The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Columbia Area

ALDERLEAF PL., 5838-The Provident Bank to Pauline B. and Harrington S. Gardiner, $187,000.

BERRYPICK LANE S., 11041-M. Norgren Ervin to Verna L. Applebee, $177,000.

BLACK STAR CIR., 8538-Ingrid G. Edwards to Rekha Sharma, $240,000.

BLUE FEBRUARY WAY, 11874-Karen Bland to April L. Askin, $283,500.

BRIDLEREIN TER., 10764-Ross W. Rappaport to Bhavesh and Sonal Patel, $276,000.

BROKEN STAFF, 7361-Eloise Irwin Zeller to J.E. Skaggs and Amy K. Skaggs, $259,500.

BURNT MOUNTAIN PATH S., 6352-Patrice McCaulley to Doug and Melissa Van Der Vossen, $467,000.

CALM SUNSET S., 7202-Kelly J. Burns to Michael Roy and Sandra C. Casper, $297,000.

CAMBRIC CT., 10035-Leonard Lazarofsky to Anita K. Wall, $381,000.

CATFEET CT. N., 9466-Bruce H. Van Aartsen to Edward R. Quick, $361,085.

CEDAR FERN CT. E., 5935-Jae Yol Kim to Hong Gyeong Soon Ko and Sang Kwon Hong, $286,000.

CEDAR LANE W., 5472-Kirsten D. Brumsted to Jae Hyung and Leo Ji Ryun Kim, $106,000.

CONNELL CT., 9218-Joseph Kubas to Indru and Nima Jashnani, $74,800.

COPPERWOOD WAY E., 7034-Martin B. Houghton to Rivers Lamb, $220,000.

CRYSTAL RUN, 11250-Barbara L. Gregory to Bradley B. Boyce, $97,750.

DOVECOTE DR. N., 6594-Richard D. Raynor to Daniel Glenn McDonald, $200,000.

FALLRIVER ROW CT., 5413-Karen Carter to Benjamin and Audrey Cattan, $186,000.

FIVE FINGERS WAY S., 5371-Robert M. Lefenfeld to Kevin L. and Tamra M. Moore, $450,000.

GARDEN WALK S., 7033-Won C. Kim to Crystal D. and John A. Gay, $479,000.

GOLD NEEDLE WAY SE, 11950-Mary E. Palm to Benjamin S. and Tracey R. Lumpkin, $384,900.

GOLD SUNSET WAY NE, 8445-Anne M. Klontz to Anuradha K. Thulasiraman, $300,000.

GRANITE HILL RD., 9437-Carrie A. Greiner to Christopher Louis and Julia Beth Eskuchen, $170,000.

GRAY SEA WAY NW, 6377-Laura Petruccelli to Andrew T. Knight and Knight Maricela Cossio, $305,000.

GRAY SEA WAY SW, 6355-Laurence H. Gary to Woo S. and Yun Jung Seo, $321,000.

HARMEL DR. N., 10840-Gregory J. Greben Sr. to Eric R. and Mary S. Stein, $575,000.

HARVEST SCENE, 5501-Charles A. Gillis to Kathleen Minardi, $505,000.

MAD RIVER LANE, 5380-Douglas A. Oursler to Richard S. and Kathryn A.C. Ehrlich, $390,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6093-Andrew J. Seiler to Mareco and Alohaa Edwards, $83,000.

MANORSTONE LANE W., 11504-Raymond W. Pingle to J.H. and Debra I. Saul, $1.4 million.

MAY WIND CT., 10372-Emory D. McGee to John M. Harmon and Leslie E. Dunn, $230,000.

MELLENBROOK RD., 9206-Georgiana Blackburn to Douglas N. and Jennifer B. Schantz, $395,000.

MERRYREST RD. N., 9447-Mary Ann Sisolak, trustee, to Farahnaz Taghvaei, $135,000.

MORNINGBIRD LANE, 5901-James E. Mansell to Douglas C. Bottamiller and Jennifer L. Durfee, $207,000.

NORTHERN FENCES LANE W., 5133-Anh N. Tran to Jae Yol Kim, $825,000.

OLDE WOODS WAY SW, 10903-Marco A. Fuentealba to Michael F. and Jacqueline L. Marion, $249,000.

PAINTED YELLOW GATE SW, 6232-Charles Dennis Barton Jr. to Mark E. and Michelle L. Hoosier, $477,000.

POSSUM CT. W., 6690-Gustavo A. Crocker to Gregory Hardisty and Josie V. Hardisy, $305,000.

QUICK FOX NE, 9202-Timothy L. Richardson to Jared D. and Christina M. Hansen, $255,000.

RED APPLE LANE E., 9558-Dale C. Harrison to Jeffrey Howard and Yvonne N. Smart, $385,501.

RIDERMARK ROW NW, 11269-William J. Captain to Alex and Luisa Bishop, $674,900.

RIDGEVIEW DR., 9531-Randall W. Stiles to Pamela Nixon and Annie Dargan, $449,900.

SILENT BIRD CT. NW, 7303-Vladimir Airapetian to Scott B. and Lisa M. Goldblatt, $385,000.

SILVER TRUMPET DR. W., 8321-Leslie Nickerson to Quang Hoang, $240,000.

SWEET HOURS WAY W., 7670-James A. Katra to Steven R. and Leisa T. Timmons, $515,000.

SYMPHONY WAY NE, 10793-Jerry C. Booker to Jung Hoon Baek, $287,500.

TALISMAN LANE SW, 7101-Joyce M. Savage to Edith Brumskill, $244,900.

TAMAR DR. N., 8108-John H. Smith Jr. to Christopher Malinowski and Patricia Chapin, $441,000.

TAMEBIRD CT., 8877-Ralph Bedell Jr. to James C. Yao, $53,500.

TERRIER CT. N., 10808-Andrew S. Rein to Norman L. and Marcia J. Blackburn, $387,135.

THUNDER HILL RD. E., 5341-Harvey Lee to Marc Segal, $425,000.

TOPBRANCH LANE S., 10818-W.W. Owens to Kevin Blanchard and Abby Cabrera, $293,000.

TREE SWALLOW CT. N., 6023-Craig A. Shale to Brian T. and Lisa A. Edwards, $245,000.

TROTTING RIDGE WAY, 10957-Bruce P. Windesheim to Sharon D. Payne, $215,000.

TWIN RIVERS RD., 10596-Glenn David Shoemaker to Shawn E. and Stacy Jo Krasa, $111,000.

WARFIELD PL. W., 10821-Lori Brandes to Anthony S. Oh, $280,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY, 7565-Maria Neely to John J. Bertoltotti and Cynthia A. Bertolotti, $160,000.

WETBANKS CT. W., 8997-Cornelius Bleyer to Joseph E. Melocchi, $335,000.

YELLOWROSE CT., 5740-Daniel Delaney to Sean P. Gildea and Cheryl J. Sullivan, $212,000.

Cooksville Area

MONTICELLO DR. E., 14680-Philip Gary Cohen to Andrew S. and Stacy M. Biechlin, $312,000.

Elkridge Area

BLUE SKY E., 5835-Devesh Srivastava to Steven R. and Stacey M. Corley, $325,000.

BUTTERFIELD DR., 7813-Leslie Raymond to Yuliya Hoffman, $208,500.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6312-Laurence H. Trost to Lisa L. Hurst, $195,000.

GROUSE CIR., 6609-M.K. Johnson to Gregory B. and Linda M. Samples, $358,000.

MAYFIELD AVE., 7871-Obinali Ossi Agugua to Sihin Shiferaw, $202,500.

ROCKLEDGE CT. E., 6440-Michael Steven Brown to Jerry Jeff and Gauri Pandit Jaboin, $190,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 5823-Richard N. Strama to Robert Corley, $168,000.

ROWANBERRY DR. E., 5735-Kelly L. Dolan to Gregory V. and Karen Giammalvo, $177,500.

ROWANBERRY DR. E., 6355-Theophilus R. Brainerd to Byoung E. Chung and Sun N. Lee, $450,000.

SANCTUARY CT. NW, 6815-Eric A. Hale to Bong Je and Insuk Sung, $290,000.

SHADY OAK LANE W., 5832-Thanh Trong Nguyen and Lara Thuan Hansdottir, $320,000.

WATERMILL CT. E., 8000-Leijuona D. Bolden to Sunil and Bhavini Purohit, $217,000.

Ellicott City Area

BLUEBERRY HILL LANE, 7767-Kevin R. Crowley to Renee M. Tirocchi, $302,000.

BONNYBRIDGE PL., 3705-Keith E. Pabst to Seungwook Lim and Hyun Sook Rho, $246,075.

BOONES LANE E., 3037-Gregg Donald Gorman to Jeffrey R. Speelman and Lori A. Spellman, $585,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7923-Scott Summers to So Yeon Park, $315,000.

CHATEAU RIDGE DR. E., 3609-Steven P. Grossman to Steven P. and Eileen S. Grossman, $517,000.

COUNTRY LANE, 2839-Robert C. Wardwell to Mark E. and Sandra K. Gianneschi, $575,000.

CROSS COUNTRY DR., 4326-Louis F. Fries III to Yuexing Zhang and Fang Liu, $413,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. N., 4994-Christopher S. Berry to Timothy P. Hardesty, $221,000.

EMILY FOX CT., 10017-Miguel A. Heredia to Karl and Kimberly Hoffman, $465,000.

FALLS RUN RD. N., 8559-Melissa Ann Miller to Heather M. and Albert W. Myers, $173,500.

FOLLY QUARTER RD., 3850-Philip W. Hesse to Barry Wolf and Tonya J.E. Adelsperger, $425,000.

FONT HILL DR. W., 3844-Thomas G. Phillips to Diane Gerrits, $539,500.

GLASTONBURY RD., 10244-Wayne E. Wantz to Xi Jiang and Yan Liu, $645,000.

GOLDFINCH CT. NW, 5711-David S. Pennington to Peter V. and Maureen M. Mirabito, $299,000.

GOVERNOR HENRY CT. NW, 3329-Wendol A. Williams to Gregory K. and Kimberly M. Geslois, $625,000.

GROTTO WALK NW, 3029-Xiao Ming Zhou to Leo Shen and Yuan Lu, $545,000.

KINGSCUP CT., 4528-Terry M. Smith to William D. and Harriett A. Tootle, $304,900.

LITTLE BRICK HOUSE CT. S., 10241-Douglas J. Iannarino to Susan G. and Lynne Thorman, $465,000.

MELBA RD., 2522-Frederick H. Wolf to Michael A. Frederick, $452,500.

MICHAELS WAY, 9401-Carolyn George to Cotto Cynthia Cumba, $400,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 5521-Robert W. Stahl to Young Sun Lee, $305,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 4123-4123 Old Columbia Associates to Michael Ethan Langill and Sally E. Hickman, $286,000.

OLD FENCE RD., 3234-Joseph L. Hockersmith to John E. and Jenny L.M. Miller, $390,000.

PAPILLON DR., 8818-Joseph W. Pipkin to Rima and Mukesh Garg, $340,000.

QUEENS CAMEL CT. N., 10225-Glenn Gruenberg to Sandra G. Schwartz, $575,000.

RAMBLEWOOD RD., 3233-Elizabeth Ann Tubbs to Ralph F. and Bryan Hilliard, $302,000.

RAMBLEWOOD RD. SE, 3249-Reginald T. Nicolas to Bonnie Marie and Kathryn D. Williams, $445,000.

TARPLEY CT. E., 10222-Michele C. Whitacre to Charles S. and Anne Johnson, $495,000.

TRAIL VIEW DR. SE, 8525-James Zoller to Thomas and Rebecca Dagenais, $455,000.

UNION MILLS CT., 8509-Gordon G. Dabrasky to Gregory A. and Jan P. Lowe, $606,000.

WATER WHEEL CT. E., 2705-Primacy Closing Corp. to Thomas M. and Denise H. Smith, $575,000.

WHITE STAR WAY SW, 4026-Namleb Corp. to Kim L. Bright, $475,000.

ROUTE 108, 10690-Barbara J. Anderson to Hussain M. and Ruquia N. Ali, $331,000.

Glenwood Area

DANMARK DR. NW, 3292-George W. McCormick to John Martin and Barbara O'Neill Casey, $750,000.

SHADY LANE NE, 3805-Philip R. Deming to Louis and Mitzi Depaola, $1.06 million.

Hanover Area

ADCOCK LANE, 6128-Richard J. Mudd to Douglas W. and Leslie B. Kornreich, $440,000.

HANOVER RD. NE, 6025-Yasmin S. Boodhoosingh to Carl L. Frydrych and Carolyn A. Schoenian, $336,000.

SKIPTON DR. NE, 6423-John L. Turney Jr. to Gregory E. Laput, $430,000.

Highland Area

CLARKSVILLE PIKE, 14175-Earl G. Bland to Charles S. Brannan and Elizabeth C. Stretmater, $620,000.

PRESTWICK DR. SE, 6540-Carol P. Cornwell to David H. Peters and Karin J. Neufeld, $786,100.

Jessup Area

CONCORD DR. N., 8680-Joseph L. Peterson to Fontell E. Peart, $253,500.

RED ROSE WAY NW, 7913-James Arthur Williams to Daniel E. Strang, $411,100.

SUMMIT HILL WAY, 8302-Melissa M. Ghera to Judy A. Adams and Eithel D. Meyers, $285,000.

WILLOWWOOD WAY NE, 8857-Michael W. Castle to Andrew S. and Deborah A. Layton, $214,900.

Savage Area

WASHINGTON ST., 8811-John W. Beaty to Emily E. and Mark B. Little, $250,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BRIDLE PATH LANE, 9215-Donna Belcher to Shelley J. Marine, $139,600.

BRIDLE PATH LANE, 9220-Melaine S. McKnight to Derek J. Williams, $106,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9622-Joseph B. Young to Alexander H. and Princess A. Neal Washington, $165,900.

DALY CT. NW, 9320-Sharon E. Tweit to Charles Kevin Combs, $248,000.

DELFIELD CT., 10611-John Michael Giles to Shun Young Zinn, $212,500.

DELFIELD CT., 10634-David J. Beckstead to Aurel A. Ciobanu and Beatrice T. Ciobanu, $225,000.

DONNA LANE, 9108-Joseph M. Mach to Yong D. and Ae S. Kim, $295,000.

GORMAN RD., 10613-Kurt J. Koller to Michael J. Zimmer and Catherine M. Hurley, $350,000.

HITCHING POST LANE, 9180-Constance E. Carter Bowers to James Salomon, $150,000.

JENNIFER CT., 8612-Jarvis V. Doles to Tamara N. and William Roberts, $298,700.

MAYFLOWER CT. E., 9443-Cheryl Elizabeth Penalver to Brett A. and Cristina M. Sovereign, $219,000.

PARK AVE. N., 9598-David K. Epstein to Vonas Tessema and Senait Mehret, $400,000.

STEEPLE CT. SE, 9308-Raja A. Shekharan to Felipe P. and Maria G. Romo, $280,000.

TUMBLEWEED RUN, 9110-Rosalyn H. Southee to Chun Fai Lee, $145,000.

SIXTH ST., 9400-Michael A. Cox to Aaron D. and Carrie L. Gilchrist, $352,000.

Woodbine Area

DAISY RD. W., 3720-Steven L. Sales to Se Bong and Kum Soon Lee, $376,000.

HUNT VALLEY DR. SW, 2941-Daniel M. Carson to David C. Costello, $1.08 million.

JENNINGS CHAPEL RD., 3245-Herbert C. Atwell to the Reeve Family Corp., $600,000.

Woodstock Area

WOODSTOCK RD. SE, 1845-Robert Donohue to Daniel Nelson and Bonnie Hodder, $326,300.