The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

ADRIAN ST., 5017-Tu Kun and H.H. Weng to Maria and Luis Mplina, $310,000.

ARBUTUS AVE., 4921-Carol F. Robinson to Le Hang Thai, $360,000.

ARCTIC TER., 4927-Dorit Yaron to Jennifer S. Lane, $320,000.

BLACKPOOL RD., 4102-Mercedes and Alfredo J. Henriquez to Coronado R. Sales, $409,000.

HOGENHILL TER., 5601-Diana L. Hua to Nyamkhishig Sambuughin, $303,400.

IVES ST., 4414-Simeon Moya to Maria F. Delcid, $315,000.

MELINDA CT., 4935-Nathaniel R. Jr. and D.A. Kidder to Carol A. and John C. Greene, $395,000.

MYER TER., 14410-Martease I. Schneider to Bridget and Kenneth Kramer, $380,000.

PARKVALE RD., 14012-James A. and B.L. Wheat to Victoria L. and Mark A. Dols, $335,000.

RUSSETT RD., 5116-M.E. and Al Woodruff to Jose A. Reyes Alvarez, $435,000.

Bethesda Area

ALTA VISTA RD., 5023-Brian T. and R.J. Filler to Karla N. Smith Cohen and David Philip Cohen, $630,000.

ANNISTON RD., 5919-Lin Tsai to Rita L. Lalbina, $490,000.

BECK CT., 9512-Philip H. and K.R. Hutchens to Erica B. and Stephen Thomas, $651,700.

BEECH AVE., 5908-Tina D. Olson Brekke to Michelle B. and Jonathan K. Waltman, $625,000.

BELLEVUE DR., 9613-Bradley J. Rozansky to Amy L. Schiffman Ashkin and Eric M. Ashkin, $625,000.

BRISTOL SQUARE LANE, 9847, No. 254-Maurice Singer to Tamara P. Kelly, $329,000.

CARMICHAEL AVE., 6911-K.B. and Joseph M. Chomski to Leonard Merlo, $922,000.

CHANUTE DR., 9307-J.M. and A.A. Vaiciulaitis to Timothy A. Stelzig, $570,000.

DICKENS AVE., 10003-Louise B. Kubier to Cheryl Pokorny, $401,000.

FULBRIGHT CT., 7806-Dustin W. Wilson Jr., trustee, to Erin Pyle and Miodrag Deric, $845,000.

GREENTREE RD., 5615-Tambra and Christian Chambers to Michelle Y. Levesque, $629,000.

GRUBBY THICKET WAY, 7213-Zoltan L. Racz to Rana Khan and Arif Ansari, $620,000.

JOHNSON AVE., 6013-Michael P. Morris to Katherine Conover and Robert Schurgin, $650,000.

JONES BRIDGE RD., 4406-Robert I. and R.G. Widder to Kelly E. and Joseph J. Bradley, $460,000.

KIRKWOOD DR., 5707-M.E.E.C.J. Piedra, trustee, to Lisa M.W. and Michael A. Pickrum, $745,000.

LENOX RD., 5904-Lucien M. Biberman, trustee, to Apurva Sanghi, $740,000.

LILLY STONE DR., 8101-Herbert F. and D.E. Conrad to Padmasini S. Raman and Kristopher M. Rengert, $675,000.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 7025-L.M. and George H. Rogers to Dean K. Brenneman, $420,000.

MAGRUDER MILL CT., 8417-Mark G. Matossian, trustee, to Diane M. Carpenter and Curtis A. Hastings, $720,000.

SWORDS WAY, 6302-R.T. and Lawrence E. Shulman to Christy L. Bakaly, $728,500.

WESTBARD CIR., 5301, No. 149-Alex Gelman to Paula L. Regan, $199,100.

WESTLAKE TER., 7401, No. 811-Jean M. Horan to Afsaneh Sedghi, $327,000.

WESTLAKE TER., 7420, No. 1302-Ginette A. Poenack to Abeideh Ansari Djaberi, $280,000.

WESTLAKE TER., 7420, No. 908-L. and Samuel D. Beck to Carlos Jose Davila, $352,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10524-Louis A. Ford to Diana H. Der Koorkanian, $217,500.

WYANDOT CT., 5001-Joseph N. and Tamara W. Belden to Carla Lazarte and Richard H. Tebeka, $953,400.

Burtonsville Area

ATHEY RD., 15009-T. and Terrell C. Auth to Joy C. Aninwene Mbachu, $345,000.

BALLINGER CT., 23-Lal B. and Abdul K. Jadun to Kay K. Chung, $240,000.

BALLINGER TER., 14235-Karen K. Smith to Julian V. Luke, $245,000.

BURLINGAME WAY, 19500-Gary A. Carter to Claudia E. Gray and James L. Onque, $279,888.

CASTLEMOOR CT., 14209-San M. Hui to Denise M. and Michael C. Schovel, $262,500.

CHILDRESS TER., 3508-Christopher T. and Maria E. Grove to Gemma T. Patricio, $262,500.

CHILDRESS TER., 3550-T.N. and Jason Quan to Susan M. Stedman, $270,000.

CHILDRESS TER., 3615-Evelyn and David J. Olson to Fana G. Tesfayohannes, $277,495.

CHILDRESS TER., 3654-Craig P. Bergmann to Cheryl Y. Reed, $250,000.

CROSSWOOD TER., 14726-Rita J. and Jitendra N. Dave to Wayne Christopher, $226,000.

ISLESWOOD TER., 4333-Joseph K. Ngwafa to John Ngwafon, $220,000.

MCKNEW RD., 14746-Stephen B. and H.A. Plank to Jessica and Kenneth Lewis, $256,429.

SADDLE CREEK DR., 14921-Rebecca and Cardozo Pfeiffer to Denise and Sammy Noumbissi, $387,000.

SADDLE CREEK WAY, 4403-Mitchell A. and S.C. Stein to Glen Andrew Booker and Kathy Richardson Booker, $419,900.

SILVER ASH CT., 14853-Jonathan A. and S.A. Kopin to Meena and Vijay Nathan, $323,000.

VIVALDI CT., 14311-Shoupeng Lai to Khurshed and Dolena Chowdhury, $285,000.

WILDLIFE LANE, 3813-Thu T.N. Linh to Bimal and Maria Gomes, $281,000.

Cabin John Area

WISHBONE TER., 6406-Barry P. and L.M. Trembath to Mariam and Ranjit Lamech, $670,000.

Calverton Area

CHERRY HILL RD., 11406, No. 105-Ann H. Bohnet to Kelly M. Fairweather, $55,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

BREGMAN RD., 13307-Eugene S. and K.V. Reynolds to Kathy and Frank L. Smith, $215,000.

BROADMORE RD., 13123-Clotile Knight to Roman Fitsum and Mulu T. Gebreyesus, $311,000.

BRONZEGATE BLVD., 1934, No. 37-Hai Pham to Hamelmal A. Tachabele, $229,000.

CAROLE CT., 2-Rose M. Wadman, trustee, to Frank C. Lenihan, $650,000.

CASTLE CLIFF CT., 35-C.G. and Jeffrey H. Peterman to Frankie Annette Reed, $321,275.

GENTRY RIDGE CT., 3550-Raymond Y. Monju to Edna Tunyi, $245,000.

GRESHAM RD., 1318-Jose R. Ducos Bello to Colleen D. Brooks Thomas, $400,000.

SUNCROFT CT., 11-Emily S. Murray to Joseph S. Nusraty, $374,250.

THOMAS DR., 30-Martin J. and D.H. Gannon to Francesca and James T. Winch, $599,000.

Chevy Chase Area

ASPEN ST., 4110-Michael R. and K.R. Spak to Zsofia Arvai and Bruce J. Courtney, $967,300.

BROOKVILLE RD., 7509-Robert J. Yeldell to Catherine S. Paukert and L. Barrett Boss, $1.5 million.

CEDAR PKWY., 5815-Helga F. Colby, trustee, to Amy S. and Richard C. Zantzinger, $1.6 million.

CHESTNUT ST., 7213-Terence F. Unter to Kristen and Scott Franklin, $1.06 million.

CHEVY CHASE DR., 4845, No. 173-Daniel J. Allison to Naomi S. Greer, $510,000.

HESKETH ST., 122-Dorothy W. Penso, trustee, to Price B. Floyd and Elizabeth Waters, $1 million.

LYNN DR., 7508-Robert W. and S.W. Fix to Dianne M. and John K. Keppler, $1.04 million.

NAVARRE DR., 2811-Ethel L. Meyer, trustee, to Robert O. Eisinger, $450,000.

RIDGE MANOR DR., 26047-Christopher Hanson to Karen R. and Gregory S. Pearson, $290,000.

STANFORD ST., 4113-Chase Builders Corp. to Katherine M. and David R. Flaxman, $1.8 million.

WILLIAMS LANE, 3801-Donald J. and M.T. Coleman to Barbara E. Washington and William G. White, $1.2 million.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5600, No. 1-303-Marlyn S. Cohen, trustee, to Mohammed Bin Essa Al Khalifa, $1.7 million.

Clarksburg Area

FREDERICK RD., 22801-Robert C. Jr. and L.M. Dano to Sherron K. and David H. Blagg, $364,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

CRADOCK ST., 2009-G.A. and William F. Slattery to Patricia Neher, $380,000.

EDNOR RD., 1202-Denver W. and M.C. Braughler to Marceli and David L. Ruis, $250,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 14911-Lorisa J. Jetter to Grace and Jacob J.S. Moses, $675,000.

WINDRIDGE ACRES CT., 213-Francine M. and Thomas W. Chervek to Roelofkje V. and Karin I. Phillips, $482,000.

Garrett Park Area

MONTROSE AVE., 10914-Thomas E. and Mary C. Shioutakon to Margaret H. and Paul Irvin, $1.14 million.

Glen Echo Area

HARVARD AVE., 6101-Raymond J. Hodge to Alexandra Freeman and Douglas Pyle, $665,000.

Hillandale-New Hampshire

Estates Area

CARROLL AVE., 8742, No. E-1-E. and Oscar I. Gonzalez to Phoul Son, $235,000.

GATEWOOD AVE., 10718-C.M. and Ronald S. Senseman to Larry W. Busching, $865,000.

OAKVIEW DR., 1626-Kimber D. and K.A. Erno to Kathleen M. and Daniel P. Langan, $331,000.

SCHINDLER DR., 805-Bobby R. Chandler Jr. to Lori A. Arguelles, $461,000.

STATESIDE DR., 1404-George S. and G.S. Peet to Maria and Juan M. Padilla, $310,000.

Kensington Area

ASTORIA RD., 3608-Maurice W. III and A.J. Hart to Susan R. and Peter J. Burgess, $451,000.

BLUEFORD RD., 3222-Jaime and J. Acevedo to Joan D. and Joel Vernick, $459,900.

BROOKFIELD DR., 4403-M.H. and A.M. Latimer to Marsha and Richard Wolohan, $385,000.

BYRD RD., 4041-John T. Jr. and G.B. O'Connell to Barbara A. and John W. Phillips Jr., $360,000.

COLCHESTER DR., 4218-Troy D. and M.H. Purdue to Shirley F. and Julio C. Carvalho, $419,000.

COLCHESTER DR., 4402-John and Cynthia Kozorosky to Lisa Morelli, $420,000.

CORONADA PL., 11911-Patricia A. Zimmerman to Sheila Enright and Thomas T. Echols, $389,900.

CRESTWOOD RD., 10012-Catherine M. Clementson to Michelle R. and Kevin F. Moore, $506,500.

FERNDALE ST., 3023-David C. and S.W. Cromwell to Julie and Daniel Wendt, $345,000.

NEWPORT MILL RD., 11119-Russell A. Langdon to Carolyn G. and Patrick A. Hyde, $270,000.

PARKWOOD CT., 10233-Bridget M. and Martin S. Moore to Matthew E. Murton, $501,100.

SPRUELL CT., 3903-Gilbert R. Leventhal, trustee, to John M. and Michelle L. Fitz, $311,000.

SPRUELL DR., 4104-V. James Solfronk to Cristina N. Riley, $345,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3333, No. 1103-Jule Kaplan to Paula Reid, $175,000.

Montgomery Village Area

CAPE ANNE CT., 14-Samin N. and Kourosh Ahadpour to Kismet E. Talaat, $425,000.

CHADBURN PL., 9269-Jocelyn A. and H.N. Meng to Ann Ramey and Charlie Smith, $138,000.

CHADBURN PL., 9281-Ross Saxton III to Ruth Y. Martinez, $202,000.

DELCRIS DR., 8644-Stewart M. and Sauzanne S. Hurtt to Lee L. Wen and Alex B. Hurtt, $275,000.

DUFFER WAY, 9519-Margareta Bourbon to Thomas B. Dewitt, $319,900.

HERITAGE FARM DR., 7741-Ryan A. and Hilary P. Petitte to Jennifer L. and Jared B. Ross, $350,000.

HERITAGE FARM DR., 7809-Tu H. Nguyen to Catherine E. and Otis J. Matthews Sr., $479,888.

IVYBERRY CT., 6-Robert D. Barton to Julie L. and David L. Narum, $383,000.

JARRETT CT., 9320-Robert A. Liebman to Thomas A.E. Bennetts, $195,000.

MAPLE LEAF DR., 10011-Elizabeth W. Tate to Berta L. Lemus and Roy I. Contarero, $229,000.

TAMBAY CT., 9902-N.L. and John C. McMullen to Whitney Smith, $266,000.

TINDAL SPRINGS PL., 20107-Gregory Doyle to Debra L. Anglin and Andres R. Alonso, $364,500.

WAYRIDGE DR., 10600-John B. Yamikeh to Lidija and Branislav Djolevic, $340,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

ADDERLEY CT., 3186, No. 240-G-R.R. and Edward A. Caskey to Ae K. Hahn, $164,900.

ALDERTON RD., 14221-Frances S. and Cloud B. Pawtowski to Arif Furrani, $520,000.

BAILEYS LANE, 15225-Giancarlo G. Begazo to Yolanda Rodriguez, $380,000.

BASSETT LANE, 15413, No. 24-B-Roy P. Lindgren to Patricia A. and George C. Higgins, $371,500.

BEL PRE RD., 3770-Mark Arnold to Herani Dansamo, $124,000.

DAUPHINE ST., 13400-Michael L. Bynaker to Victor M. Lopez, $289,000.

DECKMAN LANE, 2328-Angelito B. and S.B. Ilagan to Mary Jane and Michael Aquino, $360,000.

GOODHILL RD., 12501-Opal Olare to Blanca and Jorge Mazariego, $300,000.

GOODLOE RD., 11514-L. and Lee Treybal to Ingrid Ventura, $265,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2210, No. 202-Lisa Kelly to Diba Rab and Irfan Murtuza, $185,500.

ILFORD RD., 3910-Carl C. and P.H. Meyer to Brunilda A. Lugo De Fabritz and Jason E. Frabritz, $293,000.

INGRAM TER., 1620-John S. Moran to Dyana Novitari Cornell and Steven E. Cornell, $365,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15100, No. 4-Mary E. Caldwell trust to Deanna F. and James B. Owens, $250,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15101, No. 1-607-the Eric F. Bombard, trustee, to Shirley G. Newman, $181,900.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15115, No. 3-1015-John A. Larson to Audrey E. Fenton, $229,000.

JANET RD., 3615-Mark D. Mathewson to Ana Hernandez, $330,000.

JUDSON RD., 12326-Washington Area Metro Transit Authority to Gianfranco Ore, $230,155.

KENWAY ST., 3703-Pamela D. Harden to David Lockett, $334,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 2921, No. 1-105-James L. Vitol to Andrea R. Brody, $112,000.

LEVERTON ST., 3722-Tammi Lynn Blanton to Shanagant Singsathorn, $325,000.

NORTH GATE DR., 13624-R.K. and Joseph A. Kumar to Miriam Frapiccini, $501,000.

PENNFIELD CIR., 14809, No. 104-Constance L. Moerman to Rita I. Sapienza, $325,000.

SELFRIDGE RD., 12311-Rodolfo B. Nolasco to Dennis R. Ripley, $192,000.

WENDY LANE, 3951-Chi L. Hoang to Preeva Ongpatanavutikul, $341,800.

WILCOX CT., 6-Selome A. Worku to Mokshdatt N. Dat, $258,000.

WIMBLEDON CIR., 2250-Mary Jane and Michael Aquino to Harold David Allick, $310,000.

Potomac Area

ANGUS PL., 11221-Bruce G. and K.G. Epperly to Andre Bogui and Louise Gariepy, $625,000.

BROAD GREEN DR., 11304-Charles B. and S.P. Rossler to Satra Mirmirani and Fariborz Joseph Rashti, $925,000.

CHILHAM PL., 2305-Clarence and J.F. Kaplan to Arnol and Marisol Quiroz, $515,000.

COLD SPRING RD., 8700-John Kossow to Stacey K. Perelman, $485,000.

COLDSTREAM DR., 12016-Robert F. and J.H. Cuccias to Luz E. and Paul A. Attorri, $633,000.

COLEBROOK AVE., 10053-Donald J. Lipman, trustee, to Na Jin and Jiaqin Yao, $670,000.

CRESTVIEW DR., 1723-I.J. and David M. Gordon to Clifford Smith, $615,000.

DALEBROOKE LANE, 10406-Jeffrey S. and M.E. Grinspoon to Samin N. and Kourosh Ahadpour, $606,000.

FALLSMEAD WAY, 1206-Richard B. and C.E. Zukowski to Heather L. and Gregory V. Haledjian, $642,700.

FOX HILLS TRAIL, 8703-Bettina Lotzkat to Christina and David Jun, $695,000.

GAINSBOROUGH RD., 11015-Lisa M. Harter to Kathleen S. and Josh R. Roberts, $647,500.

GLEN RD., 12607-Charles Park to Angela and Sanjay Sharma, $1.3 million.

GREENLANE DR., 11610-Irwin A. and L.J. Friedenberg to Honglin Tang and Shisheng Zhao, $558,100.

HALL RD., 10016-John D. and P.P. Sekercan to Holly and Andrew M. Lotwin, $969,000.

MISTWOOD DR., 9024-H.J. and Paul P. Yu to Sung Jae Yu, $750,000.

MORNING FIELD DR., 10601-Chang C. Wang to Rong Huang, $920,000.

ORCHARD WAY N., 24-Clare W. Pitcairn to Paul Zarezadegan, $610,000.

PEBBLE BROOK LANE, 10805-Peter T. and F.S. O'Brien to Elaine S. and Joel Nierenberg, $875,000.

POSTOAK RD., 8308-James and C. Gerrety to Dora G. and Thomas K. Chow, $661,500.

RICHVIEW CT., 10-P. and Mohammad Pakzad to Ramin Mazhari, $623,700.

RIVER RD., 10401-Melville J. Ulmer, trustee, to Kil Cha and Kyu Sok Yi, $1.3 million.

RIVER FALLS DR., 7500-Douglas A. and M.A. Dworkin to Ann F. Melchior and Arthur Gonzales, $1.21 million.

RIVERWOOD DR., 10805-Paul A. and V.A. Millonig to Karen and Steven Rindner, $1.4 million.

SANDALFOOT DR., 7907-Bruce L. Ames to Kenneth M. and Mary Ellen Mellett, $1.22 million.

SOTWEED DR., 9817-Mark B. and S.F. Polsky to Christine M. Yamamoto and Terrence C. Markin, $876,000.

TARA RD., 10813-Art Gonzales to James P. Chandler III, $1.35 million.

TWINING LANE, 11606-Michael F. and E.R. Glazer to Iris J. and David M. Gordon, $1.1 million.

Rockville Area

ACADEMY WAY, 12203, No. 178-Mary M. McBride to Sylvie Pittman, $180,000.

BEALL AVE., 518-Armin Moadab to Christine L. and Stephen T. Sears, $850,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12303, No. 394-Sara Totah to Ehud Ramot, $175,250.

BREWER HOUSE CIR., 5700, No. 101-11-M.T. and Thomas A. Trimboli to Sirish Agarwal, $400,000.

CALIFORNIA CIR., 6060, No. 505-Chenia Carmel to Ernest Arciello, $240,000.

COLLEGE PKWY., 814, No. 10-Matthew E. Murton to Hovayda Samandari and Sue Hosseini, $280,000.

DANVILLE DR., 11625-Michael C. Joseph Jr. to Maria A. Leochsenring, $770,000.

DIAMOND COVE TER., 15301, No. 8-O-Yervant E. Mouradian to John J. Wu, $251,000.

GLEN MILL RD., 13005-Robert J. and M.R. Miller to Adrianne H. and Stephen F. Gershberg, $737,500.

GROSVENOR PL., 10201, No. 609-Andrei A. and Shelley N. Kirilenko to Darya Rozenblat and Yuri Skrynnikov, $296,100.

HAMPTON MILL TER., 10821, No. 606-Joseph J. Cottone to Robert Scott Friedman, $257,500.

INMAN PARK CIR., 5822, No. 709-Noel J. Nudelman to Hairong He, $359,500.

IVY LEAGUE LANE, 743, No. 21-121-Y.W. and David Y. Koo to Lo Mui Mu, $351,900.

MAPLECREST LANE, 10822-Song K. and F.H. Jung to Shenlan Mao and Changhou Gao, $829,000.

MONROE ST., 110, No. 201-Catherine Klou Stone to Tony Malek, $240,000.

MOUNT PROSPECT DR., 13716-James W. and J.M. Cash to Poonam and Shubir Sofat, $1 million.

MOUNT VERNON PL., 404-Holly Hong Liu to Luz M. and Arturo Cea, $420,000.

NEILWOOD DR., 6021-R.L. and Jack R. Gould to Gil Cafri, $710,000.

NEW MARK ESPLANADE, 502-Todd Curley to Jerilyn Rogin, $451,000.

PARK RD., 410-Marta and Jose Mancia to Dawn and Eric Kling, $269,900.

REDLAND BLVD., 540-L.D. and Curtis M. Kitto to Joseph L. Kitto, $467,900.

RESERVE CHAMPION DR., 603-K.L. and Paul J. Vassallo to Gabrielle T.K. Dang, $595,000.

SHINING WILLOW DR., 10202-James E. and K.M. Savitz to April and Michael B. Altman, $1.06 million.

STONEWOOD LANE, 11600-Mark A. and L.B. Schilling to Binyamin and Yardena Zilberstein, $565,500.

WALL ST., 16-Frank C. Lenihan to Eleanor M. and David A. Lide, $475,000.

Silver Spring Area

BIG ROCK RD., 9918-Rebecca B. Amaral to Michelle Meier, $370,000.

CAPITOL VIEW AVE., 10219-Patrick Gilchrist to Courtney Obernforf, $400,900.

COLERIDGE DR., 2100-Rui Qing Xu to Jing Chen, $320,000.

COLESVILLE RD., 9415-Hwa J. Golden to Bongam B. Octavie, $475,000.

COLSTON DR., 2402, No. C-203-Gil G. Lejarde to Laura Flynn, $200,000.

ETON RD., 9133-Dennis W. Wallick to Kevin W. Young, $370,000.

FAIRVIEW CT., 1105-Samuel H. and M. Adams to Johanna J. and Helmut D. Neumann, $450,000.

FLEETWOOD TER., 124-Mary J. Braid to Sean P. Murphy, $393,000.

FOREST GLEN RD., 701-Martin A. and B.S. Blanco to Gloria M. and Paul Taney, $415,000.

GLENVILLE RD., 9208-Suzannah R. and Steven D. Hopkins to Leslie B. Cooper, $369,000.

LANIER DR., 8809-Mary C. and John M. Hannah to Susan Phillips, $385,000.

LEE ST., 3104-Lauren M. and J.A. Boegel to Sharon Lyons and Ryan Z. Watts, $495,000.

LINDEN LANE, 2111-John Zingaro to Robin S. and Jeremy R. Lake, $355,000.

MANCHESTER RD., 8601, No. 209-George W. Woolley to T. and Oswald J. Barham, $150,000.

MANCHESTER RD., 8601, No. 410-Jappie Lee to Arthur Dubin, $80,000.

MCALPINE RD., 9617-Arya Khoshkhou to Anwar Kamal, $405,000.

SIDNEY RD., 10017-John J. Gustafson to Heidi S. and Kenneth Moon, $409,000.

SPRINGWOOD DR. S., 1602-John D. Simmons to Bridgette L. and Matthew G. Kaiser, $372,000.

THISTLE DR., 209-Huda Durant to Raymond N. Siri, $375,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 415-M. and Alden Raines to Jose D. Beltran, $275,000.

VANCE PL., 9501-Harold and J.S. Levy to Angela M. and Carlos R. Romero, $400,000.

SECOND AVE., 8505-Edward D. Offutt to Michael Armstrong, $591,000.

Takoma Park Area

BAYFIELD ST., 706-Valarie P. Long to Rene Sandagorda, $295,000.

FLOWER AVE., 8221-Dragi Dejanovic to Richard M. Ludlow, $411,000.

HAMMOND AVE., 8113-S. and Johnson U. Ram to Ismael N. Ramirez, $340,000.

WILLOW AVE., 7217-Jerome Deitch trust to Charles H. Powers, $275,000.

Twinbrook Area

EDMONSTON DR., 628-Belinda K. Wong to Doda A. and Todd R. Johnson, $354,000.

GILBERT RD., 1110-P.S. and Joseph G. Gitter to Jose R. Lemus, $316,500.

LEWIS AVE., 1957-Frances C. Wood to Jaime L. and Aaron B. Hawkins, $290,000.

MAPLE AVE., 923-Roger D. and E.S. Lynch to Anong and Scott L. Roberson, $321,000.

THORNDEN RD., 1505-E.L. and Ralph A. Bredland to Jose E. Delao, $275,000.

TWINBROOK PKWY., 12906-Demba Sallah to Robert L. Clark Jr., $280,000.

Wheaton Area

BELGRADE RD. N., 909-Marleen F. and Michael F. Ingram to Michal Dorfman, $309,000.

BLUHILL RD., 12035-Betty N. Lynn to Golchehreh and Jacob Azhdam, $177,000.

CENTERHILL ST., 12007-Jose R. Rauda to Ana B. Samayoa and Edis E. Maravilla, $210,000.

DALEWOOD DR., 12009-John W. Manns to Gabriel and Rita A. Nzuwah, $200,000.

DENNIS AVE., 2421-Ngok Hong and Ida G. Lee to Nikki and Peter Dees, $375,000.

KENTON DR., 11403-Joseph E. Ries III to Christine Marie Hannah, $395,000.

LADD ST., 1731-Maria Bonilla to Johana Leal, $315,000.

LAMBERTON DR., 607-William L. Perry, trustee, to Alicia and Adrian Black, $549,000.

LANTERN CT., 3943-Norman K. Jr. and B.J. Adams to Mirtha and Omar Reyes, $360,000.

LE BARON TER., 11613-T.P. and William W. Saunders to Robert M. Webb, $215,000.

LUND PL., 11507-Jesse J. Rohloff to Anne K. and Matthew P. Lynch, $340,000.

MILLS CROSSING WAY, 10501-Karen K. Pergler to Marianne C. Lyons, $474,500.

WEISMAN RD., 2707-Cesareo Calix to Miguel A. Chavez, $280,000.

WESTCHESTER DR., 1910-D.K. Wright to S. Kosamia and S. Ghosh, $435,000.