The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BARRISTER PL., 6307-Robert R. Boyd to Linda E. Wilson, $600,000.

LA RONDE CT., 1217-Delores E. Ommodt to Karen J. and Charles C. Herndon, $800,000.

REBECCA DR., 7321-Thomas C. and Wanda B. McKeon to Shawn C. and Angela Christine Egy Rose, $634,751.

WARRINGTON PL., 1218-Gerhard H. Lukowsky to Richard Allen and Kathleen M. Dezio, $1.1 million.

10TH ST., 6423-Leonard C. and Julia K. Eppard to David and Lisa E. Rosenthal Helvey, $660,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

BINGLEY RD., 6033-Hea Moon to Robert Benitez, $390,000.

BIRCHLEIGH WAY, 6612-William P. McLaughlin and Kellee G. McLaughlin to Henry F. and Cheryl Ann Johns, $351,900.

BROOKVIEW CT., 5700-Leonel A. Grandados to Jose G., Julio C. and Gilberto Bonilla, $281,000.

BUSH HILL DR., 5769-Prudential Residential Services to James R. and Beatrice A. Bailey, $775,000.

CROWN ROYAL CI., 6092-Frehiwot Haileleoul to Zegeta Worku and Aynalem Girma, $349,900.

DEVEREUX CIRCLE DR., 7035-Cary C. Harbaugh and Daniela Diciccio Harbaugh to Patrick J. and Una F. Geary, $549,900.

DONIVAL SQ., 6121-Janet and Scott Sprenger to David W. Yabroudy and Virginia A. Brennan, $445,000.

DRIFTWOOD DR., 6223-David E. and Sarah M. Kolo to Gordon M.H. and Cheryl A.W. Flockhart, $385,500.

EARLSTON DR., 6995-Mi Y. Kim to Paola A. Omonte, $403,000.

EDGE CLIFF DR., 6763-Douglas J. Balint to Keri N. and Jeffrey R. Lawton, $665,000.

ERICKA AVE., 6801-Jennifer and Samuel Morgan to Suzanne M. Deneal and Barbara Ward, $379,900.

GILDAR ST., 6505-Verapol and Nipa Karopas to Siriluck Rungrujiphaisal, $275,000.

GOVERNORS POND CIR., 5646-Joann D. Keane to Dustin M. and Heather R. Starbuck, $540,000.

GRANGE LANE, 6581-Arlene E. Faustermann to Isabella A. Elvir, $315,000.

HAYSTACK RD., 6518-Alan R. Goozmer and Teresa M. Bradley to Earl Wayne Ryan and Robert Patrick Blubaugh, $381,000.

HEATHERWOOD DR., 6049-Catherine A. and Michael G. Michaliga to Eric V. and Joy Elizabeth Hodge, $379,000.

INDIAN TRAIL CT., 6607-Steven L. Pinckney to Philip W. and Susana S. Bonar, $295,000.

KINGS LANDING RD., 6407-John M. Lacovara to Jon K. and Jane A. Lackey, $465,000.

LARPIN LANE, 5701-Lorraine R. Kircher to Alija Dedajic, $385,000.

LOCHLEIGH CT., 6574-Norman S. Brown to Edwin B. and Margaret G. Braly, $335,000.

MALLORY LANE, 7303-Jeffrey A. Wright to David H. and Patricia F. Conroy, $400,000.

NORHAM DR., 5960-Jeffrey R. and Monica A. Stevens to Aaron B. and Pamela J.C. Jacob, $475,000.

OLD BRENTFORD CT., 6117-Suzanne R. Settle to John T., Jordan T. and Jacqueline Hardenbergh, $395,000.

OLD VALLEY CT., 6200-Lorenzo G. and Erika N. Baldwin to Katharine Mary Noll, $312,000.

OTLEY DR., 5910-Jeanette M. and Walter E. Cole to Leesa J. Reutershan, $430,000.

OUSLEY PL., 7708-Melody C. Barnes to Terry K. and Sarah Bolger, $395,000.

RACHAEL WHITNEY LANE, 7716-Scott A. Eshleman to Michael L. and Susan R. Hummel, $463,000.

SETH HAMPTON DR., 7841-J. Steven and Ella L. Rich to Todd and Shanna MacGregor, $490,000.

SHAFFER DR., 6046-H. Thomas and Kathy N. Hammond to Tamara Hope Pincus, $589,000.

SIR CAMBRIDGE WAY, 5915-Sharon L. Guthrie to Joyce E. Lavery, $340,000.

SKY BLUE DR., 8051-Daniel C. and Kristin A. Jackson to Scott R. and Katherine A. Sweeney, $365,000.

SUMNER RD., 6032-Kathy P. Jantzen and Linda D. Ryan to John R. and Michele M. Buhler, $749,500.

TRIGGER CT., 3713-Jon K. and Jane A. Lackey to Wilbert S. Bryant, $359,000.

WARREN POINT CT., 6412-Joseph E. and Priscilla A. Cherry to Audrey Jones and Floyd Richard, $384,000.

Burke Area

BEACON POND LANE, 10030-Sally W. Bauer to Janet Ann Layden, $355,000.

BRIDGETOWN PL., 10325-Sonya L. Stagnoli to Dale E. Lion and Elisa M. Yushan, $266,000.

BURKE TOWNE CT., 5757-Varinder and Mamna Bagga to Jose J. Ayulo and Alicia Martinez, $334,000.

CLERKENWELL CT., 6029-Anthony R. and Diann R. Williams to William and Sabrina Dcosta, $349,900.

DUNDAS OAK CT., 10700-William and Beryl Z. Bosher to Theo Van Lingen and Minoy Wiren, $565,000.

DUXFORD PL., 5406-Ji H. Wu and Bao Long Zhao to David W.M. Kerrigan and Mary C. Owen, $474,900.

GEORGIAN WOODS CT., 10009-Scott J. and Sharon M. Mowry to Steven J. and Amelia F. Morani, $475,000.

HARFORD LANE, 5052-Tania and Surama Orellana to Victor and Idilia Escalante, $300,000.

KARA PL., 5898-Robert G. and Katrina M. Pennell to Teresa D. Enos, $329,000.

OLD BLACKSMITH DR., 6689-Jeffrey C. and Christine S. Irwin to James A. and Tracy K. Holcomb, $479,900.

PARLIAMENT DR., 9106-Richard S. and Beverly D. Ryan to Paul G. and Suzanne D. Byron, $579,990.

QUIET POND TER., 10253-Jin Ju Kim to Jin Na Choi, $304,000.

STEAMBOAT LANDNG LANE, 10333-Deborah A. Gibbs and Wyn C. Gibbs to John and Elizabeth Rooney, $550,000.

SUMMERDAY DR., 9826-Paul H. and Nancy J. Herbert to Michael W. and Linda M. Grismer, $535,000.

WATERLINE DR., 9713-Peter S. and Mimi Liou to Frank A. Fernandez, $520,000.

WESTPORT LANE, 9623-Walter D. and Amy F. Falcon to Kin P. and Ki K. Chan, $295,000.

WHIPPANY WAY, 6414-J. Lee Hargraves and Linda C. Phalen to Boonsuep and Siriporn Ketram, $410,000.

WILMINGTON DR., 6107-Donald B. and Susan G. Ward to Julie C. and Virgil C. Jones, $382,000.

WOOD MOUSE CT., 5709-Clifford S. and Theresa L. Bates to Nathan K. and Anne E. Wisecarver, $310,000.

Centreville Area

BARNSLEY PL., 13905-Karen R. Wienholt to Douglas S. and Ritu M. Hudson, $355,500.

BASINGSTOKE CT., 6016-Roman Henriquez to Mervat Gendy and Emad Khalifa, $295,000.

BETSY ROSS LANE, 14141-Roger and Lora Parsons to Brian K. Philip, $330,000.

BILLINGSGATE LANE, 6068-Syed Hussain to Andrea Elizabeth Torres, $270,000.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14320-Colin P. Smith to Phyllis R. Olitsky, $250,100.

COMPTON LANE, 6915-Daniel W. Patterson and Jessica L. Hutchison to Keith G. and Cindy Y. Hamilton, $340,000.

CRANOKE ST., 14846-Nina T. Tsui and Michael F. Lew to Michael L. and Sarah Jane Lopez, $450,000.

CREEK BRANCH CT., 14513-Sara R. Harris and Kevin Hobson to Amarendara Babu Lavu, $345,000.

ELLICOTT DR., 5270-Kenneth M. Jones and Lara L. Rathjen to Stephen W. and Stephanie Morris, $505,000.

FALLSCLIFF LANE, 14458-Oya Aliriza to Wei Shen, $290,000.

GIANT OAK CT., 6069-Melinda J. Norton to Michael G. and Nancy M. Ostinato, $252,330.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14292-Ho S. Kwon to Lok Kim Jong, $350,000.

GREEN PARK WAY, 14707-Dennis A. Glacken to Jeffrey K. and Dorothy E. Harr, $268,000.

GREEN PARK WAY, 14762-Elizabeth R. Etzel to Earl F. and Tara D. Kelley, $277,171.

HERITAGE CROSSING LANE, 14266-Ruth Severich to Rodrigo and Beaatriz Jaramillo, $295,000.

HIDDEN CANYON RD., 6211-Mary C. Moore to Edmund E. and Susan Fraser, $592,500.

HOSKINS HOLLOW CIR., 6109, No. A-Christine R. Denning to Hassan Tafaghodrad, $270,000.

JENNY LEIGH CT., 6765-Michael A. and Constance J. Hall to Edgar B. Patino and Wilma Velasquez, $314,000.

JORDANS JOURNEY DR., 15335-David J. and Alisa C. Rennyson to Thomas S. and Kimberly T. Afferton, $700,000.

KERRYWOOD CI., 6840-Kevin M. Cloutier to Maged Sharabi, $371,000.

LAURA RATCLIFF CT., 13860-Chong Chol and Susana Yoo to Joseph J. Fehr, $318,500.

LILVA DR., 14607-Jeffrey N. and Maria E. Bakken to Anthony J. Benita, $410,000.

OAK ROCK CT., 6619-Jeffrey L. Kling and Brenda A. Hairfield to Nebiyu Eyassu and Meseret Kebede, $571,500.

OLDE KENT RD., 14603-Kevin L. Bemis and Sarah P. Griffin Bemis to Carlos Jimenez, $276,000.

PREACHER CHAPMAN PL., 13942-William J. Mauch to Dresden McBride, $295,000.

ROYAL OAK LANE, 14177-Arnel T. Ryan to Michael F. Castello, $305,000.

STILSBY CT., 14511-Blake E. Downs and Sheri L. Sakovich to Michelle S. Shaffer, $270,000.

THERA WAY, 14626-Daryl C. Fernandes and Cherylann Coelho to Maria L. Bunting, $350,000.

TRUITT FARM DR., 14752-Caoile Leah L. Lacsamana to Petronila Damiana Mescco, $379,900.

TULIP LEAF CT., 5225-Frederick A. and Dee A. Kuhn to Hoon Il and Su Mi Kim, $720,000.

WATERY MOUNTAIN CT., 14369-Anna I. Billingslea to Rodolfo T. Elmore, $320,000.

WESTBOURNE PL., 6011-Joni L. Dudley to Generations Real Estate Group, $190,000.

WILD BROOK CT., 5936-Leah Jeffreys to Phann Tran and Thy Diem Nguyen, $325,000.

WILLIAM CARR LANE, 14515-Aaron M. and Barbara A. Linz to Clayton S. Gamer and Lesley A. Coombe, $405,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 14043-Lisa J. Shaw to William T. Drumheller, $359,900.

WOOD HOME RD., 14815-David Thrift and Teresa Hall to Corina Canas and Ildefonso Vasquez, $450,000.

Chantilly Area

BEECH DOWN DR., 3843-Nam V. and Naetitia N. Nguyen to Maria Susanibar, $399,900.

CUB RUN RD., 4321-Ronald W. and Sarah N. Tuttle to Tanon Vichai and Tanon Anusaya Sutan, $450,000.

CUB RUN RD., 4504-Adrian C. and Loretta B. Woltz to Alfred E. and Donna L. Brooks, $355,000.

DEHAVEN DR., 4210-A. Theodore and Lorraine R. Roby to Mirtes C. Gutierrez, $340,000.

LEIGHFIELD ST., 13836-Donald S. and Jane M. Harris to Raul B. and Zoraida J. Arze, $472,000.

MARSDEN CT., 13771-George P. and Alice L. Jacobs to Lin Dongsheng, $245,000.

REMBRANDT WAY, 13844-Jasmine H. and Sang K. Park to Cindy Xuandung Vu, $683,900.

TULIP TREE CT., 4421-Ayesha Ahmad to Ijaz Bilial, $417,125.

Clifton Area

CASWELL CT., 13304-Lawrence E. and Linda M. Gibbons to Henry Zen and Shiow Lien Ko, $686,200.

CLIFTON RD., 7432-Cynthia L. Towers to Lorie A. and Richard D. Jankowski, $739,000.

CLIFTON FOREST DR., 7003-Hubert R. and Mary L. Mc Gee to James and Kimberly Campbell, $800,000.

ORCHARD HILL LANE, 5827-Robert E. Laserte to James M. and Jean M. Marotta, $204,500.

ROCKLAND DR., 6571-William H. and Eleanor R. Carper to Matthew and Christine Krstolic, $575,000.

SHALESTONE DR., 13945-Wayne T. and Judith A. Weingartner to Howard B. and Christine B. Mendelson, $690,000.

UNION VILLAGE CIR., 13502-Peter V.R. and Karen Parlier to Aimee D. Morton and Frank Albanese, $431,000.

UNION VILLAGE CIR., 13603-Derek F. and Barbara J. Offer to Jonathan and Jun Yi Welch, $520,000.

WILDFLOWER LANE, 13691-Theophiline Ebiasah to Daniel J. and Jill S. Krewson, $320,000.

WILLOW VALLEY RD., 5515-Thomas J. Marchese and Sally A. Beidelman to Christopher N. and Janina P. James, $622,500.

Fairfax City Area

ALTA VISTA DR., 4315-Stephen K. and Angie K. Schlossberg to Jose G. Parada, $380,000.

APPLE ORCHARD CT., 12201-Mark G. and Michelle C. Ray to Scott F. Kubic, $399,900.

APPLING VALLEY RD., 11906-Earl M. and Sue A. Case to Jaehong Koh and Jiyoung Park, $625,000.

ASHLEIGH RD., 5390-Ronald K. and Gail F. Greene to Bret F. and Leigh Ann Crouse, $699,900.

BARKLEY DR., 3142-Phil H. and Helen A. Bucklew to John M. and Ximena Downey, $550,000.

BRIARWOOD FARMS CT., 9118-Lawrence L. and Alice C. Bicknell to Walter E. and Michele K. Rhoads, $800,000.

CAVALIER LANDING CT., 11568-Vince S. Arneja to Peter Adamczyk, $487,900.

CRESTVIEW DR., 8615-Lisa M. Clark to Brian Neach, $500,000.

DEQUINCEY DR., 5012-Steven and Helene M. Whittaker to Ramon L. and Concepcion A. Alonso, $435,000.

DOVEVILLE LANE, 4046-Victoria R. Schreck to Grace Kim, $500,000.

ELLINGTON CT., 5203-Shouxiong and Shoumon Zheng to Roberto L. and Sara M. Rodriguez, $415,000.

FLATWOOD CIR., 12512-James A. and Rebecca Lavey to Brenda I. Harrell, $380,000.

FOXHOLE DR., 13309-Alexandre V. Antonov to Walter C. and Karen E. Kerber, $346,000.

GAINSBOROUGH DR., 4839-Roger G. Miller and Chrissie Vidas to Richard S. Nicolary and Patricia A. Sechrist, $505,600.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12000-Denise E. Breland to Hou Chiang Wang, $260,000.

GREEN LEAF CT., 12116-Joseph A. Aiken to Eric S. Cooper, $248,000.

GREENWAY CT., 12105-James F. Myers to Marion F. and Mark A. Kremers, $245,000.

GUYSBOROUGH DR., 3133-Chun Ja Lee to Eugene Lee, $385,000.

JOHN TURLEY PL., 10720-Thomas J. and June Donovan to David B. Jarrett, $566,350.

KEEFER CT., 3749-Richard O. and Lynn E. Gibby to Victor W. and Wanda J. Atwell, $335,000.

KILDARE LANE, 2966-Terry L. and Marcia P. Bellamy to Myung Ho and Keum San Lee, $540,000.

LAMARRE DR., 4301-Richard A. and Ramona J. Sheftel to Jae S. Shim and Hannah J. Park, $465,000.

LEGHORN PL., 9132-Samuel J. and Gayla F. Heath to David G. and Debra M. Miller, $485,000.

LOWER PARK DR., 4209-Michael D. and Pia B. Smith to Gabriel and Victorina Gavino, $580,000.

LT. NICHOLS RD., 12548-Marlene R. Bercegeay to Kenneth T. and Lauri D. Payson, $565,000.

MANTUA DR., 3325-Hiram J. and R. Walker to John B. and Barbara D. Henris, $729,000.

MIDDLE RIDGE DR., 4211-Clement R. Criddle to Raymond J. and Hazel S. Solomon, $410,000.

NASH DR., 4801-Jennifer Kerrigan to Ronald J. Friedl and Mary A. Knoblauch, $311,000.

ORCHARDSON CT., 5306-Loc P. Tran and Dung T. Nguyen to Elisa Correa and Tiffany E. Sanchez, $440,000.

OX RIDGE CT., 3617-Alex H. Perez to Carlos A. and Leonor M. Perez, $750,000.

PENNYPACKER LANE, 13221-Wingfield and Francesca A. Roberts to Terri Lynn Bell, $515,000.

PUMPHREY DR., 5205-James R. and Zoraida L. Pagett to Allen N. Duckworth, $469,000.

RED SPRUCE RD., 10138-Joseph C. and Carolyn S. Barbarito to Henry H. and Kathryn G. Harms, $530,000.

ROSEMEADE DR., 4021-John D. and Norma J. Quigley to Erich P. Klaus, $435,000.

SAFE HARBOR CT., 5440-Allan L. Hollis to Luz T. McDavid, $325,000.

SUDLEY FORD CT., 3730-Norma M. Leclerc to Michael Sheldon Worley, $306,000.

TARTAN VIEW DR., 9386-Alan E.M. and Liva Tucker to Paul R. Wisgerhof and Judith G. Garber, $515,000.

VALLEY RIDGE CIR., 11746-Robert D. and Allison H. Owen to Marcia W. Thomason, $451,500.

WEDGEWAY CT., 12113-Robert B. and Susann Callahan to Michael Heath and Ernst Clasing, $369,900.

WESTBROOK DR., 13096-Nadeem Iqbal to Thai Pham and Hanh Truong, $720,000.

Fairfax Station Area

ARMETALE LANE, 8310-Qifeng Cheng and Cindy Hsia to Geoffrey A. and Terri R. Raines, $625,000.

CASTLEFIN WAY, 6401-Juan R. and Renee M. Smith to Joseph J. and Shannon W. Schmidt, $475,000.

CLIFTON RD., 7639-Jean M. Buxton to Ismael A. and Maria I. Vasquez, $720,000.

CROSSPOINTE DR., 9525-David L. and Kathleen M. Perno to John E. Baylis, $799,000.

NUTHATCH DR., 9625-James D. and Joan C. Whoolery to John C. and Tracey L. Heiss, $759,000.

SOUTH PARK CIR., 9724-Daniel M. and Tracy L. McCarthy to Warren M. and Winifred M. Linscott, $732,500.

WOODSHADE CT., 7707-Craig E. and Peggy A. Opel to Dennis R. and Pamela J. Schmidt, $822,000.

Fort Hunt Area

CLARK PL., 2006-George Jerome Snyder to Heather Davis and Jose Padua, $421,500.

FORT HUNT RD., 8315-Daniel J. and Judith A. Peck to Susan M. Mathy Patterson, $525,000.

HOLIDAY DR., 7614-Robert L. and Susan I. Fitzgerald to Carolyn J. Bailey, $665,000.

RIVER FARM DR., 1605-Donald G. Miller and James J. O'Neill to James J. and Marilyn P. McCullough, $1.25 million.

Great Falls Area

AMANDA DR., 1105-Eric L. and Robin M. Settle to Sirva Relocation Corp., $1.21 million.

FORESTVILLE DR., 1210-Thomas L. and Ferne H. Childs to Ching Sung Chin and Liwan Chen, $838,000.

HOLLY KNOLL CIR., 12159-Justin Preston Associates to Christopher J. and Maryjean K. Webb, $725,000.

MILL RUN DR., 9835-Kenneth J. and Nancy J. Silverman to Scott A. Sealock, $872,500.

MORNINGWOOD LANE, 1111-Khosro and Cheryl Farahani to Philip A. and Kathryn T. Jacobson, $885,000.

NALLS DAIRY CT., 521-Richard M. and Teresa C. Hyatt to Jonathan M. Cool, $1.685 million.

UTTERBACK STORE RD., 1036-Michael J. and Celie M. Powers to Christopher J. Barrett and Kristen M. Milardo, $692,000.

WALKER LAKE DR., 10205-Charles R. Mannix to Elizabeth Nassar and Chukri Z. Nassar, $840,000.

Huntington Area

BYRD LANE, 2425-James G. and Christine M.D. Lane to Efrain A. Molina and Jose M. Martinez, $317,000.

CANNON LANE, 5721-Therese and Albert Nestlerode to Shidrokh and Farrokh Sharifi Tafreshi, $412,000.

EVERGREEN KNOLL CT., 5717-Gerald R. and Barbara M. Tipton to Sean P. Preston and Sofia Merzario, $329,000.

GLASTONBURY CT., 8368-Luis Marcalaya to Manuel M. Rodriguez, $345,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2059-Cheryl C. Stallings to Helena D. Feldman, $270,000.

Hybla Valley Area

CARTER FARM CT., 2730-R.A. and Celia M. Mirabal to David W. Williams, $369,000.

COLD SPRING CT., 7124-Brian T. and Mary K. Kasprzyk to Susan Lee and Paul Stuart Rabinowitz, $309,900.

COLONIAL SPRINGS CT., 3017-Maria and Alfonso Lopez to Adrien M. and Mary E. Snedeker, $310,000.

DEER RUN DR., 6896-Linda D. Bunch to Anthony J. Davies, $300,000.

FAIRVIEW DR., 2623-June H. Inman to International Center for Christian Ministries, $440,000.

GROVETON ST., 3224-Jeffrey R. Wilkinson and Edward Frank to John and Gail C. Perez, $386,500.

KINGS VILLAGE RD., 3018-Fatima K. Oyofo to Mopeola and Anthony Adeyemi, $265,000.

RANSOM PL., 3644-Scott A. and Carla S. Brown to Vivian K. Belleh, $360,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7522, No. A-Keith D. Shorte and Margaret R. Walker to Robert M. Driggers and Tiffany L. Sutton, $235,000.

Lincolnia Area

ASBURY CT., 5601-Matthew Fitzgerald and Nick Bobruska to James D. Fife and Young M. Lee, $400,000.

BISMACH DR., 5616-Mariame Diarrassouba to Theodros Tadesse, $203,000.

EDGEMOOR LANE, 6338-Ruth E. Mellen and Margaret A. Schwab to Nelson Buendia, $418,000.

HAWK VIEW CT., 6347, No. C-Mitchell D. Franks to Cheryl A. Diprizio, $373,000.

IRVIN CT., 6584-Nikki Chay to Hyo Jin Lee, $430,000.

LINMAR CT., 4641-James W. and Mari Takahaski Kelman to Christopher R. and Alison E. Dilworth, $388,300.

Lorton Area

ASHMEADOW CT., 9104-James J. Miller to David Cain, $419,900.

CROSS CHASE CIR., 8956-James W. and Margaret M. Stevenson to Katherine P. Diep and Dang B. Nguyen, $670,000.

GRACEWAY DR., 8302-Roy M. and Katherine R. Lloyd to Cesar M. Castillo and Blanca Y. Michell, $479,900.

GREENE DR., 10612-Thomas Farrell Lee to Steven J. and Judith A. Gobat, $524,900.

HIBISCUS CT., 8862-Firouzeh Afsharnia to George T. Pourchot, $470,000.

LAMBKIN CT., 7826-Carlos M. and Ronyl D.M. Williams to Michael A. Scott, $269,000.

LORRAINE CAROL WAY, 9762-Jeffrey A. and Ann E. Ovaska to Michael Amoako and Regina Saah, $460,000.

LORTON VALLEY RD., 9245-John A. and M.L. Antoinette Austin to Sun Hwa Kim, $345,000.

MARIE CT., 9001-Michael G. Flament to Carolyn P. Henderson, $325,500.

McLean Area

BAYSIDE CT., 7203-Brian P. Murphy to Jun and Sung Ha Hur, $640,000.

BRUTON CT., 1555-Elaine Saba to Sherlie Scribner, $485,000.

CARNEGIE DR., 8311-Jiancheng Wang and Ai Zhang to Sy Tran and Kimberly Nguyen, $497,000.

COUNTRYSIDE CT., 904-Hans C. and Natalie Tallis to Joaquin A. Cottani and Diane M. Cashman, $1.75 million.

DUNAWAY CT., 6298-Janice P. Hasty to Susan A. Andrews, $1.1 million.

DUNCRAIG CT., 6951-John D. and Dolly M. Clark to Scott T. and Valerie A. Smolinski, $795,000.

ENOLA ST., 7839-Zelikha Keyhani to Robert Anderson, $187,000.

FALSTAFF RD., 7906-Maxine W. and Maurice E. Esch to John W. and Victoria J. Vernon, $711,250.

FLEETWOOD RD., 6800-Raymond H. Milkman to Kenneth J. Nunnenkamp and Giovanna M. Cinelli, $340,000.

FOXHOUND RD., 7812-Chun Chen and Hui Jung Wang to Diane Tan and Tan Hao, $967,000.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1645-Lois M. Albertson to Taghiye Biladi Ghanad, $300,000.

KIRBY RD., 1655-Harold E. and Susan J. Johnson to James Leo and Anna Maria Delker, $1.215 million.

LINCOLN WAY, 1504, No. 308-Stirling Melissa Palango to Elaine G. Woo, $250,000.

MACKALL AVE., 828-Richard F. and Beverly M. Dietz to Stephen G. and Elizabeth M. Yeonas, $1.2 million.

MORI ST., 6321-Donald E. and Bonnie J. Jares to Willem Janssen and Dorien Van Herpen, $757,050.

NATALIE JOY LANE, 1505-Michael G. and Helen M. Riding to Christian J. and Gina R. Schurman, $550,000.

NEW PROVIDENCE DR., 7756-Dale and Jane A. Brunner to Aimee L. Monticchio, $240,000.

PIMMIT DR., 1937-Hong Zhang to Allan L. Hollis, $354,990.

SPARGER ST., 8408-Joan Z. King to Versailles Custom Homes and Development, $840,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1530-Misha T. Long to Rosemary Gibson, $372,500.

TREMAYNE PL., 7651-Dennis J. Minogue to Glen Birdsall, $289,000.

TREMAYNE PL., 7720-Herbert K. Wilson to Amir Motlagh, $320,000.

WESTWIND WAY, 1739-Andre E. and Yasmin L.M. Demegret to Lisa M. Haynes, $328,200.

Mount Vernon Area

ASHBORO DR., 7928-Benjamin B. Duarte and Marjorie N. Caido to Nguyen T. Ha and Dena Pham, $328,000.

BREVARD CT., 4403-Joel J. Re to Francisco and Hilsa Rodriguez, $257,500.

CENTRAL PARK CIR., 7932-Karen E.B. Morrill to Carlos and Norma Martinez, $310,000.

FITZROY ST., 7928-Ernest P. and Preeta A. Nasir to Robert S. Walters, $282,000.

JINETES CT., 8407-Liya and Mark E. Green to Jose M. Sosa Ramos, $140,000.

OAK LEAF DR., 8813-John E. Stevens to Terra Development Inc., $285,000.

OLD MOUNT VERNON RD., 9423-Jerry R. and Myra H. Shiplett to Mark A. and Deborah M. Trocchi, $935,000.

POMEGRANATE CT., 4740-Sharon A. Cisneros to Moin A. Satter, $400,000.

TARPON LANE, 4621-William A. and Elizabeth F. Clinkscales to Kevin Louis Russo, $489,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 5772-Nancy E. Molina to Beatriz Escobar, $200,000.

WAGON WHEEL RD., 8361-Marvis C. Morrison to Catherine R. and Bruce Ryan, $400,000.

WOODLAWN MANOR CT., 5517-James Ansah to Norma E. Melgar, $284,100.

North Springfield Area

CATHER RD., 5227-William S. Smith to Marcia C. Perez, $395,500.

CROMWELL DR., 8812-William S. and Karen S. Rust to David and Penny Toro, $453,900.

HOGARTH ST., 7509-Bonnie S. Johnson to Am B. Huynh and Hue T. Nguyen, $375,000.

IVES PL., 5404-Chong Y. Suk and Kwang H. Park to Sung K. and Hyunjoo Hwang, $375,000.

IVOR ST., 5500-Rene M. Helmes to Richard L. and Julie A. Hewett, $419,000.

MONTGOMERY ST., 5317-Joshua S. and Rachael B. Turner to Javier Torres, $392,000.

Oakton Area

BERRYLAND DR., 2721-Ronald W. and Barbara L. Hinkel to Pamela M. and Richard D. Feehan, $735,000.

JERMANTOWN RD., 2817-Blaine C. and Juanita R. Thompson to Debra M. Parrish, $315,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 9949-Sonia M. Echeverri to Thomas E. Casey, $300,000.

REMINGTON RD., 2709-Jack S. and Dixie G. Kenyon to Joseph A. and Joylyn Evans, $898,775.

Springfield Area

BLUE OAK CT., 8464-Bryon L. Angvall to Sabrina Rose and John Henry Smith, $308,600.

BRISTLECONE PL., 8634-Richard K. and Desiree A. Campbell to Gregory M. and Jennifer L. Redick, $449,900.

BUBBLING BROOK CIR., 7901-Michael Yohannes and Elizabeth Mulugeta to Sanaz Kabir and Emranur Z. Kabir, $334,900.

BURNING FOREST CT., 8246-Raymond J. Lattanzio to Wendall K. and Lisa R. Randolph, $289,500.

BYEFORDE CT., 7313-Richard P. and Mary J. Bleck to Asrat D. Yimer and Abebe Betelehem D., $300,000.

CHAPMAN OAK CT., 8509-Marietta V. Mendoza and Minerva Bobadilla to Sharon Kaps, $279,900.

CLIFF ROCK CT., 7902-Duc V. Pham to Vinh Van and Ngochoan Nguyen, $400,000.

CUSHING CT., 8304-Glen A. and Chong S. Teasley to Timothy M. and Elisa M. Johnson, $449,900.

DAKINE CIR., 6376-Peter Kim to Michael Murphy and Tamara Davis, $399,900.

DOUBLE CREEK CT., 7906-Phillip G. and Lynn J. Gibbons to William A. and Cynthia M. Olsen, $560,000.

ERVING ST., 5912-Permpong Grasair and Jiyanuch Komolsai to Ngoc Bich Thi Phung and Thanh Van Nguyen, $375,000.

ESSEX AVE., 6937-Keith P. and Deborah L. Harrison to Jose P. Garcia, $410,000.

ESSEX AVE., 7014-Rafael Mejicanos and Juan B. Zuniga to Domingo and Blanca N. Garcia, $415,000.

FRESHAIRE DR., 7128-Anna Sweetnam to William Joseph and Donna L. Hoenscheid, $515,000.

GRANDVIEW CT., 8026-Blake L. Waters to Agustin S. Martinez and Mosquera America, $260,000.

ITTE LANE, 7117-James B. and Lisa M. Campbell to Long N. Westerlund, $299,900.

JOVIN CIR., 8391-Mark Rooney to William L. and Christine M. Birden, $404,200.

LAYTON DR., 7100-Minh Van and Hoang Anh Thi Pham Nguyen to Lam Tran and Hoang Anh Nguyen, $412,000.

MARITIME CT., 9013-Patricia and Shaun F. Carrick to Nora J. Hutchison and William D. McClure, $500,000.

MATISSE WAY, 7726-Kathy Vo and Frank Ngo to Jennifer M. Zabala and Tommy T. Dang, $240,000.

MAYO CT., 6820-Peter A. Smith to Sanaeh Yusananda, $415,000.

NEWINGTON WOODS DR., 7779-Sang H. Oh to Anthony G. and Robin R. Tersine, $450,000.

NORTHEDGE DR., 9113-Edward A. and Cecelia L. Niemi to Michael K. and Julia G. Bayles, $469,900.

PARK HUNT CT., 9445-Lawrence E. and Kathleen C. Davis to James T. Harman and Kimberly A. Connery, $330,000.

PIONEER DR., 6322-Claire W. Miller and Alvin Wolfson to Araceli, Rodolfo, Vidal and Karina Garcia, $384,300.

ROUNDABOUT WAY, 7851-Lewis R. and Mary A. Heffner to Luis Cruz and Maritza Ayma, $525,000.

SPRINGFILD HILLS DR., 7621-Salduddin and Zarmina Shpoon to Cinthya and Gary Rocha, $449,000.

ST. DENNIS DR., 7921-Jack K. and Judith A. Parsons to Raymond J. Lattanzio, $469,900.

THORNFIELD CT., 7802-Herbert G. and Marolyn M. Russell to Christopher Haley and Felicia Leisersohn, $768,000.

THORNHILL CT., 6405-Douglas M. Wooldridge to Cristobal Rivera, Nereida Valle and Angelica Rivera, $315,000.

TOPSAILS LANE, 6495-James A. McCray to Paul J. Bahrs, $500,000.

TRIPS WAY, 6370-Nebiyu Eyassu and Meseret Kebede to Hien N. and Ha M. Nguyen, $360,500.

VILLA DEL REY CT., 6917-Michelle T. Nguyen to Tram and Betty H. Pham, $270,000.

WESTERN OAK DR., 8618-Robin R. Langston to Carmen F. Justiniano, $330,000.

WHITE STONE LANE, 8219-Brian M. Smith to Matthew C. Van Dyke and Melissa R. Wondree, $280,000.

West Springfield Area

BIRCHTREE CT., 7914-Rene W. and Gregg S. Zelkin to David L. and Sandra J. Thomason, $368,750.

BLARNEY STONE CT., 6473-Lawrence Pilkey to James Eric Jones, $319,000.

BLUECURL CIR., 6831-Jeffrey A. and Heather D. Fitter to Mark and Lori Maldonado, $659,900.

FORRESTER BLVD., 8508, Building 57, No. 874-Ahmad Karami and Francoises Gonzales to Eliana and Berna Chavez, $310,000.

GREELEY CT., 8706-Lance L. and Ruthanne Len to Deborah Suriano and Thomas Gilbert Mahnken, $460,000.

GREY FOX DR., 6703-Theodore C. and Mary A. McQuiston to Fred M. and Mary M. Midgette, $485,000.

KERRYDALE DR., 6293-Clayton and BBS Management Corp. to Theresa A. Stephens, $282,900.

KINGSFORD RD., 5901, No. B-Jawaid and Neelam Ahmad to Kassem M. Wahba, $240,000.

LEXTON PL., 7706, No. B-Sandra Desch to Katherine Calvert, $189,950.

OLDE LANTERN WAY, 7250-Laurel L. and Kevin V. Wilkerson to Subashini Sethumathavan and Krishnan V. Parthasarathy, $386,000.

SHERBORN LANE, 6112-Thomas R. and Martha P. Murray to Michael L. and Stephanie D. Graham, $472,900.

SQUIRREL RUN RD., 8108-Rodney C. Manganello to Birgit Refsing Olesen, $290,050.

TIVERTON DR., 7761-Matthew Tatusko to Michael Antonio Cintron, $285,000.

WINTERCRESS LANE, 7821-Duncan N. and Mary Ann W. Ndegwa to Anthony M. Githinji, $295,000.