The following home sales were recently recorded in Alexandria and supplied to The Washington Post by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Alexandria and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ABINGDON DR. W., 1626, No. 302-Ellen D. and Jonathan M. Moore to Shannon and Jonathan V. Last, $289,000.

ABINGDON DR. W., 1718, No. 102-Matthew P. Malvaso to Carla A. Fornelos, $213,800.

ABINGDON DR. W., 1718, No. 301-Marcus R. Miner to Laurie B. Rose, $217,000.

ALEXANDRIA AVE. W., 104-Ellen J. Dorn to Sharon L. and David L. Kluger, $750,000.

ALEXANDRIA AVE. W., 408-Thomas A. Anzalone to Madeline M. and Christopher J. Chulumovich, $648,000.

ALFRED ST. S., 324-Lorraine F. Lechner, trustee, to Megan E. and Warren Matthew J. Thomas, $467,000.

ANCELL ST., 44-George R. and Robert L. Bourdelais to Shawn P. and Kellieanne L. Redfern, $190,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 401-Merlin C. Corrales to Teresita G. and Luis M. Laura, $173,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 440, No. 104-Soo J. Kim to Christina L. Evans, $180,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 491, No. 203-Elisabeth Frempong to Francis K. Basoah, $178,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 509, No. 101-Ana C. Duarte to Tabatha L. Dunlap, $168,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 521, No. 101-Ana M. Serpas to Jacqueline M. Cuellar, $178,000.

ASHBY ST., 321-Archie E. Williams Jr. to Kevin and Carol Boyle, $436,000.

ASHBY ST., 325-Sandra R. Bonomi to D. Lynne Gallitz, $349,900.

AUBURN CT., 13-Ethel M. Beun to Vanessa L. Burnette, $177,000.

BARBOUR DR., 5009-Laura J. Quirk to Caridad Berdut, $649,900.

BEAUREGARD ST. N., 301, No. 1519-Ngoua and Dale Rieck to Laura D. Brooks, $168,000.

BRADDOCK PL. W., 1727-Daniel P. McGlynn to Christy Lee Walsh, $379,000.

BRADDOCK RD. W., 1212-Trinette L. and Gregory R. Stillman to Kimberly Bacon and Gordon McCullough Speed, $495,000.

BRENMAN PARK DR., 4951, No. 302-Carolyn W. Raden to Susan Marshall, $389,000.

CANTERBURY SQ., 20-Ruth Powell to Julia Bellafiore, $159,000.

CARLISLE DR., 507-Mark E. and Kristin Abrials to Lee W. and Kevin H. Posey, $499,900.

CHAMBLISS ST. N., 1210-Beth T. Lazen to Shane E. and Heather M. Doucet, $460,100.

CHAMBLISS ST. N., 1438-Virginia M. and Dennis M. Chandler to Martha B. Naley, $442,700.

CHAPMAN ST. E., 9-Sarah Posner and Douglas V. Wolfe to Thanet and Linda F. Williams, $686,830.

COLONIAL AVE., 1019-Emma and James D. Cech to Carolyn M. Leddy and Jofi J. Joseph, $392,000.

DALE ST., 133-Walter Menacho to Catherine Lynn Corp., $282,000.

DAVIS AVE., 2811-Lorraine J. and Robert A. Douglas to Lorraine and Dennis C. Newton, $550,000.

DEWITT AVE., 1322-Jennifer Allen and Brendan M. O'Dowd to Jeffrey S. and Alyson D. Miser, $491,100.

DEWITT AVE., 2701-Bonnie P. Hogue to Karen L. and Benjamin X. Hidalgo, $423,350.

DEL RAY AVE. E., 216-Dana P. and Richard Hutson to Mary and J.C. McElveen, $632,000.

DONOVAN DR., 5083-Warren L. Bauer and Edward R. Carroll to Samuel M. and Constance S. Shepherd, $475,000.

DONOVAN DR., 5100, No. 101-Shirl L. Hitchcock to Jeannine Beer, $360,000.

DONOVAN DR., 5103-Theresa Kim and Joseph F. Romano to Margaret C. Donovan, $472,500.

DONOVAN DR., 5112, No. 406-Maria A.R. and Gabriel A. Perez to L.J. Jones, $411,000.

DONOVAN DR., 5116, No. 402-Shirley A. Young to Michael R. Farabaugh, $439,000.

DUKE ST., 4324-Frank C. Steinke, trustee, to Nathan Carter, $210,000.

DUKE ST., 4600, No. 1328-Daisy Anne Sison to Michael Chauca, $171,000.

EDSALL RD., 5911, No. 206-Anthony Tyrone Bailey to Shoaseged Zenebe, $178,590.

EDSALL RD., 6147-Patricia J. Wunsch to Nisha Patel, $210,501.

EDSALL RD., 6149-Michael F. Funkhouser to Mary B. Marshall, $200,000.

EDSALL RD., 6280-June P. Trammell to Nancy Lee Greenberg, $150,000.

ELBERT AVE., 3806-Sharon L. and David L. Kluger to Olga M. and Christopher M. Collins, $555,000.

ELLICOTT ST., 4018-Carol J. and Gary R. Slate to Dennis and Lynn Carroll, $730,000.

ELLSWORTH ST., 201-Meaghan A. and Jamberdino Anthony J. Curry to Brooksany Barrowes, $513,000.

FAIRFAX ST. N., 218-Rhea Lindstrom Engel and Ronald E. Engel to Nancy E.C. and Gregory V. Woodford, $800,000.

FAYETTE ST. S., 314-Cecilia V. and Kenneth T. Firling to Thomas E. and Diane S. Devendorf, $830,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 4-Paul David Service to Barbara Sutton, $918,200.

GIBBON ST., 813-Barbara B. Brennan to Anthony and Tina R. Cook, $454,000.

GLEBE RD. E., 113-Joan and Eric Peterson Jr. to Melissa J. Delima, $243,300.

GRIMM DR., 5032-Robin L. Austin to Patricia A. Long, $562,000.

GRIMM DR., 5110-Frank and Ruyle C. Allen Marwood Jr. to John and Colette Shotten, $581,000.

HANCOCK AVE., 1600-Thomas E. and Karen A. Jones to Patricia Lynn P. Nicholas, $924,900.

HENRY ST. S., 508-Vernon Calvin Porterfield to Zuleika F. and Rusty Todd Wallace, $415,000.

HICKORY ST., 2714-Mathew P. Appelget to Timothy J. and Karen A. Graf, $512,500.

HICKORY ST., 2914-Marie Duesing and Christopher J. Lang to David Mori, $350,000.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5340, No. 115-Sandra M. and Samuel L. Gillian to Marrero Sonya and Christian Gandara Klopfer, $201,000.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5500, No. 406-Nellie B. and Harvey R. Edwards to Willis and Gonzalez Angel Collie, $325,000.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5500, No. 420-Tasha L. Cooper to Leah Amber Lucas, $187,000.

HUNTING CREEK DR., 1608-Ruth C. Kistler to Francis Hoang, $445,000.

HUNTON PL., 2521-Nancy F. Sheard and Nathaniel G. Clark to Thomas J. and Laura A. Howard, $585,000.

KEITHS LANE, 18-Barbara Sutton to Thomas J. Yadah, $669,000.

KEMP CT., 4636-Margaret Riley to Stephen M. Moss, $530,000.

KING ST., 2423-James A. Miller and James F. Barr Jr. to Harry A. and Manstof Alan Braswell, $1.082 million.

KING ST., 3810-George and Melissa Horton to Robert W. Burkhart, $372,426.

KINGSGATE CT., 1736-Deborah S. Barretto to Sung H. Kim, $375,000.

KNIGHT PL., 4638-Lauree and Richard Kim to James J. Bindseil, $570,000.

LEE ST. S., 109-Craig Pattee to Philip George Matyas, $945,000.

LINDEN ST. E., 106-Meeghan A. and Joel Antolini to Laura Kristine Donovan, $585,000.

LONGSTREET LANE, 4691, No. 202-Cathy A. Perniciaro and Scott L. Karp to Tania P. Pereyra, $340,000.

MADISON ST., 400, No. 1103-Mary J. Calais to Christina M. Graham, $456,000.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 3233-Rebecca L. Hunter to Julie Ann Kuhns, $260,000.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 3282-Emily A. Baker to Jayme E. Cartwright, $246,000.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 3312-Amy Morgan and Thomas J. Vandenburg to Elizabeth K. Spencer, $239,999.

MARTIN LANE, 144-Daniel E. and Dana A. Kenny to Gary E. McAllister, $550,000.

MONROE AVE. E., 228-Mark Middendorf to Cristina Coleto, $474,900.

MORGAN CT., 6034-Tamar and Christopher M. Taddei to Rieko and Hamid Mitchell, $381,500.

MOUNT VERNON AVE., 3302-Coral Knehans Goetz to Philip A. and Jennifer J. Curwen, $375,000.

OSAGE ST., 1714, No. 301-Norman B. Reich to Sandy L. Romero, $359,900.

OSAGE ST., 1714, No. 302-Meghan E. McLane to Barbara N. Trager, $348,500.

PATRICK ST. N., 704-Stephen C. and Lisa A. Bullock to Nathan Carter, $365,000.

PAYNE ST. S., 211-Susan H. and Morton M. Rumberg, trustees, to Lynn K. and John K. Rogerson, $675,000.

PICKETT ST. N., 200, No. 908-Genevieve H. and Keith A. Mendenhall to Christine L. James Brown, $335,000.

PICKETT ST. S., 265, No. 101-Jennifer E. Bragg to Christina Charchar, $215,000.

PITT ST. N., 801, No. 412-Edward Collum to Helen J. Burroughs, $165,000.

QUAKER HILL DR., 1100-Lauren B. Lyles to Madalyn C. Pollitt, $225,000.

QUAKER HILL DR., 1220-Susan Jean Weaver to Theresa C. Whitfield, $485,000.

QUAKER LANE N., 1925-Susan L. Stanton and Debra F. Edwards to Kathryn L. Smith, $295,000.

QUANTRELL AVE., 5831-Safia and Abdul Ahmad Mahmood to Teclu Asmeret and Tsegay Gojela, $170,000.

QUANTRELL AVE., 5935, No. 201-John Alan Williams to Francisca and Alexander Yaw Dofour, $133,000.

REED AVE. E., 14-Darnella Gregg and James Michael Shelby to J. Daniel and Alison Lockard, $165,000.

REYNOLDS ST. S., 244, No. 312-James Michael Critz to Jessica M. Homze, $264,900.

ROYAL ST. S., 800-Anne R. and Randolph C. Harrell to Alan E. Rosenblatt and Barbara Milano Keenan, $1.45 million.

RUSSELL RD., 3004-Mary A. and Andrew M. Egeland to Solari Alfredo and Maria Julia Roverano, $495,000.

SKYHILL RD., 204, No. 4-Julie Frederickson to Jennifer C. and Francis Burnszynski, $269,900.

SPRING ST. E., 205-Steven J. and Martin Aurene Clark to Robert M. and Frances J. Nelson, $393,200.

ST. ASAPH ST. N., 324-Donna S. Whisenant to Ellen M. Mosher, $375,000.

ST. ASAPH ST. N., 418-Clara F. Migdalski to Jo Ann M. Shyloski, $340,207.

STANTON PL., 407-Lee Richard and Yu Wen Cheng to Adam Mungo, $490,000.

STEVENSON AVE., 6300, No. 106-Beverly A. McNare to Jessica Lyn Allen, $183,600.

STEVENSON AVE., 6300, No. 202-Charlotte Ann Reed to Kelly L. Montgomery, $208,000.

STEVENSON AVE., 6300, No. 403-Frederick V. Ewing to Peggy M. and Paul C. Jackson, $195,000.

STEVENSON AVE., 6300, No. 505-Tracy R. Rookard to Whitney Schechter, $186,800.

STEVENSON AVE., 6301, No. 504-Ronald F. Grandis to J. Michael Sullivan, $195,000.

TAYLOR RUN PKWY. W., 484-Matthew R. and Kathleen C. Pitzer to Stephen J. and Deborah S. Brophy, $720,000.

TOBACCO QUAY, 503-Manuel V. Fernandez to Renee D. Bondaroff, $507,000.

TOBACCO QUAY, 522-Robert and Marty L. McFadden to Kamran Masud, $511,000.

UNDERWOOD PL., 24-Michael L. Kaplan to Jennifer L. and Gregory Sefcheck, $274,900.

VAIL ST. N., 1008-Rebecca M. and Steven G. Cade to Michael and Lauren Laclare, $415,000.

VAN DORN ST. N., 2500, No. 1013-S. Scott Barr to Kerry T. Lyon and Nancy Hadley, $115,000.

WASHINGTON ST. S., 1250, No. 807-Robin Phillips Knop and J. Richard Knop to Florine L. Mullins, $1.35 million.

WELLINGTON RD., 3202-Michelle T. and Myles W. Baker to Carol A. Kurtz, $328,150.

WOODLAND TRAIL, 507-Shay S. and Bruce E. Mason to Michael J. and Margaret P. Ruehling, $795,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 309, No. 1712-Catherine A. and Andrew W. Breen to Chris Marie Jones, $235,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 309, No. 912-Mary Jones to Redouane Salhami, $259,000.

28TH ST. S., 3232-Huyen and Tran Viet T. Phan to Cynthia R. Gismegian, $150,000.


The following home sales were recorded in Arlington and supplied to The Washington Post by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Arlington and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ABINGDON ST. S., 20-Heather and Major W. Larowe to Rafael F. Aguilera, $467,500.

ALBEMARLE ST. N., 3808-Julie A. and John H. Linehan to Frances H. and James P. Londergan, $1.208 million.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 2605, No. 47-Christopher A. Maryfield to Wesley L. Epton, $233,500.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 4501, No. 722-Athena Koulizakis to Margaret Cavanaugh, $291,000.

ARLINGTON RIDGE RD. S., 1300, No. 412-Birol Yilmaz to Rachel A. Berry, $210,000.

BARTON ST. S., 1030, No. 283-Elizabeth Culp Neikirk and John S. Neikirk to Edward J. Gaus III, $309,000.

BARTON ST. S., 1401, No. 242-Janet Marie Thuesen to Kathy E. Pryce and Andrew J. Witherell, $345,000.

BARTON ST. S., 1500, No. 593-Douglas Reese and Jose Carrasquillo to Frank P. Rizzo, $350,000.

CLARENDON BLVD., 2400, No. 214-Robert J. Pegoraro to Charlotte Altmeyer and Nicholas G. Nicholson, $460,000.

CLARENDON BLVD., 2400, No. 916-Lori Chetakian to Joan Lee Robertson, $380,000.

CLEVELAND ST. N., 200-Carmen and Karl Schumacher to Richard Bew, $515,000.

CLEVELAND ST. S., 1301, No. 357-Heidi R. Stefani to Joseph R. Wysowaty, $285,000.

COLUMBUS ST. S., 3033, No. C1-Erin and Olivier Quinn to Brian F. Seiffert and Kerri Lynn Campbell, $341,000.

COURTHOUSE RD. N., 1301, No. 1207-Gregory Koush to Jason M. Silverman, $380,000.

DITTMAR RD., 4516-Jennifer O. and Christopher W. Hatcher to Diane Kopasz and Eric K. Gemmen, $679,000.

FAIRFAX DR., 6924, No. 122-Effie S. Stallsmith to Jacqueline D. Meriwether, $335,000.

FLORIDA ST. N., 518-Bernadette Bare to Regina Rodriguez, $495,000.

FORT SCOTT DR., 2316-Lynne W. and Kenneth T. Page to D. Robert Worley, $780,000.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 4600, No. 1230-Rosalia V. Rojas to Anna and Christopher James Kincaid, $210,000.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 4600, No. 702-John L. Pitts to Joseph M. Zupkus, $188,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 1501, No. 22-Luisa F. and Walberto R. Barba to Eugene McAnt, trustee, $185,000.

GLEBE RD. N., 851, No. 1909-Michael D. Snyder and Yelena Zaslavskaya to John D. Rodriguez, $390,000.

GLEBE RD. S., 2051-William E. Aronson to Matthew Livingston Smith, $402,500.

GREENBRIER ST. N., 1401-Shelia S. and Ford F. Newman to Anne H. and James A. Watson IV, $828,500.

HAYES ST. S., 1755, No. 2-Ghita J. Harris and Scott A. Newton to Kathleen Ann and Kristopher R. Sleeth, $430,000.

HIGHLAND ST. S., 111-Gladys Connolly to Hildy Forman, $451,700.

IVES ST. S., 2625-Kathryn F. and Arthur R. Dahms III to Heidi B. and Charles F. Brock, $875,000.

JOHN MARSHALL DR., 2801-Nancy K. McGavock to Russell S. Phillips and Kimberly D. James, $574,000.

KENTUCKY ST. N., 2321-Cary John Kirk to Andrew J. McKenna, $555,000.

KEY BLVD., 1530, No. 727-Amy P. Snyder to Timothy and Albena Godlove, $370,000.

KEY BLVD., 1530, No. 819-Craig Welter to Radhika and Rahul Srivastava, $318,017.

LEXINGTON ST. N., 2523-Christopher S. Vahrenwald and Margot K. Kerr to Mary Ellen Dudar, $575,621.

LEXINGTON ST. N., 900-Amanda B. Jackson Kennett and Glenn Kennett to George E. Clark and Timothy J. Weber, $550,000.

MONROE ST. N., 1719-Arlington Custom Homes Corp. to Elizabeth C. Ahn and John R. Morris, $975,000.

MONROE ST. N., 2312-Annalena G. and Jonathan D. Winer to Thomas M. Ricketts, $677,500.

MONROE ST. N., 901, No. 814-Amy K. Benson to John E. Glover, $405,000.

NELSON ST. N., 1900-Carolyn E. and Rodney Elliott to Anne H. Barnes, $625,000.

NOTTINGHAM ST. N., 908-Barbara J. and John C. Foster to Christina M. Del Valle and Robert E. O'Harrow, $534,800.

OAK ST. N., 1401, No. 304-Doris E. Cottam to Alan Tawshunsky, $655,000.

PERSHING DR. N., 3802-Bethany A. Valentine to Jill P. and Roger J. Yasin, $530,000.

PERSHING DR. S., 150-Micaela J.M. and Joshua B. Pond to Simone and Adrian M. Gailey, $497,000.

POLLARD ST. N., 3193-Nathaniel Connally and Patricia M. Thomas III to Khaled and Samar Ayoubi, $739,000.

POTOMAC ST. N., 1109-James J. and Grace Wano and O. Allard to Hadley L. and Kevin A. Messner, $600,000.

QUEENS LANE, 1812, No. 4-218-Susan L. Fosnocht and Glenn L. Simolunas to Thomas M. Cassels and Alison M. Barnett, $330,000.

RANDOLPH ST. N., 1000, No. 501-Marianne Garman to Willard Construction of Roanoke Valley Inc., $599,900.

RANDOLPH ST. N., 1000, No. 706-Gregory A. and Renee M. Fries to Brady C. Prauser, $356,000.

SOMERSET ST. N., 3510-Mary H.C. Siu, trustee, to Harvey Construction, $410,000.

STAFFORD ST. N., 900, No. 1118-Charles T. Kimmett Jr. to Audrey Green, $410,000.

STAFFORD ST. S., 3469, No. A-Diane M. and Thomas William Forrest to Gabriella Pessah and Adam Benson, $391,074.

STUART ST. N., 1029, No. 402-John Richardson to Danielle B. Henderson, $289,000.

UTAH ST. N., 1045, No. 2-311-Kenneth H. Webb to Amanda L. Tantum, $320,000.

VACATION LANE, 3615-Shanyn H. and William P. McNulty to Gabriela Gergely and Michael Romano, $740,000.

WAKEFIELD ST. S., 2836, No. A-Stephanie, Dennis and Paulette M. Soriano to Tamara S. and Stephen W. Dewitt, $274,529.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 6831-Hilde and Hans Hermann Heims to Cris C. Shaw, $458,000.

WAYNE ST. S., 1016, No. 608-Eugena B. Blythe and Paul V. Bonolis to Gary P. Oliver, $338,000.

WILSON BLVD., 5700-Margaret E. Allwine to Timothy W. Wallace and Mehmet Dogan, $325,000.

SECOND RD. N., 2502-Maria E. and Anthony M. Romito to Reasmy Norin, $525,000.

THIRD ST. S., 5401-Michelle H. and Edward J. Walsh to Neil Evans Wohlford and Heather Katherine Leck, $633,000.

FIFTH ST. S., 3601, No. 203-Carmen E. Flores and Jose I. Guerrero to Rutilio Pena, $190,000.

SIXTH ST. S., 4410-Lala U. and Lee J. Hannah to John B. and Olivia Ferguson Haas, $497,000.

NINTH ST. N., 3835, No. 710E-Matthew H. Grossman to Jessica Adelman, $435,000.

NINTH ST. N., 5112-Janet L. and Paul C. Hubbell to Roberto Izurieta, $460,000.

11TH ST. N., 2819-Michael W. and Lynne M. Wilson to Kelly M. and Christopher J. Keane, $1.12 million.

11TH ST. N., 5833-Julie S. and Gary R. Greenstein to Marcos Christian Mandojana and Christine Elsea Mandojana, $634,500.

12TH ST. S., 5200-Daniel J. Lane to Joseph Porporino and Paul Finn, $320,000.

16TH ST. N., 4318-Peter Van Nosdall Daniels to John Bell and Leaksmy Norin, $429,000.

16TH ST. S., 2601, No. 605-Lauren R. and Bradford L. Noyes to Mary E. Harris, $360,000.

17TH RD. N., 5001-Allison J. Foster to Danielle M. Orr Bement and Joseph D. Bement, $530,000.

17TH ST. N., 4718-Margaret Ann and Charles E. Stuart to Matthews B. Berry and Josh A. Goldfoot, $645,000.

21ST AVE. N., 3501-Jane Puryear and Dudley G. Woodard to Fred F. Fielding, $701,000.

21ST CT. N., 1565-Nancy C. and Jeffrey R. Moreland to Ryan A. and Jennifer D. Brown, $797,500.

22ND ST. N., 4005-Mohn Homes Inc. to Jonathan Schwarz, $869,600.

25TH ST. S., 3404, No. 45-Jorge B. Menacho to Fernando Prince Franco, $120,000.

26TH ST. N., 6035-Colleen Monahan and Marc E. Smith to Valerie D. Heitshusen and Garry D. Young, $483,000.

27TH RD. N., 6930-Debra Ann and Bonnie Marie Ratliff to Nasima J. Ghaffar, $428,250.

27TH RD. S., 4853-Evan Farley to Jennifer K. and Daniel R. Cannata, $375,000.

28TH ST. N., 6313-Marie L. Costello to Elizabeth A. Caydon, $456,000.

32ND RD. S., 4237-Tatyana and David Broughton to Kirstin and Scott Falk, $433,300.

35TH ST. N., 4946-Ivonne M. and Michael G. Luchs to Theodore T. Nakata and Ginya A. Truitt Nakata, $645,000.

36TH ST. S., 4434-Joseph F. Lindsey to Mary E. Vecchi, $485,000.