Dear Dr. Gridlock:

When it was recently announced that the Department of Defense may expand operations at Fort Belvoir, I was shocked that local TV stations said there is no mass transit to the Army base. Someone didn't do their homework.

You can ride the subway to the Huntington Metro station on the Yellow Line, then take a Richmond Highway Express (REX) bus to Fort Belvoir. The service runs every 15 minutes.

Check out the Fairfax Connector Web site for the REX bus schedule to Fort Belvoir from Huntington at

It would be criminal for all those government employees to drive their cars to Fort Belvoir. No one would get to work. And if they did, where would they park?

I've been riding the Fairfax Connector to Huntington and then riding the subway to Rosslyn since its inception.

I know this sounds like a public service announcement, but I love public transportation.

Donna M. Wilson

Mount Vernon

Thanks for the tip. The Pentagon is talking about redeploying about 18,000 employees to Fort Belvoir, and that sounds like a lot more than a bus can handle.

Among the options being considered are light rail and an extension of Metrorail. The Fairfax County government is hoping to receive federal funding for transportation services made necessary by the move. Nothing has been finalized.

Driver Training

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

From time to time, you have provided information on defensive driving courses for teens. I have been searching the Web without much luck in finding the one I sent two grandchildren to in the past. They were particularly good, with hands-on training and solid tips that have helped both my grandkids in tough situations during the past few years.

I would like to refer others to the group but have given away all the literature I received online, and I changed computers without keeping the Web site in my favorites file.

I would greatly appreciate a list of the best ones you have listed in the past, as I am certain I will recognize the organization and be able to go to its Web site for information.

Walter Ochs


I have mentioned three companies:

(1) Car Guys Inc., of Rockville, 800-800-GUYS.

(2) BSR Inc., of Summit Point, W.Va., 304-725-6512.

(3) Driver's Edge, of Las Vegas, which has touring clinics that come to this area, 702-896-6482.

I've received positive feedback on all of them.

Small-Town Driving

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

I recently moved from the Washington area and returned to my hometown of Martinsville, Va. (population 15,000). I thought that driving here would be a relief after living for 16 years in Fairfax County. But I can tell you that there are just as many rude, discourteous, aggressive drivers per capita down here as there are up there.

The only difference is that there are fewer cars overall, so it's not as intense. But still troubling.

Peter D. Marshall

Martinsville, Va.

Sorry to hear that. I'm wondering whether anyone in our area has found gridlock relief by moving away.

Everybody, Slow Down

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

A reader recently made a good observation concerning the danger of cars turning right at stop signs and red lights without so much as a pause.

I'd like to add to that by noting the number of runners and bikers who dash headlong into intersections. Yes, they may have the literal right of way, but I'm turning my vehicle into what had been determined to be an all-clear area.

A runner bursting into view as I turn is unsettling and potentially disastrous. Exercise is great, but be careful.

J.P. Green


Yes, when motorists, runners and bicyclists meet at the same place, caution by all parties is advisable.

Transportation researcher Diane Mattingly contributed to this column.

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