In Defense of Snow

I must admit I had been waiting to see [former Blue Ridge District supervisor] Eleanor C. Towe's letter to the editor published in Loudoun Extra ["Snow's Spin," Oct. 28].

I write to respond only to that portion of her letter that addresses Supervisor Stephen J. Snow's (R-Dulles) well-publicized invitation for local citizens to immigrate northward.

As a native of Loudoun County who made a conscious decision to return to the home he loves, I can appreciate why so many choose to live here and not elsewhere. As a life-long Democrat, I value the diversity that has made this melting pot of a country the great nation it is today.

Although I do not commend Snow's statements, I never took them seriously. I suspect that the supervisor and I differ on far many more issues than we agree. I also suspect that we suffer from the same ailment of making statements for effect, which, although often notable, are also just as often taken literally when not so intended. For that reason, and one other, I find myself coming to his defense.

The other reason behind my defense of Snow is a statement made to me some time past by then-Supervisor Towe. The statement, as I recall it, was to the effect that I should move to Fairfax County, where I could find "more people who share [my] point of view." This statement was made after a discussion about the Western Transportation Corridor, which I support and Towe opposes.

As with Snow's statement, I did not take the statement seriously at the time, but it certainly had the type of impact on me that I believe Snow's statement had on a larger audience. I also do not think that Towe's statement adversely affected my business, even though it was made in the presence of one of my clients. I saw no reason to take issue with her and simply let the matter drop.

However, I do believe in intellectual honesty and do not think it is appropriate for one person to condemn the statements of another while perpetrating the same offense. We already have too much of that problem in politics and life as it is.

I never expected and see no need for an apology for a statement that was not seriously made. I do, however, suggest that there may be better advocates for proper political decorum than Snow's most recent critic.

Dave Culbert