The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BEDDER STONE PL., 9707-Eric McElwain to Lora A. and Paul A. Loconti, $312,800.

COTTAGE LOOP, 9055-Sonia and Rony J. Santos to Lara Weber and Kevin Lafin, $459,900.

FETLAR WAY, 12942-Lucille V. and Edmund W. Bailey to Margaret R. and William E. Moore, $389,000.

GRANTHAM CT., 8798-Tarrin J. and Jason J. Pakes to Louise P. and Dan H. Branham, $449,900.

GROUSERUN LANE, 13517-Debra S. Secor to Aminata and Franck Oliver K. Agui, $270,000.

IONA SOUND DR., 12435-Marsha L. and Howard Q. Moody to Michelle A. and Michael G. Moody, $385,000.

JARROW LANE, 12314-Tamara D. and Thomas F. Baker to Kimberly N. Mariatato, $315,000.

LAURENCEKIRK PL., 9663-NVR Inc. to Theresa H. and Steven T. Henry, $368,440.

LORD LOVAT WAY, 10022-Kelli B. and Brant C. Downing to Kimberly P. Robinson and Peter H. Hansen, $240,500.

LOST FIELDS CT., 9251-Misty M. and Richard D. Gutierrez to Susan and Garry Coleman, $480,000.

RAINBOW FALLS DR., 9271-Beazer Homes Corp. to Tatina Eggeling and Michael S. Horne, $568,351.

SAPPHIRE RIDGE PL., 13234-Linda A. and Jeffrey D. Edwards to Ginger A. and Eugene G. Baltimore, $390,000.

SAYBROOKE DR., 9652-Tamara F. and Charles J. Zost to Sylvia A. and Bobby Harris, $387,500.

WEATHERSFIELD DR., 9199-Stephen E. Motley to Pia B. and Charles K. Henson, $429,990.

WOOLEN KILT CT., 10057-Lorraine B. and Michael T. Murphy to Ellyn L. and Mark A. Bowman, $389,000.

Dumfries Area

BACKWATER CT., 4915-Charline and Donald W. Harlow to Julia M. and Robert M. Lack, $210,000.

BROCKENBROUGH DR., 3621-Ray D. Mason to Beeren and Barry Investments Corp., $160,000.

BUENA VISTA DR., 4993-Laura S. and Douglas R. Kelly to John D. Alachnowicz, $265,000.

DENALI PL., 17443-Crystal J. and Christopher L. Funderburg to Stacey Travis and Robert A. Smallfield, $267,500.

DENALI PL., 17518-Tamika T. and Dorrian R. Weaver to Connie S. Clinkscale, $300,000.

HICKORY NUT PL., 4742-Debra A. and Brian D. Costlow to Janet L. and Steven B. Johnson, $410,000.

ISLIP LOOP, 17045, No. 301-Donald Dean Ratterree Jr. to Heather L. Tolman, $189,000.

LONDON PL., 15719-Lisa M. and Walter S. Adcock to Timothy W. and Tracy A. Daniel, $310,000.

PORT WASHINGTON CT., 15485-Nena and Carl O. Sall to Lawrence A. Lowenthal, $265,000.

STEWART LANE, 3667-Cheryl J. and Patrick J. Ronan to Linda and John Labas, $120,000.

VIEWPOINT CIR., 15759-Rachel L. and Daniel S. Barb to Cheri L. and Dwayne D. Matheson, $325,000.

Gainesville Area

CARVER RD., 7509-Louis W. Johnson to CD Ventures Corp., $194,000.

CHELMSFORD DR., 13976-Annette M. D'Isa to Mary E. Grist, $327,850.

DARTMOUTH LANE, 4157-Beverly G. and John R. Seal to Primacy Closing Corp., $675,000.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15047-Pandu R. Soprey to Kanakalakshmi and Sankar J. Iyer, $330,000.

HERITAGE FARMS DR., 13520-Old Republic National Title Insurance Co. to Karen and Ernesto Benavides, $520,000.

MONTOUR HEIGHTS DR., 8052-Pauline L. Beauchamp and William C. Salter to Hui Cha Kim, $349,500.

NEWBERN LOOP, 14309-Clayton S. Gamer to Jesus J. Andino, $290,000.

PARVILLE LOOP, 6601-NVR Inc. to Bryan D. Roof, $353,607.

ROYAL SYDNEY DR., 7789-Susan O. and Neil L. Jacobs to Sharon L. and R. Timothy Murphy, $579,000.

TIMOTHY DR., 14064-Eric Grieger to Joy and Richard Hill, $474,900.

Haymarket Area

ALDERBROOK DR., 15513-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Hisami T. and Thomas E. Boots, $384,808.

AMBER RIDGE RD., 5911-Margaret M. and Peter H. Ward to Dominique A. and Stewart J. Bernard, $550,000.

ASHBY GROVE LOOP, 6434-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Carolyn Trexler and Terry Decarbo, $550,000.

BENGAL PL., 5647-Richmond American Homes to Devinder and Steve Shergill, $520,715.

PIEDMONT VISTA DR., 13595-Jeanne L. and Charles W. Masters to Scott Edward Thoden, $575,000.

SUMMIT DR., 1513-Lesa S. and Kevin S. Williams to Rita S. and Edward B. Long, $344,900.

TREVINO DR., 5448-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Gloria Jean Smith, $305,901.

Manassas Area

BLACK HORSE CT., 7770-Bethany and Victor Gomez to Faith Marie Benoit, $294,000.

BRIGHTON WAY, 7949-Mary Ann Melvin to Devinson C. Pharr, $144,000.

DUNEIDEN LANE, 7634-Mary and Warren M. Hodges to Sage and Richard Nguyen, $288,000.

FINCASTLE DR., 5758-Ana and Truett A. Tooke to Margret A. and Steven K. Lanz, $401,000.

GREENVIEW LANE, 9811-Catherine M. and Robert M. Wied to Sandra Arevalo, $360,000.

HIRAM CT., 11000-Llewlyn and Wilbur Garnett to Jose Molina, $194,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 10243-Balmore Lopez and Victor Jimenez to Faustino J. Martinez, $195,000.

JILL BRENDA CT., 8391-Angie Bryan and Stephen Burch to Deborah A. and Michael J. Wykowski, $629,900.

KAHNS RD., 12805-Betty H. and Joseph V. Clontz to Christina M. and George R. Hendricks, $268,000.

LAFAYETTE AVE., 9610-Kathy M. Davis and James A. Good to Connie and Robert Spaulding, $260,000.

LOCKERBIE WAY, 10621-Alexander Montesflores and Albino Estrada to Katie E. Corado, $285,000.

MERCURY DR., 11408-George Roy Lyon III to Alejandro Madrid Orellana, $259,000.

SILENT WOLF DR., 12352-Kunthea Keo and Cheng C. Tan to Patricia and Richard Brezina, $470,000.

STATESBORO CT., 10134-Norma and Angel Mario Alvarez to Erika Galo, $170,000.

STONE HILL LANE, 10874-Alfredo Galtarossa and Audra Castellvi to Christine M. Draffin, $255,000.

TODDSBURY LANE, 15585-Dawn C. and James K. Portner to Prudential Relocation Inc., $479,500.

WARM SPRINGS LANE, 15375-Washington Homes Inc. to Sevgi C. and Gordon W. Rudd, $522,588.

WINFIELD LOOP, 10597-Alice and Robert D. Schellhorn to Catherine L. and David R. Dunaway, $289,900.

Manassas Park Area

ALBERT MYER CT., 7801-Anupama Sakhuja and Sanjeev Arora to Lien McDonald and Wayne F. McDonald, $511,000.

BENT TREE LANE, 10013-Carleen J. and Jeffrey W. Heminger to Elizabeth M. and Brian T. Gerovac, $396,400.

GLENOLDEN PL., 7607-Lucy J. and Winston M. Knight, trustees, to Silvia Calderon, $177,000.

HOWARD ST., 3440-Gloria J. and Richard L. Patterson to Trent A. Barton, $338,500.

JANET ROSE CT., 9625-NVR Inc. to Doreen M. and Nicholas John Nagurny, $475,985.

SOMERSET LANE, 7627-Ronald S. Coons to Naeem S. Musa, $150,000.

TOWERING OAK WAY, 8029-NVR Inc. to Rosalva and O.L. Rivera, $443,140.

WALCOTT CT., 8609-Maynor Morales to Edgar and Iris V. Chilin, $254,900.

Nokesville Area

UMBRELLA PL., 10010-Richmond American Homes to Ki J. Choi, $405,615.

Occoquan Area

FORTRESS WAY, 455-Charles Kennith Fincher to Patricia Gay Petrone, $325,000.

Triangle Area

KATIE PL., 3706-Christina Holmes and Chourtenay Valentine to Alfred and Delysia M. Wilson, $415,000.

SQUIRE LANE, 4015-H. Mitchell to D. Anderson, $215,000.

Woodbridge Area

ABBEY GLEN CT., 12158-Sandrene A. and George S. Bispham to Sharon M. Thomas, $319,900.

AMARA PL., 11604-Katheryn M. Stern to Peter J. Holmsten, $329,500.

BEAUFONT SPRING CT., 4604-Sherrie H. and Charles Hunter to Kathryn and Ronald Henderson Jr., $670,000.

BEAUMONT RD., 3308-Linda F. and Michael Anthony Tate to Marcelo and Sharon Rodriguez, $265,000.

BELLEVILLE AVE., 14306-Mary Jo and Donald V. McNulty to Yolanda Ortiz, $261,900.

BENTLEY CIR., 13591-Sandra H. White to Marjorie J. and Antonio X. Fernandes, $201,000.

BENTLEY CIR., 13624-Carlos E. Medina to John Tuck, $197,500.

BRACKNELL DR., 3605-Suzanne S. and Patrick T. Kumashiro to Stephanie and John Silverman, $359,900.

BROKER LANE, 3310-Ridgedale Inc. to Moonjung Choi and Ergene Lee, $271,826.

BURLEIGH LANE, 3301-Eva Kathleen Spears to David L. Faught, $252,000.

CALLOWAY CT., 3111-Roger E. Arnn to Susan B. and Kenneth L. Miller, $282,300.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 2943-Tommy Julian Johnson to Jenny Burroughs, $220,000.

CARDAMOM DR., 12130-Marlo L. Plumlee to Rashida Z. Kennedy, $175,000.

CARMODY PL., 14120-Jung Eun and Wan Sin Kwak to Pooja D. and Dhiren A. Makwana, $265,001.

CAROLYN FOREST DR., 13107-Lisa R. and Wesley Neil Gardner to Suminder Kaur, $260,000.

CASTLE HILL DR., 3437-Alice M. and Richard William Dew to Peter A. and Karen Williams, $221,000.

CASTLE HILL DR., 3469-Usha Rani and Sat Paul Uppal to Gisel M. Guzman and Omar V. Torres, $220,000.

CASTLE HILL DR., 3500-Deborah R. and Gary M. Belt to Ira Hamburg, $210,250.

CHANCEFORD DR., 11787-Equity Homes Corp. to Donna L. and Steven S. Hyatt, $707,897.

CHERRYDALE DR., 15040-Alica Dawn Gregory to Roberta A. Harrison, $223,050.

CHRISTY LANE, 3537-Seok Koo Jeong and Shin Sook Kim to Maria Morrow, $279,500.

CHULA PL., 15218-K. Hovnanian at Lake Terrapin Corp. to Mari Lynn and Thomas Fries, $510,364.

CINNAMON ST., 12207-Donna L. and Ronald Alvin Howey to Kimberly and Matthew M. Crawford, $297,500.

CLORE PL., 3818-Darrell M. Williams to Jennifer Weiner, $191,500.

CLOYD WAY, 14691-Maureen E. and Larry J. Hamm to Auduong Viphu and Thuy Tran, $401,400.

COLCHESTER FERRY PL., 13322-Jessica Y. and Jose L. Delgado to J.B. and William T. Eisenhauer, $385,000.

COURSE VIEW WAY, 13712-Miller and Smith at Belmont Bay Corp. to Cho Young Hun, $378,890.

CREST MAPLE DR., 11688-Anne W. and Randolph M. Blanks to Farhana Israt and Ruhul Amin, $605,000.

DENSMORE CT., 12221-Michele and Gerald Egan to Michael B. Morris, $245,000.

FORGE DR., 3907-Juana P. Ramirez to Martin Rodriguez, $300,000.

FOX GLOVE CT., 14663-Alexis Y. Giron and Maritza Parada to Alonso Echeverry, $230,000.

FOX RUN PL., 1215-Laura E. Jones to Ritima Pradhan and Jayjeev Hada, $241,500.

G ST., 1407-Nasir M. and Fazal Noory to Yahya Yasini, $175,000.

GEDDY CT., 16649-Mohammad Sheikh to Farooq Khan and Naseem Tariq, $160,000.

GILBERT RD., 13703-Benta C. and Craig P. Chaney to Monika and Kendal V. Polk, $339,500.

HAMILTON DR., 4606-Nadeem Haider to Carlos and Fabio Alvarado, $270,000.

HAYES LANE, 16511-Roland Azure and Hagar Wiafe to Mohammed and Nazia Aslam, $650,000.

HERSAND CT., 4719-Sheila J. and Thomas Antonio Edwards to Jesus and Ibraid G. Cruz, $185,000.

JED FOREST LANE, 16812-Artie and David J. Franklin to Doris Nsiah and Kwabena Kusi, $259,900.

JOANNA CT., 4687-Traci Fletcher to Jose Cespedes, $225,000.

KENMAR DR., 13007-Cecile L. and Joseph Dobash to Haroona Subzwari, $300,000.

KENTMORE DR., 4419-Christine E. and Bryce E. Peck to Sandra P. and Rutilio Montesino Diaz, $295,000.

LACROSSE CT., 3437-Tommy E. Barnes Jr. to Danielle and Zurriane A. Bennett, $370,000.

LEATHERBACK RD., 5107-Tina F. and Michael A. Carr to Kristine A. and Jerome M. Rukavina, $485,000.

LEXINGTON CT., 2907-Daniel J. Collins to Jacqueline S. and Glenn A. Winterhalter, $150,000.

LEXINGTON CT., 2925-Cleveland E. Smith to Allah Ditta and Babar Hussain, $205,000.

MACWOOD DR., 5359-Teresa A. Kelley to Dalila Rodriguez Benites, $255,000.

MAIDSTONE CT., 12251-Maria E. and William H. Couvillon to Kylee and Brian R. Ames Jr., $240,000.

MILL BROOK CT., 12844-Paula N. and James H. Craft to Patricia B. Mendoza and Michael Willoughby, $291,500.

MONTOCLAIR LANE, 13856-Margaret and Michael Lindsey to Rene R. Lopez, $274,000.

OLD BRIDGE RD., 1605-French B. Ball to Trans Investment Development Corp., $125,000.

OTTAWA CT., 3727-Debebe A. Taffesse and Rahel Getachew to Mekonnen Semeaneh, $272,000.

OTTO RD., 13251-Eleanor A.M. and Scott A. Kraak to Latricia R. and Gregory N. Deese, $392,000.

PANORAMA DR., 16838-Freestone Partnership to Laura W. Stevens, $558,084.

QUIET CREEK CT., 2005-Hayward Thompson to Shaquinta T. and Markeeva A. Morgan, $261,000.

RALSTON CT., 5757-Lee Young Min to Dora and Kwasi Mensah, $400,000.

RHUMFIELD CT., 13717-Sheri L. and Joel S. Robinson to Brenda B. and Robert A. Wiggins, $500,000.

RUMFORD CT., 11661-Kimberly M. Sanborn and Joseph F. Kenney III to Janice A. Spears, $300,000.

SKIPPER CIR., 12471-Toni Yvette Colvin to Getu H. Woldekidan, $251,000.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4744-Leo A. Hibson Jr. to Azeb Teklemariam, $206,000.

STARLING CT., 4431-Sara Damitio to Simon Diaz and Nubia Torres, $230,000.

STARLING CT., 4443-Marlana Cooley to Laurie Carroll, $250,000.

STILL PL., 4716-Jeffrey S. and Bradley B. Costello to Daniel Menmuir, $189,000.

SWAN POINT RD., 1201-Floyd S. Kanagy and Davis S. Harrer to Sara James and Rawn M. James Sr., $599,900.

TANGO LANE, 12123-Borrison Investments Inc. to Donyekk E. and Bart M. Ridgill, $353,900.

TAXI DR., 12939-Ridgedale Inc. to Roseann E. Bergskaug, $255,254.

TAXI DR., 12953-Ridgedale Inc. to Marylynn and Mehdi Aminrazavi, $237,421.

TAXI DR., 13038-Viengkham and Robert S. Milligan to Maria I. and Miguel A. Medrano, $290,000.

TIGER LILY CIR., 1754, No. 108-Robert N. McCullough to Quyen H. Nguyen, $186,000.

UPPSALA CT., 15908-Naquila R. and Salah D. Jalajel to Tamuel A. Sr. and Alphea K. Dorsey, $316,500.

VESTAL ST., 709-Neighborhoods Corp. to Chien Lin, $411,501.

WIGGLESWORTH WAY, 1769-Betty J. and Anthony Lee Mills to Rishi Nath Subedi, $267,000.

WINONA DR., 12132-Donna Mewha and Paul T. Fuhrman to Theodros Kelemwork, $245,000.