James R. Socas (D)

Age: 38

Residence: McLean.

Education: BA, history, University of Virginia; MBA, Harvard University.

Occupation: Former investment banker, technology executive and staff member, Senate Banking Committee.

Elected offices/civic activities: Former advisory board member, Sacred Heart School; former tutor, inner city youth; class trustee, University of Virginia.

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"I hear every day about how more and more people and families are running harder just to stay in place. Housing prices and property taxes have skyrocketed, college tuition is way up, health care is becoming less affordable, commute times are awful. The fact is that politics as usual is not working. After 24 years, we need change."

Why should voters elect you?

"If we are going to tackle the challenges we face today, we need fresh ideas and the energy to make them happen. I have both."

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Frank R. Wolf (R)*

Age: 65

Residence: Vienna.

Education: BA, political science, Penn State; LLB, Georgetown University.

Occupation: Congressman, lawyer.

Elected offices/civic activities: Member, U.S. House of Representatives, 1981-present.

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"Improving transportation. A balanced transportation network is critical to maintaining prosperity and quality of life. For more than 20 years I have been involved in almost every major transportation improvement in our region including building the Metro system, widening Interstate 66 inside and outside the Beltway, rebuilding the Wilson Bridge, promoting telework. I have been the leader in bringing Metro to Dulles and synchronizing stoplights to improve traffic flow. Our region also is facing a growing threat from gang violence. Through my leadership, the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force was formed and funded to help keep our neighborhoods safe."

Why should voters elect you?

"For me, honesty, integrity, character and courage always come first. I have always treated this office as a great public trust and I always will."

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