Note: The county planning office file number for each project is included.

Projects Proposed

California Area

1. Myrtle Point, sections two and three, Myrtle Point Road. A major site plan for 61 townhouses on 22.65 acres. 04-13200032

2. Mazel subdivision, near the intersection of Route 235, Old Rolling Road and Barefoot Drive. A major plan to subdivide 24.35 acres for a 115-lot subdivision. 04-12000034

Callaway Area

3. Mountain Mudd, 20865 Callaway Village Way. A minor site plan for a 64-square-foot coffee kiosk. 04-13100046

Mechanicsville Area

4. Southern Maryland Amish Mercantile, Hills Club ballpark. A minor site plan for an outdoor retail sales facility. 04-13100045

St. George's Island Area

5. Lighthouse Commons, north side of Lighthouse Road, about 550 feet west of Route 249. A plan to subdivide 23.89 acres for a 41-lot subdivision. 04-12000042

Projects Approved

California Area

6. Forrest Farms, section three, phase six, east side of Brown Road, about 1.5 miles north of Route 4. A plan to subdivide 20.2 acres for a 19-lot major subdivision. 04-120-007

7. Forrest Farms, section three, phase seven, east side of Brown Road, about 1.5 miles north of Route 4. A plan to subdivide 38.88 acres for a 29-lot major subdivision. 04-120-010

Great Mills Area

8. Cecil's Mill, west side of Great Mills Road, about 900 feet north of Route 5. A concept plan to subdivide 25.3 acres for 124 townhouses. 03-132-025

Lexington Park Area

9. First Missionary Baptist Church, north side of Pegg Lane, about 400 feet west of Pegg Road. A site plan to build a 36,307-square-foot church. 02-132-005

10. Stallman subdivision, section 6, phases one and two, west side of Chancellors Run Road, about 800 feet south of Rutherford Drive. A preliminary plan to subdivide 49.16 acres for a 94-lot major subdivision. 30-120-032

Park Hall Area

11. Greenbrier subdivision, section three, west side of Hermanville Road, about one mile south of Route 235. A plan to subdivide 14.63 acres for a 32-lot major subdivision. 95-2434

Building Permits Issued

California Area

12. Blue Wind, 22803 Gunston Dr. A permit for a gourmet food and beverage shop. 04-2583

Callaway Area

13. All Kinds Veterinary Hospital, 20918 Point Lookout Rd. A permit to renovate an animal hospital on 6.3 acres. 04-2583

-- Compiled by BONNIE SMITH