The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

AMBERSTONE CT., 10, No. H-James H. Caldwell III to Melissa L. Ganley, $175,900.

AMBERSTONE CT., 50, No. 50E-Thomas H. Voisinet Sr. to Myong Wu Kim and Hae Cha Oh, $210,000.

AUGUSTA AVE., 1241-Eric P. Nelsen to David Sovinski, $402,000.

BAY RIDGE AVE., 1509-Richard Fraenkel to Rami N. Musallam, $228,000.

BOXWOOD RD., 14-Ronald D. Chambers to Elizabeth Quinlan, $279,000.

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7020, No. 7020-102-Mary E. Porter to Marie G. Robinson, $350,000.

CLINTON CT., 7026, No. 17A-Marja Liisa Ogden to James F. and Patricia A. Brown, $420,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 686-John E. Morales to Cynthia A. Davis, $685,000.

FOX HOLLOW LANE, 425-Francis E. Gardiner III to Melissa R. Hayes, $580,000.

HEARTHSTONE CT., 10, No. J-Mark E. Hyman to Michael R. Donlin, $195,000.

MOYER CT., 1358-William O. Stansbury to Pamela C. Snowden, $360,000.

PACA LANE, 1002-Guenther W. Burger to Larry J. Hein and Marcelline A. James, $350,000.

PRESIDENT POINT DR., 5, No. 5A2-Louise Bialek, trustee, to Blake P. Sell, $380,000.

STONECREEK RD., 1399-Stephen P. Lynch to Thomas R. and Janet A. Hogan, $387,000.

TYLER AVE., 1022-Sani B. Ratnarap to Parveen McNair, $225,000.


Sandy Point State Park Area

ALICE CT., 1689-Glen E. Nemecek to Elizabeth V. Berry, $532,000.

ALLIS ST., 2003-Robert F. White Jr. to Jose A. and Yesenia O. Regalado, $235,000.

ALMOND DR., 1354-John C. Cook to Lesa L. Goodhur, $191,500.

BAY HEAD RD., 1432-Brian L. Crawford to William E. and Kimberly L. Bowen, $452,500.

BLOSSOM TREE DR., 377-Lawrence R. Casti to Craig M. and Cindy L. Payne, $298,900.

FAIRLOP TRAIL, 1729-Manning Wooster Properties Corp. to Thomas J. Kennedy and Deborah L. Lemken, $472,500.

FOXCROFT RUN, 1076-George Kapusta Jr. to William and Alicia Lange, $580,000.

HILLCREST DR., 710-Harold J. Kohl Jr. to M. and Lindsey Sullivan, $289,900.

HOLLY DR. E., 829-J.W. Janssens Jr. to Frederick K. and Jacqueline D. Goodwin, $730,000.

LATROBE DR., 1145-Joanne F. Lyons to James W. Burton, $280,400.

NORWOOD RD., 211-Edward T. Heise to Chris M. Murchake and Laurie A. Conroy, $700,000.

POPLAR TRAIL, 2981-Steven N. Murdock to Debra J. Hennessy, $424,500.

RIVA RD., 2574, No. 11A-Diana G. Cox to Scott C. Smith, $141,500.

RIVER WATCH CT., 1810-Richard L. Smith to Mark D. and Katherine A. Tindall, $849,000.

SEVERN RD., 338-Robert M. Cook Deegan to Gail J. Herzenberg, $655,000.

SHIPS BELL CT., 943-Robert H. Graebe, trustee, to Herman G. and Dorothea Sommer, $199,900.

ST. JOHNS DR., 981-Wendy M. Richardson to Casey P. Harden, $227,000.

ST. MARGARETS RD., 1735-Carlos Edmonds to Chesapeake Custom Homes Corp., $250,000.

WHITEHALL COVE, 1034-Michael J. Wagner to Gregory C. and Susan J. Wilkes, $1.45 million.

Arnold Area

CHICKASAW RD., 1600-Daniel W. Nickerson to David A. and Kathleen W. Wicker, $405,000.

CLAREMONT CT., 259-Stanley D. Ptaszynski to Christopher S. and Marjorie C. Nasin, $482,200.

DOUBLEDAY DR., 1280-Joseph V. Collins to Andrew M. and Melissa L. Brighton, $340,000.

FARLEY CT. S., 1319, No. 13196-John O. Cooke to Hans F. Gilliam and Rebecca O. Wienk, $232,600.

MAGOTHY AVE., 959-Denise Paradise to Timothy and Janice Grill, $330,000.

MARINER DR., 1416-C.H. Holtz to James M. and Jennifer Ray, $252,500.

MILL CREEK RD., 705-Mirar Harting to Mill Creek Corp., $300,000.

PINE TRAIL, 915-Russell T. Potee Jr. to George K. and Jane L. Kennedy, $450,000.

PINE VALLEY DR., 731, No. 46-Vickie L. Haskett to Beatrice C. Calhoun and Charles A. Estep, $263,000.

PLACID CT., 1038-Paul W. Richards to Timothy and Ann E. Andrews, $565,000.

SEMINOLE DR., 1244, No. 36-Suzanne Cervera to Michael and Dana Barish, $229,900.

SEVERN WAY, 162-Ruth Ann Gomoljak to Carolyn Lowery, $240,742.

WINTERBERRY DR., 1533-Johnnie M. Jones to Shaun and Kristen Raines, $161,500.

Brooklyn Area

AUDREY AVE., 116-Lottie M. Gowl to Gener C. and Prima A. Navarro, $178,200.

BON AIR RD., 111-William W. Taylor Sr. to Timothy B. McGowan, $165,000.

HOLY CROSS RD., 412-Deborah A. Ranier to Joseph W. and Dawn L. Ashburn, $150,000.

WALTON AVE., 17-Raymond F. Medicus to Jason D. and Patricia A. Wilson, $181,000.

FOURTH ST., 5308-Crystal Sullivan to Edward M. Fowler, $89,900.

Crofton Area

DENTON CT., 1710-David T. Folmar to David J. and Kerry K. Levin, $336,000.

EBBOTTS PL., 1622-Donald L. Ewing to Sofronio S. Parafina and Leticia D. Ozuna, $497,000.

FOREST HILL LANE, 2040-David J. Levin Jr. to Patrick J. Riley and Kara E. Perachi, $230,500.

HOWARD CHAPEL TURN, 2026, No. 3-Aileen Colatsky to Charles E. Bailey Jr. and Jennifer D. Sharpe, $249,900.

LOWELL CT., 1488, No. 20YB-Tomasz J. Rutkowski to Kurt S. Ormberg and Jessica E. Bajus, $188,000.

MOUNT AIRY CT., 1648-Martin J. Freeman to Erik L. and Berkina D. Stephenson, $220,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 2483, No. 18D-Aspi J. Behram to Denise S. Giacobba and Dabney A. Townes, $211,000.

YORKTOWN CT., 1680-Casey Trust Inc. to Stephanie A. Kopin, $222,000.

Crownsville Area

DIGGS RD., 948-Severn L. Johnson to James A. and Sophie C. Honeywell, $260,000.

INDIAN CREEK LANE, 919-Brian K. Seidleck to Melvin H. and Ruth Bell, $75,000.

REVOLUTION WAY, 1306-Garrett E. Mikita to Terry T. and Vickie M. Hall, $1.1 million.

Curtis Bay Area

CHESTNUT MANOR CT., 951-Timothy D. Zuella to Jennifer A. Lawler, $200,000.

GREENLAND BEACH RD., 200-Joann Grimes to Michael L. and Susan C. Gregory, $385,000.

HIDDEN CREEK WAY, 7868, No. 51-Charles K. Rutherford to Casey M. Young, $215,000.

LAUREN WAY, 925-Gershon Hoffer to Joseph Serio, $175,000.

Davidsonville Area

FOXHALL DR., 3520-Don T. Sine to Julio A. and Adelina M. Pessoa, $610,000.

Deale Area

MELBOURNE AVE., 6034-Cindy A. Boynton to Jack Bannister, $102,500.

Edgewater Area

DEEPWATER TRAIL, 2801-George H. Lantz III to Walter K. and Sharon K. Herr, $932,500.

GRAY FOX CT., 211-Stephen Earley to Robert T. Erdmann and Lindsey K. Modispaugh, $282,500.

MARYLAND AVE., 223-Frank Dicarlantonio to Thomas P. Cerino, $270,000.

MAYO RD., 1115-John O. Dove Sr. to James M. and Victoria L. Parkin, $367,500.

NANCY ST., 1402-John K. Edwards III to William and Christine M. Mitchell, $240,000.

SHORE DR., 1132-Edward T. Knickman to Susan and Thomas Kelly, $550,000.

SKIFF COVE RD., 1001-Dennis J. Meyers to Joseph E. Ball, $230,000.

WILLOW SPRING DR., 12-Toni Teresi to E.H. Edwards, $470,500.

THIRD AVE., 3724-S.R. Kuhnert to Charles E. Fegan Sr., $226,000.

Gambrills Area

CHRISTMAS LANE, 1037-Raymond M. Kin to Anthony J. and Jessica A. Carnevale, $257,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ARMISTEAD ST., 1108-James W. Beadenkopf to Charles Carey Jr., $178,000.

BAYLOR RD., 211-Curtis G. Holly to Michael C. Trippett, $185,000.

BIG BAER DR., 1014-Robert M. Brown to Thomas and Pamela Thornton, $225,000.

FOXTREE DR., 129-Robert A. Webber III to Timothy Jon and Sara L. Kelly, $211,000.

GREAT BEND RD., 8239, No. 133-Wayne A. Sturtz to Tyshera N. Dunn, $138,000.

HOME WATER CT., 6504, No. 203-George F. Chalfant to Reginia M. Loppatto, $155,000.

JACQWILL RD., 7501-Michael T. Clay to R. Jason and Jennifer M. Clarke, $230,000.

KINTOP RD., 503-Ann C. Rinker, trustee, to Martin Lee and Patricia Clark, $145,000.

MACKINTOSH DR., 291-David J. Hare to Melvin O. Kennon, $289,755.

MILTON AVE., 509-Glenn E. Rogers to Thomas Bernarding, $170,000.

MYSTIC VIEW TURN, 438, No. 11615-Pretinia R. Graham to Eboni and Cedric Gregoire, $180,000.

NOLCREST RD., 7973-Robert J. Green to Kristen Ann and Mark John Nevin, $211,000.

RIPPLING CT., 1323-Kenneth T. Wagner to Robin E. Kuczinski, $125,000.

SAUNDERS WAY, 1700-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Keven Lee Crist, $127,500.

SHARON DR., 1011-Marilyn A. Burkett to Brian S. Martin and Susan G. Stanley, $192,000.

SPRITE WAY, 627-Daniel D. Vezmar to William and Rachel Schindler, $191,000.

FIRST AVE. W., 12-Russell E. Sparrow Jr. to Albert Sergio Jr., $220,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7514-Dawn McCloskey to Niem Thu Trang, $149,900.

LEONARD DR., 1123-Michael Housley Inc. to Alfredo O. and Amelita C. Mariano, $209,900.

MARIE AVE., 130-Walter J. Morris III to Darren A. Williams Sr., $188,000.

QUEEN ANNE RD., 200-David W. Elam to Manuel Santos, $202,800.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6703, No. 202-Philip Graham to Ruth A. Gomoljak, $147,000.

ST. CHARLES PL., 4-Joseph L. Gover Sr. to Donna Freed, $192,500.

SIXTH AVE. NE, 303-Stewart P. Mayo to Glen C. and Christina L. Burns, $70,000.

THIRD AVE., 7635-Leonard J. Thomas to Jeffrey J. and Joanna R. Matthews, $205,000.

Hanover Area

PINYON RD., 7728-Department of Veterans Affairs to Robert L. and Kimberly A. Naecker, $183,001.

Harwood Area

HARWOOD RD., 743-Jean F. Finstad Jr. to John P. and Sharon R. Hoofnagle, $735,000.

Laurel Area

GREEN GRASS RD., 8325-John Hyongbin Yi to Matthew J. Baek and Bon J. Koo, $233,000.

RIVER BEND CT., 3105, No. F301-Donald Cheatham to Mary D. MacDonald, $180,000.

RIVER BEND CT., 3107, No. E302-Frederick A. Brooks to Sami and Nadia Rizkallah, $181,500.

SPADDERDOCK WAY, 8210-Stephen M. Blake to Nicole Taylor, $231,500.

WOODLAND MANOR DR., 8604-Ulysses M. Currie to Stephen Essman and Michelle Ritley, $285,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

ANDOVER RD., 500-Jonas W. Cash to Joseph D. Brown, $234,900.

NURSERY RD., 207-Charles H. Murphy to Chuck E. Ross, $133,000.

Lothian Area

MULLEN LANE, 29-Bounty View Homes to Wayne and Georgia Fallin, $345,000.

Millersville Area

BUTTERNUT CT., 349-Lucinda A. Burk to David R. and Katherine C. Hood, $491,000.

VERONA CT., 402-Stephen J. Mitas to Jonathan C. and Lisa M. Gottschalck, $410,000.

North Beach Area

DOVER AVE., 7010-John H. Locklin, trustee, to Albert and Jill L. Montone, $200,000.

Odenton Area

CANTEEN CIR., 2237, No. 145-Dale E. Smith to Gershon Hoffer, $196,000.

EDGE CREEK LANE, 205, No. 87-Kristen M. Hermsmeier to Michael W. Seymour and Amy K. Kraft, $235,000.

GOLDEN CHAPEL RD., 2326-Sandra Bean to Gerard L. and Katherine G. Rattenbury, $390,000.

IMPERIAL SQ., 508, No. 5-Justin P. Guild to Andrew Curtis and Jennifer L. Brown, $187,500.

OAK LEAF CT., 2714-Carey O'Reilly to Ayanna K. Heard, $200,000.

ORCHARD KNOLL WAY, 2517-Timothy C. Pittman to Stephen A. Hoffman, $249,900.

PINE MEADOWS DR., 8620-Richard J. Tinker to Otis and Kanti Winters, $275,000.

SILENT CT., 8737-Michael E. Schroeder to Larry J. Carpenter, $335,400.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 282, No. 26-Jeffrey H. Swenson to Eddy D. Vleugels, $242,000.

STREAMVIEW DR., 2631-Jesse S. Booth to Frederic P. and Marcia L. Reiser, $347,000.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2734-Colleen K. Delpo to Barbara A. Shymar, $320,000.

VACATION DR., 822-Reuben D. Hart to Jeffrey M. and Maryann C. Supko, $398,000.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 685, No. 202-Kenneth Kmieciak to Deborah L. Carta, $179,900.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 687, No. 201-Robert J. Abbamonte to Robert D. Price, $183,000.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 692, No. 203-13-Scott D. Cranmer to Earl A. Oesterling, $201,000.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 699, No. 302-Jackie L. Nguyen to Paul B. Regnault, $208,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

APPIAN WAY, 2-James Trinks to Kenneth R. and Tanya Keib, $239,900.

BRICKWALL LANE, 3568-Raymond D. Yost to Christopher A. Rosso, $165,000.

C ST., 693-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Ronald R. and Val A. Gaspari, $289,000.

CENTRAL AVE., 7779-Charles A. Pardoe Sr. to Matthew D. and Lori A. Wroten, $216,500.

DALES WAY DR., 99-Bruce A. Brown to Robert E. and Martha J. Gaumer, $560,000.

DRUID HILL AVE., 916-Manufacturers and Traders Trust to Michael and Patricia Bannon, $150,900.

DUVALL HWY., 689-Paul R. Disney Sr., trustee, to Martin J. Wellham, $120,000.

ESCALON AVE., 8037-Cheryl A. Cohen to Peter A. and Sydney Brown, $239,900.

KENTUCKY AVE., 316-Patrick D. Dawson to Melvin R. and Tracey A. Foster, $325,000.

MARBLE ARCH DR., 3466-Nancy L. Denhardt to Ambrose Vogt Jr., $150,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 4424-Robin L. Henry to Dexter Enterprises Corp., $222,000.

NEW YORK AVE., 237-Roland L. Clayton Jr. to Patrick D. and Jody L. Dawson, $396,000.

OAK HOLLOW DR., 8384-Bruce D. Compton to William F. and Linda A. Retz, $433,000.

PARK CREEK CT., 405-William P. Canty to Michael B. and Patricia C. Worsham, $455,000.

PARK CREEK RD., 420-Bernard L. Hagberg Jr., trustee, to Andrew G. and Roberta Smith, $758,000.

PEPPERBOX LANE, 7896-Patricia L. Hall to Bill J. and Kristy L. Christman, $345,900.

ROUND TABLE CT., 8095-Brian J. Holden to Susan Greif, $148,000.

WALL DR., 1614-Karen M. Lynch to Jon S. Bevan, $425,000.

10TH ST., 269-Charles M. Schurman to Herbert J. and Kristina M. Norfolk, $394,000.

205TH ST., 804-Mary R. Mohr to Vincent and Tricia Whitmire, $244,900.

Riva Area

FOREST RD., 500-Christopher A. Jennings to Mark T. Rockwell, $225,000.

POPLAR DR., 562-Lauren R. Miguez to Kemberlee K. Fitzgerald, $302,500.

STONEHENGE DR., 3111-Christos Charitonos to Billy R. and M. Anzietta Smith, $490,000.

Severn Area

BEACH PLUM LANE, 7932, No. 17-Michael A. Wilson to Terrance Bradford, $246,900.

CHESTNUT GROVE RD., 7816-Stephanie L. Pirila to Twanna L. Blocker, $250,000.

CITADEL DR., 7974-Jimmy D. Wagner to Cato S. and Kimberly A. Jackson, $288,500.

CROSSBAY DR., 7852-Ha Thanh T. Nguyen to Tiffany N. Taylor, $339,000.

GRAINFIELD RD., 8313-Stanley J. Serwatka to William G. Krietzer Jr. and April J. Kreitzer, $360,000.

GRANDE VIEW AVE., 1760-Garrick E. Yanusz to Leola Prefre, $264,900.

HATBORO CT., 1907-Larry Deamud to Josiane J. Donastor and Wisler Moise, $385,000.

JASONS LANDING WAY, 7930-Michael J. Reno Sr. to Thomas P. and Catherine A. Klein, $389,900.

MARLTON CT., 8234-Kim S. Greaves to Raymond Jackson, $104,500.

RUTLEDGE CT., 1883-Derek L. Dowler to Amy L. Colison, $349,900.

Severna Park Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 213-Raymond A. Angell to Scott A. and Tammy L. Denison, $225,000.

CARDIFF CT., 475-Dorothy M. Schwarz, trustee, to Craig A. and Alison Smith, $450,000.

CHARINGTON DR., 524-Sheldon J. Hecht to Mehmet Birisik and Kazim Gurbuz, $386,000.

MADARY RD., 8-Dateleaf Inc. to Richard T. Era and Amanda M. Boarman, $229,000.

NEWPORT DR., 200-Brian C. Geiman to Bryan L. and Tracy L. Bergman, $306,000.

RYECROFT CT., 924-John F. Skipper to Thomas H. and Jessica G. Voisinet, $236,000.

STINCHCOMB RD., 794-Mylita Ward Jacob to Martin and Sherry Lanzino, $435,000.

TARAS TRAIL, 53-David A. Finkelstein to Terri S. Lockhart, $529,900.

WEST LANE, 2-Robert L. Roth to Charles A. Menzie, $542,500.

WISLER CT., 12-Charles D. MacMillan to Gerald and Donna Stark, $315,000.

Shady Side Area

CEDAR LANE, 1643-Michael V. Touart to Roland L. Hough, $325,000.

HINE DR., 4924-Edward F. Hamilton Jr. to Mark Pastrone, $280,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 4717-Virginia A. Gregg to Mary T. Stolte, $193,500.