The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

DODSWORTH DR., 13451-Judith S. and James E. Brand Sr. to Kathy and Tim Holt, $435,000.

GARRY GLEN DR., 12561-Jayne L. and Jack C. Gundrum to Lynne and Rick A. Uribe, $495,000.

MOXLEYS FORD LANE, 10000-Crystal Smith and Nathan Sours to David A. Bennin, $245,000.

SELKIRK CIR., 12402-Brian A. Muza to Kristen and Michael Barker, $275,000.

SELKIRK CIR., 12505-Nereida and William D. Puso to Ji Sook Choi, $270,000.

SHENVALE CIR., 13082-Christopher J. and Melissa L. Lenard to Jin and Hyo Kyong Lee, $335,500.

SIR REYNARD LANE, 10106-Chistobal Montalvo to Michelle and Obdil Herrera, $340,000.

Catharpin Area

GABLES GREEN WAY, 13051-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jon D. and Rebecca W. Herberger, $810,710.

Dumfries Area

BANKS CT., 2845-Ramon Mejia and Santos Perez Amaya to Christian A. Villalobos, $175,100.

BELLEPLAIN CT., 3450-Elizabeth Louise Kennedy to Velma L. Jones, $257,500.

CEDAR KNOLL CT., 15251-Teresa A. and James M. Young to Andrea D. Swinney, $379,000.

HAMPSTEAD RIDGE CT., 17621-Dawn and Roy Kennedy to Monica R. and Aaron C. Watson, $368,500.

MAMMOTH CAVE LOOP, 4033-Rebecca L. and Richard S. Wellhouse to David Walker Sr., $284,000.

MCCLELLAN CT., 2335-Gregory Lydell and Hartley Stackhouse to Hugo Ordonez, $185,000.

MILROY DR., 17889-Joan E. and Danny L. Pack to Deborah Pack and Ronald Hage, $160,000.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2906-Laura G. McKenzie and Joseph M. Gaudiano to Amy C. and Peter J. Ditton, $425,955.

WENDY CT., 15812-Marcia A. and David P. Lobik to Kevin M. Kelly, $450,500.

Gainesville Area

CLATTERBUCK LOOP, 14077-NVR Inc. to Millicent M. and Daniel J. Cerniglia, $532,495.

CRIMSON CROSSING WAY, 8325-Richmond American Homes to Beverly D.L. Kennedy, $422,340.

ELLIS FORD PL., 8601-Thomas Johnson and Michael Walsh to Maria Manzano and Jose Amaya, $489,900.

EVERBREEZE LANE, 6614-Lynn P. Simon and Gary L. Averett to Shirley E. and Carl K. Hinger, $530,000.

FORBES PL., 14205-Tracy A. and Mark S. McCormic to Juan Guevara, $386,900.

HUNTERS RUN WAY, 14243-Sunhee Choi to Robin Swarmer and Louis Ceccarelli, $345,000.

KINSLEY MILL PL., 8304-NVR Inc. to Shinsook Kim, $460,091.

MURPHY TER., 14251-Washington Homes Inc. to Roseline E. and Michael A. Dada, $399,771.

SNICKERSVILLE DR., 14164-NVR Inc. to Debra H. and Tracy D. Smyers, $568,190.

WINDY HOLLOW CIR., 15172-Margaret M. and Jeffrey S. McGough to Kristen M. Ingram and Sean M. Blair, $580,000.

Haymarket Area

ASHBY GROVE LOOP, 6476-Nichole E. Gatto and John A. Wild to Lori G. and Christopher J. Phelps, $425,000.

ERINBLAIR LOOP, 6039-Heidi M. and George J. Mercuro Jr. to Mehbooba and Syed Tahir Qadri, $600,000.

JACOBS CREEK PL., 5333-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Cheryl Martin and Donald Andrew Thomas, $602,442.

JAMES MADISON HWY., 6104-Carol A. and Ernest A. Bugg to Joo Young Ok, $340,000.

PICKETTS STORE PL., 15604-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Victor Dias, $316,944.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5729-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Stephanie A. and Ronald L. Vandevander, $416,169.

Manassas Area

BOWMANS FOLLY DR., 15270-Dunhill and Mylinh T. Nguyen to Laverne J. and Donahue A. Hibbert, $650,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8252-Simon Hernandez Jr. to Roshani Persad, $165,000.

DEWARD CT., 7975-Betty Jo and Harold W. Pilkington to Alexis Cruz Yanez, $357,000.

DUNEIDEN LANE, 7619-Elin and Gianni Burburan to Sara L. Ahl and Eric P. Richard, $278,000.

DUSTY WILLOW RD., 12849-Beth E. and Allen R. Osborn to Anita E. and Kirby K. Sniffen, $540,000.

HILLIS CT., 9232-Insuk and Steven J. Mullins to Christopher T. Lutz, $414,000.

HIRAM CT., 11018-Jose Loera to Jose Gilberto Ayala, $190,000.

KOMAN CIR., 11014-Michael P. and Lori A. Hardy to Kimberly R. and Shaun M. Pierson, $188,999.

LOVERS LANE, 12005-Philena C. Shafer and Robert W. Horton to Teresa D. Marsh, $152,400.

MEADOW CT., 7895-Gale L. and Kenneth A. Hays to Fidel Ventura Mejia, $210,000.

PURDUE CT., 7520-Sherrie A. Fox to Sarah C. James and Aaronk Anderson, $180,000.

RIVER FOREST DR., 6052-Elizabeth A. and Scott R. Freeman to Rita Romano and William Stejskal, $569,000.

ROXBURY AVE., 7395-Shari R. and Christopher P. Stettler to Gretchen and Rohan Somers, $329,900.

SABRE CT., 7843-Paul and Matthew Dale to Tracy K. and Harry E. Epps II, $296,000.

SPLIT RAIL DR., 10834-Julia W. and Kenneth A. Moore to Erin and Craig Harmison, $455,000.

TRIO LANE, 9578-Terri R. and David R. Cameron to Kristin C. and Daniel Hall, $417,000.

VAN DOREN RD., 13666-Terrance Spellane to Carmen M. and Richard C. Brock, $419,000.

WESTCHESTER DR., 8967-Rachel M. and Bernard Arnold Wright to Newstar Corp., $310,000.

WINCHESTER CT., 10200-Karen L. Watts to Andres J. Sanchez, $219,000.

WINSTEAD PL., 8222, No. 102-Timothy W. Haden Jr. to Lisa A. Billingham, $195,000.

WINSTEAD PL., 8242, No. 203-Faith Marie Benoit to Alice A. Evcimen, $200,000.

Manassas Park Area

ARLINGTON AVE., 9316-Jonathan M. Slack to David E. Schwab, $269,900.

BUCKHALL FARM CT., 9409-Birchwood Manassas Associates Corp. to Belinda G. and Thomas K. Ruffin Sr., $400,300.

HYNSON DR., 9805-Joan L. and John T. Cunnings to Susan M. and Thomas J. Campbell, $420,000.

JANET ROSE CT., 9633-NVR Inc. to Mia D. and Clifford R. Ruggles, $432,162.

PINE ST., 7528-Mary Ellen and Bernard H. Greene to Barbara K. Kenniston, $325,000.

WALCOTT CT., 8622-Kimberley B. Akre to Henry G. Gonzales and Javier A. Zapata, $270,000.

WILCOXEN FARM PL., 7821-Birchwood Manassas Associates Corp. to Ro T. Nguyen and Hoang T. Vo, $457,380.

Occoquan Area

FORTRESS WAY, 417-Judith M. and Frank R. Iacona Jr. to Amy M. and John H. Kittell, $286,000.

Woodbridge Area

ADRIAN CT., 13582-Myong and Jesse F. Williams to Sufia Ferdowsi and Miah M.S. Uddin, $265,500.

ALDRICH PL., 904-Janet H. and Mark E. Thayer to Regina S. Lawlor, $273,250.

ARUM PL., 15086-Dorothy M. Terry to Ines A. and Digna E. Hernandez, $184,900.

ASHDALE CIR., 14935-Zurriane A. Bennett to Angela Yescas and Walter Sifontes, $220,000.

AVIARY WAY, 3469-Arlene D. and Jerry C. Black Jr. to Anton Popov, $262,000.

BANCROFT LANE, 4125-Eddie Glover to Theresa and Emory E. Phlegar Jr., $315,000.

BATH CT., 3538-Christine S. and Peter M. Pecori to Humberto Ventura, $70,000.

BELMONT BAY DR., 650-Bonnie S. and Stephen L. Tidball to Michelle T. and David E. Shirey, $410,000.

BENTLEY CIR., 13559-Daniel Anthony Molinares to Najeeb Ullah Khan, $227,000.

BERKLEY LANE, 3212-Ramona and Justin B. Early to Santos Bonilla, $274,900.

BERTRAM ST., 11565-William M. and Mulvina R. Dalton to Catherine A. and William R. Delorenzo, $326,000.

BOBOLINK DR., 15849-NVR Inc. to Alan J. Baribeau, $406,410.

BONNEVILLE LANE, 4686-Harriet L. and Paul B. Richard to Charles P. and Gail L. Strickland, $392,900.

BOUNTIFUL LANE, 3406-Lee A. Crawley to Miwon Kim, $282,000.

CAISSON CT., 11226-Yoko O'Malley to Cynthia A. and Stephen C. Jones, $459,900.

CAMPBELL LANE, 15105-Sandra E. and Oscar B. Canas to Cordero Elmer Alfaro, $284,900.

CARDAMOM DR., 12022-Steven D. Soles to Jonathan E. Hake, $175,500.

CARDAMOM DR., 12194-Pausha A. Monroe to Cynthia L. Walker, $180,000.

CARDIN PL., 15050-Lisa C. and Anthony E. Ulmer to Theresa M. and Octavious Tookes Jr., $245,000.

CASTLE HILL DR., 3453-Maria L. and Wilber F. Vega to Olanike and Sunday Owolabi, $219,000.

CHANCEFORD DR., 11900-Equity Homes Corp. to Audra K. and Steve M. Edward, $638,263.

CHAUCER LANE, 12197-Jennifer L. and Steven L. Semrau to Lachundra Thomas, $159,900.

CHERRYDALE DR., 15014-Michael J. Psarakis to Brian E. Jenkins, $179,000.

CHULA PL., 15221-K. Hovnanian at Lake Terrapin Corp. to Mario R. Woodberry and Regina R. Byrd Jr., $459,124.

CROAKER LANE, 4072-Jennifer L. and Chad A. Brant Gargan to Laura R. and Clayton S. Berry, $349,000.

DELANEY RD., 13209-Charles Gordon Willenbring to Monika E. Schloder and Brion L. Boyles, $123,208.

ECHO CT., 4402-Katrena J. Moody to Carlos and Francisco Medrano and Marta Veliz, $290,000.

EDEN LANE, 12425-C. Michelle and Joshua A.S. Henry to Michael A. Williams, $300,000.

EVEREST PEAK LANE, 12458-Nancy Matthews to Oliver Agbaegbu, $329,000.

FAWNRIDGE CT., 3984-Laurie D. and Timothy P. Rioux to Kelly H. and Christopher J. Michelsen, $465,000.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3939-Bonny Fox and Frank M. Bruno to Jose V. Pineda, $260,000.

FORSYTHIA TER., 14667-Ahmad Khatibi to Musu Kabba and Abdul R. Kamara, $221,450.

FORT CRAIG DR., 12125-Janice D. and James H. Graham to Steve B. Austin, $450,000.

GASCONY PL., 11755-James B. Pugel to Julia and James D. Martin, $324,000.

GATEHOUSE TER., 15350-Ada J. Villanueva and Ana I. Mercado to Carroll R. Williams, $219,900.

GLOUCESTER CT., 2874-Digna and Fidel Aguilar to Manuel E. Urrutia, $180,000.

GUNSMITH TER., 15340-Mikhaela D. Dowker to Nicholas Tama, $204,500.

GUNSTON HALL DR., 5297-Washington Homes Inc. to Andrea P. and Carlos Kramer, $473,228.

INGLEBROOK DR., 1907-Sandra Jean and Stacy Alan Thompson to Gary G. Kent, $110,000.

JED FOREST LANE, 16856-A. Tyree Thomasina to Stephen Wireko, $250,000.

KENTMORE DR., 4417-Brenda L. and Robert H. Withrow to Sazina and Theodore J. Lyons III, $280,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 13612-Alfredo Argueta to Zoila Umana, $330,000.

LONGVIEW DR., 2284-Catherine M. and Joseph C. Hadnagy Sr. to Arlene and Jerry C. Black Jr., $345,000.

LYNWOOD DR., 5028-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Rosa and Jonathan Mathews, $275,000.

MACEDONIA DR., 16023-Judith D. and Fred H. Ryerse Jr. to Pablo A. Gudiel, $359,000.

MANCHESTER WAY, 12509-Karen Marie Eissinger to Henry A. Hobson and Stacy L. Grijalva, $301,000.

MARGARET ST., 1518-Ronald Savage to Maribel Ayala Martinez and Julian Ayala, $260,000.

MARUMSCO DR., 13406-Grace L. and Leighton A. Quidley to Tina J. and Gustavo Barrera, $200,000.

MARY ST., 1410-Larry E. Hills and Melissa K. Jack to Osman R. Garcia, $265,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 1993-Todd L. Cumpston to M. and Lisa A. Bouzaidi, $245,000.

MILLET ST., 3518-Abdel H. and Mona S. Tobar to Urmil, Vishal and Diwan Gupta, $436,500.

MIRANDA LANE, 16824-Robert M. Puhala to Jimmy Vu, $270,000.

MONTOCLAIR LANE, 13850-Karen T. Pratzner to Diane C. and Matthew R. Modarelli, $299,000.

NEWGATE RD., 13111-Theresa A. Youmans to John Studebaker, $193,000.

OAKLAWN LANE, 6250-Maria R. Mills to Rachel and John J. Campbell, $400,000.

ODION LANE, 12045-NVR Inc. to Lorraine D. Watson, $392,310.

OVERLEIGH DR., 11574-Patricia and Gerald Anthony Mocello to Jose C. Flores and Nelly Blanco, $269,000.

PALM RD., 13727-Patricia C. and Larry L. Kline to Maria M. and Fabio A. Galindo, $335,000.

PAXTON ST., 2566-Ann Rae and Edward L. Nelson to Liliana and Oscar Garcia, $275,000.

PERSIMMON PL., 12304-Dawn S. and Joseph J. Miller Jr. to Leann R. and Terence P. Baugh, $395,000.

POHICK CREEK CT., 1903-Sharon A. Welch to Delfino Ramirez and Blanca Fernandez, $244,950.

POWELLS CROSSING CT., 3520-Linda L. and James L. Brinkley Jr. to Kimnga and Hoang V. Nguyen, $455,000.

QUEST CT., 5430-Julie and Cecil D. Chatman to Lissette Laboy, $240,000.

RHODE ISLAND DR., 5727-Joyce D. Lewis to Chrtistine and Lewis E. Forrest II, $350,000.

RIVIERA CT., 13824-Nisreen and Alee R. Ali to L.D. White and Wilbur W. Garnett, $399,000.

SAILSTONE LANE, 5697-Andre and Janet L. Stringer to Lynn Hwa Lun Liu and David C. Haas, $148,000.

STATLER DR., 14757-Roberta Christine and Danny E. Noel to Michelle and Daniel White, $350,000.

SUSSEX CT., 2240-Louis O. and Leo A. Sorbello to Wendy K. Clavijo Salgado and Israel Clavijo, $320,000.

TAXI DR., 12945-Ridgedale Inc. to Tirso and Conrado Dela Cruz, $234,190.

TAXI DR., 12947-Ridgedale Inc. to Eda Dayes, $248,633.

THRIFT LANE, 13110-Henry L. Fisher Jr. to Mabel Brempong, $350,000.

VALE CT., 3458-Nicole K. and Michael J. Wing III to Anita and Alfredo Salcedo, $235,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12887-Mary D. and Samuel A. Mahler Jr. to Jennifer L. and Warren Low, $440,000.

WATERMILL TER., 15322-Dany K.E. and David D. Ly to Leonardo Guerrero, $243,000.

WINSLOW CT., 1982-Mindi C. and Travis C. Haley to Ellen and Marcelino Salenga, $246,000.

WINTERGREEN CT., 4770-Gordon A. Bates to Annie Pearl and Tommy Johnson, $516,000.

WOODHAVEN CT., 3640-Tracy and Donald A. Zambito to Stuart A. and Terri J. Rabkin, $270,000.

YARDLEY LANE, 13407-Marion H. and Edward R. Yaxley Jr. to Frederick T. Pledger and Theresa C. Richeson, $240,000.