Projects Proposed

Brentsville District

1. Asbury United Methodist Church, 14413 Fleetwood Dr. Special-use permit to add a 4,800-square-foot, one-story building to the church.

Coles District

2. Prince William County Employees Credit Union, 12701 Ridgefield Village Dr. Special-use permit for financial institution with drive-through.

Dumfries District

3. Ewell's Mill Estates,15533 Spriggs Rd. Rezone 66.29 acres from agriculture to suburban residential and 32.02 acres from agriculture to planned mixed residential.

4. Panera, 4402 Fortuna Center Plaza. Special-use permit to construct a restaurant.

Gainesville District

5. Main Street Landscape, 2402 James Madison Hwy. Special-use permit to allow a landscape service in an agricultural district.

Occoquan District

6. Commerce Bank, 13520 Foulger Sq. Special-use permit to allow a bank with drive-through.

Woodbridge District

7. St. Paul's United Methodist Church, 1400 G St. Special-use permit to allow a church with related facilities.

Projects Approved

Brentsville District

8. Hailees Grove, 10419 Godwin Dr. Rezone 8.2 acres from agriculture to suburban residential for 21 single-family houses.

9. Stadler Garden Center, 11560 Nokesville Rd. Special-use permit for a garden center to include a greenhouse, sales and office building and a 10,000-square-foot outdoor sales and storage facility.

Coles District

10. Hoadly Road Retail Center, 5180 Hoadly Rd. Rezone 13.58 acres from general business to neighborhood business and agriculture to neighborhood business for a commercial retail center.

Neabsco District

11. Whispering Dove Estates,14705 Cardinal Dr. Rezone 2.6 acres from agriculture to suburban residential.

Occoquan District

12. Bank of America, 2621 Prince William Pkwy. Special-use permit to allow a drive-through bank.

13. Sam's Club, 14046 Worth Ave. Special-use permit to construct a fueling station with a 224-square-foot kiosk, 14 fuel pumps, a canopy and underground storage tanks.

Woodbridge District

14. Opitz Crossing, 2151 Opitz Blvd. Rezone 11.87 acres from general business to planned mixed residential.

Site Disturbance Permits

Brentsville District

15. Bank of America.12881 Braemar Village Plaza. Construction of a 4,700-square-foot bank with three drive-throughs.

16. Blooms Mill, 8300 Blooms Quarry Lane. Construction of 155 townhouses and a 2,400-square-foot recreation center with a pool.

17. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 14015 Glenkirk Rd. Construction of a 16,588-square-foot church.

18. Exxon, 14673 Lee Hwy. Construction of, a 4,946-square-foot service station.

19. Hornbaker Industrial Park, 9041 Mike Garcia Dr. Construction of a 80,327-square-foot building for industrial use.

20. Meadows at Morris Farm, 14105 Glenkirk Rd. Construction of 198 single-family houses.

21. MTH Office Building, 14374 Lee Hwy. Construction of two office buildings totaling 36,288 square feet.

22. Northern Virginia Electric Corp.,5399 Wellington Rd. Addition of 1,920 square feet to building.

23. Silver Leaf Estates, 8705 Linton Hall Rd. Construction of 51 single-family houses.

24. Virginia Meadows, 8641 Virginia Meadows Dr. Construction of an office/warehouse complex totaling 20,000 square feet.

25. Youth for Tomorrow Girls Homes, 10105 Linton Hall Rd. Construction of two buildings for a girls school.

Coles District

26. Food Lion, 6306 Hoadly Rd. Construction of a 64,000 grocery store and other retail stores.

Dumfries District

27. 7-Eleven, 16720 Dumfries Rd. Construction of a 2,798-square-foot convenience store.

28. Reserve at Potomac Crest, 18110 Purvis Dr. Construction of 45 single-family houses.

29. Stonewall Manor, 18898 White Oak Dr. Construction of 31 single-family houses and nature trails.

30. Villages at Potomac Crest, 19225 Fuller Heights Rd. Construction of 17 single-family houses.

Gainesville District

31. Heritage Hunt,13391 Fieldstone Way. Construction of 60 single-family houses.

32. Linden Commercial Condominiums, 7851 Coppermine Dr. Construction of commercial condominiums totaling 97,687 square feet.

33. Somerset, 14814 Links Pond Cir. Replacement of a tot lot with sports courts.

Neabsco District

34. Potomac Mills Auto Sales,14715 Potomac Mills Rd. Construction of an auto dealership.

35. Prince William Town Center, 4685 Prince William Pkwy. Construction of a 2,433-square-foot community center.

Woodbridge District

36. Summerland, 13750 Botts Ave. Construction of 180 multifamily units.

37. Wayside Village, 3000 Cherry Hill Rd. Construction of 30 single-family houses.