Polling places for voting in the presidential, congressional and county races open at 7 a.m. Tuesday and close at 8 p.m. Anyone in line at 8 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

In Chesapeake Beach, polling places for the mayoral and Town Council elections close at 7 p.m. Town residents have to go to a second polling station to vote in other races.

Results of Tuesday's voting will be reported in Wednesday morning's Washington Post and online at washingtonpost.com.

The voter notification card issued to all registered voters should contain the location of your polling place. The information is also available from the county election boards.

* Calvert County Board of Elections, www.co.cal.md.us/gov/election.htm or at 410-535-2214.

* Charles County Board of Elections, www.govt.co.charles.md.us/boe or at 301-934-8972.

* St. Mary's County Board of Elections, www.co.saint-marys.md.us/supervisorofelections or at 301-475-7844.

Any voter whose eligibility is challenged will have the right to cast a provisional ballot after filling out an application at the polling place. The provisional ballot will be counted only after the local board of elections has reviewed the provisional ballot application and made a determination that the person is eligible to vote.

The most common reason that a voter's name is not on the precinct register is that the person moved but did not update his or her voter registration, according to the State Board of Elections. For a provisional ballot to be counted, the voter must be registered in Maryland and must cast the provisional ballot in the precinct where he or she resides.