The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Adelphi Area

KNOLLBROOK DR., 6414-Darlene B. and John B. Robinson to Orlando Lemus, $210,000.

18TH AVE., 7401, No. 111-Jose Cohen to De Rivera Blanca D. le Ortez, $23,500.

18TH AVE., 7907-Alfred Jr. and Zainabou S. Johnson to Milton L.O. and Rubia M. Gonzalez, $150,500.

19TH PL., 8108-Anthony J. Manley to Jose V. Ventura and Efrain Hernandez, $243,000.

Beltsville Area

BELLEVUE ST., 13020-Willoughby H. Francis to Pedro V. Santillan, $298,000.

HARBOUR TOWN DR., 4303-Jeffrey Greenberg to Georgina A. and Eric D. Straw, $519,000.

HOLLY CT., 13106-George A. and Joan E. Murphy to Carolyn and Arthur Kennedy, $250,000.

ROMLON ST., 4505, No. 2-Marian L. and Mark D. Scott to Yvonne Douglas, $110,000.

Bladensburg Area

NEWTON ST., 5217, No. 104-Chima Wogu to Ngozi Obioha, $57,000.

56TH AVE., 4208-Jerome A. and Monique B. Ware to Cindy A. Barrera and Luis M. Nunez, $142,000.

Bowie Area

BIRDSEYE LANE, 2717-Alvin J. and Marjorie H. Cooper to Jane E. and Andrew J. McDougal, $224,900.

DAY LILY TER., 10408-Terry P. Hamilton to Tracey E. Haynes, $275,500.

DEEPWOOD CT., 4610-Oderie G. Ehi to Melvin C. Eley III, $189,999.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15769-Debra C. Lewis to Dana Lindsay, $124,900.

ELLIPSE TER., 16403, No. 106-Thomas E. Addison II to Moronke A. Adepoju, $180,000.

LONDON LANE, 14526-Shirley V. Sneed to Virginia D. and Jamel M. Harris Sr., $197,300.

MEADOWLAKE TER., 10512-Janet E. Summers to Rose O. Contee, $357,100.

NUTWOOD LANE, 3045-Evangelos D. Giakoumakis to Daryl Duncan, $235,000.

OLD CHAPEL TER., 6400-Elizabeth F. Onipede to Olufemi J. Odukoya, $260,000.

OVERBROOK LANE, 13425-Kevin N. Mowles to Christopher Mu and Alissa Cunningham, $230,000.

QUARTERHORSE DR., 12510-Ross and Pamela D. Dunbar to Mae M. and Howard K. Okumura, $388,000.

QUICKSILVER CT., 7626-Valerie T. Low to Alfred M. Wesson Jr., $379,978.

RUSTIC HILL DR., 12103-Erik K. Rubach to G.J. and Charles J. Wade, $239,000.

SEVENTH ST., 12916-Samuel L. Pitts to Ziny N. and Neil C. Nagaria, $77,500.

Brandywine Area

DANVILLE RD., 4400-Gwendolyn and Tracy Graves to Carrie Hill, $203,000.

Brentwood Area

38TH AVE., 4407-Sandra M. Mungal to Carlos Portillo Carranza, $178,000.

39TH PL., 3412-Charles N. and Angelica Darnell to Elvia Baraho and Pedro A. Quintanilla, $139,385.

40TH AVE., 3411-Georgia L. Daniels to Charisse M. Williams, $110,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ABEL AVE., 507-Annie L. Mathis to Wanda and Jacqueline Whiting, $134,500.

BIRCHLEAF AVE., 416-Janice S. and Joseph L. Queen to Najah Abdullah, $130,000.

BIRCHLEAF AVE., 609-Cornelia M. and Thomas E. Wedge to Sally M. Anderson, $27,500.

DENT ST., 3805-Hellen Huggins and James M. Fludd to Ibiju B. Asante, $139,550.

SEAT PLEASANT DR., 6311-Clifford and Wilford Sterling to John F. Doherty, $35,000.

SHADY GLEN TER., 7400-Monica P. Norris to Ife N. Spradley, $125,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

BUCKTHORN CT., 2940-Kargsia McDuffie to Shirrita Campbell, $132,000.

CRANE PL., 7413-Della M. and Lee A. Parker to Richardine Wood, $111,900.

DUTCH VILLAGE DR., 1822, No. Q-316-Janie Garvin to Patrick Cooper, $45,700.

FIRE HOUSE RD., 2313-Horace T. Douglas to Gary Barnes, $70,000.

LA DOVA WAY, 3406-Gwen D. and Cecile V. Mickerson to Annette and Eric Payne, $242,400.

NALLEY RD., 883-Veronica Hughes to Kimberly Johnson, $158,500.

SHERIFF RD., 8030-Gretha L.M. Jenkins to Victor Richard, $121,000.

SUITER WAY, 7888-Griselda R. Smith to Michelle A. Hall, $162,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 2311-Abdul S. Cole to Mariam Z. Noah, $85,000.

Clinton Area

ANNA DR., 9107-Catherine S. and James A. Childress to Janice M. Ball, $173,900.

BONIWOOD TURN W., 5288-Rosslyn Y. Boutte to Jevon K. Wilson, $207,000.

GLENELG CT., 7215-Kevin L. and Marietta E. Borders to Yebe Bah and Lamine Diallo, $272,500.

QUIET BROOK LANE, 9847-Helen E. and Alfred M. Powell to Cynthia P. Drayton, $200,000.

SALIMA ST., 4907-Dorthelia T. Qu and Mason McNeil to Vanessa Lee, $195,000.

SUSAN LANE, 9010-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Nancy and Kaushik Vyas, $165,000.

College Park Area

EDMONSTON RD., 7306-Georgia and Joseph R. Irwin to Gianna R. and Brian K. Schwatka, $402,400.

FOX ST., 4911-Rose P. Bryant, trustee, to John M. and Janet M. Carter, $120,000.

LIMESTONE PL., 9249-Phyllis E. Toner to Susan Morales, $320,000.

ST. ANDREWS PL., 9302-Manoj and Bini L. George Franklin to Jian Bao and Wei Chen, $315,000.

52ND AVE., 9606-Dennis K. Watts to Miheala Drasovean, $140,000.

56TH AVE., 8908-Kenneth C.W. and Sonia M. Kammeyer to Ellen J. and Brian M. Reily, $251,000.

District Heights Area

ALBERTA DR., 1313-Malita M. and Anthony D. McGee to Michael E. Cooper, $148,000.

BOONES LANE, 2804-Phillip H. Davis to Darcella L. and Annie White, $103,000.

DONNELL PL., 7141, No. B7-Lance Hagood to Charles Washington, $80,000.

RITCHIE RD., 1532-Lisa M. and Evelyn L. Milhouse to Harry Hallameyer, $180,000.

ROCK QUARRY TER., 5650-Janna P. McCargo to Diandra T. Clayton, $170,000.

SWEETWATER CT., 2738-Teresa M. Smith to Derick E. Bullock, $159,000.

WALTERS LANE, 3712-Therese C. Boyd to Maxine B. and Houston G. Chandler, $168,900.

Fort Washington Area

ILMINSTER AVE., 7407-Rosebud B. Leonhard to Nycal Anthony, $115,000.

LAMPTON LANE, 12704-Ernestine J. and Reginald Russell to Rayford N. Royal Jr., $259,900.

MURRAY HILL DR., 8139-Harrison Liddell to Delcidia and Edwin Garcia, $220,000.

PIERMONT DR., 2213-Lorenzo M. and Betty T. Wooten to Theresa and James Ware, $212,000.

PINE RD., 600-Walter B. Smith to Eleanor Fuller, $261,000.

SHELFAR PL., 517-Ralph M. Jackson to Letecia Y. and Michael D. Penn, $250,000.

STAG WAY, 905-Shirley D. McQueen to Kathleen and Richard Cureton, $254,000.

TRAFALGAR DR., 2108-Jenny L. Sadler to Desiree E. and Patrick J. Lewis, $249,942.

Greenbelt Area

GREENBELT RD., 8449-George J. Thoundayil to Jacie and Pious C. Thattassery, $95,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 6996, No. 402-Michael T. and Kimberley Y. Banta to Hamid and Majid Shahraki, $80,000.

JACOBS DR., 7826-Peggy A. Roache to Michael Wach, $189,500.

LAKE PARK DR., 6602, No. 105-Nelson L. Payne to Valerie A. McPhatter, $181,000.

MANDAN RD., 8017, No. 102-Rita E. Howard to Ewuraa A. Darley, $97,500.

Hyattsville Area

BURLINGTON RD., 4510-Frank E. Hall Jr. to Gideon T. Harris, $168,000.

ELBERTON CT., 5617-Juan N. Espino and Juana Penarrieta to Carlos Villacorta, $181,200.

MADISON ST., 3931-Helen L. and Venancio Q. Liberato, trustees, to Robert B. MacGregor, $160,000.

54TH PL., 5018-Dale T. Jenkins to Elda F. Portillo, $148,000.

Lanham Area

CIPRIANO WOODS CT., 6928-Elena C. and Luis Villalon III to June McKnight, $177,000.

KINMOUNT RD., 4221-Samuel B. Cole to Elizabeth Adeniranye, $244,999.

MAIN ST., 6119-Tolulope A. Faluro to Hat T. To and Phuoc N. Tran, $215,000.

NORDIC DR., 9518-Chong A. Park to Yong H. Cho, $295,000.

PRINCESS GARDEN PKWY., 6135-Charles R. Bailey to Lisa and David Luria, $210,000.

SEASONS WAY, 8683-Mark P. and Lisa A. Breitenbach to Michael K. and Margaret N. Bailey, $122,000.

Largo Area

BERRYWOOD LANE, 2614-Marcelus Newt and Alycia Marshall to Colette N. Katz, $240,000.

DORCHESTER RD., 2405-Thomas J. and Jeri L. Rocks to Andrea M. and Charles B. Kirkland Jr., $339,900.

DUNLORING CT., 951-Sheldon W. Brown to Dennis C. Spain Jr., $200,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY CT., 7659-Steven N. Warthan to Michael L. Sandnes, $157,000.

BOUNDS AVE., 15407-Hussain L. and Rosario C. Khan to Jeanne A. and Victor A. Kennedy, $264,500.

MAYFAIR DR., 14412-Toby L. Dixon to Cherise Thomas and Raquel Joseph, $195,000.

MILLBROOK LANE, 15729-James J. Fischetti Jr. to Dorothy E. Currie, $155,000.

PRINCE GEORGE ST., 335-Treadwell Jr. and Judith A. Davison to Frank W. Turk, $200,000.

SCOTCH DR., 7001-Alix G. Le Bonilla to Syed J. Amir, $140,000.

VISTAS DR., 14073, No. 130A-George J. Gaudette III to Eric M. Bowers, $125,000.

EIGHTH ST., 513-Shirley W. Darden to Alma A. Ramirez, $175,000.

Montpelier Area

IMPERIAL DR., 8148, No. V-Timothy W. Carr to Minica C. Sharpe and Daniel Roberson, $166,000.

NORTH POINT LANE, 12705-Stephen M. and Lorraine Schoenfeld to Gnanamany and Francis Anthony, $270,000.

Mount Rainier Area

TAYLOR ST., 3206-Paul R. and Lois J. McConnell to Olga Hernandez and Wilson Cerrato, $175,000.

29TH ST., 4217-Stephen Shaff to Edward Porter, $220,000.

33RD ST., 4108-Deborah K. Burrell to Colin Gray, $125,000.

35TH ST., 3716-Yolanda and Joeroyal Evans to Felix and Santos V. Amaya, $180,000.

New Carrollton Area

ELDRIDGE ST., 6726-Maxine Richmond to Juan Funes, $175,000.

FONTAINEBLEAU DR., 7611, No. 2219-Esmail Shirazi to Gail S. James, $51,000.

GLENRIDGE DR., 7218-Robin L. Thomas to James R. Heslep, $105,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5546, No. 1411-William Halweg to Marcelina and Mario Gonzalez, $54,500.

87TH AVE., 6219-William Bolden to Candelaria and Orlando Sandoval, $240,000.

89TH AVE., 5816-Andrew and Traci Samelson to Francisco Molina, $200,000.

89TH PL., 5924-Diana D. Wiggins to Guillermo E. Diaz, $200,000.

Oxon Hill Area

LEYTE DR., 6911-Household Finance Corp. to Marcelo M. Solizbaptiste, $124,000.

MOHICAN DR., 121-Edna F. Turnage to Frederick Hamlette, $151,000.

NEPTUNE AVE., 706-Robert L. Singletary to Rosemarie and Anthony Singletary, $95,000.

Riverdale Area

LONGFELLOW ST., 4819-John J. Boyd to Martha Ferede and Berhanu Regassa, $134,000.

NICHOLSON ST., 5807-Clara B. and Dwayne Carver to Kalonji M. Jahi and Delacie Gardiner, $133,000.

TUCKERMAN ST., 4602-William L. Hoover to Francisco A. Gutierrez, $240,000.

54TH AVE., 6117-Tiffany Keys to Teresita Moreno and Elpidio Munoz, $155,000.

Suitland Area

JOHN ST., 4308-Erika M. and Awadhesh K. Sinha to Tonya L. Butler, $180,000.

MARIANNE DR., 6904-Larhonda D. Johnson to Leonidas and Valentin Chavez, $155,000.

NAVY DAY DR., 3426-Jose and Juanita Garcia to Jose A. and Joel O. Aleman, $134,950.

NORFOLK CT., 4823-Nabil E. Bedewi to Maria Wade, $159,900.

Temple Hills Area

ABBOTT DR., 4812-Ellen M. and William T. Wallace to Walter Paz, $175,000.

BEECHWOOD DR., 6531-B. Renee Stevens to Mildred and James Goodwin, $127,000.

ELIOT PL., 2515-Myrtle F. and Thomas W. Southall to Barbara Wyder, $185,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3352, No. A-2-Mary E. Lewis to Curtiss Toliaferro, $89,000.

KINGSTON DR., 6912-Edward A. and Barbara A. Windsor to Brooke and Harold Blackwell II, $185,000.

LUCERNE RD., 4308-Wesley E. and Garnette K. Turner to Minnie B. and Charles N. Jones, $240,000.

MIDDLETON LANE, 5611-Almon L. Wheeler III to Lachonta L. Twyman, $165,000.

ST. BARNABAS RD., 4833-Vincent D. and Anne C. Palumbo to Meimanat B. and Mohammad Yousefi, $185,000.

19TH AVE., 4211-Bernice S. and Leon Hawkins to Constance Y. Ferguson, $175,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

FOREST HILL DR., 6801-Dorothy B. and Benjamin T. Brown to Lynn Hutcheson, $265,000.

GALLATIN ST., 3707-Valerie T. Williams to David C. Elliott and Mary K. Neal, $160,000.

MANORWOOD DR., 3539-Bernetta J. Stevenson to Hesham A. Eldardiry, $162,000.

NICHOLSON ST., 3601-Carol F. and Jim Smith Jr. to Catherine Ford, $170,000.

39TH PL., 6004-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Frances O. Barrett, $162,700.

40TH AVE., 6803-Elizabeth A. Nash to Patsy L. Jones, $270,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

AMBERFIELD CT., 13809-Rhonda Counte to Olabisi and Taofik Ogunbadejo, $178,000.

ASHFORD PL., 4811-Perla Y. Anzures to Sharon P. and John A. Alexander, $349,997.

BISHOPMILL DR., 3907-Estelle Harper to Constance S. and Joseph C. Hundley, $180,000.

BRANCH DR. W., 11506-Cynthia E.W. and Gregory A. Jr. Booker to Rosita P. Johnson, $206,000.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10089, No. 80-Alfred E. Ekuban to Chinasaokwu Onyeukwu, $159,900.

CAMPUS WAY S., 9943-Jacquelyn A.E. and Nelson C. Ross Jr. to Jaquleline Chisolm, $163,750.

CANDY HILL RD., 15500-Kevin and Mary West to Rosemary H. and Thomas F. Sheppard, $509,500.

HARTLAND RD., 12101-Shirley R. and Rodney L. Faller to Jose E. Ventura, $247,500.

JOYCETON DR., 10545-Pamela C. Early to Karis D. Townsend, $157,000.

KING JOHN WAY, 4733-Raymond W. Bush Jr. to Winifred E. Davis, $180,000.

KING JOHN WAY, 4813, No. 221-Felicia L. Marshall to Chandelle R. Ivy, $142,000.

LORD DUNBORE PL., 13412-Keceya M. Campbell to Lakeysha D. Mitchell, $94,900.

MAPLE SHADE LANE, 5207-Gladys V. and Stanley R. Brooks to Daniel A. Ehrlich, $175,000.

MARLBOROUGH TER., 5002-Victoria A. Tucker to Rachel A. and Jacob E. Lewis, $140,000.

TOWN CENTER WAY, 12603-Sean and Lashaun Curry to Michael and Gina White, $218,000.

TOWN CENTER WAY, 12743-Heidi and Anthony J. Gimmellie to Pamela Smith, $226,000.

TWIN KNOLL WAY, 10300-Reginald D. and Karen H. Dancy to Debra L. and Lamont F. Woodberry, $405,000.

Woodmore-Lake Arbor Area

APPLE BLOSSOM CT., 1704-Alfred M. Wesson Jr. to Chanet Stewart, $254,950.

EVENING STAR PL., 602-Theodore III and Terren J. Grimble to Marie C. Dambreville, $220,000.

PEARTREE DR., 15108-Ronny D. and Patsy D. Sharp to Bibi and Alicia Majeed, $295,500.

PEBBLE BEACH DR., 1607-Ronald H. and Zaiafanice J. Lipscomb to Shirley Rowe and Hermin Rowe, $360,000.

POST OAK DR., 1509, No. 39-Katrina D. McCullar to Carol F. Barbour, $220,000.

SPANISH OAK WAY, 9902-Wanona Sellma and Stewart Vickerie to Kathy R. James, $200,000.