Note: The county planning office file number for each project is included.

Projects Proposed

La Plata Area

1. Hardship Plantation, phase two, off Penns Hill Road, on Stonestreet Road. A plan to subdivide 101.6 acres into 13 lots for single-family houses. 03-0134.

Nanjemoy Area

2. Melwood, 9035 Ironsides Rd. A site plan for a dining hall. SDP 040064.

Waldorf Area

3. St. Charles Community Center, Edwins Drive. A plan for a community center. SDP 040065.

4. Wexford Village II, section two, phase four, off Hamilton Road, between Acton Lane and Raby Road. A plan to subdivide 27 acres for 45 single family houses. 04-0056.

Projects Approved

Waldorf Area

5. Central Parke at Colonial Charles, along Belle Alliance Drive, off Smallwood Drive. A site plan for phase two of a townhouse project. SDP 040033.

6. Sun Ridge, south side of Billingsley Road, east of Sundance Drive. A site plan to subdivide 6.41 acres for 11 single-family houses. XPN 03-0027.

7. Waldorf Commons, 2185 Crain Hwy. A site plan for an auto sales store. SDP 030010.

8. Walgreens, 25 High St., unit F. A site plan for a retail store in Smallwood Village Center. SDP 040019.

-- Compiled by BONNIE SMITH