The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

ARUNDEL ON THE BAY RD., 3200-Theodore W. Rowley to Michael A. and Laura R. Daras, $4.392 million.

CEDAR RIDGE CT., 1091-Janet M. Howe to Colin J. Donovan and Amy L. Brew, $195,000.

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7026, No. 7026-201-Victor J. Toth to Juan A. and Karen K. Del Real, $441,350.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 761, No. 761B-Bill F. Pearson to Kenneth and Mary Ahlers, $225,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 799, No. 799C-Elizabeth G. Fore to Ralph E. and Virginia Roberts, $244,000.

FOX HOLLOW LANE, 403-William K. Markowitz to Mark F. and Stephanie W. Mineo, $565,000.

GREEN SPRING DR., 115-Joseph B. Seek, trustee, to Thomas J. and Charles E. Friday, $430,000.

HIDDEN RIVER VIEW RD., 3415-Charles A. Feldman to David A. and Jody M. Mugford, $1.2 million.

HULL AVE., 6-Thomas J. Schweers to Susan Dungan and Randolph V. Rice, $665,000.

HUSE DR., 113-SHK Properties Corp. to Terri E. Eberly, $297,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 142-Andrew S. Troy to Maureen O'Brien, $277,500.

QUAY VILLAGE CT., 2012, No. 2012-101-Dorothy M. Harris to Joseph J. Diprimio, $355,000.

SEVERN AVE., 312, No. E-Charles R. Lawrence to Gregory B. Rudy, $292,402.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 12, No. 1-Ruth A. Jones to Phillip C. and Michelle W. Chapman, $179,900.

SPRING VALLEY DR., 108-Barbara Singleton to Stacey R. Cooper and Susan J. Michalski, $360,000.

TYLER AVE., 813-W.E. Smith to William D. and Cynthia F. Keller, $315,000.

VICTOR PKWY., 207, No. 207D-Thomas C. Pastirik to Kevin Howell, $137,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point State Park Area

FLEET ST., 36-Maureen T. Lamb to Joseph T. Hodges, $499,900.

FOREST KNOLL, 2569-Frederick J. Eller to Joan B. Layne, $419,900.

HEATHER WAY, 955-John E. Griffiths to Constantine J. and Helene B. Leanos, $400,000.

HIGHPOINT DR., 956-Brian S. Konik to Tonya Weldon, $268,000.

LITTLE MAGOTHY VIEW, 1150-Walter N. Currier Jr. to Blake E. Morris, $315,000.

LOCUST AVE., 18-Robert H. Woody to Cynthia G. Stout, $360,000.

MARCONI CIR., 1923-Zena Paskow to Edward H. and Josephine E. Kelley, $280,000.

MASTER DERBY CT., 404-Patricia G. Linsbeck to Nina M. and Daniel E. Williams, $181,000.

MOUNTAIN TOP DR., 1010-Kiley A. Budka to Edmund G. and Sybille Clayton, $268,500.

OLD PINE CT., 1313-Christopher M. Sprouse to Miles and Barbara Anthony, $183,000.

QUAKER WAY, 2052, No. 13-Gerald E. Martella to Patrick R. Hanna, $220,000.

SHAM CT., 1661-Latitia D. Jones to C. and Jennifer Flaherty, $245,000.

TUNDRA CT., 2012-Steven M. Donahue to Thomas M. and Ellen S. Dennison, $475,000.

WHITE MARLIN WAY, 907-William J. O'Malley to Gary Darrell Poe Jr. and Marianne Konschnik, $724,900.

WOODS RD., 1824-PVI Homes Church Creek Corp. to Daniel J. and Colleen M. Callahan, $2.75 million.

Annapolis-Sherwood Forest Area

ALAN-A-DALE HILL, 407-Brian D. Holman to Michael A. Lahowin and Linda E. Jones, $495,000.

EDGEHILL RD., 123-Thomas F. Wallace to Gene C. and Amy K. Van Slyke, $545,000.

LITTLE JOHN HILL, 505-Todd H. Whiteford to Roland R. and Kristin C. Zeender, $525,000.

ROBIN HOOD HILL, 853-Clifford P. Kingston Jr., trustee, to Robert A. and Anne E. Bell, $740,000.

Arnold Area

ALAMEDA PKWY., 358-Brenda D. Hall to Craig D. Miller Jr., $172,500.

BAY GREEN DR., 616-Roberta G. Fishel to William E. and Nicole Z. Roberts, $417,500.

BELLERIVE CT., 623, No. 97-Jeremy A. Simpkins to Michael M. and Kathleen M. Tracy, $290,000.

ELEANOR LANE, 495-Edwin R. Bailey to John and Hope Trently, $212,000.

FOUR ACRES CT., 568-Christopher T. Connor to Michael F. Fox and Celeste A. Clements, $512,500.

GRANDVIEW CT., 1490-James C. Deberry to Roy F. Dunshee, $398,000.

JUPITER HILLS CT., 708, No. 2G-Denis R. Dudley to Barbara E. Remias and Darlene J. Zepp, $162,000.

MAGO VISTA RD., 750-Vincent J. Avallone to Carlos and Barbara J. Ortiz, $187,500.

MANOR RD., 474-Ward C. Miller to Jean K. Hall, $340,000.

RUXSHIRE DR., 800-Gary W. Bruton to Brian R. and Laurie A. Gay, $309,000.

RUXSHIRE DR., 820-Rodney J. Benny Sr. to Adam P. and Arlynn P. Paris, $289,000.

SHORE ACRES RD., 563-Charles M. Cullen to David J. and Julie K. Keblish, $500,000.

WROXETER RD., 180-Dorothy L. Coyle, trustee, to John P. and Michele H. Aellen, $522,000.

YALE CT., 274-Danny H. Struble to Ray L. Settle and Nora E. Schleicher, $328,000.

Brooklyn Area

BROOKWOOD RD., 5208-Miles Anthony III to Irvin and Dorothy Green, $83,000.

BROOKWOOD RD., 5220-Robert A. Sparks to Karen Davis, $74,900.

CHURCH ST., 513-George Tabak to Donald Combs and Linda Germershausen, $175,000.

EDGEVALE RD. W., 205-Jack E. Fox Jr. to Lisa A. Andersen, $116,250.

MOORE ST., 5600-David A. Moritz to Lisa M. and Edward L. Gillespie, $146,280.

PARK RD., 5407-Terri P. Wagner to James J. Wolfe Jr., $160,000.

RIVERVIEW RD. W., 200-Lisa Chory to Richard M. Karopchinsky, $101,000.

Churchton Area

CARVEL ST., 5500-Richard A. Rocchio to Christopher N. and Kathleen K. Hamilton, $295,000.

CHESAPEAKE DR., 1236-Gary T. Fee to Charles R. Youles, $456,000.

Crofton Area

AMBLING CIR., 2518, No. 18-Michael A. Jenkins to John V. and Hill E. Deduk, $300,000.

ARCOLA CT., 1504, No. 3-Virgil Boysaw Jr. to Amber D. and Timothy M. Carcel, $279,000.

MARLBOROUGH CT., 1518, No. 38-Joshua A. Wohlstein to Elizabeth Belleville, $149,900.

NEEDHAM CT., 1264, No. 21B-Elizabeth D. Hayes to William A. and Lisa S. Marcello, $228,500.

PAWLET DR., 1913, No. 6B-Bradley C. Laning to John McHale, $163,500.

PEAR HILL CT., 2089-John P. Corcoran to Slade B. and Wendy L. Wilson, $327,500.

SPRING GREEN AVE., 1700-Peter Miller to Keith and Carolynn Abbott, $340,000.

TRENT ST., 1727-Tuyen Nguyen to Jimmy Nguyen, $355,000.

WINDY OAK CT., 2599-Teresa D. Hughes to Jennifer Wilson, $284,900.

YARMOUTH LANE, 2435-Matthew G. Ascione to Jack F. and Beth A. McCoy, $276,000.

Crownsville Area

LONG POINT RD., 201-William B. Tucker to Clair and Kathy Williams, $1.8 million.

WILD CRANBERRY DR., 1527-Phillip R. Kennett to Ralph W. and Linda Story, $690,000.

Curtis Bay Area

CREEK SHORE WAY, 7838, No. 129-Carl F. Oldenburg to Jonathan and Kelly Jensen, $270,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 7902-Michael Gregory to Jack M. and Cheri D. Rushing, $199,000.

Deale Area

MILTON AVE., 5908-Susan E. Stebbing to John M. and Lynn A. Baker, $266,000.

MILTON AVE., 5929-Mark D. Rodgers to Brenda F. Gawthrop, $385,000.

SNEED DR., 5930-Algimont P. Kerza Kwiatecki to Elizabeth B. Casqueiro, $490,000.

Edgewater Area

BAY RIDGE RD., 1638-Philip S. Dix to Lee A. Rolfes Jr. and Kasey C. Baker, $189,000.

CHESAPEAKE DR., 4030-Michael G. Spotswood to Jason P. Wilder and Khristna C. Paysour, $266,750.

DEEPWATER TRAIL, 2801-George Grkovic, trustee, to George H. and Maureen D. Lantz, $890,000.

ELKRIDGE DR., 1610-Nelson F. Terrell to Maradiga J.A. Zavala, $220,000.

FAIRHILL DR., 1625-Kimberly Brown to Michael M. and Rosemarie Titsworth,


HOLLY AVE., 876-Lora C. Moser to Richard L. Clow Jr. and Crystal L. Nichols, $260,000.

OLD TURKEY POINT RD., 1024-John P. King to Cole Ventures Inc., $249,000.

PENNINGTON CT., 1407-William H. Durking to Ronald and Lynn S. Hutchison, $315,000.

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 2748-Donald D. Carrier to Dilks Properties Corp., $900,000.

SECOND AVE., 3606-8919 Corp. to Susan E. Bolton, $314,900.

SECOND AVE., 3712-Anthony J. Carnevale to Gary and Becky Friend, $195,000.

Gambrills Area

MAYTIME DR., 2407-Douglas M. Davis to Michael K. and Jodi L. Preston, $281,800.

ST. MARYS AVE., 563-John R. Campbell Jr. to Michael B. Conwell, $150,000.

Glen Burnie Area

CONTINENTAL DR., 189-Cyrus M. Scott to Barbara Viel, $108,000.

FOXCHASE DR., 152-John Dubs to Masood Ahmed, $220,000.

FOXGREEN CT., 8001-Michael Riggins to Robert L. and Jennifer L. Palmer, $341,000.

FOXTREE DR., 227-Jeffrey M. Czorapinski to Frederick C. Miller and Erin Kelly, $216,100.

GLEN HEIGHTS AVE., 513-Byung W. Song to George N. Eberl, $198,000.

KENILWORTH CT., 454-Michael P. Lynch to Betty Chang Ruen Asbury, $158,000.

KIMBERLY LANE, 1231-R.J. McGlynn to Jennifer Picarello, $225,428.

O ST. SE, 400-Ruby M. Morgan to James T. Bricker, $232,500.

OAK LANE SW, 220-Carol A. Laney to Nathan A. Edwards, $190,000.

QUAIL CT., 7964-Johnny W. Brown to Josiah S. Love, $150,000.

WELLS AVE., 6-Elmer McCauley to Donna M. Capizzi, $162,000.

WHALER CT., 7510-Robert W. Higgins to Ronald L. Ward, $176,000.

WILLIAMS RD., 216-James Griffith to David Harris, $50,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BLAKISTONE RD., 936-Milton R. Lechowicz Jr. to Lawrence Lechowicz, $116,270.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1109, No. 1C-Anthony Q. Johnson to Frank A. and Doris L. Ruff, $92,000.

DALE RD., 815-Ronald Wheeler Jr. to William H. Gardner and Valerie L. Wright, $179,000.

EDGERLY RD., 914-Cliffton N. Findlay to Kenneth E. Wilkerson, $169,900.

ELDRIDGE RD., 6214-Deborah J. Tallie to Donald J. and Stacy L. West, $124,900.

HOWARD RD. E., 7569-Irving Howard to Shelly R. Muffley, $225,000.

MONAGHAN RD., 7761-Michael J. Bianco to Grant E. and Yvonne B. Deaver, $260,000.

PRESTON RD., 2008-William G. Mathes to Elizabeth A. Mathes, $110,000.

STEENS HILL DR., 7510-Steven K. Reed to Richard C. Fleig Sr. and Beverly E. Beacham Fleig, $220,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 103, No. 302-Carroll C. Reese III to Kelly McClain and Chad Isbell, $138,000.

Hanover Area

CRANBERRY CT., 7525-Jordan Lipscomb Clement Sr. to Elizabeth M. Smith, $238,000.

FAIRBANKS CT., 7680-Dawn M. Duncan to Lisa A. Harris, $164,900.

Laurel Area

BIG POOL RD., 8002-Lawrence W. Plant to David M. and Pamela A. Williams, $442,500.

MALLARD SHORE DR., 8112-Samuel E. Penn to James E. and Jennifer Miller, $310,000.

RIVER BEND CT., 3112, No. H301-Albert E. Merigo Jr. to Nicholas Choi, $165,000.

SWEET PINE DR., 200, No. 38-Akinyemi Banjo to Roseline and Henry Kamara, $165,000.

WOODLAND MANOR DR., 8552-Raymond Y. Shetzline to Charles P. and Bethany B. Aboyoun, $298,000.

YELLOW FLOWER RD., 3340-Robert H. Toney to Derek H. Westray Jr., $256,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

LYNVUE RD., 901-Michael A. Melvin to Sharon Gower, $299,900.

Lothian Area

DECESARIS DR., 941-Joseph M. Tucker to Brian K. and Shannon M. Gilkey, $415,000.

Mayo Area

CENTRAL AVE. E., 1450-Isabelle Brashears to Kathy L. Moebes, $245,000.

Millersville Area

BLACKHAW CT., 212-Michael S. Waverly to Mark E. and Liwen H. Lewis, $699,000.

CHALET DR., 354-Timothy J. Kelly to Sean O. and Leslie N. Whaley, $252,000.

SOLOMONS CROSS, 8159-John Dipierro to Eugene and Virginia A. Thorne, $680,000.

WHEAT MILL CT. W., 652-Stone Snyder General Partnership to Eugene C. Ocus and Deborah C. Hewes, $119,000.

North Beach Area

BEACH AVE., 808-Rosemarie Chumas to Rosemary Reilly and Luis A. Seminario, $131,500.

Odenton Area

BEECHNUT PL., 2418-George E. Ash to Keith E. Moffett and Heidi R. Crawford, $248,100.

HAYMEADOW CT., 693-Nick Schiazzi to Derek C. and Cathy M. Burdon, $447,000.

HIDDEN HILL CIR., 114-Gracie L. Asiya to Laura L. and Kelly Winter, $250,000.

KINGDOM CT., 505, No. 7-Joshua L. Headrick to Lisa Fetanis, $176,000.

MILITIA PL., 103, No. 141-Jason E. Baker to John P. Cooney, $196,000.

OAK LEAF CT., 2708, No. 2708-Geoffrey Molchan to Ericka A. Hergenroeder and Ryan T. Priem, $205,000.

PINE DRIFT DR., 704-Todd D. Kelly to Wanda M. Payne, $260,000.

PISCATAWAY RUN DR., 2723-Stephen J. Ridley to Karen D. Fagan, $284,900.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 227, No. 54-Perry A. Hampton to M.S. and Bleixen Barnett, $260,000.

THORNBROOK DR., 8741-Catherine M. Ferrari to Robert C. Bump, $310,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ABBEY CT., 8048, No. E-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Svetlana Filer, $103,500.

BROOKHAVEN RD., 3432-Dustin A. Lesniewski to Carl R. and Karen D. Goodman, $255,000.

CENTRAL AVE., 7778-Ellen Lemberger to Dean E. and Nicole M. Lauman, $172,000.

DE FRANCEAUX HARBOUR, 837-Cheryl L. Pagel to John M. and Martha E. Patton, $255,000.

DUNGATE RD., 2900-Andrew Halldorson to Hogan Investments Corp., $146,500.

FALLON DR., 15-James K. Fredericks Sr. to Kenneth P. and Kimberley R. Slattery, $319,500.

HEAD HARBOUR, 8680-Robert W. Shomler to Joseph D. and Mary E. Gattie, $195,000.

HOULTON HARBOUR, 8616-Natasha Bass to Gerald J. and Marni Connolly, $195,000.

INLET DR., 220-Walter L. Moore to Steven M. and Angela C. Wenzel, $250,000.

KEN-MAR AVE., 105-Richard H. Sheffield to Michael J. and Samantha S. Rascher, $185,500.

KENWOOD RD., 228-Matthew F. Mangan to Michael and Staci Stallings, $194,000.

MARBLE ARCH DR., 3436-Pamela L. Peterson to Drake D. and Janice L. Sellman, $235,000.

MELVILLE RD., 16-Charles F. Chin to Jose A. Cartagena and Maria R. Contreras, $223,000.

NATHAN'S WAY, 601-Gail L. Halterman to Benjamin L. Yerkey and Kristi L. Painter, $214,000.

NICHOLSON DR., 41-Paul T. Holmes to Ryan S. and Naomi F. Rupprecht, $289,900.

NOTLEY RD., 7730-Joseph S. Endley to Sandra M. Stitt, $149,900.

NOTLEY RD., 7779-Lee R. Hamilton to Richard E. Thompson and Kimberly A. Leduc, $162,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 378-Leon M. Holzman to George Tannahill, $445,000.

RUGBY RD., 8440-Mary N. Sutt to Douglas A. Kidwell, $252,200.

WAPATI CT., 8221-Tra D. Williams to Scott A. and Holly D. Bair, $350,000.

WEDGEWOOD CT., 3500, No. M-Derrick J. Dubiel to Robert S. Dziwak and Jennifer J. Helsel, $107,000.

WOLSEY CT., 8074, No. 135-Kelly D. Stratton to Lisa Whipp, $155,000.

WOODLAWN AVE., 1085-David L. Acosta to David V. Ankeny, $190,000.

208TH ST., 692-Lindsay Utz Holding Corp. to Monica Murphy, $231,377.

Riva Area

WOODSIDE RD., 101-Clifford G. Darrow to Florin and Luminita Pacurar, $269,000.

WOODSIDE RD., 109-Don E. Gibbin to Mark and Penney Babich, $305,000.

Severn Area

BASTILLE PL., 7895-Noland P. Davis to James A. Day, $186,000.

ELBERTA DR., 7822-Lee E. Cohoon to Lisa L. Hogan, $335,000.

GAMBRILLS RD., 33-Karl M. Crouse to Philip R. and Dana L. Thompson, $260,000.

GRAHAM FARM CIR., 1414-Michael A. Skvorak to John W. and Janet E. Franchy, $345,000.

REECE RD., 1257-Donald W. Moss to Charlie H. Seek, $195,000.

ROANOKE CT., 8248-Dina E. Reyes to Taren R. Jones, $162,900.

SEABOARD CT., 1407-Eric M. Coles to Quang Nguyen and Houng Ngo, $229,755.

SPARROW CT., 1805, No. 6-Henry A. Fisher to Donald J. Brinkley and Jamaila T. Cohen Michaelson, $92,500.

STATESMAN ST., 7803-Raymond M. Tracy to Edward E. and Amy McGeehan, $274,500.

STATESMAN ST., 7810-Robert W. Fritts to Moo H. and Sung H. Pae, $240,000.

Severna Park Area

BEN OAKS DR. E., 402-Steven J. Lombardo to Susan R. Tate, $408,000.

HARTMAN DR., 367-Brian L. Bestul to John R. and Tammy G. Graziolo, $520,000.

MICHENER CT. W., 261-Etienne D. Cambon to Simon A. and Khristine P. Smith, $430,000.

ST. ANDREWS GARTH, 10-Carl M. Shrader, trustee, to Kenneth S. and Leann A. Johnson, $625,000.

Tracys Landing Area

FAIRHAVEN RD., 65-Joseph P. Cullen to Michael J. and Lisa M. Molinari, $549,900.