Fairfax County and Fairfax City will be using the touch-screen WINvote machines on Tuesday. Falls Church voters will use the city's customary paper ballots, which are optically scanned. Here is a guide to using the machines, which are accessible to the disabled and have an audio option for blind voters.

QHow do I begin?

AAn election officer will activate the WINvote machine.

Then what?

Lightly touch the "Touch Here to Start" box at the bottom center of the screen to begin voting.

How do I vote?

Lightly touch the candidate's name or, in the case of bond issues and constitutional amendments, touch "Yes" or "No." A red "{scheck}" will appear, and the box with the candidate's name or answer in it will be highlighted in red.

Can I change my mind?

Sure. Just lightly touch the box again, and then touch your new selection.

How do I go to the next part of the ballot?

Lightly touch "Next," in the lower right-hand section of the screen, to move to the next page of the ballot.

How do I review my choices?

You have two options: If a box is flashing, there are still choices to be made. Lightly touch the office, title or question to return to it and make a selection, then lightly touch "Return" in the lower right-hand side of your screen to continue. Or lightly touch "Next," in the lower right-hand part of the screen if you are satisfied with your selections. You do not have to vote for everything on the ballot. It is your right to leave a box blank.

Can I write in a candidate?

Sure. Just touch the "Write in" block for the office in question and an alphabet key pad will appear. Type out the name of the individual you wish to vote for and touch "Next" to continue voting.

How does my vote get recorded?

Lightly touch the large flashing word "VOTE" on the screen. If you wish to make changes, lightly touch the "Back" button in the lower left-hand area of the screen.

Note: Once you cast your ballot, you cannot make any changes or vote again.

How will I know that my vote has been recorded?A screen will show up for a few seconds telling you that your votes have been recorded.

SOURCE: Fairfax County Electoral Board

For more information about touch-screen voting in the area, visit www.washingtonpost.com/technology.

The WINvote machine is built around a touch screen, left, listing the various choices for voters. Below, county Electoral Board Secretary Margaret K. Luca shows how it works. WINvote, made by Advanced Voting Solutions Inc. of Frisco, Tex., is like a laptop without a keyboard.