Permits Requested

1. Roubin and Janeiro, 60 P St. SE. Construction of new asphalt mixing plant on lot located on proposed ballpark site. Cost: $1,156,850.

2. Burke School, 4101 Connecticut Ave. NW. Excavation and construction of addition to existing private middle school. Two permits: $1,290,000 and $7,380,000.

3. The Constitution, 1333-1335 Constitution Ave. NE. Construction of two new townhouses, two units per building. Two permits, each $1,650,000.

4. Children's National Medical Center, 111 Michigan Ave. NW. Renovation of physical therapy, hearing and speech and neurology clinics. Cost: $850,000.

5. The Fedora at Meridian Hill, 1437-1451 Belmont St. NW. Construction of new building including 99 condominiums, four townhouses and parking garage. Cost: $9,498,000.

6. Galen Heights, 1736-1750 Galen St. SE. Construction of four new duplexes, eight units. Eight permits: $100,000 each.

7. Capital Hilton, 1001 16th St. NW. Replacement of fire alarm system. Cost: $555,350.

8. The Wilson, 2412 17th St. NW. Construction of two-story addition to existing apartment building for new 20-unit condominium. Cost: $1,299,762.

9. Vacant lot, 2025 F St. NW. Construction of new10-story, 379-bed, 193-room dormitory for George Washington University with ground-floor retail. Cost: $15 million.

10. Embassy of Macedonia, 2129 Wyoming Ave. NW. Renovation of former French embassy and adjoining carriage house for Embassy of Macedonia on lower floors and ambassador's residence on top floor. Cost: $2.1 million.

11. Georgetown University, 111 G St. NW. Creation of office space in Williams Library for a legal journal published by law school students. Cost: $1.2 million.

Permits Issued

12. Apartment, 1323 Clifton St. NW. Conversion of 12-unit apartment into 20-unit apartment. Cost: $1,302,155.

13. Office, 2000 M St. NW. Renovation of eighth-floor office space for new tenant, BBC News. Cost: $1,671,632.

14. Howard University, 2400 Sixth St. NW. Installation of fire suppression system in existing Student Activity Center. Cost: $348,000.

15. Dumbarton Place, 1414 22nd St. NW. Removal and replacement of exterior facade on six-story office building formerly housing Congressional Quarterly offices for conversion to condominiums. Cost: $75,000.

16. Office, 1330 Connecticut Ave. NW. Upgrading and improvement of building leased primarily by Steptoe and Johnson. Cost: Unknown.

17. Dorchester House, 2480 16th St. NW. Electrical upgrading of existing apartment building. Cost: $400,000.

18. Office, 1150 18th St. NW. Renovation of fifth-floor office space for new tenant, the James Mintz Group. Cost: $30,000.

19. One NoMa Station, 131 M St. NE. Renovation to existing Internet data center building. Cost: $7.5 million.

20. Condominium, 1441 Spring Rd. NW. Mechanical work and replacement of furnaces, bath and kitchen equipment in 12-unit, tenant-owned building. Cost: Unknown.

21. Corcoran House, 1616 18th St. NW. Updating of fire alarm system in 36-unit apartment building. Cost: $182,700.

22. Apartment building, 1501 27th St. SE. Renovation of existing three-story-plus-basement complex, reducing density from 39 units to 36 units. Cost: $330,000.

23. Georgetown University Hospital, 3800 Reservoir Rd. NW. Interior alterations to accommodate replacement of equipment in radiology procedure area. Cost: $250,000.

24. Astro Cafe or Maximillian, 3315 Cadys Alley NW. Installation of pastry counter and bar at new restaurant. Name choice not yet finalized. Cost: $250,000.

25. Carroll Square, 975 F St. NW. Construction of 10-story office building with four levels of below-grade parking to incorporate facades of historic rowhouses and house offices, retail stores, an art gallery and subsidized artist studios. Cost: $20 million.

26. Four Seasons Hotel, 2800 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Interior renovation of existing guest rooms on second to sixth floors. Cost: $3,526,000.

27. Giant Food, 1345 Park Rd. NW. Interior construction of grocery store to be included in Tivoli Theater complex, to include a theater, retail stores, offices, condominiums and parking. Cost: $820,000.

28. Apartment, 1375 Kenyon St. NW. Construction of six-story apartment building with 16,000 square feet of retail and 2,500 square feet of offices on the ground floor. Cost: Unknown.

29. Back Doors Warehouse, 1701 Kalorama Rd. NW. Demolition of existing three-story warehouse to be replaced by new 65-unit apartment. Cost: $307,000.

-- Compiled by CARRIE DONOVAN