There were times this season when Largo Coach Ray Crawford grew frustrated with senior QB Jomah Watson's propensity to call his own number on the field. Watson often was referred to as Willie Beamen, the selfish quarterback in the movie "Any Given Sunday."

"I didn't have to deal with this stuff when I was just a defensive coordinator," said Crawford, in his first season as a head coach.

But trailing Northwestern by three points in overtime Friday, Watson came to the sideline before a second-down play from the 7, and Crawford and his assistants encouraged Watson to keep the ball if Northwestern's linebackers and safeties continued to creep toward the line of scrimmage looking for RB Charlie Rivers to get the handoff.

"All week we had done our blitz packages and schemes," Crawford said, expecting that Northwestern would want to thwart Rivers, the county's leading rusher. "The first [play of overtime] Charlie got three yards. When [Jomah] came over to the sidelines [to get the call for the next play], we said if they do the same thing, go ahead and take it."

In the huddle, Watson called a play that was supposed to be a run for Rivers. But with Northwestern's defenders preparing for just that -- Rivers already had carried 27 times -- Watson faked the handoff, curled to his right and went into the end zone for the winning touchdown in a 20-17 victory that might put Largo in the playoffs.