The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

RANDALL CT., 6211-Ralph Edward and Margaret W. Chidley to Mark E. and Rhonda N. Keenum, $850,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6621-Judith J. Borisky to Martin A. Cahill, $259,000.

14TH ST., 6431-Jeffrey S. Schroeder to Stacy L. Panigay Coleman, $485,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ASHLEIGH MANOR CT., 7011-Laurie G. Moe and Paul A. Buckhout to Thomas J. Duty and Kimberly B. Langley, $410,000.

BALLYCASTLE CIR., 5157-Glenn R. Schmitt to Diana M. Cianto, $525,000.

BARRY RD., 7136-William L. and Jeanne M. Bridgeman to Deborah S. Breckner, $510,000.

CASTLEBERG CT., 7301-Shahla Amiri to Jeffrey S. and Cindy Wilson, $369,510.

FOUNDERS CROSSING CT., 5920-Firas K. Ali and Suad Jamil to Jessica J. Serwit, $345,000.

FROST LAKE LANE, 6638-Nicholas G. Parnaby and Tracey Jane Todd to Stacey Wells and Adam C. Basford, $495,900.

GENTELE CT., 6309-Dean L. and Jerry T. Riddle to Gloribel Guevara, $339,000.

GENTLE LANE, 6270-John J. and Delores D. Papa to David E. and Sarah M. Kolo, $517,500.

GOVERNORS POND CIR., 5631-Sandra M. Blalock to Laurie and Mark A. Priest, $560,000.

GRANGE LANE, 6571-Eva D. Cuevas and Janice M. Proctor to Mark B. Sherkey and Rebecca Marie Sayre, $352,500.

HERITAGE HILL DR., 5749-Thomas P. Klotz and Valerie L. Coffman to Peter J. Vartabedian, $375,000.

LAMOYNE CT., 7506-Aila K. Long to Kristin A. and Jimmy L. Day, $421,500.

LARKSPUR DR., 6205-Lambert J. and Elia N. Sebastiani to Miriam E. Regalado and Julio C. Ramirez, $575,500.

MARTINIQUE LANE, 5311-Miriam Vaquero and Carlos Sandoval to Ana and Enrique Campos, $285,000.

MORNING VIEW CT., 6653-Sean R. and Katherine E. Welborn to Colleen A. and Gino V. Giantesano, $311,000.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 5914-Carlos D. Vasquez to Jorge and Elsa Dinarte, $400,000.

ROCKLEIGH WAY, 6607-Janet M. Gehman

to Jonathan and Bonnie L. McCone,


ST. JOHN DR., 6000-Steven J. and Rebecca E. Pearson to David B. and Cecile C. Wynne, $425,250.

SAPPHIRE CT., 3405-Ivan L. and Valerie K. Witbracht to Sirva Relocation Corp., $415,000.

VIRGINIA HILLS AVE., 6521-Robert W. Seiter to Debie R. Takajy, $445,000.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 5932-Sheri L. and Ronald R. Evans to Terry G. and Anne K. Bumpers, $434,000.

WICKFORD DR., 7221-William M. and Barbara M. Feichtinger to Romulo and Heidi Gallegos, $455,000.

Annandale Area

ABERDEEN CT., 8632-Norman E. and Jane D. Ward to Ngoc Ha Nguyen, $465,000.

BRENTLEIGH CT., 4616-Ki M. Kim to Joseph A. and Chong S. Cassidy, $349,500.

CASCUS DR., 9107-Mark C. and Molly G. Boyett to Maliha Farooq, $578,000.

CHAPELWOOD CT., 8464-William and Jennifer S. Mead to Constantine and Katerina Gikas, $875,000.

JAYHAWK ST., 7423-Grethel M. Valverde to Lena B. Fesdekjian and Bedros M. Fesdekjian, $380,000.

KRYSIA CT., 3727-Phyllis D. Carnilla to Ronald I. and Ruth D. Sharpe, $550,000.

LITTLE RIVER TPK., 6801-Paramjeet Sabharwal and Wanda S. Kaniewski to Anne E. Trotter, $769,000.

LOGSDON DR., 4525-Leigh M. and Gayle Stallings to Soon Ja Kim and Woo Jin Lee, $265,000.

MONARCH LANE, 3393-Shawn R. and Amy C. Firestine to Vaughn T. Collins and Laura J. Fall, $560,000.

S. VALIANT CT., 4306-William C. and Clarice C. Cox to Charles H. and Karen F. Hall, $474,000.

WEYBURN DR., 4526-Charles L. and Doris J. Guill to Jose Vazquez, Rosario Sejas and Victor Pedraza, $334,000.

WHIPPLE CT., 3375-Calixto C. Mojica to Thanh Tong Truong and Lisa H. Cu, $285,000.

WHITMAN RD., 3826-Bonnie S. and Michael H. Miller to Robert L. Offutt and Cristine L. Brown, $727,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3372-Monica A. Acha to Ryan C. Horanburg, $259,900.

WYNNWOOD DR., 4215-Michael W. and Cynthia D. Adcock to Michael W. Reynolds and Rosemary Paljug, $627,600.

Baileys Crossroads Area

BARCROFT MEWS CT., 3935-Michael J. and Francis M. Klisch to Nelson Sancho and Mary Beth Marino Sancho, $515,000.

DAVID LANE, 4007-Jacob G. Farrah to Khalid A. Khasawinah, $590,000.

HALLRAN RD., 3212-Juan and Gregoria Villarroel to Porfirio R. Diaz, $468,000.

LAKESIDE VIEW DR., 3351, No. 8-2-John Parker and Danielle T. Erkmann to Tildon K. Allen, $321,000.

MAPLEWOOD DR., 6438-Howard Newton Wilbur to Thai Christie, $352,000.

Burke Area

ANNABERG CT., 10338-Elisa Correa to Ravi M. Khanna, $285,000.

ASHBOURN DR., 9710-Susan M. Luensmann to Pedro Lino and Esperanza Sarabia, $276,000.

BLAKE HOUSE CT., 5594-Dinesh and Vibha Agarwal to Seth E. and Deborah F. Terkper, $546,000.

BRIDGETOWN PL., 10326-Christian H. Manachi to Eric and Sarah Burrell, $300,000.

BRIDGETOWN PL., 10364-Kyoo S. Lee to Young K. and Anna Moon, $264,325.

BURR OAK WAY, 10744-Fernando E. and Martha C. Pidal to Jeffrey A. and Carol S. Watson, $510,000.

CANDLEBERRY CT., 9402-Sherry E. Burns to Marisa Kinney, $340,000.

CASTLEBURY CT., 5624-Joseph A. and Margaret M. Giardino to Michael and Veronica Simbulan, $349,900.

CHESTNUT WOOD LANE, 10063-Ernest Thompson to Terrance T. Whitehead, $360,000.

CROWFOOT DR., 5838-Hoa T. and Ly Nguyen to Gloria Neuenschwander, $450,000.

DELLFORD CT., 9729-Susan E. and John A. Schleigh to Davis M. and Julie W. May, $549,900.

FAIRLEIGH CT., 9406-Erdal and Pervin Ozer to Kathleen D. and Travis L. Watson, $305,000.

FORT CRAIG DR., 9001-Phil S. and Natalie Yun to Khang and Nhan T. Nguyen, $570,000.

HERITAGE SQUARE DR., 5900-Carol Ann Boswell to Lunette Smith Arledge, $328,000.

LAKEPOINTE CT., 9935-Ratchaneewa and Burasak Chulacharitta to John M. Katz, $317,000.

MANTLE RD., 6115-Marc P. and Maxine L. Goldman to Brandon L. Davis, $420,000.

MASON BLUFF CT., 9671-Joan P. Isenberg to Charles Delph, $345,000.

OAK THRUSH CT., 10661-Blake E. Marsala and Yildiz C. Marsala to Ayfer Ozturk, $279,100.

REEDS LANDING CIR., 10510-Alfred and Cynthia R. Rulona to Adrian T. Young, David Dimattina and Shannah L. Young, $350,000.

SCARBOROUGH COMMONS CT., 10221-Michael K. and Jean P. Myers to Christopher M. and Ginger S. Sneeringer, $327,000.

SUMMER OAK WAY, 5695-Sandra K. Michael and Debra M. Haigler to Eileen P. Noonan, $257,000.

WOODED GLEN AVE., 9421-Harish C. and Aura M. Grover to Fernando Alvarez, $738,000.

Centreville Area

ALGRETUS DR., 14716-Charles W. Cottrill to Robert W. Malick and Lisa M. Lanser, $370,000.

ASHER CT., 6101-Blanca E. Reyes to Ricardo Trevino, $380,000.

BASINGSTOKE LP., 14694-Catherine A. Kokalas to Shannon Texeira, $250,000.

BATTALION ST., 6235-Matthew M. McGuire to Joon S. Ahn, $319,000.

BIG YANKEE LANE, 13987-Rebecca S. McDonnell to William F. Gibson and Jennifer A. Swensson, $295,000.

BLACK HORSE CT., 14424-Samsam and Zeinab Abdi to Pedram R. Farahani, $267,000.

CALLAWAY CT., 6036-Steve G. and Susie P. Romero to Erek E. and Ay Perry, $366,000.

CEDAR BREAK DR., 5591-Barry A. and Margaret A. Barwatt to Joseph W. and Melissa J. Kirkpatrick, $505,000.

CHELSEY PL., 14509-Chad N. Shane and Slavica Isailovic to Diana J. Richards, $311,000.

CLARENDON SPRINGS PL., 5880-Jennifer C. Golik to Brandon Heath and Heidy Sarina Ruiz, $275,000.

EAGLE TAVERN LANE, 15494-John A. and Aimee D. Lowry to Andrew K. and Lucy K. Chung, $725,000.

FLOWER HILL DR., 14746-Christopher J. and Marcia E. Larson to Yong H. Chung, $375,000.

FOUR CHIMNEY DR., 14417-Robert E. and Janet R. Daly to Abedur and Selima Rashid, $313,000.

GABRIELLE WAY, 14130-Heisook Cha to Loc Tran and Tracy Ho, $399,900.

HONNICUT DR., 6003-Kwami Asiama and Irene Annan to James P. and Clare Tierney, $385,000.

HOSKINS HOLLOW CIR., 6103, No. A-Cleanthis D. and Heidi E. Costa to Jesse H. Ryan and Ashley T. Osterday, $275,000.

LADY MADONNA CT., 14946-Nadine M. Jordan and Sandra M. Mann to Benoit C. and Kathleen C. Flippen, $259,000.

LAURA RATCLIFF CT., 13839-Bonifacio R. and Emilia M. Javier to Yoon B. and Ki S. Jung, $330,000.

MAIDSTONE CT., 14848-Henry E. and Ida T. Brooks to Fernando Santos Ordoez and Ingrid Panameno, $272,000.

SCHOOLFIELD CT., 5624-Glen A. and Shannon E. Lyle to Humira Noorestani, $499,999.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6548-Marietta V. Hidgon to Eun Joo Kuk and Oh In Chul, $281,000.

SMITHWOOD DR., 14526-Leon Gerson Santos and Eva N. Ocasio Santos to Barry A. and Belinda A.E. Griffin, $409,000.

STILLFIELD PL., 15120-Ronald G. and Elizabeth W. Thorne to Davis Jong Min and Diana C.H. Lim, $645,000.

STONEPATH CIR., 6187-Kyung H. Cho to David G. Yost, $319,900.

STONEWATER CT., 14356-John H. McPhaul and Dermetra R. McPhaul to Joseph H. and Eun Sook Oh, $361,000.

SUN MEADOW CT., 14807-Anwar M. Khan to Suryakant Sharma and Rachna Suryakant, $603,750.

TRUITT FARM DR., 14741-Vivek and Sapna Malhotra to Kathleen G. Patrizi, $385,000.

TULIP LEAF CT., 5222-S.R. Settipalli Nagireddy and Prem K. Nagireddy to Luz Miriam and Ricardo A. Calvo Jr., $675,000.

WATERFLOW CT., 5980-Halcli K. Kaisha to Brenda Ann Kohlhaas, $328,000.

WOOD ROCK WAY, 14142-John P. and Merrie J. Price to Ryan R. McKinstry and Anjilleen H. McKinstry, $416,000.

WOODLAND RIDGE CT., 6374-Mark A. Smith to Sowmia and Vasantha Villavankothai, $380,000.

Chantilly Area

CARLS CT., 4335-Robert K. and Joanna G. Carter to Roman Henriquez and Laura Torres, $380,000.

CARMEL TER., 4201-Brian J. and Ingrid E. Hodges to Craig T. and Glenda M. Noto, $387,000.

CHEVY CHASE LANE, 13616-Farid and Forough Seyedvosoghi to Daniel J. and Karen R. Schebler, $505,000.

DEERWATCH DR., 4683-ARP Walney Corp. to De Surjit and Debomala Choudhury, $410,000.

JAMES CROSS ST., 13941-Vincent P. Marchesano to Jason E. Surprenant, $490,000.

MARBLE ROCK DR., 13416-Robert L. Nock and Diane E. Powers Nock to Vishal, Shweta and Murari Lal Dadoo, $601,000.

NOVAR DR., 4136-Dina J. Villari to Kenneth R. and Michelle H. Mussen, $310,000.

OVER RIDGE CT., 13504-Yeong C. and Yeong Lee to Mi S. Kim and No Je Sup, $600,000.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 13546-Sean M. and Katherine M. Scally to Matthias A. and Joan M. Joyce, $570,000.

SILAS HUTCHINSON DR., 4303-Mark N. and Beth B. Angelus to Chadd and Janet Crouse, $468,500.

WALBERN CT., 4794-Ashok and Alpna

Budhiraj to Peter S. and Shery Samaan, $720,000.

WESTBROOK PL., 14001-Francis D. and Patricia M. Meyer to James M. and Maria F. McCarthy, $575,000.

Clifton Area

GLENCOVE DR., 6826-Dale L. and Mildred H. Vincent to Ahn Hyo Min and Ahn Kum Sun, $600,000.

JASPER LANE, 13580-Mario E. Lucero and Michele M. Albright Lucero to Mark C. and Beverly W. Chang, $324,900.

ORCHARD DR., 13538-Cynthia R. Allen to Robin D. Morton, $230,000.

ORCHARD HILL CT., 5801-John K. Liffert to Christopher Monetta, $247,500.

ROCK BROOK CT., 13914-Edward J. and Kelly L. McDonald to Thomas J. and Geraldine S. Leney, $655,000.

SPRINGSTONE PL., 6211-Alfred J. and Rebecca E. Woodbridge to Rina Zinzuwadia and Hitesh H. Zinzuwadia, $545,000.

STONEFIELD DR., 13905-Karl K. and Annette B. Koklauner to Amelia S. Grazioso,


WEYMOUTH HILL RD., 7524-Stephen A. and Shannon M.B. Clune to Robert B. and Lynda Flowers, $1.2 million.

Fairfax City Area

ANVIL CT., 5357-Fred E. and Betty L.

Gantzler to Kevin L. and Donna M. Brabec, $845,000.

ASHLEIGH RD., 5414-Michael J. and Deborah A. Wykowski to Jung Won and Bok Kang, $753,500.

BLUE FOX LANE, 13195-Mohammad H. and Aria Panjshiri to Michael Goody and China Hwang, $474,500.

BROOK MIST LANE, 13105-Nu Diem Phuong Ton and Hung M. Tran to Patrick J. and Angel S. Hofmann, $412,600.

BROOMSEDGE CT., 3757-Anita P. Garcia to O. Min Kyo, $329,000.

CABOT RIDGE CT., 5402-Ana T. and Jose E. Misas to Stephanie L. Laduke and Lance G. Laduke, $330,000.

CANNON RIDGE CT., 4320, No. E-Ivy Curbelo to Hyun Ji and Hoon Sik Kim, $335,000.

CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4944-Mary A. Chamberlain to Alimjan Abdulkerim, $389,000.

CAVALIER LANDING CT., 11511-Russell Iglesias and Florence Legaspi to Andrew Smith and Kimberly N. Ruhl, $533,000.

CENTER WAY, 3703-Edward D. and Peggy L. Mooney to John E. and Carol H. Campbell, $710,000.

CONSTABLE CT., 10011-John H. and Diane B. Holter to Deron Hurst and Margaret Ostafin, $450,000.

GREEN LEDGE CT., 12103-Charles M. Wilhelmj and Kazuyo K. Wilhelmj to Abbas K. Ahrabi, $269,000.

GREEN RIDGE CT., 3804-Alejandro M. Balmaceda to Nicholas Wesol, $278,000.

HAMPTON FOREST WAY, 5315-Kyong S. and Billie M. Lee to Sam Y. and Park Mi S. Baek, $485,000.

HUNT RD., 4101-Phyllis J. Bishop to Sherif Elkamel and Kim Nguyen, $421,900.

JENSEN PL., 4405-Werner G. and Helga S. Passarge to Kenneth J. and Elizabeth A. Caligiuri, $635,000.

LACROSS CT., 5515-Myong S. and Angela E. Han to Riad Ayoub, $330,000.

LYNCHBURG CT., 9108-Barrington N. and Janel K. Nash to Thomas D. and Regis E. Burke, $747,500.

MAPLE AVE., 4122-Edwin A. Garcia and Maria R.J. Penafiel to Jose Reynaldo and Maria Antonieta Zurita, $400,000.

MARYMEAD DR., 4704-Charles E. and Beverly M. Worthington to Debra D. Schnelle, $649,900.

MAURY RD., 9615-Walter and Beverly Benson to Nancy S. Ahn, $699,900.

MAZEWOOD LANE, 3725-Bennett J. and Jennifer R. Corrado to Schalyn Hirtz and Erik Sohn, $320,500.

MISSION SQUARE DR., 3021-Christina M. Addeo and Aaron B. Corbett to Anthony G. Dragon, $380,000.

PENDER SPRING DR., 3912-Suzanne Peyster and Art Peyster to Michael A. and Suzanne R. Harris, $717,275.

PENDERWOOD DR., 3783-Do Hun Kim and Hee Kyung Hanna Kwon to Chethana V. and Ramesh B.S. Rao, $895,000.

PLUM RUN CT., 3932-Humberto O. Sandoval and Ana M. Solano to Michael and Melissa Heywood, $300,000.

SLEEPY LAKE DR., 4229-Lisa M. Kane to Sue G. Hale, $380,000.

SUTHERLAND HILL CT., 3114-William L. Fiser and Patriciai M. Fiser to Weiqing Hunag and Yan Zhang, $450,000.

TOVITO DR., 9317-John R. and Barbara A. Bennett to Mark J. and Shannon Murphy, $790,000.

WHISPER WILLOW DR., 5109-Kari Collignon to Alexandra Valery and Victor Javier Colmenares, $630,000.

WINTER PINE CT., 3086-Mark T. and Kyoko O. Fitzpatrick to Mikael and Rachel Cleverley, $430,000.

Fairfax Station Area

BACKLICK RD., 4815-Kenneth R. Arnold to Hang Nguyen and John Pham, $330,000.

CHESTNUT RIDGE RD., 9027-Michael J. and Diane C. Black to Oriana and Stephen T. Senatore, $527,000.

ELLIES CT., 10705-Virginia L. Hinkle to John E. and Maria C. Pitale, $1 million.

FAIRFAX STATION RD., 12041-Margaret G. Granberry and T.S. Granberry to Bruce Hardy, $825,000.

HENDERSON RD., 10310-Soon J. Choi to Natalie and Phillip Yun, $725,000.

OAK HOLLOW LANE, 7927-Michael J. and Phyllis J. Grasso to Deana P. Canlas, $530,000.

RUNNING FOX CT., 8705-Theodore N. and Barbara J. Margopulos to Wesley W. and Kristen C. Sohn, $635,000.

SOUTH PARK CIR., 9729-Debra A. Boast to Patrick and Danielle A. Porter, $682,000.

SOUTH PARK CIR., 9903-Daniel L. and Melinda S. Willison to Michael and Caroline P. Abromavage, $700,000.

TABOR LANE, 8298-James H. and Anne E. Stevens to Eric W. and Jill L. Lannen, $780,000.

WINDERMERE LANE, 10805-Robert U. and Simone M. Walnes to Frederick W. and Sara B. Gibson, $879,000.

Falls Church Area

BARRETT RD., 6718-Douglas M. Waltman and Jessica E. Fulginiti to David R. Mersereau and Ashley D. Monroe, $355,000.

CAROL LANE, 7401-Richard K. and Lucille C. Miller to Juan Carlos Camacho, Jose Rojas and Flora Perez, $440,000.

DOVER LANE, 2852-Sang K. Lim to Aaron D. Brown, $174,000.

ELLEN AVE., 7011-Clay A. and Jennifer K. Littlefield to Claudia T. Soho and Stephen M. Phillips, $410,000.

FENWICK RD., 3018-Heather Valovic and Chauncey S. Brambach to Teodulo and Jesus Guardado, $420,000.

INVERSHAM DR., 7743-John T. and Laura Erim to Dung Nguyen, $275,000.

KINGS CHAPEL RD., 2914-Mushtari Khan to Vinod and Nitu Singh, $185,000.

LITTLE RIVER TPK., 7427-Arthur G. and Gladys I. Tucker to Pimkan Juntranggur, $195,310.

MENDOTA AVE., 7311-Jose A. and Maria D. Filipe to Gerber A. Ortiz, $360,000.

NEW PROVIDENCE CT., 2848-J. Thomas Griffith to Dung Dinh, $309,000.

PATHWAY CT., 3318-Henry Ware and Cheryl L. Wright to William and Monika McCullough, $552,100.

PINE SPRING RD., 2913-Sarah L. Pickeral to Hilary D. Relton, $399,900.

ROSE GLEN CT., 3270-George and Effie Apostolou to Louis L. and Jennie A. Bono, $545,000.

SKYVIEW TER., 3435-Sarah A. Tate to Collin M.O. Neill and Christina D. Peltz, $485,000.

SPRING TER., 6455-Robert B. and Helen M. Cassidy to Robert W. and Jennifer L. Nolen, $600,000.

TERRY LANE, 7112-Leslie R. Walls to Fabiola Guitierrez, $369,000.

YARLING CT., 2828-Jill Park to Chris and Jessica Rice Healey, $370,000.

32ND ST., 6516-Marlin Lee Ferral to Robert K. Like and Melissa Ferral Like, $400,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

CENTER ST., 2425-Hersham Abdelkhalek to Ahmed and Houssein Rababeh, $462,500.

FALLS REACH DR., 7044-Albert C. Tibbetts to Joel and Melissa Pardue, $372,500.

HOWARD CT., 7402-David E. and Heike A. Martin to Andreas L. Togni and Courtney Raihall, $415,000.

PINECASTLE RD., 7324-Mary E. Winters to Christopher L. Donovan and Dylan J. Greene, $574,000.

SAVANNAH ST., 7602-Robert P. Stratton to Merywen Wigley and Joseph Alexander Ansaldo, $190,000.

WESTMORELAND ST., 2107-Matthew D. and Mary Julianne O'Donnell to Jennifer Ross and Victor A. Abdelmalek, $535,000.

WOOD MIST LANE, 7582-James D. Fife to Jennifer L. Teixeira, $280,500.

Fort Hunt Area

APPLE HILL RD., 2409-Kristen L. Chambers to Stephen P. and Grace M. Lafalce, $456,000.

BOULEVARD DR., 8612-Jason T. Quimby and Cheryl L. Becker to Keith C. Rineaman and Angela C. Oliver, $755,000.

CAMDEN ST., 8800-Samuel R. Hoover to Diane S. Ferguson and Catherine M. Kiefer, $412,500.

CAMFIELD DR., 8836-Brennan P. and Patricia Roy to Jackie Hurst and Daniel Ryan, $465,000.

CARLYLE PL., 8102-Caroline S. Miller to Carol Bowers, $385,000.

YORKTOWN DR., 7812-Stephen and Theresa Hamara to John D. Worth, $435,000.

Great Falls Area

FAWN DR., 10722-Anthony E. Murray to Franz Hatfield and Cathy L. Levine, $1.5 million.

FOREST PARK RD., 707-David R. and Carol J. Skeen to Mark W. and Rachael A. Kibbe, $825,000.

ROLLING MEADOW DR., 11622-Steven B. and Mary P. McArthur to John D. West and Kari Lervick, $1.675 million.

RUNAWAY LANE, 10603-Peter E. and Mary F. Sherry to Robert P. Melvin and Jennifer Hopkins, $650,000.

SINEGAR PL., 346-Joseph G. and Lois A. Ryan to Raj K. Bhagat, $1.2 million.

TRALEE DR., 11553-James E. and Rebecca L. McGarry to Richard M. and Susan K. Cobb, $1.635 million.

UTTERBACK STORE RD., 1002-James B. and Nancy M. Colbert to Hamid Keshavarznia and Homa Cooper, $885,000.

WINSTEAD ST., 905-David C. and Charisse C. Ellsworth to N.P. Dodge, $1.35 million.

Herndon Area

BOND ST., 1260-Mark E. and Lisa M. Donahue to Gary M. Perez, $320,000.

CENTER ST., 613-Linda L. Armstrong to Lemuel Shawn Horne, $190,000.

CYPRESS GREEN LANE, 2441-Thomas K. and Carolyn T. Berger to Stephen and Valerie Whitfield, $620,000.

DAIRY LOU CT., 13608-Kurt R. Oliver to Bruce T. and Karen R. Lowe, $560,000.

DOE RUN CT., 3421-Judith Worthington and John Ogram to Christine M. Wehlburg, $374,900.

DULLES PL., 1403-Paul S. Sun and Margaret H. Liu to Vance L. and Mai Vincent, $520,000.

EARLY FALL CT., 552-Reyna D. Alvarado and Hilario E. Segovia to Ana Mojica, $255,000.

EDDYSPARK DR., 12134-Hosang and Ann Kang to Amy Butcher, $560,000.

EQUUS CT., 2790-Raymond C. Chattman to Robert T. and Betty J. Hall, $440,000.

FALL PL., 810-Roderick and Gloria Johnson to Denis O. Almendarez and Cecilia V. Suazo, $382,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 547-Annette Sayre to Herman A. Toffler, $78,000.

GORDON CT., 13503-David B. and Melissa A. Hillelsohn to Luke Ciriacks and Laura Cherry, $478,500.

HANNAHS POND LANE, 3134-Terry L. Laudick and Kathleen Logan to Thomas M. and Gale M. Persil, $585,000.

HIDDENBROOK DR., 1505-Stephen and Michelle M. Guenther to Frederick A. and Risa A. Mayan, $435,000.

KIDWELL FIELD RD., 13138-John P. and Thomas E. Hintermister to Nitin and Shelly Kapoor, $346,100.

MAGNOLIA LANE, 1237-Fredis R. Arevalo and Ana D. Cabrera to Carlos Robles and Jelis Portillo, $230,000.

MASON MILL CT., 1309-Karl A. and Mary L. Semancik to Bennett J. and Jennifer R. Corrado, $460,000.

PARK AVE., 1001-Santos Bustillo and Nery Sanchez to Jose Enamorado and Juan Andrade, $293,000.

PARK CRESCENT CIR., 13012-David D. Tran and Anh T. Lam to Mustafa Bedawi Mohamed, $450,000.

PELMIRA RIDGE CT., 13101-Sara L. Steiner to Jeff L. and Catherine M. Doebrich, $594,900.

PREUIT PL., 13336-Barbara D. and

Jerry C. Carpenter to Eva Alvarado,


PRINCE HAROLD CT., 2791-Robert D. and Nancy L. Work to Bryan K. Thomas and Amarillys Burgos Thomas, $540,000.

ROCK RIDGE RD., 12601-Scott V. and Rebecca W. Johnson to James C. and Carlin M. Anderson, $518,000.

ST. JOHNS WOOD PL., 13693-Vinaya

K. Pendli to Sreedhar Reddy Kuturu, $425,000.

SCOTSMORE WAY, 13348-James T. and Michele M. McClaughry to Oanh C. Henry, $630,000.

SHAKER MEADOWS CT., 11889-James W. and Dee D. Andrews to Matthew F. and Mary Kay Brown, $1.1 million.

SMITH FARM WAY, 2939-H. Joanne and T. Hoa to Gabrielle Galloway Bingham and Henry L. Bingham, $649,900.

SNOW SHOE CT., 12103-Robert M. and Susan F. Hathaway to Cameron Chaboudy, $685,000.

WEXFORD CT., 1314-Enrique Hernandez to William and Oscar Mejia, $225,000.

WOOD CRESCENT CIR., 12968-Andrew T. and Monica A. Cox to Arun and Charu Manroa, $449,900.

WOODGROVE CT., 355-Craig G. and Lana M. Marr to Christopher J. and Susan A. Theon, $600,000.

ZACHARY TAYLOR CIR., 13310-Chun M. and Carol J. Lian to Chung M., Soon J. and Christine Yoon, $394,000.

Huntington Area

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2059-James H. and Margaret R. Brooks to Jeffrey M. Jaworski, $102,750.

NORTON RD., 5804-Jan Keller to Gerardo

Iraheta and Blanca Nelly Flores,


WAGON DR., 2620, No. 326-Leo James McGuire to Ashish Mehta, $225,000.

Hybla Valley Area

BEDDOO ST., 6620-Rocco J. and Liza A. Pierri to Oscar R. Tellez and George N. Dominguez, $372,500.

BEECHCRAFT DR., 3414-Ahmadullah Zakhmi and Cynthia A. Sharpe to Jose Rodriguez, $390,000.

COXTON CT., 7528-Dana Frederick to Brian C. Kloske, $235,000.

FENIMORE PL., 4600-F. Roy Madgwick and Julie L. Chen to Michael A. Colasanto, Maryam M. Monfared and Malak Arjmandna, $595,000.

HUNTINGTON GROVE SQ., 2912-Ali Oksuz to Alino Alex Rodas, $395,000.

LICHEN CT., 6907-Stephen M. Szopa to Christopher and Shizuka Uno Sandoval, $411,000.

ROLLINGBROOKE CT., 4400-Martin T. and Cathy V. Heacock to Laura A. and David E. Cochran, $434,950.

STOVEPOINT CT., 2302-Ilmars and Rasma Krasts to Andrew W. and Kris T. Reese, $463,000.

STOVER DR., 7227-Jutratip Ngamwong to Suriyan and Ruttana Scorsat, $274,000.

WHITEOAKS DR., 2113-Ralph E. and Elizabeth Dunham to King W. and Judith A. Gillespie, $590,000.

Lincolnia Area

CHOWAN AVE., 4920-Wilson David McAllister and Drema McAllister Wilson to Jaime and Tatiana B. Henao, $470,000.

EVERGLADES DR., 6114-Michael W. Reynolds and Rosemary Paljug to Nancy Lagos, $455,000.

HERSHEY LANE, 5600-Emile C. and Thuy L.T. Hoareau to Doris and Allassa Bogoh, $405,000.

LANDESS ST., 6331-Jose A. Merino to Carlos and Jaime Medina and Simon Cali, $459,900.

MAJOR ST., 6517-Jayne A. Weber to Jason D. Hansman and Mohammed Ali R. Rachid, $439,950.

RIVER TWEED LANE, 6518-Deborah Osipchak to George K. Williams and Susan B. Welch, $475,000.

SUMMER MOON LANE, 6305-Pauline A. Storum to Eugenie Charles, $475,000.

YELLOWSTONE DR., 6301-John A. and Augusta A. Fasullo to Omar Castillo, $442,000.

Lorton Area

CARDINAL WOODS CT., 6747-Jeremy P. and Tiffany B. Koch to Cathy V. Nunley, $344,900.

CHIPPEWA CT., 8507-Mary E. Kilroy to Shaun Mosby and Denisha Pelham, $252,500.

COCKBURN CT., 8183-Isabel H. Zamora to Samantha L. Carter, $108,169.

DUTCHMAN DR., 9658-Charles E. Dudrow and Frances S. McClure to Aamir and Farah Syed, $349,900.

GUNSTON DR., 7728-Shane and Nadeen Tariq to William E. Muncy, $448,000.

HAYWOOD AVE., 9013-Joseph M. and Kathy O'Neal Ford to Mala M. Lucero, $718,000.

INVERARY CT., 9588-Joseph E. Sunia to Najibullah Sherdil, $240,000.

KANAWHA CT., 8753-Steven C. Crawmer and Jennifer L. German to Christel Pendli, $239,000.

NEWINGTON RD., 6704-Ernest R. and Sandra H. Cook to Edward F. Davidson, $450,000.

POTOMAC VIEW BLVD., 11713-Mickey A. and Joanna M. Hummel to Adam R. and Jennifer L. Dameron, $530,000.

WOLFORD WAY, 7692-Mary C. Feducia to Justina T. Rejas, $287,000.

McLean Area

BROOKEWOOD CT., 8405-Nabila Farah to Kirk Lane, $1.989 million.

CORBIN CT., 1211-Margaret H. Dagseth to S. John Darvishi, $950,000.

DEAN DR., 6808-Philip E. and Judith A. Stratmann to Norbert Valerio, $518,950.

ELSINORE AVE., 1315-John C. Jordan and James Wolohan to Brian A. Nichols and Geraldine L. Kam, $975,000.

GREAT FALLS ST., 1544-Mohamed Ousri to Kenneth W. and Yeon S. Murphy, $1.085 million.

LINCOLN WAY, 1524-Yoonah Kang to Matthew J. Grimm, $261,600.

LINGANORE DR., 890-William T. and Pamela B. Freyvogel to William S. and Phyllis Rees, $1.492 million.

MACBETH ST., 1310-William James and Carolyn V. Ruhe to Re Salvina Lo and Al Hamouri Amer, $700,000.

MARKET SQUARE DR., 6815-Elinor H. Kelly to Firas and Dana Raad, $583,000.

MONZA RD., 1704-Douglas M. and Mary F. Higginbotham to Michael A. Ferguson and Deborah K. Rawhouser, $615,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1808-Mary H. Gold to Jane F. Pafenberg, $265,000.

PINE CREST AVE., 6928-Keystone Corp. to Steven H. and Stephanie P. Weisbroth, $977,442.

POTOMAC KNOLLS DR., 714-Hans B. and Julia Krebs to Michael and Larissa Leonidov, $1.635 million.

SAIGON RD., 984-William M. and Nicole V. Crain to Nastaran Ejtemai and Siamak Harandi, $935,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580-Lei Wang to Elnaz Naseh, $270,000.

SUSQUEHANNOCK DR., 1805-Robert L. and Dorothy L. Self to Daniel P. Rinehuls and Peggie S. Suen, $645,500.

WESTWIND WAY, 1805-Richard K. and Marion Pemberton to Harry T. and Thomas M. Call, $328,250.

WILSON LANE, 1906-Ralph E. Smith to Robert E. Von Bostel, $274,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BUCKMAN RD., 4258-Ansah Osei Owusu to Devadas and Sindhu Venugopal, $110,000.

CORCORAN ST., 4232-Manson and

Deborah R. Tillman to Zubiada Shahzad, $400,000.

EUREKA CT., 8404-Thomas D. Scanlin to Anthony J. Tannoya, $155,000.

HAMMOND ST., 8009-Barry A. and Stephanie D. Burdett to Rafael Caballero and Ana Arias, $380,000.

HIGHLAND LANE, 8425-Julian D. Azucena and Ana P. Moreno to Veronica Guandique and Luis Gonzalez, $342,000.

MOUNT VERNON CIR., 9337-Sylvia and Stephen Lehman to Gary Michael Goodale and Teresa W. Roberts, $895,000.

OLD MILL RD., 8733-Gary G. and Tina M. Thomas to Robert R. and Lynn F. Shick, $433,900.

SHANNONS GREEN WAY, 3759-James L. and Elizabeth L. Maiers to Linci C. Nunez, $349,900.

WOODHUE PL., 3931-G. Kip Vozniak to Rebecca L. Fiorello and Louis F. Delavigne, $190,000.

North Springfield Area

BLACKFORD ST., 7418-Kurt W. and Beverly P. Archibald to Owen E. and Catherine S. Clark, $385,000.

BRADWOOD ST., 5201-Peter J. Reynolds and Louise E. Perini to Judy C. Yiu, $385,000.

HATTERAS LANE, 8112-John R. Williams to Farshid and Holly S. Abolfotouh, $460,000.

JUXON PL., 5309-Jean L. Maddens to Khoa D. and Thuytien N. Tran, $320,000.

KINGS PARK DR., 5531-Kenneth A. and Holly C. Gray to Samuel W. Elliot, $395,000.

LONG PINE DR., 7519-John L. and Diane J. Randazzo to Corey and Jeanne Ludwig, $419,900.

QUEENSBERRY AVE., 5611-John W. and Betty S. Wade to Edward G. Perez, $435,000.

Oakton Area

BERRYLAND DR., 2723-Edward I. and Beverly J. Gaskell to Craig L. and Stacy L. Sevy, $758,000.

BUSHMAN DR., 10212-James T. and Saehee K. Howard to Terri I. Campos, $255,000.

CHAIN BRIDGE RD., 2913-Cemalettin and Sevgi Sandal to Enrico E. and Elizabeth R. Villaroman, $485,000.

ELLMORE LANE, 3418-Michael J. and Glenna S. Lewis to Daniel and Christine Lowrey, $570,000.

FLEMISH MILL CT., 11730-Richard C.S. and Gail B. Hale to Michael A. and Jill E. Mancusi, $835,000.

MEREWORTH LANE, 10515-Helen M. Clark to Thomas A. Becher and Arlie E. Hammons, $626,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10090-Lawrence M. Benade to Eva Ann Rinker, $240,000.

TIMBERLINE DR., 11311-Suk Kih and Kyung H.K. Min to William D. and Anne M. Houghton, $985,000.

TURNBERRY PL., 10188-Gloria J. Donald to Gregory F. Scheihing, $469,500.

VALE RD., 11002-Keykhosrow and Shirin Salehi to Paul K.W. Jackson, $558,000.

Reston Area

ABINGTON HALL PL., 12161-Tiffany Whitfill to Joy Yue Chien, $346,000.

BEDFORDSHIRE CIR., 2342-Ronald A. and Annetta L. Clark to Sadegh Jafari and Dadashzadeh Ranjbar, $460,000.

BUTTONWOOD CT., 11521-Antonio G. Estrada to Wesley A. and Anne R. Nicolas, $360,000.

CHANCERY STATION CIR., 12104-E. Dale and Jesselyn Francisco to Bekim Veseli, $703,000.

CHESTNUT GROVE SQ., 11220-Jane Townsend to Abir Shahin, $202,000.

COCQUINA DR., 2252-Kieu C. and Kieu T. Tran to Jose A. and Guadalupe Merlos, $329,900.

COLERAINE CT., 12316-Yan Ji to James Carroll, $449,900.

CREEKBEND DR., 12018-Randy L. and Barbara J. Tripp to James F.M. and Rose M. McNulty, $1.075 million.

DASHER LANE, 1334-Alan R. and Linda A. Beckett to Pantea Fiuzi Farkhan, $929,000.

DOCKSIDE CIR., 11306-James J. and Candace S. McCoy Fyfe to Andrew D. and Casey H. Goode, $450,000.

GRANBY CT., 11028-Daniel W. and Tricia A. Piszker to Carl W. Durgan, $335,000.

GREAT OWL CIR., 11814-Jocelyn C. Brantley and Lance Brantley to Mark J. Mackey, $450,000.

GREENMONT CT., 1455-Melvin M. and Kazuko Fujiwara to Joseph N. Nicholas, $325,000.

HOLLOW TIMBER CT., 11446-Karin Sadowski and Joerg Meyer to Thomas L. Burton, $575,000.

HOLLOWWIND CT., 11954-Steven D. and Cherie A. Thoman to John and Lisa Santoro, $325,000.

HUNTERS RUN DR., 2297-Richard D.D. Young to David G. Newman, $235,000.

LAKE SHORE CREST DR., 1716-Sergio G. Contero to Linda N. and Donald L. Albright, $264,900.

NORTH SHORE CT., 1805-T.L. Bailey to Andrew Spencer and Emily Bunting, $365,000.

NORTHWIND DR., 1116-Douglas M. and Grace J. Wegner to Robert F. and Sue A. Coen, $685,000.

ORCHARD LANE, 11468-Julia I. Schmalz to Lisa B. Namerow, $349,999.

PADDOCK LANE, 2400-K.W. Peters to Mark A. Kuttrus and Angela M. Wiseman, $537,500.

SAGEWOOD LANE, 1951-Sara L. McFaul to Mary Anne E. Krause, $170,000.

SIERRA WOODS CT., 1661-Vincent M. Brown and Michael P. Murray to Nicole Sanborn and Christopher McGee, $295,000.

SILENTWOOD LANE, 11253-Dana M. Hartley to Nancy J. Sydnor, $272,500.

STIRRUP IRON LANE, 2222-Norman F. and Sara L. Beach to Thomas C. and Robin L. Passino, $448,000.

WILD HAWTHORN WAY, 1230-Joseph A. and Christine N. Andretta to Christian and Cara Bollinger, $475,000.

WINCREST PL., 800-Gulick Group Inc. to Shahab Anthony Afnani and Elahe Lorna Omidi Afnani, $2.91 million.

WINDLEAF CT., 11405-Matthew A. Valentine to Laura A. Holzman, $333,100.

WOODCREST DR., 1541-Kathryn R. Davis to Philip E. and Judith A. Stratmann, $294,900.

Seven Corners Area

MANCHESTER ST., 3101-Richard P. Guerrieri to Lynn S. Kern, $220,000.

Springfield Area

CARBONDALE WAY, 8006-George and Marion Fryer to Tyrone Bartoli, $316,000.

CREEKVIEW DR., 8104-Gary E. and Pat Ann Stillmunkes to Eddie M. and Paula S. Veal, $665,000.

CROCKETT PL., 6709-Alston T. Palmer to Li Qing and Yi Xuan Mei, $350,000.

DEANSGATE CT., 7364-Kenneth R. and Sheila Oliver to Sherron L. and John W. Shull, $530,000.

DONEGAL LANE, 8072-Penny L. Brush to Mary Graham, $307,000.

ESSEX AVE., 6949-Jan Mason to Pacita C. Rivera and Nelson R. Basa, $375,000.

FRANCONIA CT., 6435-Atiq Kazemi to Sikander Hayat, $337,000.

FRANCONIA RD., 6460-Alcides and Felicito R. Reyes to Juventina and Dagoberto Garcia, $280,000.

GRANDVIEW CT., 8036-Christopher J. Longo to Jonathan M. Cristiani, $271,000.

GRAYSON ST., 6014-David A. and Christine M. Wiggins to Misael Euceda Calix, $420,000.

GREEN GARLAND DR., 7731-Richard M. and Joann Pacini to Mohy Eldin Mohamed Ameen and Hala Elwan Ameen, $500,000.

HANOVER AVE., 6113-Jeane L. Hinton to Scott A. Peterson, $355,000.

LAUREN DR., 8621-Isaac Z. Sanchez to Sreeroop B. and Rita R. Roy, $483,505.

RIATA CT., 6804-Leslie M. and Paulette A. Jacobi to Robert C. and Diane D. Black, $500,000.

RIPPLED CREEK CT., 8491-Rita R. and Sree B. Roy to Donna G. Davis and Gilbert E. Perez, $390,000.

RIVERMONT CT., 8005-William A. and Cynthia M. Olsen to Linda J. Selinger, $459,950.

SHADOWLAKE WAY, 8837-John and Antonieta S. Tayamen to Steve J. and Carol K. Tulo, $550,000.

SPRING SUMMIT RD., 7411-Ronald Blackburn and Evelyn Muniz Blackburn to Christopher and Roseann Glanzmann, $900,000.

SPRINGFIELD OAKS DR., 8565-Anne T. and Kathleen C. Keightley to Cory M. Sauer, $275,000.

STEEPLECHASE CT., 8066-Jeffery P. and Lorena K. Garner to Xueyan and Minde Zheng, $298,888.

SUNSET PATH CT., 8018-Mohammad Ashraf and Qudsia Karimi to Gamal Mattar and Janet Martinez, $490,000.

SUPREME CT., 6835-Ronald J. and Mary A. Knoblauch Friedl to Tahir Nasim, $299,000.

THOMAS DR., 6215-William E. and Geneva M. Halloran to Christopher Monoki, $432,000.

VOGELS WAY, 7566-Hal E. and Mary K. Woodside to Anthony W. and Vanessa J. Genatempo, $525,000.

WADEBROOK TER., 8704-Keith D. Carter to Nisar Anver, $344,900.

WHITE WILLOW CT., 7718-Scott M. and Michelle F. Schmader to Roberta A. and Walter A. Starkey, $754,500.

Vienna Area

CARMICHAEL DR., 2225-Sandra Papandrea to Francis R. and Maura A. Levesque, $571,000.

CARRHILL RD., 2023-Howard A. and Mary G. Vieau to Timothy L. and Jennifer McLaughlin, $681,000.

CORAL CREST LANE, 9472-Nina L. Jasmann to Richard A. Igercich and Kathy A. Silva Igercich, $1.325 million.

COTTAGE ST., 1003-Robert M. and Marilyn L. Grossman to Vintage Crest Corp., $412,500.

COURTHOUSE WOODS CT., 9931-Jayne E. Schwarz to Anthony D. and Elizabeth Yanero, $551,000.

CYMBAL DR., 9704-Peter P.D. and Mary M.L. Chen to Lawrence T. and Pamela Ann Jones, $821,000.

DOGWOOD ST., 120-Mark M. Fleming and Mary E. Grim to Chad M. and Cynthia A. Schneider, $446,800.

FAUST DR., 9842-Robert G. and Stephanie K. Arnall to Frederick A. Muhlenberg and Barbara A. Hutnyan, $700,000.

HOLLIS LANE, 8413-Mark and Amelie L. Krikorian to William Loggins and Melodi Djahanbani, $499,900.

KINGSLEY RD., 121-Haksong Jin and Anna Cho to Fariborz Saremi and Farzaneh Zavareei, $462,000.

LOCUST ST., 218-H. Ciriaco and M.M. Cruz to Jean E. Schafer and Jane M. Towle, $232,000.

LORD FAIRFAX CT., 8301-Kevin H. and Jennifer C. Bailey to Susan B. Whitehead and Ennis C. Whitehead, $850,000.

MANHATTAN PL., 2665-Mirfarhad Shahlavi to Deborah J. Hart, $465,000.

NINOVAN RD., 706-Louise E. Weakley to Josephine Washington, $475,000.

OCCIDENTAL DR., 2624-Stephen and Sara R. Bartos to Rawimas Laohavanich and Sau Thong Lee, $450,000.

SADDLE RIDGE CT., 1716-William L. and Kathryn E. Webb to Paul M. and Lyn H.R. Reid, $642,000.

SPICE CT., 3003-Mary L. Morsch to Martin R. Pfannmuller, $345,000.

STRATHAVEN PL., 2904-Daniel M. and Maria D. Hutchinson to Thomas and Susan Wagner, $800,000.

TIMBER LANE SW, 906-Julie D. Brown and Grattan T. Brown to Marcus Maher and Kimberly R. Bucher, $420,000.

WINDY KNOLL LANE, 10113-E.M.H. Zehl to Thomas K. Han and Yong S. Park, $998,500.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

NORTH PARK ST., 8045-Roberto C. and Cristina S. Misul to Chau L. and Duc F. Nguyen, $820,000.

West Springfield Area

BRISBANE ST., 6907-Rudolph and Eileen W. Perez to Nasrullah and Rehana Shaheen Mohammad, $375,000.

CARNATION CT., 7107-G.F. and C.A. Shaffer to Linda K. and Stephen N. Heller, $527,500.

CARR PL., 8134-Kenneth R. Boehs to John P. and Kristen K. Reece, $600,000.

CHARNWOOD ST., 6310-Maureen G. Gloster to Lance Lee Sumner, $439,900.

DANFORD PL., 7108-G.A. and J.B. Calvert to James A. and Carol M. Young, $449,900.

GREELEY BLVD., 6306-Anthony John Scarfi to Steven R. and Suzanne D. Steiner, $413,000.

HALL ST., 5957-Charles William and Linda S. Arthur to Hassan Harooni, $448,000.

HARROWGATE CIR., 7808, No. D-David E. Reuther to Veronica L. Abangan, $234,900.

HILLSIDE RD., 6204-Richie L. Sullivan to Mi Hyang Wade, $285,000.

HOLFORD LANE, 6613-Robert M. and Bonny J. Downing to Ryan Davis, $380,000.

OMEGA CT., 8967-Yong T. and Ji S. Kim to Ty Tran, $332,000.

PENSHURST DR., 8378-Elizabeth and Blas Vergaray to Monta K. Coleman, $210,000.

PRINCE GEORGE DR., 5904-Katharine L. Wax to Melissa A. Park, $266,000.

REYNARD DR., 6806-Walton T. and Jo Anne M. Boyer to Hoo and Gil J. Yoo, $460,000.

STONE VALLEY CT., 6181-David J. and Laurie C. Keninitz to Mark N. Fontenot, $324,000.