Sports Awards

St. Martin's School in Annapolis recently announced awards for the following middle school student-athletes:

Field Hockey

Unsung Hero: Brandi Goncz

Most Improved Player: Cassi Lyons

Bulldog (MVP): Alex Schmier


A Team

Unsung Hero: Michael Atwell, Caroline Shea

Most Improved Players: Sean Grammick, Andrea Connors

Bulldog: Matt Shovestul, Ashley Barnes

B Team

Unsung Hero: Jenna Hecker, Danny Usewick

Most Improved Player: Brittany Blonder, Tyler King

Bulldog: Melanie Mocniak, Evan Pietras


Boys A Team

Unsung Hero: Brandon Whitehead, Jason Govatos

Most Improved Player: Michael Atwell, Ben Bell

Bulldog: Taylor Brummitt, Matt Shovestul

Boys B Team

Unsung Hero: Danny Usewick, Brian Gilliam

Most Improved Player: Joseph Morotti, Evan Pietras

Bulldog: Michael Wilde

Boys C Team

Unsung Hero: Alexander Campbell

Most Improved Player: Leckie Gassman

Bulldog: Jared Lamb

Key School Tournament

MVP: Warren Pumphrey

Girls A Team

Unsung Hero: Chloe Constants

Most Improved Player: Chelsea Rowe

Bulldog: Ashley Barnes

Girls B Team

Unsung Hero: Aubrey Fidanza

Most Improved Player: Melanie Mocniak

Bulldog: Alyssa Brummitt


Boys Team

Unsung Hero: Bryan Gilliam, Brett Hutchison

Most Improved Player: Brandon Whitehead, Jason Govatos

Bulldog: Michael Atwell

Girls Team

Unsung Hero: Ashley Barnes

Most Improved Player: Emily Edinberg

Bulldog: Sophia Gassman

Eighth-Grade Bulldogs

These multiple sport athletes demonstrated leadership and sportsmanship throughout middle school:

Ashley Barnes and Taylor Brummitt

Soccer Clinic

The Arundel Soccer Association will host a free DC United Summer Soccer Series clinic June 19 at Waugh Chapel Elementary School in Odenton. The camp is run by players and coaches of DC United for boys and girls 7 to 13. Registration is required. For more information go to

Reporting Scores, Announcements

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