Voters will vote for or against the following three initiatives.

County Question A

Charter Amendment by Petition Property Tax Limit

Eliminate the authority of the County Council, by an affirmative vote of 7 out of 9 Council members, to levy a tax on real property that will produce revenue that exceeds the revenue limit set in Section 305 by amending Section 305 of the County Charter.

County Question B

Charter Amendment by Petition Term Limits -- County Council and County Executive

Amend Section 105 and 202 of the County Charter to:

* limit the County Executive and members of the County Council to three consecutive terms in office; and

* provide that a County Executive and any member of the County Council who will have served three or more consecutive terms on December 4, 2006, cannot serve another successive term in the same office.

County Question C

Charter Amendment by Petition County Council -- Election by District

Amend Section 102, 103 and 104 of the County Charter to:

* divide the County into nine, rather than the current five, Council districts;

* elect all Council members by district, rather than the current five by district and four at large; and

* reduce from five to one the number of Council members each voter can vote for.