Leesburg Area

CURRANT TER., 538-Michele Y. and Mark Edward Kelly to Allen Kopp and Christine Kopp, $268,500.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 823-Sara H. Perry to Thierry Jean Sagnier, $178,000.

DAVIS AVE., 107D-Jose Vado to Joyce Amery Settle, $169,900.

DAVIS AVE., 507-Virginia S. and David M. Payne Jr. to M. Membreno and Jose M.C. Villalta, $245,000.

DOYLE TER., 516-Drees Co. to Diane R. and Joseph J. Newcomer, $293,258.

DRUMMOND PL., 18687-Gretchen A. and Jeffrey A. Sink to Lara D. and Roberto E. Zamora, $425,000.

FERRY FIELD TER., 19181-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to L. Ethan Albright, $650,000.

FOSTER PL., 1006-Anna G. and Robert Francis Toth to Carolyn and Troy Minor, $420,026.

GAINES CT., 328-Megan E. and Peter G. Ihrig to Jocelyn H. and Alan J. Reyes, $610,000.

GATEWAY DR., 672, No. 608-Dennis James Hanrahan to Baha Zayed, $182,310.

GINKGO TER., 451-Shannon and Joshua Allison to Whitney A. and Justin T. Henwood, $285,000.

GROUSE TER., 19060-Wasi Ahadi and Abe Nader to Dary and Eric Tze Man Wong, $452,500.

HANCOCK PL., 95-Jun Cui to Leslie and Jeffrey Swisher, $145,000.

HANCOCK PL., 96-Carlos Omar Rodriquez to Juan Olivares, $142,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1105, No. 301-Mary Kay and Paul R. Demarce to Farzana Sikandar and Wali Sikandar, $172,000.

KEPHARTS MILL TER., 19232-Diane Boone to R. Atanasov and Christopher Clark, $449,900.

LEES MILL SQ., 43814-Lansdowne Community Development to Beverly F. Bradford, $352,655.

LIBERTY ST., 16-Margaret E. Hafey to Bobbie L. Skerrett, $300,000.

MARSHALL DR., 486-Centex Homes to Michelle S. and Stanley K. Crawford, $470,885.

MAX CT., 103-Richmond American Homes to Sandra L. and Francis J. McDonnell, $439,565.

MAXIMILLIAN CT., 111-K.L. Olde Towne Corp. to Judith G. and Joseph P. Popple, $314,376.

MEADE DR., 120-Melissa M. and Colby J. Reilly to Lisa and Josh Levi, $579,000.

MILL DAM PL., 19397-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Mohamad T. Haghighi, $578,833.

MILL DAM PL., 19428-Lansdowne Community Development to Ali Akbar Doraney, $534,125.

MILLBROOK TER., 327-Dawn K. and Matthew N. Janda to Lorii and Steven C. Mullins, $268,000.

MORVEN PARK RD., 104-Linda C. and Stanley J. Rodimon to Patricia and William R. Anderson, $668,330.

NEWHALL PL., 220-Laura Ann and Carl J. Bartholomew to Ellen Moffett and David Uehlinger, $465,000.

RADFORD TER., 509-Deidre G. and Robert John Ferris to Erika J.H. West, $259,500.

REVELSTORE TER., 806-Theodore A. Au to Chester H. Rowe, $384,800.

RIVERPOINT DR., 43474-Lansdowne Community Development to Janice C. and Guy C. McGowan, $603,981.

RUST DR., 815-Lorrie and Jonathan P. Rustick to Anthony and Jessica L. Solis, $310,000.

SHENANDOAH ST., 226-Darryl W. Beans to Richard Jarrett Jr. and Dan J. Lowe, $182,500.

SHERBROOKE TER., 43068-Christina L. and Kyle N. Zimmerman to Meghan Murphy and Mary M. Jones, $305,900.

SHIRLEY SQ., 275-Ann S. Rowe to Foeng C. Koesno and Lisa H. Breece, $305,000.

SILVERBELL TER., 407-Tayaba S. and Sarfaraz Malik to Farid Al Sayegh, $260,000.

SILVERBELL TER., 429-Dawn M. and Ronald A. Dente Jr. to Ildiko and Norman A. Parham, $280,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 1024-Penney P. and Roger B. Fields to Christina and Jimmy E. Griffin Jr., $262,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 1071-Timothy A. Bowers to Sarah Kelly, $265,000.

SPENCER TER., 194-Kincaid Virginia Corp. to Kendrick M. Halliburton, $365,271.

STUMPTOWN RD., 42388-Dorothy A. and Martin P. Mullen to Kyung Ja Lee and Bok Jin Kim, $250,000.

SUNRISE VIEW CT., 17831-Ghazwa Associates Corp. to S. Fields and Kevin M. Gleadall, $900,882.

SWEIG TER., 19196-NVR Inc. to David W. Ford, $410,320.

TALMADGE CT., 605-Donna J. and Steve M. Spear to Jennifer and Donald A. Rynkowski, $459,900.

TEABERRY DR., 43142-Beth Johnson and Randy Cantrell to Marievette and Steven B. Keller, $484,990.

THOMAS MILL RD., 40223-Duane and D. Boris and Arlene Thorpe to Christine F. Spinosa, $400,000.

TULIPTREE SQ., 501-Tommie J. and Michael D. Miller to Carrie Lyn and Joshua Linebaugh, $296,000.

VALEMOUNT TER., 857-Billye and Richard J. Alires to Cindy D. Mangum, $428,000.

WIGGUM SQ., 19216-Lansdowne Community Development to Robert Brook Carhart, $544,340.

WIGGUM SQ., 19229-Lansdowne Community Development to Wayne Robert Welch, $521,425.

WIGGUM SQ., 19229-Wayne Robert Welch to Cabell M. and William M. Adams, $589,900.