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Severna Park's trickery

The highlight of Severna Park's football season came just 10 minutes before its lowest point Saturday night.

Before the Falcons lost to Westlake, 35-20, in the first round of the 3A playoffs, they strung together two offensive plays that left fans stunned. The two plays, which both resulted in touchdowns, helped Severna Park tie the game at 20 in the fourth quarter.

On a fourth down late in the third quarter, Severna Park quarterback Andrew Ferris pitched the ball to running back Dave Sells, who ran slightly backwards and heaved a 35-yard touchdown pass to Ferris downfield.

On Severna Park's next series -- and on another fourth down -- Ferris returned the favor, throwing a 30-yard touchdown pass to Sells and tying the game.

"It was crazy, because we're like best friends," Ferris said. "We've been playing sports together forever, so it was kind of cool to have that happen in the playoffs.

"Obviously, it would have been better if we could have won. But overall, we had a pretty good season. We definitely got the most out of what talent we had."

You Should Have Seen

Spalding's sloppy win

Rain almost washed away a historic moment for Spalding's football team Friday.

Because of muddy field conditions and constant rainfall, the team nearly postponed its game at Pallotti, ranked No. 10 by the Baltimore Sun. But the game was played despite the conditions, and Spalding (8-2) posted one of the most memorable wins in school history.

Thanks to 270 rushing yards, Spalding beat Pallotti, 11-0, in the last game of the season for both teams. The offensive line opened big holes for running back Mike Whittles.

"We were very, very excited," said Spalding Coach Mike Whittles, the running back's father. "This win goes up there with some of the best we've had. It's just a great way to play football, on soaking wet grass and mud."

Similar weather conditions caused every other area team to postpone Friday night games. The Broadneck-Patuxent and Old Mill-Arundel playoff games were moved to Saturday.

"Football was meant to be played in all weather," Coach Whittles said. "Before we played the game, I told our kids, 'You're never going to have more fun than this. You get a chance to play your last game of the season against a great team in the rain and mud.' "

You Should Have Seen

Arundel's defensive line

The Wildcats entered Saturday's 4A playoff game against Old Mill with a simple strategy: Stop Ryan Callahan, and Old Mill will crumble. The premise -- not the defense -- proved faulty.

Even though Arundel forced Callahan to fumble three times and held him to a season-low 107 rushing yards, Old Mill beat the Wildcats, 29-16. "It's tough to swallow," Arundel Coach Chuck Markiewicz said, "because our defense played so well."

Except for one run, a 51-yarder for a touchdown in the first half, Callahan looked stoppable against Arundel, something that hadn't seemed possible earlier in the season. With Arundel's defense keying on the run, Callahan -- who has more than 2,000 yards and 30 touchdowns this season -- lost yards on seven of 22 carries.

"We contained him just like we'd hoped," Markiewicz said. "But they moved the ball other ways. The truth is, we just didn't help our defense. This game certainly doesn't fall on them."

-- Eli Saslow

Andrew Ferris of Severna Park.