The following were among cases received recently by Loudoun County Animal Care and Control. For more information, call 540-882-3211 or 703-777-0406 or visit the Web site

Thin Cat Needs Treatment

LEESBURG, Barksdale Drive, Oct. 18. An animal control officer responding to a complaint of an emaciated cat found the animal in poor condition, extremely thin and with matted fur. The officer issued a notice to comply with veterinary advice. The owners scheduled a follow-up appointment with their vet for the next day for ongoing thyroid treatment.

Malamute Attacks Dog on Leash

ASHBURN, Greyswallow Terrace, Oct. 19. A woman reported that an Alaskan malamute had attacked her dog while she was walking it on a leash. She took her dog to a veterinarian, where it was treated for cuts and puncture wounds. A neighbor reported seeing a van or a sport-utility vehicle picking up the malamute later. Animal control officers were looking for the malamute and its owners to verify the dog's vaccine history and for questioning.

Dog Bites Its Walker

ASHBURN, Forest Edge Square, Oct 20. A dog walker was bitten by one of her client's dogs while trying to take a dirty paper towel from its mouth. The dog became agitated and lunged at the woman, biting her hand, arm and upper thigh. The dog obeyed when told to "heel" and was taken home. The woman received medical treatment for the bites. The dog's owner was notified of the dangerous dog ordinance. No charges had been filed.

Boy in Neighbor's Yard Bitten

LEESBURG, Caledonia Court, Oct. 21. A teenage boy was bitten by a neighbor's dog when he went into the neighbor's yard to retrieve a football. The beagle-type dog bit the boy on the leg, causing two punctures. The boy's injuries were not serious. The dog's owner was contacted and showed proof of current rabies vaccine. No charges will be filed against the dog's owners because the boy was trespassing.

Deputies Seek Assistance

STERLING, Moss Road, Oct. 21. The Sheriff's Office asked an animal control officer to restrain a Great Dane that was keeping deputies from accessing a home. The officer held the dog in her vehicle until she was told by a deputy to return it to the secured yard.