Community Apartments

Won't Become Private

In response to the Nov. 7 letter "An Uncertain Future for Supportive Housing," as executive director of the Prince William County Community Services Board, I would like to assure Mr. Michael Ragland and others that there is absolutely no movement afoot to privatize Community Apartments.

The collaborative efforts of Amurcon Realty, Action in the Community Through Services (ACTS), Good Shepard Housing Foundation and the Prince William County Community Services Board has made Community Apartments a shining example of the community pulling together to provide much-needed services.

Tom Geib

Executive director,

Community Services Board

Board Should Explain

Kelly Contract Decision

It is time to sit up and take notice. A horrible injustice is in the making, and taxpayers need to call or write our local School Board members.

There have been many letters in this paper praising School Superintendent Edward L. Kelly and his outstanding service in improving the quality of our schools.

Several groups have appeared before the School Board with petitions touting this excellence.

Even with all of this, it apparently is not enough for our elected board members, most of whom have been in office less than a year, to understand that residents want and deserve a credible answer as to why the majority of them told Dr. Kelly they would not consider keeping him or extending his contract.

Dr. Kelly asked for a two-year extension, saying he had things to finish. Dr. Kelly had a medical condition last year and then had complications. The capable staff members he has in place were able to keep the system running. And the awards and recognitions kept coming.

Just what, other than getting elected, qualifies the School Board to shortchange Dr. Kelly and the residents of Prince William County?

The board is not looking at all the facts. They certainly are not being open with the public.

There was no official vote, and there certainly was no discussion during board time. And when it was discussed at a work session at which a resident was present, there was not much said.

Many of us had hoped that those who were elected would do what is right for our public school system, but this gives many of us concern.

Surely they don't believe we, the majority of people, are happy, or that Dr. Kelly is happy. All he asked for was two more years.

Let your voice be heard. We need to keep the excellence we have built over the years.

Ella Shannon