The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

BALLYMORE LANE, 6500-Thomas L. Kuczynski to Dale W. Rice Jr. and Allyson S.W. Rice, $602,000.

CHAMBLIS DR. N., 5682-Michael M. Marrie to Patrick M. and Lara K. Grace, $630,000.

GUILFORD RD. S., 6594-Daniel Dementhon to Ederaldo Viera, $575,000.

SHANNON CT., 6412-William B. Romer to Manoj V. Manohohan, $670,000.

WAVING WILLOW PATH N., 6228-Amit N. Patel to Marion S. Lary, $480,500.

Columbia Area

AVALANCHE WAY, 11206-Mary E. Holmead to Dina E. Romang, $155,000.

BERRYPICK LANE, 11037-David Matthew Holbert to Scott V. and Jennifer L. Bernas, $212,000.

BRADDOCK WAY NW, 8440-Susan E. McLaughlin to Shangying Shen and Lincong Wang, $329,900.

CAMELBACK LANE, 5966-Paul C. Clifford to Edith L. Clifford, $330,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE LANE SW, 9156-Catherine M. Hurley to Christopher T. Donaldson and Johnna Cannici, $300,000.

CASTILE CT. SE, 9579-Perice Donald Brown Jr. to Quiana M. Smith, $248,000.

CEDAR LANE W., 5478-Fred A. Dipietro to Jason Stallings, $130,000.

COLLEGE SQ. SE, 10380-Marion P. Ritchie to Jaspreet Singh, $280,500.

CONSTANT COURSE NW, 9006-Samira O. Watson to Liza M. Leyh, $297,500.

DASHER CT. S., 6661-Mario Bonilla to Randal and Jeana Stanley, $475,000.

DEEP EARTH LANE N., 6227-Franklin Tanner to Anton E. and Alina Dmitriev, $285,000.

ECLIPSE WAY N., 10382-Alan P. Kurland to Daniel Ritt Kurland, $375,000.

EMERSONS REACH NE, 9150-Ronald C. Hoffman to David Lario Loyo and Paule Sonnentrucker, $264,000.

FAIRMEAD LANE NE, 6436-James E. Carter to Tuyen K. Nguyen and Truc Q. Nguyen, $277,000.

GENTLE LIGHT LANE S., 6304-Kristine T. Garland to Shilen Sagunan and Neena Shilen, $460,000.

GOLD SUNSET WAY SW, 8402-Robert T. Ogrin to April R. Johnson, $285,000.

GOOSE LANDING CIR. SE, 8815-Nathan Thanh to Clifton Wallace, $285,000.

HASTINGS DR. E., 9626-Sharlyn J. Paquette to Douglas and Honey E. Sward, $204,000.

HASTINGS DR. E., 9638-Matthew Coyne to Melissa L. Griffiths, $205,000.

HIGHWIND CT. SW, 9555-Hampson H. Fields to G. Scott Peacock and Rosemary A. Daley, $372,000.

HILDEBRAND CT., 5402-Monica L. Lee to Cherbie and Ekua Kurankyewa Lamptey, $188,000.

JACOBS LADDER SE, 6019-Thomas A. Parker to J.C. Merrell and Mark Merrell, $352,000.

KILIMANJARO RD., 9520-Marsha J. Dawson to Anthony and Monica Hilliard, $215,000.

LAMBETH CT. S., 9616-Penny Rhodes to Joel P. Titman and Alicia J. Eakle, $220,000.

LAUREL WREATH WAY NW, 6004-Kambiz C. Bashar to Miguel Rodriguez, $230,000.

LIGHTFOOT PATH W., 5253-Frank Lusko to Lawrence J. Corsa III, $399,000.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY. E., 11431-Kathleen Jackson to Allison N. Jones, $148,000.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY. E., 11431-Tel Corp. to Jennifer J. Carter, $132,500.

LORING DR. NW, 6330-Michelle Stanton to Brian D. Otten, $265,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6027-Frank M. Mateja to Sandra M. Keach, $85,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6041-Steven Pechous to Carlos A. Orellana, $111,500.

PAINTED ROCK RD. NE, 8330-Philip J. Cox to Srinivasan Narayanan and Parul Agarwal, $460,000.

PERFECT HOUR SE, 9235-Paul John Bielot to Thomas T. and Nancy B. Penroach, $275,000.

QUIET HOURS E., 6712-Kathleen B. Jackson to Paula S. Pincus, $186,500.

RED CRAVAT CT. NE, 7533-Jay Schulman to Jonathan C. and Hillary L. Bierce, $359,900.

RIVERS VIEW CT., 7121-Charles B. Porciello to Eric M. and Jennifer R. Uttenreither, $500,000.

ROLL RIGHT CT., 8665-Linda L. Rabin to Eric T. and Judith L. Pakulla, $78,000.

RUNNING BROOK RD. W., 5236-Fannie L. Watkins to Susan C. Balco, $137,000.

SHEPHERD SQ. SW, 6070-James E. Gettler to Shaunti M. Black, $215,500.

SILVER ARROWS WAY, 6158-James E. McClain to Ren Chou Zheng, $310,000.

SLALOM LANE, 11239-Jose A. Gonzales to D. Kaalund, $159,900.

SLALOM LANE, 11245-Cheryl A. Oswalt to Jennifer Levin, $160,000.

SMOOTH MEADOW WAY, 5364-Tel Corp. to Christa N. Lanzisera, $130,000.

STONEBROOK LANE NW, 8863-John G. Avery to Graham M. Robertson and C. Paige Getty, $271,300.

SUMMER RAMBO CT. W., 6729-Donald Bruce Klein to Willie K. and Marsha J. Dawson, $449,900.

TAMAR DR., 5923-Jo Ann C. Goatley to Kerry A. Cortelyou, $124,000.

TAMEBIRD CT., 8851-Vivian G. Colon to Katarzyna Szymanska, $156,000.

TAMEBIRD CT., 8862-Eric Joubert to Gregory L. Gray, $143,000.

THOROUGHBRED WAY SW, 6032-Kevin Sean Perdue to Charissa O. Buan, $222,600.

THUNDER HILL RD., 5336-Bobbie Shambaugh to Ogechi Wachuku and Michelle Curry, $336,000.

THUNDER HILL RD., 5870-Jeffrey W. Fetterhoff to Mandi Azarmandi, $67,420.

WATCH CHAIN WAY W., 5904-Scott L. Willhoit to John V. and Janet A. Cugini, $148,100.

WAVING TREE CT. S., 6517-Jeffrey A. Misuraca to Howard and Renee F. Richard, $545,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY W., 7605-Symphony Homes Corp. to James Michael Gagnier, $165,000.

WEEKEND WAY, 6025-Kenneth R. Woods to Michael E. Bowen and Danielle Shew, $240,000.

WOOD STOVE LANE, 5214-Richard K. Wright to Derrick O. and Marceline Davis, $360,000.

WOODENHAWK CIR., 5496-Samuel C. Gustas to Marc Raymond and Lisa Marie Despres, $206,250.

FIRST LEAGUE SW, 7419-Susan G. Miller to Leonard S. and Stephanie L. Lee, $380,000.

SECOND TIME LANE W., 7220-Martin E. Leshin, trustee, to Felix Ohene and Christine Elizabeth Addo, $401,000.

Dayton Area

MORNING STAR DR. SE, 4995-Robert B. Harmon to Christopher R. Stark and Cristi L. Stark, $430,000.

Elkridge Area

BRIAR CT., 6226-Lillian Soo Hahm to Yong K. Lee, $313,500.

CALVERT DR., 7059-John Cahill to Eric L. and Stephanie L. McDuffie, $525,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6510-Christina R. Schofield to Kenneth G. and Mary K. Bell, $175,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 6318-James E. Carlton to Pindell Woods Corp., $220,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 6033-Erica R. Neubauer to Kevin M. Doucet and Melissa Mathews, $176,000.

ROWANBERRY DR. E., 5735-Adriane D. Withrow to Phillip A. Sapienza, $148,000.

SANDPIPER CT. SW, 6241-Audria L. Pendergrass to Derek and Angela Eichenberger, $183,000.

SOUTHAMPTON CT., 6405-Allison J. Fitzpatrick to Rodney L. and Daphne A. Ulrich, $359,900.

WESLEY LANE SW, 6492-Thoi Van Duong to Steven V. Fenger, $457,500.

Ellicott City Area

BRIGHTWOOD CT. SE, 8057-John D. Paparazzo to Brian P. Boccia, $260,000.

CHATFIELD LANE SW, 7783-David A. Watson to Beth Allison Meini, $295,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4732-Dana L. Kiehl to Kerrie Bailey, $168,000.

FALLS RUN RD., 8589-Rodney D. Harrod to Peter J. and Galyna Roetzel, $160,000.

FALLS RUN RD. E., 8611-Michael A. Liskovec to William A. Farris, $166,000.

FALLS RUN RD. NE, 8489-Erik S. Street to Morgan B. Peddicord, $178,000.

FURROW AVE. N., 8967-John F. Poliszuk Jr. to John M. Roberts and Karen M. Hopkins, $679,000.

GOVERNORS RUN SW, 8406-Albert J. Folgueras to Scott Robert Holston and Yufang Zhao, $701,000.

HARVEST VIEW CT. SW, 8581-Steven Blahut to Karenn Makino, $295,000.

HOLLOW CT. SW, 3321-Chul Woong Jung to Hee Sung and Hye Kyung Yang, $284,000.

JOYCIN CT., 3658-Darby Russell Schaub to Theresa M. Maccentelli, $257,397.

LASALLE CT., 8729-James L. Hendrick to Sanjay and Kavita Rayathatha, $372,000.

MAYFAIR CIR., 7910-Chong Nan Shin to Chih Haw and Jocelyn Su Chu Wei, $220,000.

MELBA RD., 2514-Robert D. Imke to Eric B. and Kimberly S. Kettering, $355,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. E., 8335-Karen R. Martin to Darlene L. Martin, $155,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8371-James Burton to Lori Annn France, $170,000.

MOUNT ALBERT RD., 12165-William Allen Wright to James E. and Julie T. Young, $780,000.

PARK OVERLOOK CT. S., 3712-Frank D. Sistare to Brian S. Ocheltree and Lisa K. Malone, $715,000.

RIDGE RD., 8695-Kang Soo Chung to Sun Lee and Steve Ko, $270,000.

SNOWMILL CT. SE, 2724-Gregory A. Lowe to Premsagar and Deepa Gazula, $368,000.

SPARROW CT., 9639-Stephen T. Potter to Michael G. Riemer and Allison M. Linquist, $595,000.

STANSWAY CT., 2820-Thomas W. Bartlett to Fernando and Gail Rodriguez, $482,000.

STONEHOUSE DR., 8768-Robert Shipley to Joseph Sherman and Julie Harmon, $380,750.

TERRA MARIA WAY NW, 3063-Daniel Zito to Albert William and Mary Katherine Tucci, $575,000.

TRAIL VIEW DR. SE, 8577-Edwin Rojas to Boyin Huang and Sun Fengying, $476,000.

WETHERBURN RD. NE, 10300-Kevin M. Grew to Matthew Mellady and Boi Carpenter Mellady, $609,900.

WETHERBURN RD. NW, 10435-Jong Yeol Kim to Hong Same and Cindy Young You, $410,000.

WHISTLING PINES CT. N., 7838-James A. Davis to Kathryn B. Smith and James F. Adair, $266,000.

WOOD STREAM LANE, 3224-Scott K. Fehnel to Steve and Denise Dyer, $575,000.

Fulton Area

SANNER RD. W., 7362-L. Wesley Earp Jr. to Cheryl M. Walker, $287,100.

Glenelg Area

IVORY RD., 3753-Helen Fouladi to Randall L. Hess, $465,000.

Glenwood Area

BURNTWOODS RD., 14130-Dale W. Rice to Timothy B. and Kristen D. Dapp, $419,900.

SANG RD. N., 3311-Gary R. Wright to Warren S. and Suzanne Teague, $700,000.

Hanover Area

ADCOCK LANE, 6132-William A. Wallace to Laura E. and Dale M. Campbell, $450,000.

RIVER BIRCH CT., 6043-Thomas M. Besch to Sean Micah and Sandra Lynn Shockey, $385,000.

Jessup Area

CAMBRIDGE CT. NW, 8231-Stephanie S. Glover to Wang I. Cheung, $220,000.

FAIRHAVEN PL. SE, 8721-Michael G. Biemer to Joseph J. Marcus, $287,500.

Mount Airy Area

LONG CORNER RD., 1503-Clarence E. Wise Jr. to Jane W. and Daniel H. Stillwell, $371,000.

SHAFFERSVILLE RD., 1660-Amirkhanian Shahram to Kenneth D. and Bethany L. Mauck, $425,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BALTIMORE AVE. S., 9633-Edwin E. Warburton to Debra J.C. Mayo, $267,500.

BIRKENHEAD CT. S., 8758-Laura Brague to Szabolcs Dorotovics, $296,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9328-William R. Fadely Sr. to Joel A. Ferebee, $154,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9352-Patricia M. Stewart to Amy A. Williams, $180,000.

CREST RD., 8005-William E. Alley to Ronald L. and Judith C. Shreve, $290,000.

DALY CT. NW, 9324-Arnold L. Brown to James R. and Sharon E. Graves, $250,000.

EARL LEVY CT. E., 9522-Robert A. Matthews to Jewel K. and Steve O. Marsh, $183,000.

HARVEST WAY NW, 9352-Brian Steele to Mohammad Ajaz and Shumaila Irum, $211,000.

HARVEST WAY W., 9374-Ray B. Bloss III to Maria B. Cortez, $227,000.

HITCHING POST LANE, 9185-Frank F. Kretschmer Jr. to Jeffrey and Jay J. Fischetti, $143,000.

HORSHAM DR. NW, 9683-Juan Rao Albertorio Diaz to Orawan Williams, $300,300.

MADISON AVE. E., 9311-Richard D. Atkins to John Suah and Ego T. Suah, $225,000.

MAXWELL CT., 9303-Federico C. Sanidad to Jeremy M. Warren and Shamay D. Knox, $315,000.

SCOTTS LANDING RD. S., 11018-Robert J. Herdin, trustee, to Franklin and Jane Moy Pearce, $544,700.

STEEPLE CT. NW, 9365-Edson H. Beall to Martin Chocomani and Elizabeth Atehfack Ngengwe, $302,000.

STYERS CT. E., 8215-Robert E. Gaylor to Ronald K. and Loretta J. Middaugh, $230,000.

WHISKEY BOTTOM RD., 9712-Richard Lee Pitzer to Barry E. Rowe, $345,000.

Woodbine Area

ANNAPOLIS ROCK RD., 17698-William R. Warfield to Steve L. and Donna M. Sales, $375,000.

DAISY RD., 3133-Jay S. Johnson to Bradley Dr. Daines, $700,000.

IRON RAIL CT. E., 823-National Transfer Services Corp. to David Allen Flanery and Joanna Hairfield Abell, $585,000.

Woodstock Area

MERION POND E., 2262-Byron Risley to William K. Lucas and Kathleen L. MacFarlane, $200,000.