The following were among cases received recently by the Montgomery County Animal Services Division. For more information, call 240-773-5054. This number provides recorded information on such topics as Montgomery County Animal Shelter hours and location, adoption and licensing procedures, rabies clinics and low-cost neutering.

Trapped Kitten Freed From Pipe

POTOMAC, Oracle Place and Seven Locks Road, Oct. 11. A resident heard a kitten crying from a drain Oct. 10 and called the Montgomery County Humane Society. A field services technician responded, was unable to pinpoint the animal's location and had to abandon the search because of darkness. The next day the Humane Society's field services supervisor, Shannon Puderbaugh, and another field services technician returned to try to find the kitten. After removing a lid from the drain, entering the cistern and peering into a drain pipe, Puderbaugh saw two eyes staring back from about 40 feet away. The kitten was apparently too frightened to come to him.

Puderbaugh called the Potomac Fire Department for assistance. A fire department official suggested running a gentle stream of water down the pipe to slide the kitten out the other side, where the Humane Society's field services technicians were waiting with a net over the drain. Two hours later, the kitten slid out the drain and into the net, wet but otherwise unharmed. The 8-week-old male orange tabby was taken to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter where it was held for six days, then adopted Oct. 18.

Bassets Dumped at Trash Site

BETHESDA, MacArthur Blvd., 1 to 100 block, Oct. 14. A white pickup truck stopped next to a commercial trash receptacle, then drove off, leaving two basset hounds next to the receptacle. Two women saw the incident and took the dogs to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. The dogs wore current Montgomery County license tags, and the owner was traced and contacted immediately. Montgomery County Police traced the tag number of the truck. The owner of the dogs picked them up and paid impoundment fees. The investigation was continuing.

Protective Service Performed

TAKOMA PARK, Glenview Ave., 8500 block, Oct. 14. Child Protective Services called Montgomery County Animal Services and reported that several dogs were in poor condition at the above location. An animal services officer found the dogs to be in adequate health and asked their owner for veterinary records. The owner produced paperwork to show the dogs had been examined recently. A woman in the house relinquished her red male chow-chow to the officer, who took it to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter to be made available for adoption. The officer continued to monitor the welfare of the dogs.

Cattle Have Eye Infections

GERMANTOWN, Flagstone Dr., 17300 block, Oct. 11. A resident reported seeing a herd of cattle that appeared to be in poor health in a neighboring field. The resident said the animals were salivating and possibly blind. An animal services officer evaluated the cattle and found a few of them had pink eye but otherwise appeared in good health. They were salivating excessively, but that is not uncommon in cattle. The officer told the owner to have the eye infections treated by a veterinarian.

Loose Chicken

Frightens Children

GERMANTOWN, Clopper Rd., 13000 block, Oct. 14. A chicken got loose and was running around a day-care center, frightening children there. A Humane Society driver arrived, chased the chicken for several minutes, then captured it in a net. He transported it to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, where it will remain for six days, then be made available for adoption.

Deer Is Rescued From Rope

SILVER SPRING, Burn Ember Dr., 10400 block. A resident asked for assistance with a buck caught in roping in his yard. A Humane Society field driver found a distraught six-point buck whose antlers were tangled in rope strung between two trees. The driver cut the rope, and the buck ran free.

Pets Available for Adoption

Dogs, cats and other pets will be available for adoption through the Montgomery County Humane Society Mobile Adoption Unit, which is scheduled to visit the following location. To confirm the schedule, call 240-773-5966 or visit


1-4 p.m. Saturday


20924 Frederick Rd.

-- Compiled by TINA TOLL