Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans and about 20 children packed the North Beach Town Hall on Friday afternoon and assembled 1,019 postcards calling on the county commissioners to allocate $350,000 to build a Boys and Girls Club in North Beach.

North Beach Mayor Mark R. Frazer said he would deliver the postcards to the commissioners Tuesday when they meet to consider the request. The $2.1 million site would serve 250 young people a day instead of the fewer than 65 that can be accommodated in the current club structure, which is composed of three trailers.

Evans said he supports county funding for the project because it would give teenagers in the Twin Beaches a place to go and reduce juvenile delinquency.

"This is preventative maintenance," he said.

The young people said a new building would give them more room to do homework and play.

Commissioners have expressed some concern over continuing operational costs at the new structure and how the balance of construction costs would be paid. The state has pledged $500,000. North Beach would give $200,000. Another $200,000 would come from federal funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.