The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

ARCTIC AVE., 13817-Eric D. and M.L. Reifer to E.L. and Christopher J. Neilson, $420,000.

BAUER DR., 14229-Mary J. Ortwein to Zoyla M. and Jose M. Flores, $409,900.

BAUER DR., 14303-William W. and Shirley E. Hess to Anita W. and John A. Liem, $372,000.

BEL PRE RD., 4901-Robert T. and P.B. Orrence to Maria M. Claros De Martinez and Jesus F.M. Medrano, $449,900.

CRESTEDGE LANE, 5317-Edwin and J.M. Lewinski to Ellen and Robert Lingenfelter, $425,000.

CROSSWAY RD., 14631-Daniel J. and K.H. McGuan to Kathryn M. and Philip S. Perlman, $779,900.

ELOISE AVE., 13003-George M. Cokinos to Alberto Benitez, $360,000.

FOX VALLEY TER., 16403-Albert J. and B.L. Genetti to Brian W. and Terri B. Smith, $748,828.

GRENOBLE DR., 13531-Maria Manuela A. Cunha to Gregory Karl Greenleaf and Allison C.G. Smith, $354,000.

INDEPENDENCE ST., 4109-Wilfredo Guillen to Jesus Mata, $333,000.

IRIS PL., 4606-Delmy Escobar to Jose R. Cruz, $330,000.

LANDGREEN ST., 4205-Patricia A. Orcino to Tammie L. Wiley, $382,000.

LISTRA RD., 4710-Mehmet Onur Taner to Fernando and Sonia Quiroz, $369,900.

MANOR HOUSE TER., 15414-Michael D. Vanech to Sergey Dementyev, $330,000.

TURKEY BRANCH PKWY., 12614-Troy L. Brazell to Isidro Granados, $312,000.

Barnesville Area

BARNESVILLE RD., 18200-Lawrence H. Price III, trustee, to Joanne and James C. Parsley, $125,000.

Bethesda Area

ACACIA AVE., 5007-John L. and L.J. Kelly to Mark D. and Abby T. Nathans, $652,000.

ADELAIDE DR., 9309-Robert L. II and L.B. Foose to Sofia C. Mancheno Gross and Alexander Jacob Gross, $645,000.

AMHERST LANE, 4506-Margaret R. Slesinger to Nina Zuckerman and Adam Isaacson, $636,000.

BRADLEY BLVD., 5801-Patrick W. Mason to Pamela Levinson, $885,000.

BRADLEY BLVD., 7809-Gita Tavakoli to Seyed M. Marvasatian, $493,000.

BRADMOOR DR., 8901-A.G. and Joshua A. Weinberg to Scott B. Nardi, $530,000.

BRAEBURN PL., 7123-Christopher P. Wells to Colleen V. and Christopher J. Scott, $580,000.

BROOK LANE S., 107-Carl Millward Jr. to June A. Lee and Andrew H. Fairbanks, $650,000.

BROOKVIEW DR., 5113-Thomasine B. Schreier to Laura and Adam Kolton, $705,000.

CARTERET RD., 7816-Joseph and J.J. Semo to Judith B. and Robert L. Foose, $859,900.

DEMOCRACY BLVD., 6508-Bruce D. Patner, trustee, to Key H. Yang, $454,000.

FALMOUTH RD., 5300-Robert F. Reklaitis to Valerie A. Parker and Peter W. Mellen, $994,500.

FALMOUTH RD., 5423-S.F. and Mark Sullivan III to Steven W. Eichenauer, $1.5 million.

GARFIELD ST., 8709-Mark and T. Feinberg to Anne and Allan R. Gold, $992,000.

GREENTREE RD., 7124-Robert E. and E.R. Gillette to Robin A. and Todd A. Baldwin, $880,000.

HALSTON WAY, 8505-E. and Chris Chon to Susan M. Ritchie, $910,000.

HOOVER ST., 5604-Carole Sherman to Diana Chimes and Kirk A. Hornbeck, $999,000.

KENTSTONE DR., 9512-Catherine D. Adams to Catherine D. and Dennis E. Adams, $258,500.

MADAWASKA RD., 5909-Carolynne M.S. and J.M. Fox to Kristine and Edwin Tockman, $523,500.

MARLYN DR., 5303-Mary A. Cannon to Lisa and Avram H. Goldstein, $620,000.

MONTAUK AVE., 10003-John R. IV and Heidi Deane to Jennifer and Eugene Krichevsky, $439,500.

NEWBOLD PL., 9501-Tracy T. Perkins to John C. Donnelly, $888,000.

NEWPORT AVE., 4802-B.M. and Alan C. McConagha to John R. Schoenfeld, trustee, $1.7 million.

OLDCHESTER RD., 7813-Robert and J.R. Granader to Steven A. and Madelyn F. Harris, $1.33 million.

PARK OVERLOOK DR., 8034-John T.C. Shen, trustee, to A.C. Feijt and J.B. Jansen, $746,600.

RADNOR RD., 7906-Radnor Corp. to Duff Chadwell, $1.29 million.

REDWOOD AVE., 9118-A.B. and Thomas L. Friedman to Michael Kay, $1.95 million.

RIDGE DR., 6430-Mary A. Adams to Jenna Ross, $670,000.

RISING RIDGE RD., 8005-Sanford I. and S.L. Rosen to Loise B. and David G. Wilkins, $675,000.

ROCKMERE DR., 5704-Mary Y. Brinkmeyer, trustee, to Sandie Quinn and Andrew Adamian, $849,900.

ROSEDALE AVE., 4317-Warren E. Bernard to Katherine N. and Carter M. Steuart, $1.16 million.

SENTINEL DR., 4948, No. 7-204-C. and Charles T. Baroch to Arthur H. Fuldner, trustee, $394,100.

SLEAFORD RD., 4223-M.L. and W.E. Sumner to Jean Hay, $680,000.

STONEHAM RD., 6400-Paul O. Kelly to Bagrat Bayburtian, $380,000.

SURREYWOOD LANE, 6783-Darlene S. Jacobs to Corrado Avarino and Sonia Doamaral, $474,500.

VERNON PL., 5606-Pamela R. Brady to Jane E. Sisk, $710,000.

WADSWORTH DR., 9209-D.G. and Simon Black to Melvin Keller II, $500,000.

WANETA RD., 5408-Steven J. Weiss to Louise R. and James G. Canavan, $728,400.

WESTLAKE TER., 7401, No. 604-Marlene I. Loeb to Mitra Z. Gard, $285,000.

WESTLAKE TER., 7420, No. 207-Soon Ja Johnson to Pamela L. and Edward J. Ward, $320,000.

WESTLAKE TER., 7420, No. 611-Lillian Weiss to Phyllis D. Rozman, $289,000.

WILSON LANE, 5908-Daniel P. and S.W. Hawkins to Beth C. and Andrew Rosenstein, $1.2 million.

WYOMING RD., 5102-Richard K. Fox Jr. to Sigmund Gordon, $1.1 million.

YORKTOWN RD., 5302-E.Y. and Joseph J. Stengel to David W. Baker, $520,000.

Boyds Area

BUCKLODGE RD., 19708-Fairfax Development Corp. to Jill and Jay Alexander, $1.08 million.

PALMETTO CIR., 13641-V.H. and D.C. Ellington to Charles F. II and K.M. St. Paul, $365,000.

SATURN WAY, 14414-John Rymkiewicz to Nancy Long, $530,000.

SLIDELL RD., 23505-J.L. and James R. Burnett Jr. to Dan R. Cox, $315,000.

Brookeville Area

GEORGIA AVE., 22101-Tracy L. Parks to Dan E. Wingerd, $443,000.

RIGGS HILL WAY, 20517-David D. and K.M. Lipps to Jennifer and Peter Schmidt, $975,000.

Burtonsville Area

AMSTERDAM TER., 3732, No. 8-88-Dennis Lauer to Yolanda Nelson, $176,000.

BERLEIGH HILL CT., 3721-A.H. and Wallace M. Bounds II to Jeremy Odelius, $340,000.

PERRYWOOD DR., 14316-Barbara T. Woods to Mebrat Gesese and Zemen Lebne Dengel, $493,000.

REGALWOOD TER., 4312-N.R. and Phillip A. Mein to Volker Briken, $293,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

AVONSHIRE DR., 13735-Jacqueline D. Canty to Blanca Ventura, $174,900.

BRUTON PARISH WAY, 3463, No. 18-128-Alkia M. Banks to Terry Jefferson, $210,000.

CASTLE TER., 3728, No. 120-139-Issac E. Nyarko to Moinuddin Hassan, $194,000.

COPLAND CT., 13211-Iouri Krasniak to Frederick G. Brandyburg, $265,000.

CRIMSON LANE, 12047, No. 203-Daniela C. Bottini to Kelli J. Johnson, $230,000.

FAIRLAND PARK CT., 5-H. David and M.F. Allick to Tony Wing and Mony Keo Luong, $517,000.

GRESHAM RD., 1316-Gladys R. Banderas to Anita and Mark Broadus, $360,000.

MEMORY LANE, 2912-Minh Q. to Tam V. Huynh, $270,000.

MONDRIAN TER., 1018-Xueqin Xu to Justy R. Cherubic, $284,000.

NEEDLEPINE TER., 12330-Sui C. Leung to Sandra C. Bibb, $460,000.

OVERTON LANE, 13801-Elmer and Lourdes Chavez to Julie M. and Christopher J. Bennett, $550,000.

SARAH DR., 1204-B.P. and Bradford R. Stanerson to Maxim Zalalutdinov, $349,900.

SCHUBERT DR., 3024-John J. Walsh, trustee, to Yan Zhai and Bao Yang, $400,000.

SHADY KNOLL DR., 13407, No. 312-Alexis Salcedo to Jaime R. Chavez, $170,000.

SHANANDALE DR., 2844-G.D. and Claudio F. Carvalho to Catia Mills, $330,000.

SHANANDALE DR., 2844-Catia Mills to Francisco A. Quezada, $425,000.

SHEPPERTON TER., 2837-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Laine B. Haile, $130,150.

SIR THOMAS DR., 3317, No. 4-A-44-James M. Brown to Keesha Clennon, $154,000.

SIR THOMAS WAY, 13605, No. 2-A-21-Konjit C. Kebede to Vladimir Ivanov, $173,500.

SUMMERWOOD DR., 12709-V.M. and Glen E. Kuhn to Beatriz G. Perez, $439,900.

SWEET CLOVER CT., 2704-Rodrigo M. Manriquez to Arelis M. Aranda, $290,000.

TAMARACK RD., 12812-Kevin S. Holston to Mathunni Mathai, $340,000.

TOURMALINE TER., 12912-Kizzie L. Brice to Shantel Stone Bajarlia and Israel Bajarlia, $260,000.

TURQUOISE TER., 12704-Gershon Senaya to Moustapha Kone, $249,000.

WHITE DR., 12511-Francis X. Popper to Darshinee and Brand Loney, $500,000.

WINHALL WAY, 601-Sohaila M. Mosaddegh to Kevin McKirgen, $400,000.

Chevy Chase Area

ASPEN ST., 4100-Anne K. McGuirk to Amanda M. and Stephen B. Kinnaird, $1.11 million.

CENTER ST., 5415-D.L. and Robert J. Evers to Jose Manuel Bassat, $1.26 million.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 8101-S-Jorene H. McGilvery to Ann K. Somers, $706,500.

COQUELIN TER., 3209-Louis F. Jr. and H.K. Schwartz to Kay B. and Timothy P. Schwartz, $550,000.

DELFIELD ST., 7209-Janelle S. Straszheim to Karen and Robert Lager, $934,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 2621-Patricia J. Gatins to Rita E. Curtis, $425,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4242, No. 1108-Eleanor Brady to Veronica I. Miranda, $259,000.

FAIRGLEN LANE, 5120-Carter M. and K.N. Stuart to Janet Javar and Brian Sonfield, $706,500.

FRIENDSHIP BLVD., 5500, No. 812N-Edna J. Clark to Michelle Drucker, $199,900.

GEORGIA ST., 7008-Mark S. and Alexandra J. Roosa to Kelly C. and Scott J. McCullers, $791,000.

HUNT AVE., 4623-Mary Lynn Reilly to Jeffrey L. Blackman and Laura J. Debruce, $786,500.

MEADOW LANE, 7005-Christopher P. and S.E. Warren to Marie Noelle and Robert Hunt, $1.08 million.

PARK AVE. N., 4601, No. 1605-E-Dorothy S. and Michel G. Marette to Esther K. Chartove, $285,000.

RIDGE MANOR DR., 26067-Geoffrey N. and P.A. Yammarino to Amy R. and Phillip M. Nacelli, $275,000.

ROCTON AVE., 7723-Jean MacDonald to Payam Herischi, $691,500.

STRATHMORE ST., 7036, No. 36-Stanley R. Parent to Julee Jo Newberger, $120,000.

WILLARD AVE., 4515, No. 162-Herbert A. Lindow, trustee, to Jean E. Todd, $18,500.

Clarksburg Area

REMAE CT., 23801-Amanda B. and Jason A. Boyer to William M. Cave, $375,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

BRADSHAW DR., 14205-Dori C. and Luneski Archuleta to Thokozile V. and Abednigo Sibanda, $454,900.

CRIBBAGE TER., 14225-S. and Nainan Thomas to Nkiru Ezeani, $475,000.

DORAL HILL CT., 16609-Richard E. and M.D. Ambrose to Mariamma and Thomas Mathew, $1.29 million.

EDNOR RD., 608-Donald E. and J.E. Crumpler to Sarah and Michael Glick, $401,000.

NEES LANE, 2320-M.K. and Jeffrey G. Houser to Chong E. Ham, $394,000.

OAK HILL RD., 16000-Roy R. Jr. and J.A. Hunt to Bradford B. and Virginia L. Behr, $425,000.

Damascus Area

CROSSCUT WAY, 10202-Kristian G. and Katarzyna A. Koncke to Amy B. and Sean T. Gagen, $581,000.

DAMASCUS MANOR RD., 10201-Peter F. and G.P. Schutz to Donna D. and Steven Pascali, $307,000.

GREENEL RD., 9607-Gregg R. and M.F. Little to Kathleen and David Abramson, $710,000.

HUNTERS CHASE LANE, 10717-Keith McKenna to Angela I. and Keith W. Watson, $385,000.

PREAKNESS DR., 24220-Bonnie E. Allen to Sofia and Ben Walker, $350,000.

SHELLDRAKE CIR., 10077-Benjamin F. and Sofia E. Walker to Amy L. and Daniel L. Aaron, $205,000.

SHOW PONY PL., 10829-Paul and Nancy L. Bartlett to Courtney and Shane B. Hebert, $420,000.

Derwood Area

BUENA VISTA TER., 7552-Andrea L. and J.A. Maldonado to Daniela M. and Jeffrey F. Holland, $497,000.

CAPRICORN TER., 7909-Mahmood Jorfi to Maximo L. Orellana, $260,000.

GRANBY RD., 5805-B.E. and Martin N. Titland to Sara Nikole Blanton, $415,000.

MILL CREEK DR., 17912-Catherine C. and J.G. Blalock to Natalia V. and Stephen C. McGonegal, $510,000.

MILL RUN DR., 7267, No. 13-4-Randy G. Reese to Beth Morley Phillips, $275,000.

OTTENBROOK TER., 7428-Gary D. Crowl, trustee, to Raquel Guevara and Mauricio F. Forgues, $704,000.

WICKHAM RD., 18240-Jeanne Marie Finlay to Katherine K. and Peter S. Frederick, $707,000.

Gaithersburg Area

BARN SWALLOW TER., 18718-Stanley G. Oldroyd to Nicole Monique Mastromarino and Lawrence P. Mastromarino, $200,000.

BENT TWIG LANE, 126, No. 347-Katherine M. Glenn to Seyed Tofigh, $245,000.

BENT TWIG LANE, 166, No. 296-George and A.G. Krasias to Gina J. and Dong Jin Baik, $250,000.

BLUE SMOKE DR., 8905-Goutam and T. Bhattacharyya to Dorsey Delavigne and Cathy L. Delavigne, $357,500.

BOAT HOUSE WAY, 14601-Kenneth Sapp to Hefen Yang and Feng Xian Liu, $630,000.

BRIGHTON DR., 43-Joseph T. and A.M. Davis to Marta A. Mancia and Jose R. Mancia, $400,000.

CHERRY BLOSSOM LANE, 15705-Michael Blaufeld to Ellen K. and E. Jeffrey Vandam, $418,000.

CHESTNUT OAK DR., 13212-Ira L. and E.W. Scott to Susan and Ali Vafa, $610,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 437, No. 114-V.S. and William L. Crawford to Babette N. Coulton, $170,000.

DALYN TER., 11509-David H. and D.C. Kestel to Marilyn M. and James D. Ward, $1.75 million.

DARNESTOWN RD., 13917-Andrew P. Stefanelli, trustee, to Sophia Pantazes Berns and Jonathan Berns, $750,000.

DEER PARK RD. W., 418, No. 11-C-G.A. and Ernest Billings to Maria Guadalupe Lemus Jimenez, $239,000.

DOE LANE, 12801-Grant T. and A.C. Orr to Moira C. and Santo A. Seminara, $725,000.

DOGWOOD DR., 308-Peter J. Geiling to Maria Filipa F. Decarvalho, $390,000.

DUNLEITH ST., 14813-Jean Hay to Julie J. and Henry C. Chu, $500,000.

FAIRGROVE TER., 104-Stephanie Brown to Albert Y. Demerji, $372,000.

FILBERT DR., 19807-Dyron R. Lawson to Bhavani Munaganti and Rajeev Poluri, $247,500.

FLAGLER DR., 847-Kerstin M. Boveri to Akram M. Gizabi, $310,000.

FLAGLER DR., 849-Alice J. McCain to Fatma Halici, $339,900.

FLOWER HILL WAY, 18608-Mark S. Keshishian to Cynthia M. Leoro, $410,000.

FRAMINGHAM DR., 19643-Brian C. Martin to Chau N. and Han D. Tien, $233,000.

FRANCES GREEN WAY, 14400-Victor F.C. and J.L. Raczkowski to Heather and David Handel, $708,180.

GOLD KETTLE DR., 220-Junghans Family Trust to Rudy O. Roque, $275,025.

GOLDEN ASH WAY, 122-K.S. and Michael M. Bond to Mohammad R. Dashti, $495,000.

GRANITE RIDGE DR., 12510-Elaine M.S. Poyourow to Kingsley K. Kwofie, $220,000.

HALLMARK CT., 18344-Esau Piedramartel to Aida A. and Milton M. Perez, $307,000.

HAMIL CIR., 19917-Richard S. and S.K. Vile to Homa Nekouei and Parviz Heidari, $680,000.

HAVEN WHITE CT., 19418-George K. and M. Krikorian to Laura K. and Mark A. Schweitzer, $795,000.

HIBISCUS CT., 28, No. 14-4-Christine L. Tedesco to John Rother, $268,000.

HIGHLAND RIDGE AVE., 610-Robert W. Simonds to Deborah S. Wetzler, $478,000.

HILLSIDE LAKE TER., 1015, No. 1007-Wendi L. Martin to Sophana Phlok, $280,000.

HILLSIDE LAKE TER., 1083, No. 1308-Bryan F. Wess to Caren Robinson, $225,000.

HILLSIDE LAKE TER., 901, No. 611-Thomas Wurzel, trustee, to Mohamed Desai, $222,000.

HILLSIDE LAKE TER., 913, No. 413-Jose A. Rodriguez to Glenn B. Friedel, $210,005.

HOB HILL WAY, 20115-James Walker to Sainabou and Muhamad A. Sosseh, $265,000.

HONEYLOCUST CIR., 18359-Mark L. and P.A. Greenwood to Zia and Khurshid Anwar, $230,000.

HUMMINGBIRD TER., 9220-Norman R. and D.C. Tetter to Eveleen G. and Michael E. Eaton, $247,500.

KEENELAND CIR., 14639-Ivana Otisk to Juri and Vera Protsenko, $263,000.

KINDLY CT., 10404-J.M. and Perry A. Depperschmidt to Jorge Mejia, $275,200.

LAYTONIA DR., 7651-Rigoberto and Maura Y. Mercado to Lisseth G. Caceres and Mario R. Hernandez, $121,412.

LEAFCUP RD., 111-Marisa A. and Joshua M. Lavine to Robert Dixon, $369,250.

LITTLE QUARRY RD., 438-Danny S. Jackson to Adrienne K. and William A. Gillen, $520,000.

LONGDRAFT RD., 102-Randall M. Beckman to Wilhelmina A. and Isaac E. Woode, $309,000.

LONGMEADOW DR., 53-M.F. and Ronald Balcazar to Dennis McDonald, $287,932.

LOPA CT., 2-Jeffrey W. and M.E. Rutherford to Manju Subramanya and Malla R. Rao, $580,000.

MAIN ST., 606, No. 606B-Matthew and R. Wakefield to Michele S. Wolf and Sanford M. Herzon, $392,000.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 18912, No. 5-Carlos A. Padilla to Leonard Chiazze Jr., $150,000.

NATHANS PL., 18765-Joseph P. Helfer to Barbara J. Tsai, $200,000.

NINA CT., 40, No. 177-Mark R. Eckenrode to Benjamin J. Guerra, $210,000.

PALMSPRING DR., 303, No. 7-Deborah and Jeffrey Hertel to Su K. and Bassel A. Zelof, $156,000.

PAVILION DR., 11-Woodrow W. Mossburg III to Hsin Yu Hsu and Yi Chin Tu, $394,500.

PLUM GROVE WAY, 10-Sandra L. Lillywhite to Xiaoli Zhang and Xu Yang, $340,000.

PRAIRIE ROSE LANE, 11, No. 3-6-Caroline M. Kursman to Sau Chu Likung and Pun Moon Li, $254,000.

PURPLE MARTIN LANE, 18702-John S. Trapp to Miguel Gonzalez, $234,000.

PURPLE MARTIN LANE, 18718-Kenneth M. and Jessica J. O'Hara to Deborah R. and John H. Huckans, $213,800.

SADDLEVIEW CT., 22-Paul S. McGreen to Amanda J. Wool, $451,500.

SAYBROOKE VIEW DR., 403-Rebecca R. and Richard A. Crown to Ronald S. Hencin, $435,000.

SOLITAIRE CT., 20-Edward D. Yang to Kristina S. and Mark Wesselink, $510,000.

ST. IVES PL., 9-Christian T. and L. Mannella to Christine J. and Danny S. Jackson, $512,500.

STATE CT., 46, No. 98-Maria and Francisco Amaya to Maria C. Paredes, $200,000.

SUMMER WALK DR., 166-Michael A. Bonnell to Natalie M. and Jeffrey S. Watkins, $530,000.

SYLVAN GLADE DR., 14425-Anatoli M. Malyguine to Ziu Qing Wang and Gangti Zhu, $720,900.

TIMONIUM PL., 15204-Thomas D. and L.R. Kapp to Ruth K. and Paul B. McLenaghan, $655,000.

TIPPETT LANE, 9519-K.L.P. and David I. Goldberg to Bridgette C. Lawrence, $249,900.

TRAVIS LANE, 1063-D.A. and Walter E. Varner to Martene Lorena Joya, $275,000.

TRAVIS VIEW CT., 1221-Edgar F. Valenzuela to Maria Rosie Alva, $270,000.

TURTLE DOVE LANE, 9007-Lesley Hoffman to Bernardina F. and Jasper A. Zabala, $265,000.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10024, No. 11-14-John A. Voxakis to Yuri and Min Gu Lee, $270,000.

WAXWING TER., 8800-Tu C. and G.Q. Huynh to Maria E. and Rodrigo I. Olaya, $390,000.

WEST SIDE DR., 932, No. 16-Marjorie J. Pittas trust to Annie F. Watson, $180,000.

WILD APPLE CIR., 10242-Deborah Nusskern to James W. Gray, $257,000.

WILD FOREST DR., 925-Aleksander L. and Y.B. Aliyeva to Kamini and Navin P. Kumar, $340,000.

Germantown Area

ALDBURG WAY, 11502-Mary J. Farley to Justin Collins, $239,000.

AMARILLO CT., 19, No. 139-Joanna and Cameron O. Halmat to Joshua Flood, $262,000.

AMBASSADOR DR., 13503-Margaret J. Linaugh to Travis Phaup, $277,100.

APPERSON PL., 20027-Birgit E. Edsall to Michael Hamelin, $252,000.

APPLEGRATH CT., 24-D.J. and Tyrone E. Bellinger to Milton Bonilla, $250,000.

APPLEGRATH WAY, 11440-Benjamin E. Jackson to Artes C. and George Khitiri, $265,000.

BERRYVILLE RD., 14010-Upton H. Jackson to Nancy M. and David T. Bond, $360,000.

BRIARCLIFF TER., 13101, No. 9-902-Safia S. Kadir to Amita T. and Tejash R. Patel, $200,000.

BRIDGER DR., 13029, No. 1412-C.O. and Reginald A. Payne to Paul S. Shapero, $254,900.

BRITTANIA CIR., 12216-Clifford M. Hageman to Trisha L. and Danny J. Holtzclaw, $315,000.

CHALET DR., 18040, No. 15-202-Elizabeth A. Troudt to Michael D. Kraus, $186,000.

CHALET DR., 18100, No. 13-302-Jere L. McLucas to Maria A. Tyrikos, $186,000.

CHERRY BEND DR., 19036-Keith A. Gillis to Boonlom Mangkonkarn, $260,000.

CLOVERDALE PL., 13412-F. and Bruce W. Dennis to David A. Fan, $361,000.

COTTAGE FIELD CT., 10-Hector G. and C.C. Henry to Ae Kyung and Baek J. Sung, $330,000.

CROSS RIDGE WAY, 12529-Brian A. Pakenham to Ronald Helgerson, $175,000.

CROSS RIDGE WAY, 12531-Charles St. Paul to Jessica Meadow, $185,000.

DRUMCASTLE TER., 11640-Robert P. Chrenowski to Mirna C. Arreano, $306,000.

DUNBAR TER., 13740-J.A. and James T. Brooksbank to Kyong P. Pak, $395,000.

DUNSTABLE CIR., 20043, No. 308-Calvin Covington to Halima J. Goodwin, $213,000.

ELDERBERRY DR., 11809-Mildred L. Bell to Kelly P. Reidy, $211,000.

FENCHURCH CT., 11505-Jose R. Cruz to Hector D. Sanchez, $245,000.

FENCHURCH CT., 11532-Bryan D. Smith to Thomas O. Hinchliffe, $255,000.

FETLOCK DR., 19509-A.E. and Jerry P. Peck Jr. to Yang Gao, $255,000.

FLAG HARBOR TER., 18907-Jose Gonzales to Oscar Guevara, $283,500.

FRUITWOOD WAY, 11450, No. 92-Y.K. and Raymond Y.Y. Yung to Oumaima Lkorchy, $210,250.

FURLONG WAY, 14125-Theodore J. and Jenifer M. Weber to Andrea and David P. Aufderheide, $329,900.

GALLOP TER., 14040-Daniel Bennett to Alexandra and Edwin Lopez, $330,000.

GATESHEAD CIR., 19916, No. 24-Xiaohui Pan to Garfield Jones, $225,900.

GOLF COURSE DR., 20537, No. 304-Bradley E. and Shari L. Telleen to Bushra Mohammad and Sajan Mohammed, $329,900.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19605, No. 2-212-Frances A. Gavigan to Carlos E. Castillo, $82,500.

HICKORY FOREST WAY, 21231-L.J. and Richard A. Nasoff to Benjamin A. Vitale, $577,500.

KILMARNOCK WAY, 13308, No. 2-C-Linda D. and James H. Horne to Damianos Gliatis, $215,000.

LAKE SPRAY TER., 21107, No. 74-M.M. and Lee E. Jarmon to Sharad Singh, $366,000.

LIBERTY HEIGHTS LANE, 19347-Michelle and Todd Bumgardner to Jose Amaya, $250,000.

LONG CHANNEL CIR., 14446-Tracy Armstrong to Alisa and Benjamin Heath, $340,000.

MAYCREST WAY, 19701-L.W. and Rowland G. Dennie to Catalina T. Barahona, $587,000.

MEANDER COVE DR., 13272, No. 15-Paul D. Archer to Thaddeus Tadkowski, $220,000.

MILL POND TER., 20331-Omar Pardo to Sulekha Avasthi and Pankaj Gautam, $295,500.

MILL POND TER., 20347-L. and Kenia Escobar to Thelma I. Cumes, $297,000.

MILLHAVEN PL., 13107-Stephen M. Moungelis to Matthew V. Phelan, $229,000.

MUSTARD SEED CT., 18626-Mary L. Meyer to Mei Zhu, $210,000.

NEERWINDER ST., 20633-Patricia A. Franzen to Stephanie L. and Mark L. Davidson, $362,500.

OPEN HEARTH WAY, 13002-Diana C. Brown to Marisa Martucci and Jose G. Cabrita, $249,900.

OWL RUN WAY, 18526-Mark A. and L.L. Basenback to Arcelia Cuadra and Rodolfo Espinal, $145,000.

PAPRIKA CT., 18714-James G. Quinn to Barbara C. and Blake A. Schreurs, $195,000.

PARTRIDGE WOOD DR., 19106-Ralph G. Rabbitt to Tuncay A. Tankir, $206,800.

PARTRIDGE WOOD DR., 19140-Jennifer B. Daly to Aaron C. Peters, $233,900.

PIKEVIEW TER., 12112-Ruben A. Romero to Jose Chicas and Elizabeth D. Jurado, $237,400.

PILGRIM HILL LANE, 11707-G.P. and John G. Howell to Christopher R. Gick, $542,500.

PINE RIDGE LANE, 18934, No. 8-2-Timothy R. Rager to Kam Law, $196,000.

RED PEPPER CT., 12607-Patricia A. Baker to Nico Mawun, $160,000.

RED ROBIN TER., 18901-Mauricio E. Merino to Anthony F. Akpan, $225,000.

ROSEARBOR CT., 11700-Michael D. and T.M. Brown to Deborah and John E. Allen, $210,000.

SHIPLEY TER., 20221, No. 2-A-302-Jacqueline T. Spencer to Anna Elizabeth Huang, $142,500.

SOJOURN CT., 21021, No. 27-Bernice and David Devillier to Benjamin D. Garrett, $340,000.

SOJOURN CT., 21023, No. 28-Silvia Shih to Emmanuel Yaw Kwapong, $350,000.

SOJOURN CT., 21053, No. 67-William D. and M.P. Ulicny to Donna and Mark S. Meents, $350,000.

SPARKLING WATER DR., 18801, No. 8/304-Vellissia M. Foushee to Christie S. Oates, $241,000.

SPINNING WHEEL DR., 13516-K.A. and Robert J. Schuler to Aleta J. Cress, trustee, $405,000.

SPLIT ROCK LANE, 18515-Ali R. Ergul to Abu Yaw Pepra, $280,000.

SPRINGFIELD RD., 15111-Thomas C. Pluecker, trustee, to Kathrin Plangemann, $906,000.

THUNDERHEAD WAY, 20318-Katherine R. Adrain to Nacer Megherbi, $257,500.

TIMKO LANE, 18302, No. 95-David R. Talley to Steven Cheng, $215,000.

WALNUT COVE CIR., 12458-Carmen J. Celis to Myrna M. and Jorge L. Zelaya, $308,000.

WEDGEPORT LANE, 13312-D.D. and Anthony D. Amankwa to Paul T. Trentadue, $221,600.

WILLOW SPRING DR., 19101-Jeanette Thomas to Robert R. Ward Jr., $182,000.

ZINNIA CIR., 19408-Maxwell Appiah Korang Adu to Bernard Edusei, $214,000.


New Hampshire Estates Area

BRANCH VIEW CT., 10006-Timothy J. and C.M. White to Julie Broussard Berko and Richmond N. Berko, $445,000.

FOREST DALE DR., 1908-Thong N. Ngo to David The, $375,000.

NOLCREST DR. E., 10708-Ayuk Ojong to Jose Anleu, $350,000.

PARKMAN RD., 10305-Melissa K. Buick to Joan Simons, $410,000.

SWEETBRIAR PKWY., 10600-Florence R. Tilkens to Evelyn and Milton Naehle, $481,000.

Kensington Area

CARROLL PL., 10212-Daniel R. Lawson to Michael A. Lawson, $585,000.

GEIGER AVE., 3215-Angela R. Powell, trustee, to Patricia A. Thomas, $589,000.

OLD SPRING RD., 9805-Elizabeth O. and Kevin J. Greaney to Christopher Van Hollen and Katherine A. Wilkens, $790,000.

PARKWOOD DR., 10614-Kendall F. Sanderson to Diana and Paul Morales, $399,900.

PLYERS MILL RD., 3136-Jorge Gonzalez to Luis Elias, $300,000.

STRATHMORE AVE., 5251-L.G. and John G. Leeds Jr. to Elizabeth Koontz, $624,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3127, No. 3127-Florentin Manzano to Maria M. Umanzor and Miguel A. Vigil, $200,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3355, No. 203-Angelica T. Suarez to Jesus Valeria Carrillo, $125,000.

WAYCROSS WAY, 11101-L.B. and Stephen P. Chaconas to Quisaira A. Whitney, $505,905.

WHEATLEY ST., 10530-Mary F. Cronin to Stephanie Cooke, $375,000.

WHITE FLINT DR., 5208-Mariana Hogan to Lisa A. and Alan M. Strauss, $450,000.

Laytonsville Area

LOCHAVEN DR., 8630-Robert B. and D.F. Naso to Audra L. and William C. Dove, $671,000.

LOCHAVEN DR., 8801-John W. Martin II to Rebecca M. and Clifford M. Hageman, $602,000.

WELSH RD., 24201-James F. and E.F. West to Summer Lynn and Brent Lamere, $349,950.

WHITE PILLAR TER., 9553-Jan L. Saah to Sveltana V. Sheinman, $252,000.

WHITE PILLAR TER., 9582-P.A. and Patrick J. Turnbow to Leah B. Cohen, $276,500.

Montgomery Village Area

APPLE RIDGE RD., 10519-C.S. and Eric D. Halo to Donald R. Wright Jr., $175,000.

BLUE SMOKE DR., 8914-C.D. and Gregory E. Scace to Rosanna Browning, $356,551.

BRASSIE WAY, 9767-Juan J. Cortez to Ed and Xiaofan Null, $200,000.

BRIAR GLENN WAY, 9554-Charles M. and D.M. Mele to Audrey J. and Byron B. Scott, $300,000.

CHADBURN PL., 9495-Ali Tonbul to Sergio Salvador Urbina, $205,000.

CLUB LAKE RD., 19611-Charles E. Jr. and T.L. Driver to Kathryn M. and Gero F. Spearman, $125,000.

DELLCASTLE RD., 9861-Rosalie C. Komes to Jeffrey A. Seldin, $511,000.

DREXEL HILL PL., 8714-Deborah L. Wilson to Adam M. Sparks, $229,000.

FERN HOLLOW WAY, 9511-Barrett and Mary M. Smith to Pikwan and Koji Takeuchi, $253,200.

HAWK RUN CT., 22-Charles Carlon to Shapur Abkar, $283,500.

KARDWRIGHT CT., 10402-Karen and Ryan Guilds to Michael S. Somerville, $275,000.

LINDOS CT., 20415-Lisa L. and David J. Wolf to Ruth A. Beisel, $319,150.

NATHANS PL., 18621-Charlette Kenley to Kayvon S. Chorani, $174,750.

RAVENGLASS WAY, 8773-George R. and P.C. Handel to Cristi A. and Minerva Mastacaneanu, $250,500.

RIDGELINE DR., 10283-Thomas M. and D.L. Brewer to Ayesha and Nazrul Islam, $180,000.

SPARROW VALLEY DR., 9307-Elizabeth M. Wiedt to Melissa A. Allen, $240,000.

THOMAS LEA TER., 8805-Linda H. Wozniak to James D. Weinberger, $325,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8619-Ransom B. Hughes to Alex Asare, $192,500.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

ATLANTA DR., 2717, No. 5-A-Edwin E. and L.F. Archila to Armando and Maruja G. Borjas, $270,000.

BAUGHMAN DR., 15221-Michael Zaruba to Henry L. Males, $602,000.

BEAVERBROOK CT., 15311, No. 90-1G-H.S. and Herman M. Yager to Jude M. Howard, $181,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3822, No. 3822-3-M.J.D. and Carlos A. Zepeda to Hely J. Peraza, $160,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3834, No. 10-Karen E. Laughlin Snyder to Robert I. Kaplan trust, $130,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3842, No. 13-149-Yat Hong Zheng to Ling Ying You and Ri Q. Zheng, $72,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3954, No. 7-Alexis H. Torres to Eusucleima Vieira, $160,000.

CRISFIELD RD., 12916-Jane M. Sullivan to Muhammad S. Tenriola, $330,000.

EPPING TER., 12706, No. 9B-Mayra and Josue Zamora to Juan C. Mejia, $242,000.

FALL ACRE CT., 14101, No. 11-22-Marie C. Cousineau to Himali Ruwangala and Dinesh Marappuli, $211,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2307-Joseph H. Kamerow to Alfonso Tamayo, $155,000.

HABERSHAM CIR., 14921-Henry L. Males to Gustavo Andrade and Anita Martinez, $300,000.

HELSEL DR., 3118-E.R. and Daniel J. Leach to Jacqueline Berney, $337,000.

IDLEWOOD RD., 11519-Octoavio and Mayra Zarate to Karen Plizga, $255,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15107, No. 2-208-Emily C. Mourtzanakis to Elaine C. Weber, $249,900.

JOSEPH MILL RD., 11515-Esperanza D. and J.C. De La Pena to Norma C. and Mario E. Villalta, $282,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3310, No. 516-Evelyn L. Miller to Beatriz and Daniel Whiteford Sr., $240,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-430-Ruth H. Asin to V.B. Tidwell, $312,000.

MATEY RD., 12804-Richard J. and D.R. Latona to P. Joy and Jon M. Siegel, $260,000.

MERRIFIELDS LANE, 15416-Michael C. and D.J.B. Herts to Louise L. and Richard E. Rubin, $551,100.

MERRIFIELDS LANE, 15432-Gunter H. and R. Glocker to Eileen M. and Robert S. Hubbard, $509,000.

MILLS AVE., 13708-Pearline J.M. Smith to Marcia and Clive B. Wright, $518,000.

NORDIC HILL CIR., 1612-Siu L. Chen to Maria A. and Gerald J. Gourdain, $455,000.

PALMIRA LANE, 3821-Maher M. Haddad to Watthana Matang and Suradej Phanngoen, $360,000.

PENNFIELD CIR., 14805, No. 308-Meriam S. Rogan to Catherine R. Hawkins, $182,000.

SELFRIDGE RD., 12301-Eulogia R. Xic to Richard Peter Baker, $230,000.

TABIONA DR., 13802-Myung S. and O.S. Kang to Lidia Calvo Garcia and Robert C. Smith, $327,100.

TULARE DR., 4111-J.Z. and Aaron H. Saltzman to Joses F. Reyes, $325,000.

TURNMORE RD., 13837-Thomas G. and B.D. Hawkins to Ines and Francisco C. Solano, $425,000.

TYNEWICK TER., 14621, No. 7-Gwendolyn L. Edwards to Ngy Tang, $198,000.

VALLEYFIELD CT., 15-Luis C.F. and N.F. Dasilva to Djadja E. Tolette and Komla Sanoumega, $250,000.

WELLER RD., 3900-Zoila C. and Jose A. Reyes to Ismael Pineda, $300,000.

Olney Area

BILNEY DR., 18008-Walter E. and M.A. Raysick to Lei Liu and Chengguang Liang, $496,800.

EVANGELINE LANE, 17301-P. Scott and K. Frederick to Marta L. and Jose R.Q. Chavez, $575,000.

GRAPE VINE WAY, 18515-Ava D. and Thomas E. Copeland to Mary Ellen French, $360,000.

LOCHNESS CIR., 17713, No. 7-Athanasios and Maria Kyritsopoulos to Susana V. and Claudio D. Altmann, $312,000.

MOSS SIDE LANE, 17020, No. 55-Anne Hoover to Libby K. and Thomas S. Guy, $279,900.

OLNEY MILL RD., 18625-B.E. and Franklin E. Baker to Christina A. Presson, $599,900.

OLNEY MILL RD., 19004-L.C. and Robert N. Chiperfield to Martha P. Rakhshan, $475,000.

PARSON GROVE TER., 17306-Patricia A. Kelly to Luisa F. and Edwin E. Archila, $430,000.

QUEENSBOROUGH DR., 3438-Cassandra K. and Adam J. Friedman to Patricia and Jose E. Hernandez, $270,000.

SCOTCH MEADOW CT., 4305-William D. and B.H. Scanlan to Ken Z. and Ann R. Huang, $505,000.

SUNHAVEN CT., 18600-Yasser M. Heshmat to James K. and Bella Y. Cheung, $330,000.

SUNSET RIVER CT., 18000-Linda O. Anderson to Alina I. and Manish Yohannan, $307,000.

YARNBROOKE PL., 18505-James and Gale Greenwald to Molly Schock, $450,000.

Poolesville Area

DOWDEN CIR., 19173-L.L. and Francis T. Bryan Jr. to William R. Conway, $250,000.

HEMPSTONE AVE., 19335-Annabella M. Costa to Helen and Patrick Trainor, $322,500.

Potomac Area

BELMART RD., 8803-J. Bruce Mackey, trustee, to Patricia G. and Jeffrey W. Ulanet, $3.59 million.

BRICKYARD RD., 8529-F.A. and Jerry M. Earll to Alexis T. Shewchuk, $800,000.

CHAPEL RD., 9916-J.M. and Williams S. Valkanas to Caroline Choi, $1.73 million.

CHERBOURG DR., 8913-Stuart A. and H.A. Barr to Omid Moayed and Shiva Shafi, $835,000.

FALL RIVER CT., 11216-Michael J. and L.E. Lacorazza to Helen Liu and Mark V. Loewenstein, $815,000.

GLASTONBERRY RD., 1715-David J. Firestone to Amy G. and David M. Rhodes, $645,000.

HAWHILL END., 11205-Daniel M. and Valerie M. Connolly to Maryann and Paul E. Young, $835,000.

HEATHERTON LANE, 7770-Mary C. and Eugene O. Meshbane to Nur Tumanoglu, $470,000.

HEATHSIDE WAY, 10412-A.F. and Robert B. Burgaleta to Carmen R. Lloyd, $440,000.

HOB NAIL CT., 10806-Eugenia M. and N.T. Nashed to Vafa Mohamadian and Mehdi Zekri, $738,500.

HORNFAIR CT., 11513-Leonard J. and M.J. Shapiro to Jennifer G. and David B. Faerberg, $726,000.

LAKE POTOMAC CT., 5-Michael J. and L.C. Prager to Linda B. and Robert J. Simmons, $1.62 million.

LARKMEADE LANE, 10824-Francis T. and D.M. Ryan to Janet L. and Michael A. Miller, $610,000.

LITTLE CREEK DR., 12107-J. and H. Martin Mendelsohn to Adam B. Roth, $640,000.

MILBERN DR., 11811-J.L. and John B. Coble to Andrew Steinberg, $635,000.

ORCHARD BROOK DR., 9328-Sivaram P. and S. Nayar to Nadia G. and Gholam M. Saleh, $769,000.

POTOMAC MANORS DR., 9935-Douglass A. and S.B. Kay to Sandeep and Pinky Singh, $2.4 million.

PRESTWICK RD., 11819-Barry H. Gordon, trustee, to Amy Q. and Theodore J. Pogorelc, $615,000.

RIVER RD., 14801-Fortunee B. Devico to George E. Flores, $750,000.

WHITERIM DR., 10908-Catherine A. Steele to Kimberly A. Kovats, $349,000.

WILD OLIVE DR., 8514-Hussein A. and Nura M. Gureh Bulhan to Rekia and Yassine Belkhodja, $475,000.

WILLOW POND LANE, 9205-Beth Ann and Timothy J. Viola to Philip A. Alexander, $650,000.

WINTERSET TER., 11812-L.J. and Lawrence A. Hartman to Peter D. Schiff, trustee, $936,100.

Rockville Area

ANDERSON AVE., 710-Sandra G. Whittaker to John P. Bishop, $290,000.

ANTIGUA TER., 10840, No. 86-K.E.S. and Kibong Kim to Kendall F. Sanderson, $331,000.

ASHLEY DR., 11809-S.E. and Thomas H. Enge to Hasemet Al Pourkarim, $300,000.

EDSON LANE, 5800-Edward T. Fishwick to Mahmood Saadatian Maghaddam, $550,000.

EDSON LANE, 5811, No. 102-Dorothy Kiesler, trustee, to Mark Menick, $300,000.

EVELYN DR., 1712-S.S. and George T. Furukawa to Kiril Fradkin, $450,000.

FOREST LANDING CT., 17-Ching Hsin and Y.H.P. Tseng to Richard Hsu and Sally E. Gale Hsu, $369,999.

FOXBOROUGH CIR., 9951-James B. Packard to Bonnie and Scott P. Britton, $550,000.

GLOXINIA DR., 10737-Geraldine M. Fahr to Raphael Calis, $312,000.

GLOXINIA DR., 10771-Stephen T. Sears to Seung W. Baik, $630,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10201, No. 1504-A-Benjamin E. Galbraith to Justo A. Pastor, $120,000.

LAMBERTINA PL., 13810-R.K. and Paul B. McLenaghan to Alok Kumar, $502,000.

MCCORMICK RD., 2301-Ali B. and B.S. Javadi to Brett A. and Lauren C. Chelf, $655,000.

MONROE ST., 4, No. 4-909-Shahin Bagheri to Jenelle M. Dennis, $220,000.

STONELEIGH CT., 4602-Lawrence I. Jarvis to Abdul Karim Al Jabbar, $349,900.

TALBOTT ST., 129, No. 129-Dawn Holzlein to Caridad Acosta, $185,000.

TILDENWOOD DR., 11920-Gail J. Herzenberg to Nimrod Shmul, $590,000.

TREBLE CT., 10114-N.R. and Robert J. Shrager to Nina Sirianni, $535,000.

VANDERBILT CT., 35-Xin Fu to Pamela A. Lynch, $467,000.

WADDINGTON CT., 42-Ira B. Mirsky to Ekaterina Leistner and Dmitriy Chechik, $525,000.