The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

E ST., 8220-Maureen E. Aubrey to Bret Oldman, $243,900.

WOODSHIRE AVE., 7334-Jonathan T. and Tonia L. Parent to Sabrina L. Kittrell, $274,000.

16TH ST., 4012-Kenneth E. Lauziere to Vicki H. Wade, $505,000.

Dunkirk Area

HICKORY RIDGE RD., 3185-James and Beverly Daniel to Margaret S. Mitchell and Bentz E. Puryear, $575,000.

LAKESIDE DR., 11213-Calvin W. Jr. and Cecile M. Ledford to Crystal L. and David M. Finnegan, $324,900.

Huntingtown Area

BEN OAK DR., 3231-Richard F. and Betty A. McGee to Linda M. and David H. Jenkins, $299,000.

REDHAVEN LANE, 3640-Thomas A. and Patricia M. McGovern to Kristine and Wallace Schmidt, $420,000.

STONE DR., 1630-Michael J. and Margaret L. Dishong to Jennifer L. and Todd Brandon Boswell, $185,000.

SYMPHONY LANE, 2980-John J. Jr. and Karen J. O'Brien to Lisa C. Morgan and David J. Morgan, $329,950.

Lusby Area

ABILENE TRAIL, 12850-Stuart Earl Esterbrook to Adam K. Cheng, $210,000.

FOREST GLEN RD., 843-Katherine Lyn and Brian K. Harwood to Sirva Relocation Corp., $199,900.

HIGHVIEW CIR., 11874-Robert J. and Alicia J. Massaro to Michelle R. and Robert J. Post, $299,000.

LAZY RIVER RD., 779-Jose C. Babiera to Sarah J. Proctor and Kevin J. Chronister, $175,000.

PAINTED HORSE TRAIL, 12451-Marian S. and Jeffrey C. Eastman to Stacy S. and Brian C. Sleeth, $220,000.

PINE TREE LANE, 12148-Scott and Victoria L. Stevenson to Thomas M. and Kelly M. Kellar, $200,000.

PLANTERS WHARF RD., 710-Sharon M. Green to Loren P. and Alarice Robinson, $200,000.

North Beach Area

SEA OAT CT., 9312-John and Irene V. Hulede to Lynn and John Fountain, $173,000.

FOURTH ST., 3920-Susan L. Marx to William Ronald Merrell, $210,000.

SIXTH ST., 3642-Wayne E. Grogan to Ryan Michael Epstein, $165,000.

SEVENTH ST., 3636-Barbara A. and William B. Bailey to Donald and Lisa Oswald, $210,000.

Owings Area

CLYDE JONES RD., 7051-Donald L. and Mary K. Angel to Charlene T. and Ernest A. Cameron, $415,500.

Solomons Landing Area

DOWELL RD., 14917-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Barbara and Stephen Meehan, $325,000.

St. Leonard Area

DELIGHT CT., 2350-Rodney Stewart to Tracy J. Wuenstel, $215,000.

NORTH HARBOR DR., 1848-Robert E. Ashley Jr. to Charles Haile and Katherine Nelson, $16,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

CAPTAIN JOHN'S CT., 6643-Eric V. Brown to Charlie C. Lentini, $190,000.

HAMMOCK CT., 2708-Latrina Goosby to Kory and Rosario Matthews, $200,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

STILES PL., 6325-Branchwood Construction Inc. to Michelle C. and William Revells, $522,000.

Indian Head Area

JOANNE CT., 7-Victoria M. and David A. Rankin to Brenda L. Epkin, $225,000.

LESLIE DR., 9-Jean M. Osborne to Susan Kirk, $195,000.

STUMP NECK RD., 3495-Gladys E. and Charles H. Gray to Glenn Swann, $77,000.

Issue Area

HONEYSUCKLE WAY, 14580-Old Branch Builders to Stephanie S. and Keith E. Moody, $262,200.

La Plata Area

BEL ALTON NEWTOWN RD., 7900-Douglas S. Campbell to Elizabeth D. Theobalds, $186,400.

CLARKS RUN RD., 706-Michael J. and Lisa Marie Molinari to Betty and James F. Risley, $383,000.

DULLES ST., 116-Brel Corp. to Jean C. McVicker, $144,460.

HICKORY CIR., 402-David A. and Mary G. Portner to Sara and Travis Smith, $415,000.

LEICESTER DR., 1315-Louis and Rose Moss to Tracy L. and Layne P. Berryhill, $424,900.

MITCHELL RD., 8727-Joseph G. and Judith A. O'Donnell to Patricia and James L. Saunders, $379,000.

PLEASANT DR., 4539-Annette C. and Rickey G. Parrett to Margaret C. Steffens, trustee, $280,000.

ST. MARY'S AVE., 602-Jennifer A. Pedri to Christopher Bowling, $144,500.

Port Tobacco Area

LOCUST GROVE DR., 8740-Cynthia A. Byrd and Glenn A. Gaither to Joyce L. Perry, $385,000.

St. Charles Area

GARNER AVE., 618-Theodore Woods Jr. to Marc J. Miller, $225,000.

GATEVIEW PL., 3849-Cressandra and James Lee to Amy L. and Chad J. Stakolosa, $155,000.

HARROW CT., 3187-Katherine N. and Dale R. Allen to Ericka and Emmanuel Borbon, $230,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3145-Zaret Family Trust to NRG Associates Partnership, $90,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3149-Zaret Family Trust to NRG Associates Partnership, $90,000.

LEXINGTON PL., 9610-Robin G. and Emerick A. Peace to Marcia L. Brown, $240,000.

MANNING CT., 3206-Ralyn A. Treadwell to Sharon L. Hoffman, $135,000.

QUILLEN CIR., 4422-Milagros A. Draper to Wendy Ford, $200,000.

WHITE FIR CT., 3413-Clara V. Grimes to Ronald G. Davis and Brent A. Sweet, $145,000.

ZINNIA PL., 3455-Greater Suburban Properties Inc. to Kelly L. and Mark A. Perkins, $202,000.

Waldorf Area

ANTELOPE CT., 6647-Craig R. Dyson to Elizabeth M. and Arthur M. Brown Jr., $290,000.

BEECHWOOD DR., 10534-Hector R. Sealey to Rochelle P. and Anthony R. Jones, $230,000.

BRADFORD CT., 10609-Thomas C. and Barbara R. Thayer to Robert J. French III and Amy R. Houtz, $375,000.

CLINTON CT., 1100-Joan M. and Robert G. Curkendall to Amy L. Curtis, $208,500.

DENNIS CT., 2115-Ralph T. and Helen W. Falconer to Sarah and John Shumaker, $250,000.

DOWITCHER CT., 2517-Fredy A. and Barbara A. Kornett to Sloan S. and Stephen M. Emerson, $335,000.

ENGLISH OAK CT., 2015-Jason Daniel Auth to Victoria M. and Virgil C. Marshall, $189,900.

ESSER PL., 3060-Konya E. and Chianti Q. Johnson to Diana and Anthony F. Harris, $266,500.

JACKSON CT., 2908-Martha M. Reed to Fe T. and Jose B. Inaldo Jr., $215,000.

KELLY GREEN PL., 3842-Thurman C. and Agnes M. Jackson to Wayne B. Ewen and Ismail Elmas, $130,000.

LARKSPUR CT., 803-Melissa D. Mabry and Tim R. Lucente to Reuben F. Lilly Jr., $116,500.

MARSH HAWK DR., 2943-Richard L. and Donna M. Burket to S.A. Molloy Flores and John P. Flores, $335,000.

SEXTANT PL., 10454-Barbara J. and James A. Austin to Michelle Larry, $220,000.

SHEARWATER DR., 11491-Andrew A. and Jennifer L. Hutcherson to Lakisha M. and Alan S. Tucker, $317,000.

SOLDIERFISH ST., 3915-Oakridge Associates Inc. to Erica S. and Adam P. McLennan, $310,715.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2094-Sarah B. Poythress to Shawana L. Hilliard, $138,500.

TRED AVON CT., 2705-Brian C. and Terri S. Vosburg to Jeffrey Simmons, $285,000.

WILLIAMSBURG DR., 3447-Steven D. and Amy B. Roberts to Joyce H. and Thomas Heither, $265,000.

WOODVILLE RD., 14985-Billy Dotson to Monique Calomeris, $296,900.

White Plains Area

BAILEY PL., 3611-Alfreda McCoy to McQucio D. Moore, $220,000.

DOGWOOD DR., 10145-J. Pasquella and William Fitzpatrick to Lisa A. Young, $279,990.

JACKSONHOLE PL., 10734-Andrew J. Martin to Greta K. Harrison, $232,000.

JACKSONHOLE PL., 10758-David H. Miles and Tracey R. English to Vanessa Y. Willis, $234,900.

NAUTICA PL., 10828-Dionne R. Murphy to Callaway C. Crain and Alan J. Guseilo, $218,000.

SEXTANT PL., 10466-Edward Valley to D.S. Cook, $215,000.

TREE FROG PL., 10190-Walter L. and Carolyn B. Woods to J. Woods and Robert J. Trimarchi, $249,900.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

LONGVIEW BLVD., 23123-Florine B. Johnson to Richard L. Mowry Jr., $12,000.

OWENS DR., 36774-Robert C. Lewis to Vander A. Trammell II, $105,000.

California Area

FALLING LEAF LANE, 23172-Steele E. and Colleen E. McGonelgal to Lambrine and James M. Arnold, $200,000.

OLD ROLLING RD., 22595-Frederick A. Fenstermaker Jr. to Denise Cherington, $189,900.

WHITE BIRCH CT., 23245, No. 12B-Gerald J. D'Wynter to Kelly Joann Morgan, $74,990.

Callaway Area

HEWITT RD., 45112-Wayne Porter Watson to Lorraine L. and Thomas E. Fleischman, $355,000.

JO MARIE WAY, 20892-Nickolas Erik Adams to MBA Properties Corp., $115,000.

Chaptico Area

LUCIE BEALL LANE, 24805-George E. Lawrence Sr. to Otis E.Vines Jr., $320,000.

Drayden Area

HYATT CT., 46445-David W. and Dawn M. Bastien to Doris J. and Jack A. Sciara, $415,000.

Great Mills Area

CHURCH DR., 45901-John P. and Laura Schultz to Stacy and Josh Neagles, $250,000.

LONGFIELDS BLVD., 45526-Larry L. Jones to Michele L. and James B. Brashear, $305,000.

MEADOWLARK DR., 45808-Kimberly J. Horn to Marie and Eddie Barnes, $258,000.

ST. JEROME'S CT., 45862-Dawyn M. and Michael A. Johnson to Delina Ambos, $147,000.

ST. MICHAEL'S CIR., 22082-Robin L. Clarke to Anthony Askew, $145,000.

Hollywood Area

RIVA RIDGE DR., 42191-Richard Frank Greenleaf to Cindy A. and Daniel S. Straughan, $289,900.

RIVERSIDE DR., 43193-Julie M. and Richard A. Forbes to Eugene W. Redding, $159,000.

SOTTERLEY RD., 25250-Robert Edward Kennett to Richard S. Vallandingham, $174,000.

Leonardtown Area

AVON WAY, 43886-Beachfront Properties Corp. to Kelly Barnes and Jamison Combs, $80,000.

CHARLES ST., 41480-Margaret Ann Hall to Maurice T. III and Freda K. Lusby, $250,000.

KENTUCKY CT., 41931-P.F. Summers Inc. to Robin Michelle Jones, $70,000.

LADY BALTIMORE AVE., 39715-Louis C. Cargill to Jacklyn M. and Robert S. Lacey Sr., $146,000.

WHITE OAK RD., 22301-Dana S. Dewey to Marianne C. and Michael McGhee, $285,000.

WOODMERE DR., 21184-Troy K. Brendlinger to Shana L. and William J. Kidwell, $205,000.

YOKE CT., 41590-Elaine M. and John C. Deems to Julia F. Kaufman, $323,900.

Lexington Park Area

BRYAN RD., 46763-Timothy A. Haulton to Robin L. Clarke, $220,000.

COLUMBUS DR., 46349-Dorothy E. Moore to Marie E. and John Van Jenkins, $89,900.

COLUMBUS DR., 46356-Edward D. Boschen to Darrio L. Davis, $95,900.

CORONET PL., 20921-DNA Companies Thomas Homes to Lee Cross, $249,425.

DEVIN CIR., 47748-Kenneth D. Wentworth to Joan and Gorm Emberland, $135,000.

FOREST PARK RD., 21612-Anita D. Berger to Debra and Terry Webster, $215,000.

GALATEA ST., 21670-Geoffrey W. Pomroy to Sarah E. Muller, $193,000.

KEEL DR., 48228-John P. and Kimberly C. Keilty to Jo and David Blount, $268,900.

LINDEN LANE, 45643-Richard A. Rand to Susan M. Pickeral and Randall W. Bennett Jr., $173,000.

LUCCA WAY, 46123-Clarence Wayne Offner to Glenna J. Wood, $122,000.

LYNN DR., 21437-Annette L. and William A. Kavaky to Abdelfattah Lattif, $192,900.

MANON WAY, 21402-Henry and Patricia Landry to Victoria L. and Darcy M. Hansen, $125,000.

PINEY ORCHARD ST., 47894-Jeanette Goldstone to Charles Greenwell, $162,740.

ROGERS DR., 46835-Stephen J. Riordan to David O. Charley, $68,500.

SORREL DR., 47097-DNA Companies Thomas Homes to Imelda and Van A. Marks, $246,525.

TOWN CREEK DR., 23070-Rita S. Porterfield to Charles D. Neppach, $216,500.

Mechanicsville Area

DUBLIN CT., 38254-Ginger and Dennis J. O'Brien to Dana L. and Robert L. Marconi Jr., $243,000.

ERIN DR., 26851-Travis Smith to Kerry and Kenneth Tayman, $269,962.

FLORA CORNER RD., 28635-Donna S. Thomasset to Sheila A. and John R. Pasquini, $229,900.

GUY FARM RD., 27610-Kenneth L. Tayman to Laurie and Jeffery Garner, $345,000.

HICKORY DR., 30110-Billie June Hewitt to Donald Brooks, $380,000.

OLD RED OAK LANE, 26311-Alice Blake estate to Kemit W. and Richard L. Kennedy, $135,000.

PINE DR., 26861-Thomas Edward Tippett to Robert Michael Ryce, $35,000.

THREE NOTCH RD., 26091-Gizelle C. Young to David B. Kaplan, $177,000.

YOWAISKI MILL RD., 27391-Thomas Melvin Curry Jr. to Kimberly L. and Ronald C. Pugh, $205,000.

Ridge Area

SEA SIDE VIEW RD., 48373-John C. Gernand to Barbara and Daniel J. Paterson, $350,000.

St. Inigoes Area

PACKER CT., 48685-Trapp Hall Partnership to Jodi Litten Townsend and Luther K. Townsend Jr., $335,000.

Tall Timbers Area

WHITESTONE DR., 17645-David M. MacIntosh to Regina C. and David S. Hersh, $561,000.

Valley Lee Area

HEWITT RD., 44988-Lillian Dorsey to Donna S. Lesher, $145,800.