The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the District and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


AMES PL., 1420-Carolyn D., Charles A. and Paul R. Newman to Sueryun Hahn, $320,900.

AMES ST., 5321-Barbara Jackson to Cid J. Davis, $148,000.

CAPITOL AVE., 1930-Estate of Anthony P. Harley and Diane L. Harley to Patrick M. Gilsenan, $76,000.

D ST., 1014-Byron T. John Franzen to Michelle C. and Richard M. Hamecs, $750,000.

EVARTS ST., 2000-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Frank L. Elizondo, $192,501.

G ST., 1118-Lois Wilson to Ulysses S. Glee, $362,600.

K ST., 416-Phillip Curtis Miller to Erin E. Kendrick and Edward T. Rebholz, $391,000.

KENILWORTH AVE., 114-Bertha L. Gasaway to Vincent Abell, $108,350.

FIRST ST., 1932-Estate of Qualma P. Lloyd and Abner Watson to Leslie B. Bellas and David Weiler, $250,000.

SEVENTH ST., 727-Sharon J. Ringley to Catherine D. Wojasik, $375,000.

10TH ST., 4720-Lurie Esco, Veronica Ford and Ethel J. Snowden to Ernesto Guillette, $285,000.

14TH ST., 3212-Estate of Nevid A. Johnson and Winfred R. Mundle to Mary Ellen Flannery and David J. Goodman, $320,000.


ALTON PL., 3642-Nicholas Dasantis and Estate of Michael Belli to Judd and Tanya Fischer, $602,500.

BUTTERNUT ST., 809-Daniel Adlai Katz and Lael Emily Parish to Demian T. Moore and Anissa Rogness, $453,100.

CALIFORNIA ST., 2145, No. 105-MJR Corp. to Jean E. Siskovic, $280,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 2205, No. 101-Kirsten Buckstaff to Christopher R. Armstrong, $575,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4201, No. 523W-Debra Prerysler to William S. Robert, $410,000.

CHAPIN ST., 1415, No. 204-Betsy Guzman to Laura C. Smart, $216,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 5315, No. 510-Fernando and Francis Gonzales to Jeremiah Long and Elizabeth Long, $115,000.

ESKRIDGE TER., 4960-Paul H. Berkowitz to Linda G. and Stephen M. Baranovics, $722,000.

GARFIELD ST., 2910-Nestor Davidson and Clare Huntington to Catherine Yung Ching Sun and Benjamin D. Wood, $1.1 million.

GRESHAM PL., 735-Lesley George to Lien Diep, $300,000.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 4613, No. B-Valerie M. Furman to Sheila A. Ramsey, $491,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1730-Kerri R. Sikorski to Jesse P. Metcalf, $376,000.

O ST., 1520, No. 302-Nancy Hatfield to Kelly E. Field and Eric M. Green, $493,000.

O ST., 3018-Erick J. Cedron to Larry Klane, $1.82 million.

OGLETHORPE ST., 245-W. and D. Corp. to Janice McGaughey and Lee Joseph Moore, $360,000.

ORDWAY ST., 2716, No. 17-Kellie A. Cosgrove to Chander Raja, $490,000.

P ST., 1718-Rosemary Bernice McHugh to David P. Coletti, $375,000.

PARK PL., 3114-Yvette Butler to Ray K. Tubosun, $285,000.

PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 2555, No. 812-Alexander C. Shartsis to Dana A. Ehrlich and Daniel A. Miller, $528,500.

PORTER ST., 3005-Julius Genachowski to Peter Berkowitz, $906,000.

ROCKWOOD PKWY., 4907-Jo Ann S. and John J. Mason to 4907 Rockwood Parkway NW Revocable Trust and Robert E. Madden, $4.4 million.

S ST., 118-Louis E. Fry and Vicki Lynn Wilson to Edward F. and Laura C. Phillips, $340,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 1406-Gene C. Scales and Marquette W. Scales to Sharon C. Smith, $280,000.

VAN NESS ST., 4924-David H. and Elizabeth F. Martin to Bridget Bradley and David Edman Gray, $1.03 million.

WYOMING AVE., 1848, No. 203-Jill S. Connors to Richard Elliott Myers, $322,500.

FIFTH ST., 1816-Fifth Avenue Associates to Carol Kinsman and Richard Allan Roth, $364,925.

SIXTH ST., 6425-Josiah Ukaegbu to Chinaedu G. Idika and Samuel E. Idika, $355,000.

11TH ST., 2004, No. 324-Jeffrey R. Melrose to Amy C. McDonagh, $484,000.

12TH ST., 1903-Patrick Dibattista and Chen H. Wen to Cara Biega and Timothy Crimmins, $370,000.

19TH ST., 1631, No. 46-Neil A. and Sigrid C. Ofsthun to Kim Ai Rappaport, $315,000.

22ND ST., 1511, No. 53-John E. Turek to Kanwaljit K. Bakshi, $379,900.

34TH ST., 1659-Marian Holly and Terence A. Gerace to T. Mance Edmondson, $1.2 million.

39TH PL., 2235-Krista B. Helmetag/Murdock to Rebecca C. Gold, $649,000.

41ST ST., 5326-Marybeth McGee to Dora V. Chen and Jon J. Nathan, $857,000.


RIDGE PL., 1329-Ralph Anthony Lee to James E. Baucom, $125,000.

S ST., 1721-Robert W. Barnes to Marvin Lester, $108,500.