The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

ACADIA PARK DR., 9032-Michael L. Strich to Vivian and Tommy Tran, $710,000.

DENHAM WAY, 13751-Vera S. and Daniel S. Addi to Jeevanthia S. and Kenneth M. Bridgeman, $266,000.

HOWLAND PL., 8850-Phillip D. White and Amy D. Brown to Michelle R. Robl, $315,000.

KINLOSS MEWS, 9725-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Deshaun and Merdith Davis Jr., $508,365.

KINLOSS MEWS, 9729-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Elizabeth M. and Clarence M. Owens Jr., $523,690.

SELKIRK CIR., 12444-Luanne and Robert A. Brill Sr. to Benjamin Rhodes, $285,500.

SELKIRK CIR., 12513-Lynn Phuong and Jason N. Frazier to Lisa Huber and Kevin Mark Flory, $271,000.

SWORDSTONE LANE, 8845-Lynwood H. Lovelace to Jeremy and Tonya Cubbage, $360,000.

WORTHINGTON DR., 9121-Leslee K. and Thomas F. Joseph, trustees, to Deborah A. and William A. Nash, $425,000.

Dumfries Area

ASHMERE CIR., 4220-Denise Reid to Katie J. and Justin K. Crawford, $242,500.

CAMELOT CT., 4092-Andrew J. and Claire C. Donnelly, trustees, to Paula D. and Aaron T. Duncan, $424,000.

CROSSCUT LANE, 3375-Kettler Forlines Homes to Maudlisa J. and William Robert Davis, $347,360.

CROSSCUT LANE, 3379-Kettler Forlines Homes to Nathan C. Mathews, $313,559.

EDGEWOOD DR., 15815-Elizabeth L. and Frederic Conrad to Lorraine A. and Lee D. Gazzano, trustees, $416,400.

FAIRFAX ST., 3873-Joan M. and Dale S. Fenescey to Nancy H. and Gary Gene West, $115,000.

FRANCIS WEST LANE, 16851-Pamela M. and Nolen V. Bivens to Sandra and Gerardo Morales, $349,990.

JONATHAN CT., 4312-Lisa C. and Randolph F. Fagan Jr. to Mickee A. and Carl L. Hickey III, $223,000.

MONMOUTH CT., 16935-Christa L. Chill to Lee Anne and David E. Roddenberry, $246,900.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2861-B. Patel and Santosh P. Viswanathan to Cynthia J. and William H. Johnson, $455,000.

POINT PLEASANT LANE, 16924-Tina and Robert C. Gibson to Larry A. Jones and Nathaniel J. Humes, $260,100.

RINCON PL., 4586-Wendy McFarland to Monika L. Wilson and Quentin E. Saulter, $350,000.

TACONIC CIR., 16170-Charlene E. Caulkins to Lindy and Steven T. Robinson, $234,900.

VIDALIA CT., 3061-Washington Homes of Virginia to Chanel Gray, $477,840.

Gainesville Area

BURWELL RD., 9027-Maurice E. Hurley to Atefeh Rokhvand and Mohammad M. Nahidian, $410,000.

CERROMAR WAY, 8141-Debra A. and Philip A. Giuliano to Dana and Timothy Miller, $349,900.

CLATTERBUCK LOOP, 14073-NVR Inc. to Harold L. and Tina P. Robinson, $492,740.

FIELDSTONE WAY, 13363-U.S. Home Corp. to Elizabeth J. and Thomas H. Terrell, $424,815.

GENERAL LAFAYETTE WAY, 6840-Ava and Thomas G. Baella to Elizabeth T. and Anthony J. Dipasquale, $295,000.

HANCOCK CT., 8305-Renaissance at Lake Manassas Corp. to Alfred W. and Jessie Jessup, $738,340.

MANDALAY CT., 6806-NVR Inc. to Aysegul and Michael Richard Atwood, $452,290.

TACKHOUSE LOOP, 8430-Katy and Jose Noel Rivera to Samy Hanna and Usama Eskandar, $288,000.

THOROUGHFARE RD., 15617-Gloria Corum to James B. Whittt, $110,000.

Haymarket Area

BENGAL PL., 5635-Richmond American Homes to Stacey L. and Douglas D. Miller, $538,100.

COURTYARD WAY, 7009-Nigar Afshan and Aqil M. Chishty to Katharyn and Larry Rogers, $393,000.

LOUDOUN DR., 1600-Katherine B. and John A. Hedrick to Jennifer and Michael Moran, $848,000.

PIEDMONT VISTA DR., 13661-Darah W. and Robert M. Curran to Kathy and Douglas A. Harbold, trustees, $550,000.

SYCAMORE HILLS PL., 15089-Michael A. and Kimberly A. McCormack to Dawn K. and David W. Mills, $649,900.

Manassas Area

ABINGDON CT., 9448-Guy G. Harper III to Victor and Erick F. Tanchez, $224,000.

BOTSFORD RD., 10003-Eric M. and Donna M. Klunder, trustees, to Katherine E. and Stephen P. McDermott, $343,000.

BRIGHTON WAY, 7940-Patricia A. Melvin to Alicia C. Pituch, $190,000.

CAMPBELL CT., 7513-Paulino De Jesus Castellanos to Carlos Portillo, $240,000.

DAISY CT., 10800-Christi and Thomas Sewell to Gwendolyn M. Brown, $202,500.

DIXIE CT., 8298-Chasey M. and David A. Gambale to Ruth and Jose Carlos Medrano, $355,000.

ENGLISH ST., 7883-Allan D. Demchek to James Lee Spencer and Stephen K. Noe, $470,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 10039-Clemente P. Arches to Carlos Gonzalez, $215,000.

JARVIS CT., 7600-James D. Fonshill to Nahum and Blanca Martinez, $345,000.

MEANDERVIEW CT., 10930-Judith A. and Thomas G. Balsanek to Sheri A. and Stephen A. Jameson, $550,000.

OCCOQUAN FOREST DR., 6273-Vicki J. and Bobby R. Smith to Martha A. and Jose E. Zavala, $347,000.

PEAK CT., 12653-Van R. Jenkins and Eileen M. Joy to Stephen Doherty and Kathleen Sherman, $325,000.

RAPIDAN LANE, 10420-Kelly S. Dillinger to Michael W. Beadle, $200,000.

REBEL WALK DR., 7820-David L. Dunford to Geoffrey M. Bradley, $270,000.

SPLIT RAIL DR., 10847-Terry L. and Leif E. Henecke to Laurie and Charles Badley, $410,000.

STONEWALL BRIGADE CT., 8068, No. 203-Ali R. Waezzadah to Rachel D. and Thomas Nathan Oliver, $209,000.

WESTCHESTER DR., 9010-Marcia M. and David L. Frye to Roque Martinez, $370,000.

WOODSTOCK ST., 7709-Nancy Jean Schweitzer to Wael H. and Dena L. Hammad, $254,000.

Manassas Park Area

CHADDS LANDING WAY, 7659-Arsenia and William Recinos to Ronald R. Turner Jr. and Kevin J. Lawler, $280,100.

RAINWATER CIR., 8108-Qingguo Gao to Daniel Greenfield, $360,000.

TIMBERVIEW DR., 11009-Dorothy and Raymond P. Midura to Mary L. Drabik and Gail S. Townsend, $414,900.

VERMONT PL., 8275-Jean Jacques M. and Sharyn L. Meneau to Ursula J. Cana and Roberto C. Mejia, $265,000.

WHITEHALL DR., 7544-William R. Tinder to Maria Velasco, $176,000.

WHITEHALL DR., 7555-Maria Del Carmen and Sergio Torres to Redy A. Cazarez and Juan Carlos Mejia, $192,000.

Nokesville Area

ORLANDO RD., 14305-Cheryl A. Heinauer and Braden A. Halterman to Viorica, Dragos and Horia Gabudeanu, $485,000.

UMBRELLA PL., 10023-Richmond American Homes to Mohammad Habibi, $387,290.

Triangle Area

MASTHEAD TRAIL, 3705-Elsa and Alba L. Rivera and Ramon Cruz to Linda A. Canadiate, $167,000.

Woodbridge Area

ALASKA RD., 14965-Patricia A. and Michael A. Basso to Jose G. Gutierrez, $263,000.

ALASKA RD., 15020-Antonia Cruz to Jorge Castro, $300,000.

AMBERGATE DR., 15464-Caroline D. and Thomas C. Joyce to Lisa and Wesley Gardner, $478,000.

ANTHONY DR., 5853-Martha J. and Larry F. Taylor to Jill R. and Jacob D. Porter, $320,000.

AVIARY WAY, 3498-Nimet R. and Ibrahim N. Elalaily to Rebecca Obeaah, $225,000.

AVIARY WAY, 3501-Marion V. Franklin to Marion F. and Karl P. Sweedy, $215,000.

BATLEY PL., 11758-Ellen K. and David C. Joss to Thomas L. Yager, $330,000.

BELLEVILLE AVE., 14334-Pamela M. and James J. McTague to Johnny Wilson Chavez, $352,000.

BERTRAM ST., 11561-Celso T. Garcia and Nelida Quinones to Joy E. and Robert A. Brennen, $323,999.

BETHEL CHURCH DR., 3264-Paula F. and Belinda S. Blades to Elizabeth J. Coy and Robert E. Easterday Jr., $344,000.

BISON CT., 12836-Teresa Weakley to Robert Michael Downing, $260,100.

BRADFORD ST., 3232-Maria Silva, Cecilia Zepeda and Jose Silva to Roberto and Jose S. Romero Espinoza, $261,000.

CAPTAINS CT., 12204-Martha Jane O'Brien to Christopher M. and Brenda S. Winter, $390,000.

CHARLTON CT., 4601-Karima Afroukh Sherdil to Gretchen and David Kennedy, $214,000.

CHERRYDALE DR., 14893-Helen D. and Leonard Reynolds to Marilyn A. Attidore and Obioma C. Iwuanyanwu, $220,000.

CHERRYDALE DR., 15032-Gina Marcellino to Worth K. Mays, $230,000.

CHEVOIT HILL CT., 2878-Diane E. and James M. Biggs to Karen P. and Neil P. Cribb, $396,500.

COPPER TURTLE PL., 15093-Cheryl A. and Raymond Dottavio to Santos Reyes, $420,000.

COVERED BRIDGE LANE, 3523-Christine M. and Richard R. Koltas to Vivian Nelson Charity, $265,000.

COXCOMB MEWS, 3512-Maharna A. Foriwaa and Mabel T. Brempong to Farman Ali Bhatti and Shabbir A. Usmani, $246,000.

CRESSIDA PL., 4083-Reina A. Arias to Yoonmin and Eun Young Ahn, $312,000.

DECATUR DR., 4229-Karen Y. and Patrick R. Simms to Ruth S. and Brian J. Bolger, $387,000.

ELLIOT CT., 4311-Mosharraf Zaman to Imane Mouldi, $216,000.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14617-Jose A. Salvador and Martha A. Guzman to Novo Gavric, $205,000.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14753-Maria Zuniga to Rito Delao and Jose Felix Hernandez, $189,000.

EVANSDALE RD., 4411-Lystra T. Smith to Michael G. Payne, $220,000.

FOREST HILL RD., 12552, No. 73-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Katherine J. Fielding, $156,000.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3933-Lauren C. Larsen to Patricia E. and Edwin N. Sandoval, $246,500.

FORGE CT., 14253-Merriam A. and Lawrence P. Richards to Asuncion Bravo, $326,000.

FOX GLOVE CT., 14662-Robyn K. and David S. Eckley to Loretta and James Smith Jr., $225,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 14000-Janice S. and Robert Rosenthal, trustees, to Efrain and Reina E. Garcia, $278,000.

GALT CT., 16621-Tina Catherine Willenbring to M. Dan Boger, $79,130.

GATLIN CT., 17024-Neighborhoods Corp. to Yung S. and Brady C. Jones, $595,743.

GENERAL WASHINGTON DR., 14598-Washington Homes Inc. to Naqibullah Nassiri, $538,110.

GRANADA WAY, 12270-Carmen M. Wilson to Stephanie T. Shipko, $228,000.

GRANADA WAY, 12289-Christopher V. McCaskill to Matthew T. Dwyer, $215,900.

GRANBY RD., 4158-Gloria J. and Alfred G. Steelman to Jose Aragon, $288,000.

GROSBEAK CT., 1511-NVR Inc. to Jae Rye and Tae Seon Park, $354,090.

GROSBEAK CT., 1517-NVR Inc. to Elizabeth P. and John J. Gallagher III, $375,135.

GROSBEAK CT., 1519-NVR Inc. to Christopher Sheridan Siefken, $400,702.

GUNSTON HALL DR., 5293-Washington Homes Inc. to Ai Kyung and Young Gil Yoon, $492,443.

HANOVER CT., 4509-Elnora and Gregory S. Butterfield to Noel and Leonor Flores, $255,000.

HARBOR DR., 12301-Nilsa Suarez to Marilyn Ann Ray, $350,000.

HERONS RUN LANE, 909-Edward I. Corvi to Mary Celine and Thomas D. Wahlert, $575,000.

HILLENDALE DR., 13310-Richard J. Saunders to Lamonte Wright, $255,000.

IRONWOOD ST., 1378-David Montag Jr. to Abderrahmane Yayo, $201,000.

IVY LEAGUE CT., 12229-Michael P. Madigan to Fanny P. Cordova and Elmer J. Ramos, $239,900.

JED FOREST LANE, 16825-Jessie D. and Runett Fields to Custrina and Demetrius M. Reeves, $275,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 13404-Wanda A. and William S. Powell to Maria Santos and Francisco Velasquez, $265,000.

KEYSTONE DR., 13308-Karla Shenane Wiggins to Ricky T. Haines Jr., $255,000.

LANGSTONE DR., 13715-Vivian M. Conley, trustee, to Debra B. and Ronald W. Ambrose, $225,000.

LYNWOOD DR., 5012-Antonie Stimson to Lori D. Nutter, $300,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 14110-Clara Enyinnaya to Ruth C. and Innocent Akani, $310,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 14274-Cherise J. and Jeffery M. Gordon to Tracey Sue and Jon E. Yost, $310,000.

MARILYN CT., 13730-Margaret A. and Robert L. Bussard to Edwin Torres, $279,000.

MARQUIS PL., 3888-William S. Kim to Shana Craft, $235,000.

MARSALA CT., 2750-Lucille Stanfield Tucker to Eugene Gam, $162,500.

MARSH OVERLOOK DR., 15521-Anna S. Critz to Wade and Sharon Beauchamp, $509,000.

MISTY LANE, 12833-Suzanne M. and Charles N. Stewart to Kevin J. and Theresa Davkins Smith, $279,900.

NADIA LOOP, 3346-Desirea Moore and John H. Mitchell Jr. to Charlotte and Pierre Nkepnang, $285,000.

NEWGATE RD., 13111-John Studebaker to Karen M. and Jean R. Gaiennie, $330,000.

NORTHTON CT., 5623-Ridgedale Inc. to Valerie J. Moore and Michael Marshall, $392,221.

OXBRIDGE INN CT., 14060-Carnetta T. and Percy E. Edwards Jr. to Rebecca J. and Gregory J. Ford, $247,400.

PANORAMA DR., 16840-Freestone Partnership to Hope Brown, $501,421.

QUAINT DR., 5468-Mario C. Ellis to Nicole H. and Randy S. Botelho, $480,500.

QUALEY PL., 5309-Jose H. Sanchez and Manuel N. Vazquez to Rosario A. Carrera, $230,000.

QUANN LANE, 13146-Mary L. and Alvaro M. Gomez to Angela Maria Mercado Arevalo, $220,000.

RAINBOW CT., 1926-Michael Jefferson to Creative Alternatives Corp., $139,178.

ROCK RIDGE LANE, 13127-James O. Williams to Juan R. Masias, $250,000.

SHAGWOOD CT., 3072-Jacqueline M. and Douglas P. Habel Jr. to Todd M. Pavich, $420,000.

STARGRASS CT., 2051-Stacia D. and Nicholas Kelly to Noreen K. and Khurram M. Mughal, $241,000.

STOCKHOLM WAY, 3023-Susan R. Walker and Mark E. Davies to Audrey B. Jones, $324,900.

TAXI DR., 12943-Ridgedale Inc. to Melissa L. Watkins, $246,702.

TRAVAILER CT., 15522-Lisa A. and Michael A. Cook to Crystal Renee and Robert Brian Terrant, $238,000.

VALLEY STREAM DR., 15283-Henry B. Norton to Karen S. and William D. Grier, $180,000.

VALLEYHILL ST., 12813-Susan R. and Peyton S. Hale Jr. to Adina M. and Christopher J. Eichorst, $402,000.

WADE LANE, 5364-Maria A. and Miroslaw Szwarc to Michele C. and Steven J. Roberts, $455,000.

WERMUTH WAY, 4800-Shadonne D. and William J. Harris Jr. to Crystal H. and Clemon L. Abney, $531,500.

WHITTIER LOOP, 15007-Dolores V. and Roger Dussol to Takisha R. and Lateef M. Hynson, $305,000.

WOODWAY PL., 4611-Barbara S. Fletcher to Kasayi Tshibangu and Rose Meta, $219,000.