The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

B ST., 7523-Alice L. and Charles H. Ritter to Makan Delrahim, $430,000.

I ST., 7532-Jason L. and Lisa M. Blanton to Pamela M. and Richard P. Dayhoff, $280,000.

MCDUFF DR., 2808-Susan T. and Scott P. Jordan to Victoria A. Paxton, $250,000.

Huntingtown Area

AMBER LANE, 191-Susan L. and Francis Joseph Salvato to Jody M. Gosnell and James W. Clark, $379,500.

MAIN ST., 3-Albert A. and Laura N. Dodson to Usha and Suresh P. Sharma, $242,000.

MONARCH LANE, 757-Banglin and Jie Liu Zhang to Terry Lee and Christina Marie Harris, $429,900.

RICHFIELD RD., 3240-Paul W. Jr. and Karen M. Parker to Christine and Michael Alan Borkoski, $266,000.

Lusby Area

BAY DR., 12828-Thomas Anderson to Diane and Thomas Jones, $470,000.

GREGG DR., 1429-Paul W. and Sally Jean N. Celmer to Stephanie S. and Craig S. Hennesy, $750,000.

MERMAID CT., 621-Clemons S. and Laura M. Duncan to Valerie and Edward Taylor Jr., $235,000.

RANGE RD. E., 401-Richard and Elaine De Felice to Jeffrey O'Kelley, $125,000.

SAWMILL RD., 7350-David O. Moore Jr. to William Earl Taylor Jr., $141,000.

SPRUCE DR., 721-Robert Bishop to Mildred and Paul A. Goldring, $169,000.

North Beach Area

SEVENTH ST., 3807-Beverly C. Johnson to Adam Konegan, $104,000.

Owings Area

CANDLESTICK WAY, 1728-Charles R. Stancil Jr. to Charles L. Rinehart and Mary Ann Ullrich, $450,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 7708-John F. and Marsha E. Krug to Naomi E. Cain and Richard B. Hall, $422,000.

WOODLAND LANE, 8125-Shelley M. Briles to Paola Yanez, $215,000.

Prince Frederick Area

CASSELL BLVD., 3641-Christopher M. Wood to Susan and Francis Joseph Salvato, $265,000.

TWIRLY CT., 1630-Victor J. and Joanne E. Kutsch to Cynthia Lee and Curtis Joseph Nieland, $485,000.

Solomons Landing Area

PENNINGTON CT., 14334-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Barbara and Stephen Meehan, $325,000.

TWIN COVE LANE, 508-Patricia A. and John Saah to David Reutershan, $180,000.

St. Leonard Area

EVERGREEN RD., 6019-Justin and Sherry Mansfield to Jodie Ann Jones and Holly B. Greene, $232,000.

Sunderland Area

CLYDE JONES RD., 321-Merilee J. McNerney to Loren A. and Cathy L. Willcock, $380,000.

GREENVALLEY DR., 2310-Cheryl Ann and John Collins to Kathy A. Gerardy, $240,000.

Charles County

Bel Alton Area

BALSAM RUN, 9185-Cornelio T. and Trinidad G. Requidan to Cynthia M. and Thomas M. Curry Jr., $361,000.

BASSWOOD RUN, 9105-Michael R. McCeney to Thomas L. Dixon Sr., $329,900.

Brandywine Area

CROWFOOT CT., 15955-Howard R. Baker to Thomas J. Geoghegan Sr., $300,000.

Bryans Road Area

GARDEN LANE, 2212-Daniel Johnson III to Carlos and Linda Garcia, $200,000.

WATERS EDGE CT., 2801-Shadawn N. Shaw to Nikita L. Richardson, $205,000.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

NEWPORT CHURCH RD., 10135-Charles M. and Eleanor M. Mangum to Patricia and Dwayne Ladd, $255,900.

Cobb Island Area

HIGH AVE., 14329-Richard A. Hill to Christina M. and Kevin J. Schaff, $197,700.


Prince Frederick Road Area

HERBERT RD., 7035-Norma J. and Robert E. Graham to Haynes Construction Inc., $55,000.

Indian Head Area

LOGGING LANE, 7680-Michael and Susan Huffman Gillespie to Eldred and Leola Gilliam, $351,000.

La Plata Area

BETHANY LANE, 7856-Rebecca Ann Smith to Kristen Robeson, $240,000.

DOGWOOD CT., 501-James R. Jr. and Patrice E. Kindle to Corie C. and Stephen L. Scopp, $312,500.

HIBISCUS CT., 102-Roxann M. Henderson to Jennifer M. and Kenneth R. Clark III, $156,500.

HICKORY LANE, 9700-Hoa S. Ung to Tek Tjiong Corp., $175,000.

JENNIE RUN DR., 309-Walter A. and Beth D. Woodburn to Regina L. and Riley J. Beard, $125,000.

PALMETTO CT., 107-Kimberly A. Bennardi to Walter T. Thomas, $174,000.

ST. MARY'S AVE., 604-Margaret and James Ward Stickel to Tina J. and Ralph D. Williams, $139,900.

SUFFOLK DR., 1009-Robert C. and Joan G. Pfeiffer to Kristen E. and Christian E. Parson, $379,900.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ST., 128-Brel Corp. to Kay Abell and Virginia Wilson, $188,900.

Nanjemoy Area

PORT TOBACCO RD., 3595-Helen Grinder and James W. Thompson to Timothy A. Will, $209,900.

Pomfret Area

GUINEVERE LANE, 4340-Karen L. and Irma L. Keene Frost to Kelli L. and Jason T. Simms, $535,000.

St. Charles Area

BARRINGTON DR., 710-Julie A. and Robert E. Kearney to Kenneth H. Wise, $103,500.

JEFFERSON RD., 145-Frances A. Ricco to Maxine F. Austin, $207,000.

MERSEYSIDE PL., 3771-Mishonna and James A. Pelkey Jr. to Karen B. Jones, $250,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 3861-Coretta M. and Joseph M. Jenkins Sr. to James S. Dotson, $200,000.

PRIMROSE DR., 3741-Tracy L. and Layne P. Berryhill to Andrew Chandler Jr., $270,000.

ROBINSON PL., 2565-Kevin L. Strobel Sr. to Lawrence D. Nell, $129,000.

TOMMY MIDDLETON LANE, 13075-Steven T. and Cynthia Ann Bowling Sr. to Southstar Partnership, $350,000.

Waldorf Area

ALYSSA LANE, 10799-Jeffery D. and Ruth C. Council to Leigh D. and Winston R. Thompson, $409,900.

ASHFORD CIR., 10656-Michael A. and Teresa L. Tinston to Caroline C. and William J. Grayson, $415,000.

BARRINGTON DR., 931-Gloria L.E. Warren to Fe T. and Jose B. Inaldo Jr., $192,000.

BENSVILLE RD., 7620-Constance A. and Wilfred W. Mank to Oscar M. Settle Jr., $235,000.

BETSY CIR., 5809-Alice D. and George E. Shugart to Sharon L. Mohr and Cary A. Landis, $229,900.

BRYAN CT., 1505-Joseph H. Swann and Brenda L. Proctor to Reginald Anderson Jr., $140,000.

DELIGHT CT., 2230-John R. Jr. and Janet C. Lewis Butler to Nicole F. and Jonathan T. Reid, $210,000.

ENTERPRISE PL., 2539-Elaine T. Cummings to Jeffrey C. Simmons Jr., $205,000.

ENTERPRISE PL., 2620-Russell S. and Karla E. Cisco to William R. and Candide G. Rayle, $155,000.

JOY LANE, 3716-Robert and Antoinette Creighton to Tammie Mills Paul and Eric Paul, $345,000.

MILL HILL RD., 2555-Donald E. Brooks to Mill Hill Land Development Corp., $375,000.

MIRKWOOD LANE, 12542-Eric S. Henry to Sharlon L. and Melvin O. Sanders, $169,000.

OAK MANOR DR., 11796, No. 76-Marsha A. King to Cordelia Onyekuru, $85,100.

ORLEANS LANE, 4509-John W. Maluda to Carol P. and William A. Carter, $291,000.

PINEFIELD RD., 2238-Patricia J. Moreland to Alanda and Napoleon Phillips Jr., $259,900.

PORPOISE CT., 6457-Matthew R. and Tracy J. Wannamaker to Linda and Gregory A. Buxa, $293,000.

RICHMOND WAY, 2435-Joseph E. Peebles Jr. to Christine and Jacques Parker, $329,900.

RYON CT., 3381-Mary L. and Henry C. Kilby Jr. to Alyce Diggs, $145,000.

SPRINGDALE LANE, 2315-Elvira and Henry Logan Espinoza III to Oanh L. and Mike N. Nguyen, $370,000.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5758-Greta Harrison to Michelle M. Miles, $157,000.

TIMBERBROOK DR., 11563-Elizabeth M. Brownold to Nina M. and Mathew G. Burwell, $232,000.

TRED AVON CT., 2748-Rubeli B. and Elmer R. Deinla to Linette S. Robinson, $255,700.

WESTDALE CT., 3242-Tina M. and John E. Stein Jr. to Isabelle L. Ward, $187,500.

WESTWOOD DR., 2180-Charles H. and Mary M. Madison to Keturah A. and Bruce L. Underdue, $275,000.

White Plains Area

CLYDE LANE, 4135-Randy L. and Susan Hewitt to Hana and Vladislav Krestan, $254,900.

PRINCE EDWARD DR., 3505-Gene D. and Joanna B. Broadwater to Jaymie S. and Ernest E. Kilgore, $307,000.

St. Mary's County

California Area

NOVOSEL CT., 45936-James T. Calhoun to Gladys V. Thomas, $118,000.

SYCAMORE HOLLOW DR., 22967-William M. and Barbara J. Snyder to Margo S. and Michael P. Dalgetty, $378,000.

Callaway Area

BLACK DUCK CT., 20956-Thomas J. and Michelle C. Skubic to Claire R. and Eric M. Gardner, $269,000.

Charlotte Hall Area

GERSHWIN RD., 30155-James B. and Edith Potter to Kelly C. and Roger L. Vanhoozier, $255,000.

GERSHWIN RD., 30165-Anita and Dufour Berger to Christie A. and Denis E. Hall, $230,000.

GERSHWIN RD., 30261-Kimberly Buckler to Robert K. Smith, $260,000.

Drayden Area

WINDMILL POINT RD., 18405-Rhonda S. and Matthew J. Scott to Theresa Marie Loeffler and Charles Stephen Smith, $175,900.

Great Mills Area

BARKENTINE CT., 21956-Gerald T. Toledo to Noeme T. and Rico M. Romero, $170,000.

BELVOIR RD., 45726-John Davies to Sherry and Dean Gass, $180,000.

DEERPATH CT., 22389-Colleen D. O'Hare to Laura M. and Ira S. Gottfried, $365,000.

NELSON CT., 19201-Ronald D. and Judith M. Miller to Barbara A. and Jeffrey A. Saylor, $380,000.

POPS WAY, 20575-Robert Davis to Aimee E. Superior, $147,000.

ST. RICHARD'S CT., 22077-Guy S. Frazier to Rayaman A. Perez, $147,000.

Hollywood Area

IN JUNE LANE, 43015-Raymond E. and Nancy J. Roberts to Michelle L. and Donald F. Mills, $175,000.

PARADISE LANE, 24680-J. Matthew Gambrill to Lillian M. Mills, $280,000.

SPRIGGS CT., 24590-Mark G. Dillow to Jennifer Schuhle Baker and Andrew Mark Baker, $370,936.

Leonardtown Area

AVON WAY, 43876-Beachfront Properties Corp. to Vikki Jeanne Cass and M.A. Counts, $90,000.

BRETON VIEW DR., 40413-Karen B. Flanders to Linda L. and Ronald K. Burroughs, $230,000.

DOWNS CIR., 22925-Mary Theresa Simonetta to Joseph J. and Elizabeth A. Yates, $169,500.

ENOCH RD., 22380-Carma J. and Larry F. Roberts to Ava M. Becker, $269,000.

ROSE BANK RD., 21950-George Harvey Ely to Harold L. Lyon, $375,900.

SOUTH 40 DR., 40708-Robert Michael Dale to Brenda G. and Ronald Surfield, $230,000.

TANAGER WAY, 22323-Gary D. McKamey to Carl D. and Karen Y. Copeland, $415,000.

TOMEY CT., 41860-P.F. Summers Inc. to Pamela M. and Michael R. Lange, $62,000.

Lexington Park Area

CHESTNUT RD., 22907-Thomas and Catherine F. Kelly to Victoria L. and Carlos A. Falcon, $230,000.

COLUMBUS DR., 46352-Franklin D. Mellott to Lisa and Tommaso Galati, $102,200.

DEVIN CIR., 47752-Crystal Leake to Blaine R. Gaskill, $137,000.

DUTCHMAN'S DR., 47531-Curtis Hamilton to David A. Smith, $205,000.

FORDWICK WAY, 47950-Thomas A. Harmon to Elvira S. and Derwin C. Hansard, $367,662.

HANCOCK RD., 21686-James E. Hawkins Jr. to Karen and Michael Wright, $114,900.

LEE DR., 21411-Matthew B. Commerford to Elaine Marie and James R. Kingham, $210,000.

MIDWAY DR., 46679-Daniel O. Baker Jr. to William W. Baines III, $105,000.

RED ROSE CT., 20797-David K. Morris to Detlef and Mary N. Vieten, $291,000.

ROBERT LEON DR., 46652-Party Walls Inc. to Katie M. and David R. Brown, $250,697.

RODINE WAY, 21446-Karen E. Rose to Analuisa Clark, $126,000.

SCHWARTZKOPF DR., 47134-Jeffrey Dale Stone to Ronalee Aldridge, $283,000.

SILVER SLATE DR., 47282-Mark A. and Lisa M. Ulrich to Sharon B. and Brett W. Arnold, $288,000.

SILVER SLATE DR., 47295-Barcland McGhee to Supawadee J. and Daniel J. Sullivan, $269,900.

Mechanicsville Area

ALL FAITH CHURCH RD., 29565-Donald F. Kidwell to Darlene V. Sellers, $307,900.

ARMY NAVY DR., 36050-Kevin L. and Kristine L. Bidwell to Christopher Grasso, $225,000.

AVIATION YACHT CLUB RD., 35675-Michael J. Fitzgerald to Jo Ann M. and Perry A. Depperschmidt, $299,900.

BOUNDARY DR., 29760-Michael J. Perillo to Jackie M. and Howard L. Herbert, $120,000.

DOCKSER DR., 40392-B. and H. Builders Inc. to William J. Sr. and Diane E. Kittle, $218,950.

DOS SANTOS WAY, 41760-Sharon W. Stanley to Susan D. Solomon, $499,900.

FOLEY MATTINGLY RD., 38842-Sandy Lee Ellis to Rhonda L. and Marshall T. Michieli, $174,000.

HILLS DR., 26017-Amy L. Burroughs to Scott Middleton and Kristina M. Scribner, $240,000.

HILLS DR., 26080-Rhonda H. and Brian M. Clark to Heinze Realty Corp., $185,000.

OVERLOOK CT., 29717-Kenneth Darrell Dishner Sr. to Laura L. Perry, $203,500.

PROSPECT HILL RD., 25960-Iris A. Eagleston to Jennifer R. and Matthew G. McClean, $219,900.

PROSPECT HILL RD., 26029-Joseph N. and Colleen K. Denune to Amanda Jo and Gabriel Franklin Pankhurst, $205,000.

REED CT., 26570-Sharon Leslie Payne to Joseph R. Welch and President of Joseph R. Welch Inc., $185,600.

SHOREVIEW DR., 30093-Lawrence E. and Emily M. Payne to Marjorie Lou and James Reardon, $550,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 40494-R. and M. Partners to Catherine Janschek, $510,000.

Tall Timbers Area

LOBLOLLY CT., 45171-Patricia A. and Paul F. Ferro to Erik O. Etz, $288,900.