Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing it to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.

Shady Grove Hospital


Alexa Ann-Marie Lyn, a daughter, to Dionie Lyn of Germantown.


Thomas Joseph Galow, a son, to Katherine Veronica Ferry-Galow and James Werner Galow of Laytonsville.

Christopher Harlow Mitchell, a son, to Jennifer H. and Mark C. Mitchell of Gaithersburg.


NaLea Janae Armstrong, a daughter, to Neva and Cedric Armstrong of Germantown.

Sebastian Xavier Hishmeh, a son, to Kelley Marie Holman and Denney Charles Hishmeh of Gaithersburg.

Vishesh Khare, a son, to Vinita and Manish Kumar Khare of Clarksburg.

Dreux Antonio-Nicholas Tucker, a son, to Brittany Anita Busey and Rashad Santiago Tucker of Frederick.

Nicholas Andrew Pioli, a son, to Lori Auclair Pioli and Patrick Christopher Pioli of Bethesda.


Timothy Joseph Herman Hicke III, a son, to Jacqueline and Timothy Herman Hicke II of Rockville.

George Wilson Omwono Obongo, a son, to Beatrice Guya Obongo and Jack Obongo of Boyds.

Jefferson Antonio Rodriquez Lopez, a son, to Yeika Hadee Lopez and Walter Antonio Rodriquez of Gaithersburg.


Alexis Joan Yaban Bulong, a daughter, to Anna Lynne Yaban Bulong and Rogelio Bulong Jr. of Silver Spring.

Teo Davidov Burgess, a son, to Maria Todorova Vassileva and David Matthew Burgess of Rockville.


Claire Innes Sengbusch, a daughter, to Jennifer Keiko Sengbusch and Cord William Sengbusch of Germantown.


Patrick Simeon Bruno Mendy, a son, to Susan Anyango Mendy and Bruno Jean Michele Gilbert Mendy of Silver Spring.

Pranav Rishi, a son, to Nidhi and Vivek Kumar Rishi of Gaithersburg.

Braden James Whitcomb, a son, to Sarah C. and David J. Whitcomb of Germantown.

Brooke Pauline Whitman, a daughter, to Dana Morelli Whitman and Daryl Matthew Whitman of Germantown.

Maximilian Yuankun Shi, a son, to Qian Wang and Zhengfang Shi of Rockville.


Wyatt Samuel Brooks, a son, to Emily Louise and Matthew Dixon Brooks of Frederick.

Ryane Ohmar Hernandez, a son, to Rachel Messar-Hernandez and Ohmar Alfonso Hernandez of Germantown.


Grace Mackenzie Milla, a daughter, to Danielle Louise and Evert Esteban Milla of Gaithersburg.

Benjamin Carl Simon, a son, to Kathleen Anne and Carl George Simon Jr. of Germantown.


Nathaniel James Loomis, a son, to Melissa Michelle and James Chrisman Loomis of Montgomery Village.


Katherine Jaye Bykowski, a daughter, to Jodi and Mike Bykowski of Germantown.

Alexandra Karis Cook, a daughter, to Nicole Little-Cook and Robert A. Cook of Clarksburg.

Cassandra Olivia Zehner, a daughter, to Dawn Michelle and Jeffrey Prescott Zehner of North Potomac.


Jemia Breanna Elaine Gross, a daughter, to Janice Elaine Byfield-Gross and Jimmy Shocka Gross of Germantown.

Katherine Marie Sheetz, a daughter, to Ann Murtha-Sheetz and Andrew Douglas Sheetz of Rockville.


Brooke Elizabeth Bayley, a daughter, to Erica Lynn and Edward William Bayley of Frederick.

Katherine Hope Carr, a daughter, to Stacy D. and Charles G. Carr of Rockville.

Amani Elizabeth Graham, a daughter, to Tracy Lanelle Twyman and Duodu Kwame Graham of Germantown.

Terufumi Andrew Kajiyama, a son, to Masumi and Hiroshi Kajiyama of Rockville.


Michael Harry French, a son, to Adrienne Simenhoff French and Louis Michael French of Bethesda.


TeTe Eteh-Benissan, a son, to Kemi Claudine Kenou and Datevi Eteh-Benissan of Montgomery Village.

Sydney Elianna Bissett, a daughter, to Johanna Jahnel Pineda and Shaun Leigh Bissett of Germantown.

Harrison Sabatini Carvalho, a son, to Mayra Sabatini and Rerisson Coutinho Carvalho of Germantown.

Macayle Jewel Chesley, a daughter, to Patricia Evangelina Chesley and John William Fitzhugh Chesley of Olney.

William Clark McCullough, a son, to Alaina Clark McCullough and Christopher Sean McCullough of Silver Spring.

Sophie Marie Vergne, a daughter, to Paula Waggoner Vergne and Matthew Jay Vergne of Gaithersburg.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

MAY 19

Sara Delaney Ryan, a daughter, to Maureen Ann Delaney and William F. Ryan of Chevy Chase.

MAY 20

William Monfort Gletner, a son, to Karen Elizabeth and Thomas Joseph Gletner Jr. of Chevy Chase.

MAY 21

John Holden Lombardo, a son, to Victoria Parker Lombardo and Steven Paul Lombardo of Bethesda.

MAY 23

Sasha Bralove Ugel, a daughter, to Brooke Bralove Ugel and Edward Alexander Ugel of Bethesda.

-- Compiled by TINA TOLL