Realities of Driving

Shame on the Loudoun County parent who complained about the graphic nature of a recent driver safety presentation given by a state trooper ("Driver Safety Presentation Too Graphic, Parent Says," Loudoun Extra, Nov. 14).

It's time we stopped coddling our children and wake them up to the reality of the dangers of driving.

I learned to drive in New York City with a good deal of the time spent driving under the elevated subway lines. Driving around steel columns was certainly a scary thing, and many of us had a hard time keeping straight.

A senior in our school had recently been killed in a drag racing accident and was drunk at the time. Our driver's-ed instructor showed us pictures of his accident and of other accidents including the decapitated body of a Hollywood star who had recently been killed in a car crash. Those pictures got everyone to drive very straight under the train tracks and to this day remain an image of the dangers of reckless driving and drunken driving.

Our children are the most precious things in our lives. If forcing them all to see such images is a help in saving their lives, I say make them see it. After all, I don't want my sons killed because someone else's child was too sensitive to watch reality.

Joe Ventre


Plan to Preserve

Can you remember the bliss of childhood, playing outside? Do you wonder what the next generation's children will have left to play in? Will there be forests, clean creeks full of frogs and fresh air?

I agree wholeheartedly with Joseph Campbell, who said in "The Power of Myth" with Bill Moyers that "the failing Earth systems" that support us are of utmost importance.

"Meeting Our Earth," Vol. 1, by Hyemeyohsts Storm and Swan Storm, inspiring cassettes, reverberate this urgency. Here are some impassioned quotes: "We are utterly interdependent with Earth, in mind, spirit and body . . . and must end all religious, commercial, ethnic and political wars" and realize we are killing the Earth, to re-acquaint ourselves with the celebration of life.

Do you feel this simple and extremely powerful truth? Can we agree to preserve enough for those to come? Will you stand up for careful planning?

Do we really want our supervisors to undo careful planning from the last board and allow 42,000 more [housing] units on top of the 40,000 already approved? We cannot afford as taxpayers to foot the bill for these numbers. Would we cut public health, schools or transportation?

This, as a whole, is what the Comprehensive Plan Amendments mean. Please take a minute and just say no. Write to to stand up for our watershed (and less polluted air) that protect your life!

Virginia Abraham