The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BERYL TER., 41940-Stone Ridge Community Development to Ronald C. Rush, $371,610.

BERYL TER., 41942-Stone Ridge Community Development to Kin W. Lee, $405,245.

FREMONT PRESERVE SQ., 42106-Beazer Homes Corp. to Rusi Rahman and Iqbal Imam, $160,250.

GLACIER BAY CT., 42109-Beazer Homes Corp. to Susan M. and William E. Bartheld, $414,254.

JAMES MONROE HWY., 24556-Edward C. Moroney Jr., trustee, to Carol Richards and James C. Nelms, $749,250.

KINGS CANYON SQ., 24713-Centex Homes to Sammy K. Fontinel, $300,230.

KUDU CT., 41999-NVR Inc. to Katie E. and Pedro L. Cano, $605,915.

KUDU CT., 42027-NVR Inc. to S. Sivakumar and Kareesan Sivakumar, $620,890.

ORIBI PL., 25285-Brookfield Westview Corp. to Robin L. and Bernd H. Schaffler, $635,065.

PRAIRIE GRASS DR., 24774-Beazer Homes Corp. to J. Rutherford and Janet Johnson, $396,630.

PRAIRIE GRASS DR., 24778-Beazer Homes Corp. to Andrea and Gregory Stemberger, $413,558.

PRAIRIE GRASS DR., 24806-Beazer Homes Corp. to John A. Koehmstedt, $439,760.

STONE PILLAR DR., 24784-Centex Homes to Stacey W. and John H. Ledbetter, $472,505.

SUPREME DR., 25319-NVR Inc. to Chau Nguyen and Peter Ho, $414,290.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

ABIGAIL TER., 46686-Nelson W. Eaton to Hoang H. Seav and Eang C. Seav, $307,000.

ABIGAIL TER., 46686-Hoang H. Seav and Eang C. Seav to Rebecca and Adam Crahen, $370,501.

ASHLEY TER., 20486-Felix A. Moreno to Ibrahima Ba and Cathy Wague, $336,000.

BERWICK CT., 47041-Lyle W. Rice and Geoffrey A. Rice to Fedele F. and Thomas J. Regan Jr., $579,900.

BLOSSOM LANDING WAY, 20826-Anne F. and William W. Johnson to Mary G. and Nicholas M. Mangus, $486,000.

BOWLINE TER., 47726-Reem and Samir Omar to Neelam and Satish Chauhan, $410,000.

BREEZY POINT TER., 20756-Matthew Sarelson and Barry Sarelson to Elizabeth S. and John P. Forest II, $345,000.

BROOKMEADE CT., 18-Georgia R. Curtiss to Guy W. Fox Jr. and Aisha T. Lesane, $329,900.

BROOKMEADE CT., 3-Cornelia Major to Robbie and Tommy Perry, $334,900.

COLLINGWOOD TER., 20844-Stephan and Claudia Strauss to Isaac Owusu, $360,400.

DORRELL CT., 3-Janine and Gene King to Elsa M. and John D. Bishop, $290,000.

FERGUSON CT., 26-Laura R. Bailey to Florence S. Pro, $330,000.

GANNON WAY, 10-Barbara Lynn Zaccardi to J. Hickman and Stephen Hickman, $173,000.

OAKDALE CT., 23-Cynthia B. Manapsal to L. Besares and Donald Teekasingh, $342,000.

SULGRAVE CT., 171-Ellen M. and Howard W. Dawson Jr. to Philip Marton, $304,250.

SUTHERLIN PL., 20644-G. Montenegro and J. Carhuallanqui to Maria Elena Cuzzi, $464,000.

WHIRLPOOL SQ., 47679-Tiffany R. and Mark Lione to Kristen and James R. Sirois, $419,900.

YOUNGS CLIFF RD., 20218-Marjorie L. and Alvin C. Beales to Robin Carrier, $340,000.

Ashburn Area

APOLLO TER., 20860-Jodie A. and Gregor D. Vaughn to Agustin Florentino, $330,000.

ASCOT CT., 21762-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Reddy P. Kadigari, $174,900.

AZTEC CT., 20206-Richmond American Homes to Leyda V. and Paul M. Swartz, $483,905.

AZTEC CT., 20215-Richmond American Homes to Shamim and Nurjahan Haider, $491,850.

BEECHWOOD TER., 20271, No. 101-Matthew B. Hanley to Elitsa and Jeremy Barker, $230,000.

BLUE WATER CT., 20576-Equity Homes Partnership to Shirly M. and Leslie H. Monteiro, $614,134.

BOZMAN CT., 21170-Debra L. and Michael G. Capretti to Diane R. and Jeffrey W. Smith, $609,000.

BROWNSTONE CT., 43246-R.J. Kalmar and Kerry J. Mullin to Sherry and Angelo Pappalardo, $612,500.

BUTTERMERE TER., 43183-Dwayne E. Corbin to Michelle D. and Brian K. Stewart, $370,000.

CARRLEIGH CT., 43770-Equity Homes Partnership to Jodie A. and Gregory D. Vaughn, $549,277.

CHARTER OAK DR., 20391-Karin E. Mills to Tonya Komlyn, $320,000.

COOL FERN SQ., 20489-Steven Bryant Tatum to Meghan E. Rossi and Eric A. Rinker, $274,900.

CORNSTALK TER., 20602, No. 302-Marissa N. Kennedy to Bradley J. Lanier, $174,500.

DRYDEN CT., 21763-Sandra A. and Robert J. Sheehan to Paul Hunter, $276,900.

DRYDEN CT., 21763-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Sandra A. and Robert J. Sheehan, $259,900.

DUNHILL CUP SQ., 43598-Suparna Shankar and Gopal Shankar to Nicole and Nathan L. Dietrich, $420,000.

FALMOUTH CT., 43995-Jennifer L. and Timothy M. Porter to Adam R. Kovach, $295,000.

FELLOWSHIP SQ., 45023-Mary Beth and Jeffrey B. Larsen to Georges Abboud, $290,000.

FINDON CT., 21784-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Shara L. and Bryan E. Roppel, $272,900.

FINDON CT., 21801-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Ya Ting Chen and Niu Duan, $263,900.

GOODWOOD TER., 21835-Carol and C. Darton and Mark Mohammed to V. Tzeremes and Christine Darton, $261,500.

GOODWOOD TER., 21859-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Carol and S. Darton and Mark Mohammed, $226,900.

HARDWOOD TER., 20123-Wai C. Cheng to Paul Celnik, $330,000.

HEDGEROW TER., 21156-Jamie J. Falkosky to Tim S. Rangwala, $315,000.

HOMECREST CT., 20975-Yvonne A. and Darrel Burris to Robert and Jennifer Shelton, $449,900.

HOPI DR., 20203-Richmond American Homes to Syed M. Shah, $440,240.

KELSEY SQ., 21814-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Praveen Palat, $251,900.

KITTS HILL TER., 43935-Natale and Richard Mogensen to Jennifer Butcher, $287,200.

LIVERPOOL ST., 21629-Kristi Anne and Shawn D. Gilmore to Ruth Ann Nyblod, $449,500.

MINTWOOD CT., 20809-Terry A. and Steve M. Herrity to James Philip Plowman, $540,000.

MOHAVE DR., 44222-Richmond American Homes to Saud Abdullah and Mubashir Husain, $427,315.

MOHAVE DR., 44231-Richmond American Homes to Helen C. and Adrian M. Citino, $411,040.

MOSSY GLEN TER., 21038-M.M. Leonard and Kenneth Bruetsch to Tara L. Hutchings, $357,000.

NASHUA ST., 42960-Belmont Greene Residential Corp. to Stephanie and Jonathan Hanny, $412,375.

NAVAJO DR., 44196-Richmond American Homes to R. Jacob and Vincent Yeddanapalli, $424,765.

NIGHTSHADE PL., 20949-Carol J. and Dewey E. Beliech Jr. to Keren R. and Philip G. Haugh, $660,000.

PETWORTH CT., 21815-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Marlene G. Trapp, $260,900.

PETWORTH CT., 21829-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Kevin Rayford, $264,900.

SHADY GLEN TER., 44192-Andrew Nelson to Shirley M. Gould, $275,600.

SNOWPINE PL., 20740-Judy H.R. and Craig C. Sinclair to Lauren K. and Michael P. Germinario, $539,900.

SNOWSHOE SQ., 20578, No. 102-K. Kiumarsi and Jamshid R. Asrabadi to Jeremiah W. Jenkins, $225,000.

STANFORD HALL PL., 19676-Belmont Land Partnership to Michele W. and Robert L. Greene Jr., $674,688.

STEATITE CT., 21650-Washington Homes Inc. to Salwa Kidwai and Umar Malik, $520,254.

SWEETGRASS WAY, 21195-Aileen M. Tees and Wade W. Frazee Jr. to Lisa A. and Jonathan M. Bozek, $460,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20963, No. 301-Catherine E. Langley to Bridget L. McCord, $164,900.

TIMBERBROOKE PL., 43789-Jessie C. and Jerry R. Cooper to Dayna S. and Jeffrey A. Meech, $690,000.

TIPPECANOE TER., 44189-Bozenna M. and George G. Deukmaji to Tharuni and Srinivas K. Adabala, $383,000.

Broadlands Area

AUTUMNWOOD SQ., 43077-Brian E. Holwig to Helen Linton and Harry Faust III, $301,500.

AUTUMNWOOD SQ., 43114-Gudrun and Onur Ceyhan to Valenta M. Jones, $367,000.

BAYARD TER., 21932-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Lori A. and Gregory L. Roberts, $420,350.

BELMONT GLEN PL., 42470-Michael R. and Nancy C. Welch to Mary Lou and Bruce M. Fine, $750,000.

CORTEZ TER., 42509-Beazer Homes Corp. to Petra and Luis Soriano, $399,422.

COURTLAND PARK DR., 22798-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Sharon Fowler, $495,430.

COURTLAND PARK DR., 22898-William R. Fox to Gregory and Carrie Brotemarkle, $515,520.

DOLOMITE HILLS DR., 22386-Centex Homes to Malia and Ahmad Noori, $595,091.

HUNTSMAN SQ., 43144-Ruth Ann Nyblod to John F. Burrell, $326,000.

OATLANDS GROVE PL., 22735-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Xuejin Zhang and Guofeng Li, $447,816.

SCATTERSVILLE GAP TER., 22554-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Shahzad Eshai, $392,813.

SCATTERSVILLE GAP TER., 22620-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to K. Ponnamaneni and Narsimha Balakkari, $350,226.

SCATTERSVILLE GAP TER., 22624-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Lauren Goodwin and Jonathan Batluck, $355,446.

SUNSTONE CT., 22018-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Alicia A. and Kenneth F. Murphy, $467,348.

TITHABLES CIR., 21466-Tracy D. and Kevin Patrick Nugent to Valerie A. and John C. Meggers, $615,000.

UNISON KNOLL CIR., 43156-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Nicky and Peter J. Stathis, $964,192.

VICKERY PARK DR., 22863-Centex Homes to Jennifer A. and Evelyn Lee Petry, $458,635.

Dulles Area

BOX CAR SQ., 22020-Jennifer and Christopher T. Milo to Joyand E. Jay and Gregory T. Jay, $335,000.

ELKINS TER., 21864-Anthony P. Rivera to Phillip P. Rivera, $205,000.

EVERGREEN MILLS RD., 25173-Robert J. Boutte to Katherine B. and Thomas L. Walker, $430,000.

GRAND CENTRAL SQ., 45563-Jeanne Young to Douglas D. Delporto, $320,000.

GUILFORD STATION TER., 22001-John C. Pitsenberger to Thomas Taylor and Jennifer Miller, $350,000.

MOUNTAIN PINE SQ., 45793-Frank H. Kim to Uzma and Atif Salam, $452,500.

RAILWAY TER., 21880, No. 300-Liliana P. and Harold A. Lobos to Brian T. Spendolini, $245,000.

WHISTLING TER., 45478-Jason Wilson Green to Sean P. O'Brien, $255,000.

WHITCOMB SQ., 45575-Suzanne G. Schiappa to S. Giritharan and Rajaiah Giritharan, $290,000.

Hamilton Area

CHARLES TOWN PIKE, 40540-Dan Marts to Robert G. Zwack, $240,000.

KAREN HOPE CT., 17723-Interactive Builders Inc. to Catherine M. and Kurt L. Struder, $692,460.

SYDNOR DR., 8-Ricky Lee Hummer to Elizabeth E. and Daniel C. Robey, $189,900.

Leesburg Area

ADAMS DR., 37-Kamna Chawla and Gurpreet Kaur to Anuradha Iyer, $128,000.

BARNFIELD SQ., 341-Brenda L. and Paul R. Olson to Roseanne and Allan Liska, $295,000.

BLUEFIELD SQ., 815-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Charles S. Valenta, $260,684.

BOLD VENTURE DR., 17170-Michael Nikolich to Judith Lapple and William Kaschak, $1.58 million.

BONNIE RIDGE DR., 707-Lori Ann and Edward P. Hourigan Jr. to Todd Vaughn and Catherine Kuntze, $592,500.

BRECKINRIDGE SQ., 415-Karrie L. and Stephen S. Jaster to Judith B. and Kwame B. Bediako, $290,000.

CANNONADE DR., 17247-M/I Schottenstein Homes Inc. to Isabel A. and Robert A. Fiolek, $803,056.

CATOCTIN CIR., 104-Sandra P. and Randall G. Miles to Jessica Chavez and Edix Quijadas, $389,500.

CATOCTIN CIR., 131-Patricia R. and Robert L. Powell Jr. to Laura I. Castro, $226,000.

CATOCTIN CIR., 906-Katherine Michelle Mullen to Paulette D. and Gerald K. Almond, $395,000.

CHARTIER DR., 19123-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Angeli C. and John Patrick Passino, $564,003.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 679C-Belal M. El Atari to Patti J. and Kevin W. Bluhm, $199,000.

COOL BREEZE SQ., 42715-Lawrence J. Swann to Iris and Aldin Zjajo, $398,000.

COTON HALL ST., 19215-Lansdowne Community Development to Anna and Robert Soltis, $547,749.

DOYLE TER., 516-Drees Co. to Diane R. and Joseph J. Newcomer, $293,258.

FERNDALE TER., 857-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Vanessa L. Grigsby, $238,894.

FERNDALE TER., 859-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Chevonne D. and Todd O. White, $260,292.

FORT EVANS RD., 125-A-Lubica and Richard E. Simon to Michael Schrettenbrunner, $185,525.

GOLDEN LARCH TER., 281-John D. Pratt to Lorraine and James Chimento, $300,000.

HOWITZER TER., 615-Bonnie Jones and Derrick Jerry to Asma Saqib and H. Siddiqi Saqib, $389,000.

JAMES MONROE HWY., 13081-George C. Beere to Jo Ann D. and James C. Athey, $1.03 million.

KEPHARTS MILL TER., 19209-NVR Inc. to Mary and Edward Cheung, $396,303.

KEPHARTS MILL TER., 19215-NVR Inc. to S. and Balaji Kannan, $393,990.

KEPHARTS MILL TER., 19217-NVR Inc. to John Cole Slattery, $433,245.

LEES MILL SQ., 43795-Lansdowne Community Development to Marjan and Ahmed Zamani, $400,870.

MCLEARY SQ., 653-L. Ahmadabadi and Hamid R. Zarkesh to Susan B. and Scott A. Girard, $374,900.

MILL DAM PL., 19405-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Mary E. and Abdel K. Hamdan, $695,842.

MILL PARK CT., 42996-Maria Bouboulis and Warren Stone to Ashley and William T. Vest III, $654,900.

MILLBROOK TER., 332-Patricia S. Barber to Tara M. and Robert B. Gagon, $301,515.

MILLBROOK TER., 345-Lisa K. Parker to Iva J. Gash and Ginger K. Gash, $275,000.

MULLFIELD VILLAGE TER., 18273-M.B. River Creek O. Corp. to Rosemarie and Alan J. Mortimer, $641,755.

MULLFIELD VILLAGE TER., 18275-M.B. River Creek O. Corp. to Doris and William Heim, $637,454.

NOTTOWAY ST., 232-Nancy A. and Earl B. Hailston to Clayton R. Walters, $145,000.

PARALLEL BLUFFS CT., 19107-NVR Inc. to Lourdes D. Guilaran, $627,440.

PEACEFUL STREAM DR., 19098-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Yen K. and Barney E. Tang, $631,590.

PERDIDO BAY TER., 18494-Martha G. and Paul D. Okerberg to Dai Hui and Hong Chi Chen, $550,000.

RASPBERRY DR., 41951-Pamela C. and Charles L. Crum Jr. to Julie Oestreich and James Backus, $599,990.

RIM ROCK CIR., 18442-Hsin H. Yang to Michael and Hui Bok Rader, $650,000.

ROSEMEADE PL., 217-Susan L. Houck and Mark W. McGregor to Patricia A. and Raymond C. Wimmer, $505,000.

SELKIRK GREENE CT., 18091-Toll Land IX Partnership to Lisa and Rick Bruner, $746,987.

SHENANDOAH ST., 212-Susan Bailey and Scott A. Girard to Grace L.R.S. and Warner T. Smith, $162,000.

SHERBROOKE TER., 43074-Belinda and Michael D. Moore to Steve Bethke and David R. Bethke, $315,000.

SHERBROOKE TER., 43102-Luiz E. Barbosa to Kristen E. Kendrick, $332,000.

SHIRLEY SQ., 167-Stephanie Hicks and Richard Ziems to Patricia G. Sellers, $311,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18529-Anne and Jonathan A. McDonald to Antonietta and Casey S. Gragg, $370,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18564-Roberto and Elsa G. Ruidias to Edward G. Huebner, $390,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 1015-Mary W. Pontiff to V. Crockett and C. Jason Edwards, $275,000.

SPRINGHOUSE SQ., 622-Nikki D. and George E. Holton Jr. to Angela G. Straczek, $359,999.

STREAM FARM LANE, 13426-Denise N. and Daniel J. Passarella to Patricia K. and Michael A. Nolan, $549,000.

TURNBERRY ISLE CT., 43394-Angela and John D. Straczek to Dianne and Cecil C. Umberger, $749,500.

UPPER MEADOW DR., 18760-Basheer Edgemoore Goose Creek Corp. to Marianna P. and Craig R. Dodson, $978,772.

VANDERBILT TER., 861-Lori L. Carter to Cheryl J. and Bennett P. Lacy, $300,000.

WARBLER SQ., 43675-Joel Thompson and Sylvie M. Weeks to S. Fleming Webb and David MacFarlane, $595,000.

WARBLER SQ., 43675-Lansdowne Community Development to Joel Thompson and Sylvie M. Weeks, $505,885.

WARBLER SQ., 43676-Lansdowne Community Development to Suzanne Mills and Robert A. Wemm, $573,745.

WILSON AVE., 15-Sandra Shihadeh to Leigh A. Sullivan, $326,000.

WOODS EDGE DR., 1816-Brookfield Edwards Landing Corp. to Natalie Hughes and John L. Kistner, $533,040.

WOODS EDGE DR., 1829-U S Home Corp. to Gous U. Ahmed and Sakhina Amin, $463,100.

Lovettsville Area

LOVETTSVILLE RD., 40332-Crystal Homes Corp. to Sandra L. and David L. Woodard, $517,410.

MOUNTAIN WATCH CT., 11890-Cynthia A. and Richard A. Sickle to Terrie B. and Robert C. Dowd, $525,000.

Middleburg Area

PIEDMONT DR., 1-Roberta L. and Richard L. Walters to Elizabeth A. Watts, $395,000.

Purcellville Area

BOOKCLIFF CT., 14351-Washington Homes Inc. to Kristen M.C. and Devin S. Thatcher, $586,417.

CABERNET PL., 14213-Washington Homes Inc. to Sirous A. Shirazi, $693,292.

CROSMAN CT., 421-Wendy C. and James T. Wilson to Joseph L. and Helaine B. Carver, $445,000.

FALLS CHAPEL CT., 424-Washington Homes Inc. to Lori M. and Matthew E. Parsons, $462,466.

HEATON CT., 200-Dawn Perusse and Milton Herd to J. Anderson and Robert C. Anderson, $269,000.

KING JAMES ST. E., 236-Richmond American Homes to Rachel L. and Michael E. Brill, $391,215.

MAIN ST. W., 301-Meredith L. and Frederick W. Thomas to Marietta and Sven Sahkul, $650,000.

MCDANIEL DR., 310-McAtee Family Partnership to Beatriz Howard, $230,000.

MCDANIEL DR., 403-Angela and Scott L. Woodward to Thomas W. Jackson, $245,000.

MCDANIEL DR., 409-Kim D. and Michael D. Foudy to Buck Powell, $237,000.

OAK RIDGE DR., 18257-Birchwood Oak Knoll Farm Corp. to Karen A. and Joseph V. Mazzara, $588,130.

OXFORD GLEN CT., 300-Arcadia 21st Street Towns Corp. to David S. Mertens, $309,442.

ROCKBURN CT., 400-Priscilla A. and Louis A. Waters to Kim Thorn, $439,900.

Round Hill Area

ARROWOOD PL., 17260-Maureen M. and James E. Detrick to Rebeca M. and Carl A. Ellis, $392,900.

South Riding Area

ASHBURY DR., 25316-Joy D. Tees and Walter W. Borkowsky to Sarah Moorman, $350,000.

BEACHALL ST., 42956-Leepa and Abdullah Nawabi to Michele L. Bonilla, $374,000.

BRADSHAW DR., 25445-South Riding Partnership to Jessica C. and Jorge I. Jimenez, $563,602.

DONEGAL DR., 25850-South Riding Partnership to Anjuman and Maswood Ahmed, $519,667.

DONOVAN DR., 25897-South Riding Partnership to Reyna O. Cruz, $495,339.

EXART TER., 25481-Joseph S. Julian Jr. to Regina F. and Charles Schuster, $351,000.

FALLING SPRING WAY, 25579-Metro Place Holdings Corp. to A. Chapman and Willard Belden III, $840,000.

FREDA LANE, 25486-Jennifer Smith and James A. Cherry IV to Heather K. and Ronald A. Zientek, $365,000.

GELDING SQ., 42745-South Riding Partnership to Jonson Lum, $346,365.

GIDEON LANE, 42768-Vida R. and Mahmoud A. Megahed to Shirley A. and Paul D. Madrid II, $740,000.

GIMBEL DR., 25466-Shavonne R. and George E. Cassidy to Altha Rae McDermott Brown, $559,900.

GOLF VIEW DR., 43061-Tara and Jon D. Wagoner to Xiaomin Lu and Daling Xu, $352,000.

IVERSON DR., 26008-Elizabeth and Richard S. Kranz Jr. to Suad I. and Emile A. Antoun, $550,000.

JUBILEE ST., 43520-C. Landon and Michael F. Deckelman III to Ranga Lakshminarayanan, $342,000.

KIPLINGTON SQ., 43547-Julie E. and James M. Kelly to Frederick J. Shappee, $299,900.

LANDS END DR., 26128-G. Brotemarkle and Carrie Campbell to Sang Heon Kim, $355,900.

LEMON TREE PL., 25437-NVR Inc. to Stephanie D. and Steven C. Wilburn, $627,768.

LOCKLEAR TER., 42766-South Riding Partnership to Mini and Mohanachandran M. Pillai, $33,894.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25262-Jamie J. and Kyle W. Sargent to S. Kansal and Abhijit Patwardhan, $390,000.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25308-Ketki and Manish Desai to Mihail and Tanya Tomazos, $423,000.

NATIONS ST., 42614-South Riding Partnership to Helen E. Paik and Jeongho Park, $407,368.

NATIONS ST., 42626-South Riding Partnership to Mythe T. Nguyen and Quang D. Duong, $418,425.

NELLIE CT., 25870-Ryland Group Inc. to Kathleen E. and Kenny E. Toy, $536,068.

NELLIE CT., 25871-Ryland Group Inc. to Pamela C. and Charles L. Crum Jr., $563,057.

PARAMOUNT PL., 43713-Pulte Home Corp. to Yvette and Zaharias McIntyre, $803,575.

PINEBLUFF DR., 25865-Amy J. and Scott C. Gallivan to Kristine C. and Michael E. Baptiste, $515,600.

POLAND RD., 25671-John A. Cusato Sr. to Maroon H. Ohanian, $250,000.

SANDMAN TER., 42685-South Riding Partnership to Kyoung Rok Min, $352,079.

SCARLET SQ., 43751-Kelly A. and Timothy J. Bode to Toby C. Loper, $340,000.

SHALER ST., 42822-Nadean L. Gardner to Sae Hae Lee and Eric Sin, $327,000.

SPRING FARM CIR., 25853-Ryland Group Inc. to Kenneth G. and Anne Z. Cockerham II, $604,856.

VALIANT DR., 43268-South Riding Partners Partnership to Casey C. and Jason M. Colosky, $697,708.

Sterling Area

ANTIOCH PL., 46867-Jennifer A. and Jorge R. Tapies to Aimee T. and Craig M. James, $560,000.

APPLEGATE DR., 116-Eileen Milloy and Robert Robinett to Marixa Carvajal and Jorge Benitez, $365,000.

BISCAYNE PL., 14-N. Petrykowski and Kenneth Adrian to Irmina and Rafael Couret, $357,500.

BRETHOUR CT., 725-Susan Kimberly Wilburn to Nasreen A. and Aizad N. Khan, $205,000.

BROOKFIELD CIR., 14-Ross F. Thornley to Patrick E. Davis, $327,000.

BRUNSWICK ST. N., 1815-Marsha L. and Richard A. McKinney to Barbara A. Nichols, $295,500.

DOGWOOD ST. S., 806-Thomas S. Knott to Sonia M. Sandoval, $330,000.

GABLE SQ., 45423-G. De La Cruz and Carlos Duenas to Flor C. Rocha, $275,000.

GORDON ST. E., 300-K. Finnigan and Michael L. Finnigan to P. Rodriguez and Wendy Falconi Lynch, $335,000.

GREENTHORN AVE. S., 1006-Mary Ann Mills to Brenda Tran and Wai Yan Chow, $292,000.

GREENTREE TER., 21954-Susan M. and Anthony J. Marx to Kristen Choney and Cliff Martin, $320,000.

HOLLY AVE. W., 711-Bianca K. and Robert K. Long to Carlos A. Perez, $287,000.

HOPELAND LANE, 103-David E. Rankin to Marya P. and James F. Arata, $340,000.

LEATHERLEAF CT., 21848-William K. Stultz to Matthew C. Posid, $237,500.

LOST TRAIL TER., 45484-Hui Bok and Michael P. Rader to Jerry Zhi Tian, $332,000.

MAPLE AVE. W., 101-Lillian Gomez and Efrain A. Aburto to Erika Oropeza, $272,000.

PINEWOOD CT., 21724-Mary Joan and Charles W. Taylor to L. Tobias Melendez and Wildo Rueda, $489,900.

REGIS CIR., 14-Michelle M. and Stephen R. Nehrt to Marcos Melendez, $239,900.

STERLING BLVD. N., 106-Leoncio A. Quintanilla to Trisha Clark, $160,000.

SUDBURY SQ., 76-Anthony Togans and Lien Truong to Faisal M. Baig, $185,000.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 92-Kris William Gibson to Gustavo Del Callejo, $226,000.

WILLIAMSBURG RD., 308-Sherry R. and Arthur R. Voit to Nyamodorj Nima Purevsuren, $335,000.

Waterford Area

BOCA CT., 38779-Richmond American Homes to Po Hyon and Robert P. Hart, $562,890.