A review of the Twin Beach Players' production of "The Foreigner," published in the Nov. 11 Southern Maryland Extra, gave an incorrect ticket price for senior citizens. Admission for seniors is $10 for the performances at the Holland Point Civic Center at 8 p.m. tomorrow and Saturday and 4 p.m. Sunday. (Published 11/18/04)

A trap door, a mirror game and a dubious spoon that has just arrived from Tijuana.

These items, along with partially eaten apples, explosives and a strange but familiar language are all part of the Twin Beach Players production of "The Foreigner," opening tomorrow night.

These elements are intertwined with the play's physical comedy, as created by the late actor and playwright Larry Shue. This production is directed by Twin Beach veteran Sid Curl.

The director works here with the following cast of Twin Beach Players:

Elizabeth McWilliams, playing Sgt. "Froggy" LeSueur; Jeff Larsen, playing Charlie Baker; Sherry Hall, playing Betty Meeks; Steve Fogle, playing the Rev. David Marshall Lee; Barbara Webber, playing Catherine Simms; Tom Wines, playing Owen Musser; and Justin Christofel, playing Ellard Simms.

The main character, Baker, assumes another identity and drives the laughs.

Baker is an English proofreader who nearly gets through the play without having to speak. He meekly but reluctantly shows up at a rural Georgia fishing lodge with his friend, LeSueur, a British army sergeant who occasionally runs demolition training at a nearby base.

LeSueur, using a brutish cockney accent, helps her painfully shy friend avoid conversation.

She explains to fishing lodge owner Meeks that Baker doesn't understand English, so no one need try to talk to him. Meeks takes Baker under her wing, almost deafening him in the process.

Baker doesn't appreciate this misunderstanding but has few options, especially since his unfaithful wife didn't really want him with her.

Baker's quiet reserve is threatened when he finds himself overhearing a private conversation between the minister and girlfriend Simms. The discussion includes the plans of Musser, and Baker helps to keep the family fortune in the family by befriending Ellard, Simms's dim younger brother.

Webber and McWilliams bring experience from neighboring theatrical groups and help a strong cast flesh out one of the Twin Beach Players' best productions.

Playwright Shue's life ended when his commuter plane crashed 19 years ago near Washington. He left behind two full-length comedies, "The Nerd" and "The Foreigner."

Performances are at Holland Point Civic Center, just north of North Beach. Performances are at 8 p.m. tomorrow and Saturday, and 4 p.m. Sunday. The schedule repeats Nov. 19-21. Advance tickets, $12; at the door, $15; children and seniors, $5.

Jeff Larsen and Elizabeth McWilliams play lead roles in "The Foreigner."