Ashburn Area

AGAWAM TER., 44381-Maria and John D. Burns to Michelle and Karl Jay Garcia, $479,900.

ANDREAS CT., 21208-Michelle and Gary J. Maisus to Jilland H. Baskin and Marc Baskin, $575,000.

APOLLO TER., 20813-John Bertram Weltens to Lusajo Kibonde, $291,000.

ARROWHEAD CT., 21308-Linda A. and Paul E. York to Monica and Brian Spangler, $481,500.

ASCOT CT., 21755-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Kristian N. Williams, $176,900.

AZTEC CT., 20223-Richmond American Homes to Laura K. and Matthew B. Dix, $438,090.

BLYTHWOOD CT., 20846-Dean L. Smith to Cynthia S. and Frank T. Ballinger, $460,000.

BRAE TER., 45060, No. 103-Melissa C. Andes to Luis Infante, $234,900.

BREEDERS RUN CT., 20642-Richard A. Fahie to Gurinder Dhillon, $410,000.

BREEZYHILL DR., 20593-Mitzi A. and Daniel C. Shilling to Michelle L. and Andrew E. Lopresti, $485,000.

CARTHAGENA CT., 21085-Susan F. and Douglas C. Waltz to James W. Patti, $558,500.

CEDARPOST SQ., 20933, No. 202-Josephine and Richard C. Ellis Jr. to Christopher and Kathleen Collier, $230,000.

CHURCHILL DOWNS DR., 42859-Abeer Abdin and Mohammad Ayyoubi to Halema Elmahgob and Adel Shanneb, $340,000.

CLAPPERTOWN DR., 21381-Erin and John McMahon to Kelly A. Grady and Michael Zuckerman, $550,000.

COBHAM CT., 43994-Jose Luis Fontan Jr. to Christopher and Michelle Barber, $750,000.

COOL FERN SQ., 20403-Kimberly C. Ingram to Carol L. Maffei, $270,000.

DUNHILL CUP SQ., 43569-Sandra L. and Francis J. McDonnell to Alice and Walter Golden, $425,000.

Leesburg Area

ADAMS DR., 66-Kamna Chawla and Gurpreet Kaur to Ana L. Ramaswamy and Mark E. Hite, $126,000.

ALPINE DR., 238-Richmond American Homes to Jasvir Kaur and Mandeep Singh, $366,865.

ANDROMEDA TER., 469-Mina Chen to Olivia N. and Kevin E. Kalbaugh, $280,000.

APPLETREE DR., 219-Santos Hilario Andrade to Lesbia and Orlando Martinez, $330,000.

ARIEL DR., 270-Centex Homes to Spencer F. Roberts III, $512,200.

BAISH DR., 334-Ryland Group Inc. to Lokman F. Hussien and Mina Chen, $360,386.

BALLYBUNION TER., 43778-Vivian S. and Max J. Dietrich to Kristin F. and Talmadge W. Reed Jr., $490,000.

BARKSDALE DR., 1215-Sandra K. and Kenneth H. Williams to Juan Javier Carrizales, $444,500.

BARKSDALE DR., 1218-Leah S. Char and James W. Hendricks to Christina L. and Kyle N. Zimmerman, $439,900.

BRECKINRIDGE SQ., 526-Amy S. and Thomas A. Mohr to Hongjuan Chen and Guanshen Zhang, $281,500.

BURNT BRIDGE DR., 19203-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Bryant E. and Sonja P. Robinson, $611,514.

CHARTIER DR., 19122-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Jennifer K. and John R. Selman, $532,922.

CHARTIER DR., 19142-Lansdowne Community Development to Tara and Michael Brokaw, $482,568.

CHATHILL TER., 43016-Susan M. and Robert E. Meadows to Deborah L. and Scott C. Wilson, $361,501.

CLAGETT ST., 419-Mary P. and Charles A. Painter to Anne and John J. Kolodziej, $415,000.

COTON HALL ST., 19219-Lansdowne Community Development to N. Kamalizonooz1 and B. Ghavimi, $559,911.

CRYSTAL LAKE ST., 43293-Mary M. and Daniel S. Livchak to Stephanie C. and David M. Manning, $745,000.

Purcellville Area

CHESTNUT GROVE CT., 18258-Birchwood Oak Knoll Farm Corp. to Lisa K.S. and A. Keith Black, $559,440.

DESALES DR., 169-Catoctin Meadows Corp. to Kimberly A. and Wayne L. Murphy, $407,650.

EDWARDS FARM LANE, 11133-Sandra K. and Charles S. Burkes Jr. to John W. Littlefield, $291,000.

G ST. E., 201-Helen L. Gross to Meredith and Frederick Thomas, $320,000.

HARPERS FERRY RD., 13475-Susan Dorsey and Adam K. Pitcher to Robert Lee and H. Marie Dade, $375,000.

HEATON CT., 214-Joanne E. and Arthur K. Rubins to Brian Mason and Heidel Graham, $227,000.

South Riding Area

BRYSON DR., 25335-Kelly L. and James S. McGinn to Patrick A. Lyle and Amy K. Gardner, $303,000.

CEDAR POND PL., 43405-Drees Co. to Carissa and Robert Morris, $700,909.

DABNER DR., 25570-Maria C. and Mark Michael Gaetjen to Heather C. and Max A. Baker, $460,000.

FALLING CEDARS CT., 25517-Drees Co. to Kimberly A. and Rex L. Petrey, $695,290.

GOLF VIEW DR., 42868-Cynthia S. and Peter R. Giudici to S. Narayanasamy and S. Srinivasan, $304,993.

GOLF VIEW DR., 42890-Stacie Nigro and Michael Spagnolo to Jonathan B. Randolph, $303,000.

GREEN FERN CT., 25642-Pulte Home Corp. to Ashley J. and Jae S. Kang, $670,318.

KAISER PL., 25796-South Riding Partners Partnership to Chong M. and Charles D. Hummer, $593,945.

KATLING SQ., 43466-Kevin Scott Brake to Sahin D. Kuplay and Derya Sandal, $330,000.

KIRKWOOD SQ., 25840-Terri L. Rettew to Prabhu Pitchai and Sadda Pallavi, $362,000.

LAIDLOW ST., 43525-Michael B. Greenfield to Erin E. and Franck Stiegerwald, $315,000.

LANDS END DR., 26138-Christopher M. Maletick to Ja and Yoo Jung Lee, $354,900.

LEMON TREE PL., 25420-NVR Inc. to Mary C. and Michael J. Moss, $682,585.

LOCKLEAR TER., 42768-South Riding Partnership to David Swank, $344,598.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25316-Michael N. Barnett to Tawfik Y. Daoud, $408,000.

MORSE DR., 25437-Kerriann and Patrick K. Ulrich to Tania Cevallos, $287,000.

OLIVE TREE LANE, 43062-South Riding Partners Partnership to Karen A. and William P. Harper III, $530,554.

PEMBROOKE CIR., 25992-Theresa and Michael Passarelli to Richard Gillam, $475,000.

PLANTING FIELD DR., 25264-Mary C. and Michael J. Moss to Kathryn and John Leo Hoefler, $555,000.

RACHEL HILL DR., 26109-Stephanie and Charles D. Spears to Colleen and John Lahaise, $530,000.

ROLLING ROCK SQ., 42716-John Tolbert to Paul E. Megivern, $406,250.

SANDMAN TER., 42682-South Riding Partnership to Christopher M. Kunze, $323,928.

Sterling Area

ALDER AVE. N., 120-Elinor A. and Dana L. Dulin to Ingrid E. Salazar Canas, $289,900.

ARGUS PL., 118-Joseph Y. Mensah to L. Medina and Cesar Truijillo, $215,900.

ASPEN AVE. N., 124-Nilsa Perez to Duc Quang Dam and Betty Pham, $278,000.

AVONDALE DR., 425-Francisco and Marie D. Barragan to J. Garcia Gaspar and Alfredo Perez, $323,000.

BAYLOR DR. N., 147-Martha and Abbas Amiri to Ali Eshraghi, $138,000.

BELFORT ST. N., 706-Katherine E. and Carl D. Shaffer to Karin K. and Robert C. Cottrill, $290,000.

BROADLEAF SQ., 21871-Pelpeeka Safi and Reshad Mir to Abeer M. Eid and Mohammad O. Abbasi, $310,000.

CEDAR GREEN RD., 22217-Doris Jean and Donald C. Brownlee to Lidia M. Serrano De Araujo, $325,000.

CLARKES CROSSING SQ., 45432-Robert J. Partin Sr. to Richard C. Sargent, $310,000.

COTTAGE RD. N., 193-Rachel I. and Farshad Abbassi to Douglas E. Gaston, $150,857.

DANBURY CT., 21054-Harriet A. and Eugene A. Kozlowski to Delfina and Jose A. Argueta, $326,000.

DUKE DR. N., 115-William H. Owens to Michelle and Jeffrey Orwick, $109,000.

GREENCASTLE RD., 12-Yuyuan and Quiren Lu to Luis Alfonso Arrucha, $335,900.

GREENCASTLE RD., 14-Lisa R. and Mario Barone III to Kevin Bleckley and Joanne Rojcewicz, $340,000.

GREENTREE TER., 21920-Dale L. and Michael D. Richard to Suparna Ray, $297,500.

HOGA RD. S., 1007-Angelica E. and Oscar M. Oliveros to Carlos Echeverria, $325,000.

IRONSTONE TER., 46807-Haywood Price to Michael C. Dimaggio, $270,000.

JOHNSON RD. N., 113-Michelle Nguyen to Tracy and Todd Gallant, $359,000.

LARCH CT., 649-M.T. Miles and Jaime Broughton to Angela and Stephen Marinich, $310,000.

LAUREL AVE. E., 201-Porfirio and Maximina B. Hernandez to Manuel De Jesus Torrez, $290,000.

PENNY LANE, 229-Y. Van Houten and Gregroy R. Ryan to Pamela L. Raley, $339,500.

PEPPERIDGE PL., 130-Shaila Reddy to Susan M. McClanahan, $383,000.

SEDGEMOOR SQ., 303-Risha L. and Brian D. Gustafson to Rita Ann Herring, $205,000.

STERLING BLVD. N., 1801-Pamela L. Simons and Brian C. Gore to Luis Nunez and Rodolfo Lezama, $325,000.

TRUMPET CIR., 46854-Mary S. Arevalo to Adan P. Diaz, $310,000.

TRUMPET CIR., 46950-Jason H. and Kimberly A. Wood to Jareer G. Elass, $285,000.

WARWICK CT., 1044A-Norman Parham to Alba J. Ayala, $175,000.

WARWICK CT., 1050-Ricardo B. Sancarranco to Mario Melgar, $205,000.