Here is the schedule of meetings for the D.C. Council and its committees for the coming week. All meetings are held at the Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Council Chamber, unless otherwise noted.


Economic Development hearing, 10 a.m., Room 412. "Consolidated Plan for the District of Columbia, Fiscal Years 2006-2010, and Fiscal Year 2006 Action Plan Approval Resolution of 2005," PR 16-181.

Public Works roundtable, 1 p.m. Water main breaks, including the May 21 break at 13th Street and Florida Avenue NW.


Committee of the Whole, 10 a.m. Bill 16-195, "Historic Preservation Enhancement and Technical Amendments Act of 2005"; Bill 16-282, "Closing and Disposition of a Portion of Wisconsin Avenue NW, Right-of-Way, S.O. 05-2378, Act of 2005"; Bill 16-255, "Closing of Patricia Roberts Harris Drive, NW, in Square 4325, S.O. 03-5187, Act of 2005"; PR 16-47, "Sense of the Council in Support of Inclusionary Zoning Requirements Resolution of 2005"; PR 16-175, "Zoning Commission for the District of Columbia Gregory Jeffries Confirmation Resolution of 2005"; PR 16-176, "Shaw/U Street Cultural Destination District Plan Approval Resolution of 2005"; and PR 16-180, "Police Compensation Approval Resolution of 2005."

Eighth Legislative Meeting, immediately following the Committee of the Whole. Consent agenda reading and vote on proposed ceremonial resolutions: "Covenant House Decade of Service Recognition Resolution of 2005"; "DC/Pro-Am Summer Classic Recognition Resolution of 2005"; "Honorable Wilhelmina J. Rolark, Esq., Recognition Resolution of 2005"; "Harold Benjamin Plummer Retirement Recognition Resolution of 2005"; "James N. Short, Jr. Recognition Resolution of 2005"; and "Potomac River Power Squadron's Ninetieth Anniversary Recognition Resolution of 2005."

Final reading and final vote on proposed bills: "Closing of Public Alleys in Square 5579, S.O. 04-10134, Act of 2005," Bill 16-137; "Prescription Drug Compulsory Manufacture License Act of 2005," Bill 16-114; "Emergency Suspension of Liquor Licenses Act of 2005," Bill 16-134; "Anacostia Waterfront Corporation Board Expansion Amendment Act of 2005," Bill 16-25; and "Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Support Act of 2005," Bill 16-200.

First reading on proposed bills: "Removal from the Permanent System of Highways, Savannah Street, S.E., and the Dedication of Land for Street Purposes (S.O. 04-8736), Act of 2005," Bill 16-196; "Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act of 2005," Bill 16-173.

Reading and vote on proposed resolutions: "District of Columbia Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure Gary C. Dennis Reappointment Resolution of 2005," PR 16-173.

Final reading and final vote on temporary legislation: "Utility Tax Technical Corrections Temporary Act of 2005," Bill 16-266; "Board of Real Property Assessments and Appeals Reform Temporary Act of 2005," Bill 16-268; "Adams Morgan Business Improvement District Temporary Amendment Act of 2005," Bill 16-263.

Non-consent agenda reading and vote on proposed ceremonial resolutions: "John Richardson Recognition Resolution of 2005."

First reading on proposed bills: "Walter Reed Property Tax Exemption Reconfirmation Act of 2005," Bill 16-143.


Consumer and Regulatory Affairs roundtable, 10 a.m. "Prostitution -- Related Nuisance Abatement Amendment Act of 2005," Bill 16-80.

Economic Development, 10 a.m., Room 123.

Finance and Revenue, noon, Room 120.

Education, Libraries and Recreation, 2 pm., Room 123.

Public Works and the Environment hearing, 2 p.m. "District Department of Environmental Protection Establishment Act of 2005," Bill 16-16.

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