News of interest to Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties that appeared in the daily Post, Oct. 31 to Nov. 6

Wednesday | 3

Crops Take Off

Glen Russell and his brothers farm corn, soybeans and milo on fields within sight of the runways at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in St. Mary's County. For the Navy, farming on the aviation base makes sense: The fields provide clear sight lines; the crops are safer than woods or dry brush in case of crash landings; and the farmers help keep deer and birds away from the airplanes.

Thursday | 4

Land Deal Now Unlikely

Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) said he does not expect state leaders to proceed with plans to sell 836 acres of St. Mary's County woods to a politically connected Baltimore businessman, who planned to donate part of it to the county for school sites and to give the state an easement that would have prevented development on the land. The gift of the development easement would have provided a tax benefit to the private buyer worth as much as $6 million. The proposed deal had drawn fire from state legislative leaders.

Glen Russell and his brothers raise corn and soybeans around the runways of Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Lexington Park.