The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Frederick City Area

AZTEC DR., 816-Robert M. and Jane F. Helm to Marci J. and David O. Nelson, $379,900.

BARTONSVILLE RD., 5710-Carlos J. Sandi to Barbara M. and Bjorn Stalesen, $130,800.

CAMERON WAY, 2658-Stephanie M. King to Heather D. Knisley, $243,000.

CASCADE WAY, 596-Rebecca L. Daniels to Arturo and Luis Alberto Gyles Jr., $165,600.

CHALLENGE WALK, 8814-Cynthia and Richard W. McMaker III to Victor J. Nunez, $138,000.

CHARLTON HOUSE WAY, 2103-David S. and Lynne L. Greber to Regina Ampofua and Papa K. Amoo, $420,000.

DELAWARE RD., 427-Robert and Charlette Lyons to Annette H. and Wallace M. Bounds II, $395,000.

DENTON CT., 5645-Thomas R. Wrublik to Mende E. Martinez Potkay and Jason E. Potkay, $218,500.

ELKRIDGE LANE, 9006-Kimberly S. Koehl to Saratu Fanday, $240,000.

EMORY ST., 1704-Francesca B. and William B. Gibbs to Craig M. Wachter, $260,000.

FAIRFIELD DR., 191-Ralph G. and Allison D. Elias to Linda and Laura Milburn, $148,000.

FLAGSTONE CT., 6099-Anthony Pizzillo to Louis Craig Hasslinger Jr., $222,500.

GLENROCK DR., 5688-David and Glynda Fisher, trustees, to Victoria L. and Charles M. Anderson, $285,000.

GRESHAM CT. W., 7079-Brian R. Reynolds to Robert H. Ritchie Jr., $219,900.

INDIAN SPRINGS RD., 8520-Lee R. Jr. and Isabelle C. Saylor to Kimberly A. and Robert H. Weiland, $460,000.

INDIAN SUMMER LANE, 7201-Ward C. and Karen C. Sorensen to Christa M. Caroleo Cepeda and Juan Cepeda II, $274,900.

JEFFERSON ST. S., 225-Connie E. Phillips to Thomas and Heather Sneddon, $215,000.

LONGMEADOW DR., 7920-Diana Garver to Saul D. Valentin and Luz E. Martelli, $292,000.

LYNN ST., 2784-Peter C. and Callee L. Stauffer to Veronica and Ruben D. Rodriguez, $350,000.

MCLENDON DR., 912-Shirley P. and Charles M. Dahlgren to Patricia Burns, $175,000.

MCMURRAY ST., 118-Otis C. and Beverly A. James to Laura Krebaum, $169,900.

MEGAN CT., 425-William Bryan Anderson Jr. to Nasir Mahmood, $150,000.

MEGAN CT., 428-Heather R. Huff to Leilani and Charles E. Price Jr., $184,400.

MOUNTAINDALE RD., 6335-Timothy T. Conlon to Courtney Ann Barnes, $375,000.

MOUNT PHILLIP RD., 6683-Robert H. and Kimberly A. Weiland to Yolanda Carneiro and Michael P. Miller, $264,900.

MULBERRY CT., 1322-Teresa A. and Daniel M. Kern to Coreen Ann Gabbidon, $280,000.

MURDOCK CT., 1861-William C. and Helen M. Thomas to Michael J. Slebodnik and Michael J. Slebodnik Sr., $191,000.

NEW HAVEN CT., 6379-Michael D. Fortier to Changwan Lu, $207,500.

NEW HAVEN CT., 6380-Kristen L. and Christopher J. Howes to Craig M. Howes, $175,000.

OLD COACH CT., 2504-Charles T. and Julie Ann Cashour to Kathleen M. and John F. Nykiel, $350,000.

ORCHARD WAY, 1321-Benjamin C. and Pauline E. Hamilton to Milagro D. and Jose A. Mejia, $238,500.

PARK AVE., 314-Bruce A. Roberson to Daniel Oberlander and Jeffrey Miller, $174,900.

PARKVIEW DR., 7305-Charles J. and Eleanor J. Luttrell to Cathy S. and Alan D. Joy, $272,000.

QUARTZ CIR., 6093-Norma and Emerick W. Kuter to Benjamin R. Tyeryar III, $150,000.

REELS MILL RD., 4314-Terry Lynn Grimes to Komlan Akakpo, $299,900.

ROCKYGLEN DR., 1820-David N. Trybus to Tammie E. and Tracie L. Carter, $245,000.

SAVAGE RD., 225-Russell Leland Johnson to Kimberly Azcona Castaneda and Jesus Castaneda, $236,000.

SHOOKSTOWN RD., 1661-Colin M. and Hyaraced R. Kennedy to Rachel M. Reeve and Kristopher B. Smith, $249,900.

SHOOKSTOWN RD., 5840-Sallie K. Delaughter to Ruth M. Bielobocky, $157,000.

SOUTH ST. W., 433-Lynda T. Hague to Dan S. Hocker, $179,900.

SPOKESHAVE CT., 6625-Melissa L. Brown to Josue M. Guevara and Doris E. Hernandez, $186,500.

SPRINGHOUSE CT., 1717-Wendy L. and Peter A. Wotring to Mark W. Graber, $142,900.

VICKSBURG CT., 97-David S. and Cynthia P. Most to Yunden Badralmaa and Dorjbal Dorjsuren, $295,000.

WATERFORD DR., 829-Lisa A. Edwards to Heather and John L. McLemore, $199,900.

WEATHERBY CT., 6413-H-Shane L. Mannebach to Erin E. Edwards, $144,500.

WESTCOTT CIR., 5536-Andrew W. Miller to Vivek Krishna Srinivasan, $252,400.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1744-Reginald T. Wiggins to Nancy J. and Jeffrey D. Weeks, $412,500.

SECOND ST. E., 211-Richard D. and Ruth L. Miller to Sally D. and Dennis Baldridge, $498,000.

FIFTH ST. E., 221-Thomas W. Deal to Habib Maidanwal, $151,000.

THIRD ST. E., 37-Elizabeth P. and Karl W. Plumlee to Lori Leitzel and Eric M. Rice, $275,000.

Ijamsville Area

BYRON CIR., 3625-Kelly J. and Lynn M. McKeon to Elsa M. Posso and Mario R. Banegas, $499,950.

GRAYMARSH PL., 11010-Kenneth M. and Joyce A. Nelson to Jennifer and David Allen Fair, $415,000.

LOCH HAVEN DR., 2711-Telford J. and Tracey Thomas to Choya R. and Riane K. Buttrey, $359,900.

MUSSETTER RD., 5307-Tara L. and Kevin J. Ryan to Mario Retana, $375,000.

RITCHIE DR., 9919-Thomas C. Kalnicki to Michele P. and Eric D. Reifer, $490,000.

WINGED FOOT CT., 5602-Edward C. and Lizabeth S. Watson to Lynda Rogers Miller and Marvin Byron Miller, $624,900.

Jefferson Area

GAPLAND RD., 2312-John N. and Cecil A. Souder to Donna J. and Stephen E. Crum, $168,000.

Knoxville Area

ADDITION AVE., 3103-Mary L. and Dennis L. Cooper to Leona Marie Brown, $169,900.

KNOXVILLE RD., 810-Thomas W. Conner Jr. to Candace E. Stribling, $178,900.

Libertytown Area

MAIN ST., 12134-Washington Mutual Bank to Edna May and Lisa M. Kokal, $297,000.

Middletown Area

ALI DR., 100-Admar Construction Inc. to Sibte A. Kazmi, $588,000.

FELDSPAR DR., 4622-Scott A. Mackellar to Elaine Fors Mackellar and Scott A. Mackellar, $330,000.

MARKER RD., 7613-Clarence C. and Nancy L. Smarr to Fern W. and Nickolas Protos, $275,500.

SPRINGBROOK CT. E., 7310-Tate L. and Wendy Safford to Darlene R. Posey, $155,000.

Mount Airy Area

ACORN CT., 512-Charles D. and Catherine S. Tunnell to Eileen H. and Daniel P. Division, $500,000.

DETRICK RD., 6518-Rebecca G. and David R. Snell to Helen M. Smith, $489,900.

FOREST EDGE CT., 10806-Tina L. and Arthur M. Boykin to Wilson Travis Kidwell, $405,000.

FOX MEADOW CIR., 10397-Carlos E. and Kerry Diaz to Jennifer and Jonathan B. Mostowski, $320,000.

HEMLOCK POINT RD., 6708-John D. and Khadra A. Michaelsen to Nathan and Alain D. Cappeluti, $275,000.

NORTH SHORE SQ., 6507-Kristen E. and Christopher Woodward to Krystos Efantis, $237,000.

OAK CLIFF CT. N., 1334-Jeffrey S. and Patricia E. Cottrell to Daniel and Patricia McCleary, $206,000.

TALBOT RUN RD., 7304-John J. Sr. and Doris L. Herron to Jennifer P. Martin and Robert W. Fincham, $160,000.

VANTAGE POINT CT., 10151-Thomas K. and Lisa G. Plant to Christina M. and Arthur L. Utz, $475,000.

VILLAGE GATE DR., 1120-Douglas and Christina Tregoning to Melissa K. and Charles M. Harner III, $415,000.

Walkersville Area

TREASURE AVE., 8797-Jason W. Foor to Patsy and Jason Stevens, $146,000.