD RD., 3045-Wayne E. and Debra L. Palmer to Sharon E. Daniels and Steven P. Alper, $250,000.

BEAR DEN RD., 2458-Hugh M. and Marjorie A. Morris to Bernadette E. and Edward M. Morris, $350,000.

BLUE LEAF CT., 900, No. 9-3A-Tamara D. Dixon to Shannon D. Leigh, $136,900.

BOULDER RD., 9413-Mildred B. Schroyer to Sandra P. Bermudez, $184,900.

BOYSENBERRY LANE, 591-Cynthia A. Long to Nurian C. Dominguez and Jose R. Romero, $160,000.

CANVAS BACK CT., 5008-David M. and Kathly L. St. Andrie to J. Blair Horne Jr., $162,500.

CARROLLTON DR., 424-Madelyn Miles to Kui Gong and Wei Shao, $168,400.

CARROLLTON DR., 496, No. 6-Shani L. Russell to Christine H. Kelley, $115,000.

CASTLE ROCK RD., 1709-Kenneth N. and Donna J. Atkinson to Jill B. and Michael C. Armogida, $415,000.

CHASE CT., 5719-Angela C. Wagner to Weimin Liu and Anna E. Huang, $196,000.

CHURCH ST. E., 517-Kimberly Hope Chappell to Nikki L. Swartzlander, $169,900.

DERRS SQ. E., 1710-David G. and Kelly M. Allen to Maria De Lourdes Aguilar and Jose Alejandro Rodriguez, $244,900.

DILL AVE., 255-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Keith N. Schiszik and Patricia A. Heinaman, $280,000.

DULANEY CT., 1831-Alden A. and Jennifer A. Whiteman to Nelly and Jose M. Granados, $156,000.

EARLES CT., 5251-Dennis A. and Mary Jo Yard to Bo Huang and Steven J. Bieiski, $225,900.

EDGEWOOD CHURCH RD., 7736-David E. and Winifred L. Ropp to Bobbi A. and Gregory S. Fulmer, $191,500.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 512-Harriett L. Donovan to Laura M. Gilley, $230,000.

GOOSEANDER CT., 6616-Theresa P. and James M. Tarleton to Ray W. Crouse, $371,500.

GRANALTA CIR., 7319-Kwang S. and In J. Choe to Rebecca and Jose E. Romero, $300,000.

GRANT PL., 526-Michael C. and Jill B. Armogida to Laura M. and John Eric Crampton, $267,500.

HALLECK DR., 906-Adam W. and Amy K. Burner Stevens to Dena and Michael Raitman, $245,000.

HARPERS CT., 1929-Cheryl S. and Jeffrey P. Schein to William C. Harper Jr., $228,000.

HARVEST DR., 9989-Sheila J. and David W. Stottlemyer to Douglas D. Hornemann, $189,900.

HAYLOFT CT., 5500-LandAmerica OneStop Inc. to Jeanne Markle Labash and James Labash, $440,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 650-A-Donald E. Albaugh to Noe Robles, $105,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 800-F-Matthew W. Whitney to Janet Mae Wiles, $110,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 800-K-Deborah Dawn Stuhlemmer to David Michael Kinderdine Jr., $90,000.

HEATHFIELD DR., 137-Jason Shipley to Tricia B. and John B. Abbott Jr., $183,451.

HOLLOW REED CT., 8009-Matthew E. Hinz to Joanne Stacho and Gary D. Markle, $209,900.

IVYWOOD DR. N., 5330-Michael Edwin Boyer to Kathy L. and Ishaq S. Ayoub, $350,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 20-Alfred J. and Janet S. Grove to Karen V. and Patrick A. Jones, $155,000.

JORDAN VALLEY WAY, 8348-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Michaela A. and David M. Bealmear, $519,900.

JUBAL WAY, 930-Loai Y. and Stacey J. Saffarinee to Deborah G. and Peter J. Molik, $210,000.

KERNEL CT., 6733-Donna L. and Russell G. Tritapoe to Leigh A. Smith, $199,900.

KESWICK PL., 1118-Charlene Ward to Antoinette S. Fyffe, $175,000.

LAKEVIEW DR., 5706-Gerald R. and Phyllis McConnell to M. Carol and Anthony Spencer, $245,000.

LAUREL WOOD WAY, 1533-Washington Mutual Bank to Janet Hatchette and Barbara Pinnock, $181,000.

MADISON ST., 313-Jennifer M. and Michael S. Hahn to Susan E. and Robert P. McGinnis, $138,000.

MARKEL CIR., 1208-Prudential Residential Services Partnership to Maria Lourdes and Carlo Pondoc, $255,000.

MARKET ST. N., 915-Tracy Lynn Kilby to Richard B. Miller, $175,000.

MEADOW GROVE LANE, 1803-Christopher C. Ketterer to Amanda K. and William W. Agee, $236,000.

NEW HAVEN CT., 6319-Alan D. Barden to Angela C. Jordan, $215,000.

NORTHRIDGE LANE, 1740-William King to Norma Brinkley Staley, $125,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7176-Barbara A. Ryan to Mark Colvin, $202,000.

OLD STAGE RD., 587-John M. Moore Sr. to Eugenia Bentz, $261,000.

PARK AVE., 346-Stacey and William Larson to Kathryn A. Malcolm, $232,475.

PENWICK CIR., 162-Allan D. Martinez to Zaheeruddin and Syeda Rizwana Ahmad, $231,000.

PINOAK DR., 288-Kathleen and Floyd A. Burkett to Judy T. Goffi, $165,000.

PLANTERS CT., 5817-Melinda R. and Valentina C. Hoy to Ardri Properties Corp., $121,449.

PRIMUS CT., 588-Judy L. Cline to Nancy A. and Donald J. Shea, $213,800.

PRINCE WILLIAM CT., 5467-Patrick A. and Michelle S. Thompson to Valerie A. Milum and David T. Tobin, $215,000.

PROVIDENCE CT., 1145-Amada M. Ceballos to Remziye and Ekrem Sen, $150,000.

REICHS FORD RD., 8832-Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co. to John Hanifin, $135,000.

RIDGEFIELD CIR., 9287-Richard A. Waldo to Michelle and William Eby, $220,000.

ROCK CREEK DR., 7029-Tammy Lynn Watts to Pauline E. Hamilton, $254,900.

SADDLEBROOK LANE, 6453-Joyce M. and Robert M. Utter Barrow to Mellinda Anne and Herl Dan Pierce, $394,900.

SANDY CT., 5650-William E. Dunford to Barbara A. and Frank E. Biggs, $182,000.

SPRINGWATER TER., 6340, No. 1300H-Brian P. Boccia to Tara V. Marsh, $184,900.

STONEGATE DR., 148-Patrick F. McLister to Sarra and Wesley Karstens, $154,900.

STONEGATE DR., 158-George J. Jr. and Amanda L. Mayo to Bhanuben V. and Vikrambhai A. Pandya, $138,000.

SUNDOWN CT. W., 7190-Brian C. Dougherty to Lisa Wickham and Carol Helmka, $375,000.

TOWNCREST CT., 6338-Ernest C. III and Nancy Farkas to Kimberly and Michael Phelps, $211,000.

WATERSIDE DR., 2500, No. 114-Marja H. and William H. Chaplin to Helen A. Parks, $240,000.

WEATHERBY CT., 6404-H-Karrine I. Lee to Nancy A. and Donald J. Shea, $145,000.

WESTCOTT CIR., 5512-Jennifer S. and Mbiyu O. Chisholm to Rachelle M. Duke, $258,500.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2223-Melanie and Daniel T. Robinson to Mary Ellen Porter,


WHEYFIELD DR., 1512-Kimberly F. Sheppard to Priscilla A. Freire and Mario F. Diaz, $240,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1768-Charles M. Jr. and Catherine Wood to Lingyuan and Tszechung Tai, $236,000.

WHITE OAK CIR., 9896-Stephen C. and Christy Brandenburg to Jane E. and Randy J. Beatty, $355,000.

WOOD DUCK CT., 6778-Robert J. and Donna M. Naylor to Adzo and Komlan D. Amedon, $185,500.

WORSHAM CT., 6505-Brenda Harrell to Deborah Yuson and Seung Kook Oh, $230,000.

THIRD ST. W., 14-Glenn R. and Ruth V. Matthews to Meilan and Stephen Buckingham, $300,000.

FOURTH ST. W., 135-GRL Enterprises Corp. to Mary M. Hines, $246,000.

SEVENTH ST. E., 236-Thomas G. Baisey Jr. to Tanya G. and Victor Strassberger, $95,000.

Frederick City-

Adamstown Village Area

BASFORD RD., 3414-Susan S. Selig Elliott to Mary Jo and Dennis A. Yard, $525,000.

Ijamsville Area

KNOLLS PKWY., 3312-Lawrence J. and Denise J. Cleary to Lisa R. Pavic and Todd R. Gorham, $499,900.

Middletown Area

COLEBROOK LANE, 6586-Teresa L. Holter to Jeffrey Lenn Dempsey III, $249,900.

LARCH LANE, 7-Elizabeth and Charles S. Coulter to Patricia W. Grimes, $270,000.

OLD NATIONAL PIKE, 2326-Kimberly S. Summers to Allen F. Vipperman, $235,900.

PYRITE CT., 4395-Barry and Toni Zimmerman to Wendy and Tate Safford, $271,000.

SPRINGBROOK CT. E., 7324-Shannon Leslie Babb to Joseph G. Jankowski and Vernon F. Troxell, $147,900.

Monrovia Area

LEE HILL DR., 12505-Zachary E. and Antoinette R. Byrd to Kathryn and Neil Weigle, $310,000.

MID COUNTY DR., 11931-Marilyn L. and David F. Stream to Robert S. Pell, $359,000.

WELLER RD., 11929-Gary D. and Joann Stacho Markle to Olive and Lawrence Kelly, $259,000.

Mount Airy Area

BEACH DR., 6612-Sylynn A. Stephenson to Hans and Shirley and James Bremer, $182,500.

CATOCTIN VISTA DR., 5828-Bennett N. and Joanne M. Racheff to Mong and Edward A. Heine, $370,500.

COLDSTREAM DR., 6665-Harold E. Jr. and Linda C. Powell to Bridget and Guy Carver, $315,400.

EDGEWOOD RD., 6614-James Martin Miller to Parveen K. Dhillon and Randy L. Burchick, $290,000.

FOX CHASE RD., 7016-Randall C. and Kristine M. Place to Diana Tang and Jaime Ramos, $240,000.

HEDGE APPLE BEND RD., 13069-Christopher E. and Suzanne Strakna to Steven M. and Patricia P. Smith, $306,000.

LEGION DR., 5317-John N. Alexander to Claire E. and Darwin Rosenfeld, $305,000.

MILLWOOD RD., 4309-Myron G. Sanford Jr. to Dana Sue Collins, $375,000.

NORTH VIEW RD., 607-Charles Melvin Harner III to Daniel Robert King, $220,000.

NORTH VIEW RD. N., 505-John E. and Anne M. Branzell to Jennifer and Christopher Lee Neuman, $225,000.

REDTAIL CT., 10272-F-John Leroy Schmidt to Barry McCleary, $141,000.

SUNSET AVE., 208-Anthony J. Lanosz to Denise C. Magee Groves and George Edward Groves, $299,000.

WALDEN WAY, 102-Edward A. Heine to Maria M. Caixinha, $229,900.

Myersville Area

BALTIMORE NATIONAL PIKE, 10002-Kent E. Krebeck to Robert Irwin Henkin, $799,900.

BALTIMORE NATIONAL PIKE, 10917-John N. Phillips and Paula M. Zucca to Cardermark Homes Corp., $162,000.

HIGHLAND SCHOOL RD., 10516-Donald D. Pyles to Hilari and Jason Varnadore, $180,000.

WISTMAN LANE, 4136-William R. Jr. and Marcia J. Nicklas to Jennifer C. Goodenough and Dean E. Richardson, $587,000.

Rolling Green Area

GREEN VALLEY RD., 13224-John C. and Ruth W. Beall to Melissa and Barry William Beall, $254,987.

Thurmont Area

ALTAMONT AVE. S., 11-Merhle H. Martin to Joseph Balbi Jr., $135,800.

HAMMAKER ST. E., 138-Norma J. Chipley to Barbara Ellen Wilson, $150,000.

KELBAUGH RD., 16204-Barbara L. Lipps to June and Michael J. Kastner III, $198,900.

ROCK CREEK WAY, 103-Robert J. and Tonya A. Watson to Wendy G. and Terrence J. Candela, $299,900.

STONEY PARK WAY, 16-Derek Huzzy to Nancy M. and Ernest C. Farkas III, $250,000.

UTICA MILLS CIR., 10794-James S. and Holli Lynn Grunewald to Michael K. and Kathleen A. Cassidy, $420,000.

Walkersville Area

EDINBURGH WAY, 139-Jason C. and Jennifer Allder to Karen L. and Douglas L. Hillard, $181,000.

SHERWOOD DR., 96-Reeder Custer Investments Inc. to Shannon Christine Scott and Michael Walter Stream Jr., $224,000.

SUCCESSFUL WAY, 8900-Constance M. and George W. Straker to Jason C. Shipley, $215,000.