Projects Proposed

1. Round Hill Rural Estates, 18209 Yatton Rd., east of Route 719. Subdivide about 361 acres zoned A-3 (agricultural, one unit per three acres) for 30 single-family lots.

2. Lansdowne, Section 30, Lots 1-33, and Section 31B, Lots 1-42, near Riverside Parkway, south of Overlook Court. Subdivide 138.43 acres zoned PDH-3 (planned development housing, three units per acre) for 80 single-family lots and four open parcels.

3. Leesburg Crossing, 42296 Greenfield Farm Lane. Subdivide 117.27 acres zoned AR1 (agricultural-rural) for 18 single-family lots.

4. Hunter Property, Braddock Road, adjacent to South Riding, at the Loudoun-Fairfax County line. Subdivide 5.83 acres zoned R-1 (residential, one unit per acre) for six single-family lots, one open parcel, easements and street dedication.

5. Saratoga, Sections 1-2, west of Charles Town Pike and north of Creamer Lane. Subdivide 185.07 acres zoned AR1 for 56 single-family lots, associated open spaces, rights of way and all necessary easements.

6. South Riding, Section 80, 25056 Pinebrook Rd. Subdivide 88 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing, four units per acre) for 168 townhouse lots, one open parcel and dedicated right of way.

7. Stonebrook Farm Hamlet, east side of Loyalty Road, between the intersections of Browns Lane and Hannah Drive. Subdivide 84.89 acres zoned AR1 for 25 hamlet lots, five open parcels and three conservancy lots.

8. Stone Ridge South, Sections 43-45, Gum Spring Road, south of Route 50 and west of Route 659. Subdivide 180.86 acres zoned PDH-4 for 128 townhouse lots, including 28 affordable-dwelling units, various easements and two open parcels.

9. Kirkpatrick Farms, Sections E and P, Braddock Road at Summerall Drive. Subdivide 261.53 acres zoned PDH-4 for the creation of Sections E and P, reserved for right of way for future Western Transportation Corridor.

10. Kirkpatrick Farms, Section O, at the end of Summerall Drive, south of Braddock Road. Subdivide 261.53 acres zoned PDH-4 for 75 single-family lots.

11. Villa on Paris Mountain, 10244 John Mosby Hwy., near the Fauquier County line. Special exception to allow a residence for banquets and special events on 99.74 acres zoned AR2 (agricultural-rural).

12. Piscopo Equestrian Riding Area, 22777 Tail Race Rd. Special exception for construction of a riding arena on an existing lot on 65 acres zoned AR2.

13. Loudoun Citizens for Social Justice, 16999 Highland Cir. Special exception to allow the conversion of the Jeremiah House to a shelter for women and children on 0.58 acres zoned CR1 (countryside residential).

14. Jefferson Building at Shepherd Office Park, 44121 Harry Byrd Hwy. Construct a 212,137-square-foot office building, parking lot, roadways, pond and associated utilities on 4.87 acres zoned PD-OP (planned development-office park).

15. Koon's Sterling Ford, 46869 Harry Byrd Hwy. Revision to previously approved site plan and site plan amendment to show the addition of 19 service bays.

16. Loudoun County Fire and Rescue Training Center, 41975 Loudoun Center Pl., near Cochran Mill Road. Addition to an administration-training building and support buildings with associated travelways and underground utilities on 452 acres zoned JLMA-20 (joint land management area).

17. Dulles Trade Center II, Lot 12, Overland Drive. Construct a 28,750-square-foot office-warehouse with associated parking lots and utilities on 3.46 acres zoned PD-GI (planned development-general industrial).

18. Algonkian Regional Park Miniature Golf Course, north of Algonkian Parkway, at the northernmost point on Cascades Parkway. Revision to approved site plan to remove existing miniature golf course and to create a site outside the flood plain on 272.88 acres zoned A-3.

19. University Commerce Center, southwest of Presidential Drive and George Washington Parkway. Four retail-office buildings, parking, travelways and utilities on 11.83 acres zoned PD-RDP (planned development-research and development park).

20. Dulles Trade Center II, Lot 4, Overland Drive. Construct a 15,000-square-foot automotive service and body shop with surface parking and utilities on 1.90 acres zoned PD-GI.

21. Dulles Trade Center IV, north side of Overland Drive. Construct a 99,000-square-foot retail-commercial development with road construction and frontage improvements on about 82 acres zoned PD-GI.

22. Kirkpatrick Farms, Section F, south of Braddock Road at the end of Summerall Drive. Construct 158 multifamily residences on 261.53 acres zoned PDH-4.

23. Potomac Green, Section 3, near Pavilion Parkway at the north end of Marblehead Drive, about 0.3 miles west of the Loudoun County Parkway. Construct 390 multifamily residences with associated private streets on 300.50 acres zoned PDAA-AR (planned development active adult-age restricted).

Projects Approved

24. Stone Ridge Affordable Dwelling Units, south side of Route 50. Modify the approved proffers regarding the timing of construction and availability of required affordable dwelling units (ADUs) approved with the rezoning of Stone Ridge, the 800-acre mixed-use community. Approval allows additional time to the applicant of delivery of the required total of 261 ADUs (113 ADUs in Stone Ridge North and 148 ADUs in Stone Ridge South).

25. Amendment to Zoning Ordinance, Mercure Business Park. Approval to allow limited motor vehicle sales as an accessory use to the permitted use "motor vehicle service and repair, heavy" to permit sales of race cars in the PD-GI zoning district. With the approval, Funktion Auto Group intends to purchase a 9,200-square-foot commercial condominium in the Mercure Business Park for the maintenance and reconstruction of such high-performance vehicles as Porsche, Ferrari, BMW and Lotus for use as dual-purpose cars.

Building Permits

26. Broadlands, 3,384-square-foot building at 42864 Truro Parish Dr.

27. Loudoun County Sanitation Authority, hauled sewage facility, fine-screen building, biological and membrane treatment facility, membrane filtration building, carbon treatment-disinfection facility, three digesters and digester buildings, gas burner facility, thickening and dewatering building, outfall structure, biofilters facility, prehumidifying scrubbers, two equalization tanks and a primary clarifiers facility at 21254 Loudoun County Pkwy.

28. South Riding Market, bank building at 24964 Riding Plaza.

29. Parc Dulles at Dulles Town Center, 261 apartment units at Parc Dulles Square.

30. Central Parke at Lowes Island, 25 condominium units at Noble Terrace.

31. Ashburn Village, 52 multifamily residences at Chamberlin Terrace.

-- Compiled by SANDY MAUCK