5-5 record

2A South No. 4 seed

First round: 1 p.m. Saturday at Potomac

Experience: C-

Coaches say that a good team should learn from every game, every experience, and Southern hasn't lived up to that doctrine so far this season. The same mistakes -- fumbles, special teams blunders -- plague Coach Russ Meyers's team seemingly every week.

With a run-heavy offense that relies on time-of-possession, Southern has suffered from turnovers most. "We've lost a lot of games because of that," Meyers said, "and we haven't learned yet. We've got to change our ways, because we can't keep up this inconsistency."

Talent: B

A 5-5 season left Southern disappointed, but this is one place where nobody casts blame. "We've got plenty of talent," running back Bobby Atwell said. "Our problem is living up to it."

Coaches consider Atwell one of the most athletic players in Anne Arundel County. He has a strong upper body and whips off the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds. An all-state-caliber lacrosse player, he's capable of absorbing hits while still maintaining his momentum.

Southern came into the year thinking talent would be the team's greatest blessing. "I can't stop thinking," Atwell said, "about how awesome we could be."

Resolve: C+

Meyers thinks his team will be motivated by its own failures. Southern's win-loss record, he said, has players steaming. "They're excited to prove that this is more than just an average team," he said.

Still, Southern's already had games this season that it needed to win, yet came out flat. Last week against Annapolis, Meyers thought his team needed a win to make the playoffs. It proceeded to turn the ball over five times.

"We got a little bit lucky getting in here," Meyers said. "Now we've got to prove that we deserve it."

-- Eli Saslow

Southern will have a chance Saturday to make amends for what it called an inconsistent regular season."We've got plenty of talent," said running back Bobby Atwell.