The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

LYDIA CT., 2690-Josephine A. and Richard C. Ossana to Scott A. Price, $420,000.

Brunswick Area

B ST. W., 112-Castle Properties Corp. to Toni and Barry Zimmerman, $113,000.

H ST., 405-Dina O. and Felix Amaya to Audra L. and Ward C. Miller, $240,000.

WENNER DR., 26-Phyllis J. and James K. Howard Jr. to Margaret Danner, $120,000.

SEVENTH AVE., 12-Mary Louise Sigler to Carrie and Terence Sosnowich, $166,400.

FIRST AVE. N., 112-Robert L. Wroe to Courtney S. and Keith D. Brown, $215,000.

Buckeystown Area

YORKSHIRE CT., 3333-David S. and Louanne W. Rozek to Joanna and William H. Lilley III, $390,000.

Emmitsburg Area

MAIN ST. W., 527-BBR Properties Corp. to Courtney and William Mattison, $209,000.

Frederick City Area

ALGONQUIN RD., 1763-Russell and Shirley A. Williams to Elizabeth A. Lumb, $409,000.

ANDOVER LANE, 1602-John M. III and Brenda J. Critz to Asra H. and Muhammad T. Rehman, $260,000.

ARABY CHURCH RD., 4534-Louise R. and Thomas A. Lenhart to Betty F. Allnut, $262,000.

ARROWHEAD CT., 8103-Harry J. Jr. and Sharon L. Driscoll to Whiney R. and David A. Simione, $250,000.

ASHFIELD CT., 188-Stacey Gates and Donnie Lowe to Minda K. Hamilton, $150,000.

AYNSLEY CT., 8410-Denis M. and Sharon A. Doyle to Mary E. and Mortimer W.V. Gamble, $499,900.

BALTIMORE NATIONAL PIKE, 7309-Theodore R. and Mary L. Zarfos to John N. Phillips and Paula Z. Brown, $384,000.

BAMBURG CT., 5201-Albert J. Russo III to Jason M. Knott, $262,000.

BARTONSVILLE RD., 5435-Charles P. and Carol E. Cramer to Amy J. Appleton Rivas and Jorge A. Rivas, $244,650.

BEAR DEN RD., 2409-Mary V. and David A. Rothenhoefer to Anne C. Arnold, $315,000.

BEEBE CT., 514-Heather Teagle to Jennie R. Nelson and Brent W. Smith, $165,000.

BISHOPSTONE CIR., 122-James Gregory West to Beth Sensenig and Jeremy C. Brenn, $180,000.

BLACK DUCK CT., 6711-Mark E. and Rebecca L. Eriksson to Maria E. Parada and Juan J. Argueta, $201,000.

BLACK WALNUT CT., 1800-Greg J. and Lillia B. Roets to Sandra L. and Ronald L. Zobrist, $531,000.

BOULDER RD., 9412-Nicka L. and Michael E. Nyberg to Thomas F. Valentine, $240,000.

BOXFORD CT., 310-Lisa Sulima and Dorothy V. Hall to Wilmer A. Sanchez, $239,061.

CAMERON WAY, 2628-Maura L. and Stephen L. Guntang to Fannie Berry Grover, $245,250.

CANADA GOOSE CT., 6673-Lisa M. and Thomas Gregory Peifer to Xuejun Tang, $198,000.

CHADWICK CIR., 824-Diane M. Brust to Cindy Michalski, $133,500.

CHARLESTON LANE, 108-John W. and James Matthew Aspey to Sheila E. Aspey, $202,000.

COLONIAL WAY, 1641-Joseph A. III and Cynthia D. Graves to Michael and Theresa Spriggs, $190,000.

CRESTWOOD CT., 5629-Robbin Bechtel to Fang Jiang and Yisong Liu, $213,000.

DAVID LANE, 1312-Carol A. Helmka to Nancy L. and Howard F. Musgrove, $175,000.

DAVID LANE, 1369-Jeremy R. and Dana M. Mohr to Kyonghwa Rodgers Ayrom and Siavash Ayrom, $160,000.

DENTON CT., 5613-William D. Simmons to Robert S. Simmons, $180,000.

ELLROSE CT., 503-Robert L. Jr. and Karen L. Vence to Jose R. Rios and Diana Ramirez, $189,500.

ELM ST., 519-Sylvia S. Cowles to Simon J. Page, $203,000.

FRINGETREE CT., 5790-Shaun D. Defries to Craig S. and Brian J. Harrison, $150,000.

GLENMEADOW CT., 7188-Valerie A. and Auzzie K. Brown to Martin Stiteler, $156,000.

HARPERS WAY, 140-Hsueh Sheng Lee to Cassandra R. Robertson, $235,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 840-B-Alice M. and Roger E. Foland to Charles E. Moser, $112,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 840-C-Tina L. and Brian E. Strite to Chad Lopez, $110,000.

HEATHFIELD DR., 101-Roberta L. and John E. Duvall to Arv Investments Inc., $161,000.

HIDDEN WATERS LANE, 5540-Jason Carter to Myriam and Jose J. Rullan, $275,000.

HILLCREST DR., 486-Thomas A. and Jennifer R. Potter to Emelina and Rene Estrada, $250,000.

HIMES AVE., 601, No. II-106-Derek P. Black to Lianne C. Kehr, $135,000.

HOLLYBERRY WAY, 506-Yvonne H. Lawson to Shawn Perry, $207,000.

IVYWOOD NORTH DR., 5306-James F. and Sophia D. Yancey to Christine and Ken Wagaman, $354,900.

KIRKLAND DR., 5626-Luis and Alina Oliva to Ada and Roberto Jimenez, $320,000.

LIBERTY RD., 10910-Mary H. and Marshall M. Castle to Daniel Ramirez Jr., $129,320.

LITTLE SPRING CT., 5846-Vaughn P. Hendricks to Wanda D. Gilmore, $375,000.

MARKET ST. N., 1035-Richard Walter Rinehart to Nicole D. Walsh and Christopher T. Claus, $200,000.

MCLAUREN LANE, 5115-Changoo Chang to Linda Martin Orr, $262,000.

ORCHARD WAY, 1331-Adam Truong to Alex A. Mendoza, $238,000.

RIDGE RD., 7240-Thomas R. Woodruff to Christine E. and Anthony C. Traini, $450,000.

RIDGE RD., 7616-Lynn Rasmussen to Lisa and Michael Bolton, $288,000.

ROCK CREEK DR., 1601-Harold G. Renegar to Marleen F. and Michael F. Ingram, $379,000.

ROCKYGLEN DR., 1802-Michael J. and Julie A. Suprata to Rebbecca and Scott Carson, $200,000.

SANDPIPER CT., 6748-Michael D. Whitfield to John Jason Waller, $192,000.

SEBASTIAN BLVD., 1807-Richard C. and Robyn S. Lafferty to Nicole D. Abbott and Jay W. Keller, $237,000.

SPOKESHAVE CT., 6606-Anthony and Lynn Topolansky to Mai Ngoc T. Nguyen and Dung Van Lai, $183,000.

SPRINGFIELD LANE, 1726-Tammy M. and Nathan A. Hudson to Mark J. Grunenwald, $166,050.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6513, No. 5403-Jill Ann Stallings to Chris Centineo, $168,000.

STAGHORN AVE., 1032-Danell R. Silliman to Jessica Thompson and Brian Clinesmith, $185,000.

STONEY CREEK RD., 2430-Scott C. Brunk to Jacqueline L. Ray, $280,000.

STRATFORD WAY, 804-J-Marshall A. Carpenter to Jennifer N. Ezeadi, $134,000.

STRATFORD WAY, 813-E-Melinda S. and James D. Herrmann to Carlton Theodore King, $105,000.

SWEET BAY CT., 5763-Timothy B. Streett to John W. Lieuallen, $195,763.

TARRINGTON CT., 6441-Tracy L. Dorfman to Keith Clemente, $208,000.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 2125, No. 2C-Kimberly S. Miskell to Dianna L. and Eric A. Adams, $142,500.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 2136, No. 1B-James D. Ferrell Jr. to Sandra Lee Williams, $144,900.

WALTER MARTZ RD., 8301-Grace and G.W. Schmidt Jr. to Jeronimo Delcid, $257,400.

WATER ST., 119-Shirley A. and Bruce O. Baer to Joseph E. Huff, $109,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1626-Joseph and Lisa M. Kane to Karla and Hugo Morales, $281,500.

WILLOW OAK DR., 1304-Tracy Vail and Thomas E. Pauter to Valerie L. Pivik and Scott J. Murphy, $322,900.

WILSON PLACE., 602-Kristoffer M. Crosby to Fern and Ted Mercer, $237,500.

WINDING RIDGE WAY, 5811-Brian S. and Mary Jane G. Harris to Maria Julia and Edilberto N. Garcia, $450,000.

WITTINBURG DR., 6810-Douglas and Martha Johnson to Mia E. and Michael E. Akers, $749,000.

THIRD ST. E., 356-Minda K. Hamilton to Reeder Custer Investments Inc., $173,000.

SIXTH ST. E., 24-Rebecca J. Lee to Douglas Charles Austin, $85,000.

16TH ST. E., 806-Maurice M. and Beverly Lewis to Leonor A. Barrera and Cesar A. Guerra, $235,000.

Ijamsville Area

IJAMSVILLE RD., 4104-Paul J. Jr. and Ellen Grace Grube to Sang Eun Lee and Si Hyung Cho, $315,000.

Jefferson Area

BENNINGTON PL. W., 4106-William T. and Debra J. Butler to Janet L. and Glenn H. Summers Jr., $324,900.

BROOK DR., 3800-Carol S. McDonald to Estuardo and Luis F. Garcia, $270,000.

ROUNDTREE RD., 3838-Major P. and Maureen A. Blanton to Jacqueline H. and Michael T. Rufty, $635,000.

SPRINGVIEW DR., 4107-Troy X. and Tracy A. Scheet to Rebecca L. and Paul J. Borawski, $359,000.

Knoxville Area

CARLISLE DR., 3305-Eunice B. Dugan to Lolita V. and Pete C. Reynard, $315,000.

Middletown Area

BOILEAU CT., 45-William J. Jr. and Heather Mayton to Lezlie L. and J. Phillip Ramsey, $185,000.

FOXFIELD PASS, 105-Donald R. and Margaret A. O'Brien to Cynthia L. and David W. Vandevere, $390,000.

GRANITE DR., 4608-James C. and Diane M. Resnick to Phuong T. and Donald W. Maggard, $320,000.

Monrovia Area

MARIGOLD DR., 3512-Kenneth B. and Wanda Faith Day to Annette S. and Thomas C. Myers, $354,900.

Mount Airy Area

ANNAPOLIS DR. N., 5577-Thomas J. and Elizabeth J. Maestri to Jill M. and James E. Novesal Jr., $395,000.

FINN DR., 10683-Gregory G. and Patty J. Horst to Sherry L. and Andrew N. Warwick, $335,000.

HURON CT., 10307-Anthony C. and Jean P. Kehnle to Craig and Barbara L. Leonardi, $360,000.

LAKE SQUARE CT., 10803-Robert J. and Joanne M. Brogaard to Aimee R. Tibbits and Sheri French, $225,000.

LEAFY HOLLOW CIR., 1105-Stuart A. and Lori A. Sasson to Melissa A. and Dennis J. Emerson, $410,000.

LOMAR DR., 4037-Prudential Residential Services to Edward J. and Jodi M. Duckhorn, $525,000.

MANOR DR., 13128-David L. Yost to Heritage Development Corp., $240,000.

MANOR TER., 13255-Michael J. and Lorraine J. Demarco to Paula and Paul Klein, $485,000.

MAPLEVILLE RD., 8846-Evelyn and Leonard Bauman to Stephen Oakey Haneke, $249,900.

MASTERS CT., 10306-Bruce F. and Louise M. Kelley to Megan R. and Daniel J. Kelly, $319,900.

MATER WAY, 13993-John E. Jr. and Diane E. Blizzard to Catherine and Donald Fontaine, $377,900.

MEADOW LAWN CIR., 6725-Kenasha C. Scott to Ashley and Bryan L. Raiford, $399,900.

SKYVIEW DR., 3905-Edward E. and Michele R. Fuller to Darlene C. and Larry A. Nichols, $315,000.

SPARROW CT., 10091-Timothy J. and Carol A. Curley to Nejim Alkhatib and Nathalie Tisseaux, $349,900.

STEAMBOAT WAY S., 6175-Melissa K. Bailey to Terry W. Chapman, $209,900.

VILLAGE OAK CT., 1425-Brenda S. Border to Lucas R. Burger, $215,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

JOSEPH CT., 5628-Arleen G. and Donald F. Rippeon to Ethel I. Sanniez, $215,000.

JOSEPH CT., 5644-Lonalu Plummer to Yuliya and Vladlslav Shandrenko, $210,000.

JOSEPH CT., 5650-Anthony J. Barbarino to Danica L. and Stephen R. Stayton Jr., $215,000.

New Windsor Area

PARSONAGE LANE, 9991-Richard W. Stem Jr. to Carole R. Rommal, $500,000.

Point Of Rocks Area

BROOKSHIRE RUN, 1701-Kimberly F. Groh to Mark A. Chenoweth and Amy M. Street, $274,900.

GIBBONS RD., 1622-Mark D. and Eilene Sutton to Frances A. and David J. Cole, $265,900.

Thurmont Area

CHURCH ST. N., 408-Carroll R. and Megan L. Eyler to Megan L. Eyler, $168,000.

Union Bridge-

Libertytown Area

GREEN VALLEY RD., 10613-Frances E. and Frank W. Fogle to D. and D. Enterprises, $298,000.

Walkersville Area

DISCOVERY PLACE., 8390-Anita and Mark Matovich to John L. Spinks, $171,500.

ERIN AVE., 9405-Carl and Lillian Piechowski to Dana and Jeremy Mohr, $285,000.

HERITAGE CT., 233-Michele A. and Patrick J. Murphy to Christina H. Hall, $192,500.

HIGHLANDER BLVD., 9369-Tony M. and Ching Ching Chiu to Tonya L. Baker, $302,000.

REVELATION AVE., 8350-Douglas White to Shelly A. Rakoczy, $145,000.

SHERWOOD DR., 65-Donald and Lucinda Rippeon to Janice P. and William T. Pace, $308,000.

WILDWOOD CT., 2810-Glenn G. and Lois E. Guyton to Maragaret and Michael Forshee, $269,900.

Woodsboro Area

COPPER OAKS DR., 306-Jonathan H. and Kimberly A. Teunis to Oneida and Douglas Eaves, $430,000.

COPPER OAKS DR., 317-Harold E. and Diana L. Hickman to Lillian and Carl J. Piechowski, $445,900.

RUSSETT LEAF TER., 502-Oneida Y. Crum to Barbara M. and Blair W. Kramer, $415,000.