The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

DARTMOUTH DR., 2214-Armando Aguirre and Jose C. Aguayo to Ana M. McDonald, $250,000.

POTOMAC AVE., 6613, No. C1-William R. Fishback to Kathleen M. Nolan, $265,000.

RADCLIFF RD., 6237-James W. and Deborah D. Blackburn to Mary L. O'Connor, $1.6 million.

W. WAKEFIELD DR., 6715, No. C1-William V. Ferris to Michael J. Fanizzo and Kelly E. Yasaitis, $255,108.

WINDMILL LANE, 1918-Charles O. and Josephine T. Hirsch to Kevin P. and Terry L. Collins, $720,000.

10TH ST., 6625, No. B1-Lori A. Polonsky to Ross G. Randall, $275,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ASHBY LANE, 7502, No. B-James and Tara Jamieson to John H. and Tracey F. Williams, $305,000.

BINGLEY RD., 6015-Clive O. Erskine to Claire Delahaye Rhye, $389,950.

BULFINCH CT., 7507-Harry K. and Goldie J. McGuin to Gayfields Corp., $650,000.

CHINA GROVE CT., 6555-Cesar Mencia and Lorena Grijalva to Chuan H. Chen, $365,000.

DIJOHN COURT DR., 7123-Felix and Karen Lostracco to David A. and Phyllis A. Alewine, $350,000.

DUNMAN WAY, 6307-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Randy and Amy S. Young, $510,000.

DUNNINGTON PL., 7419-Aaron M. Raffle to Matthew E. and Hazel M. Borowsky, $445,000.

FRANCONIA RD., 3706-Tomas Perez to Galileo Palma, $425,000.

FRANCONIA RD., 5321-Yosuf Mohammad to Jose M. Palencia and Leticia Gattas, $470,000.

FRANCONIA FOREST LANE, 6209-Ronnie R. and Mary E. Larson to Minerva E. and Renato M. Daguiso and Leticia Espinas, $524,500.

GRANGE LANE, 6532, No. 203-Aaron T. and Karin M. Dinardi to Robert G. Benson, $376,550.

HICKMAN TER., 6581-Jayfus T. Doswell to Lourdes Michel, $559,900.

JOSEPH EDGAR CT., 6772-Michael P. and Francesca N. Stigliano to Matthew J. Sandelier and Brenda L. Campbell, $524,950.

KATELYN MARY PL., 5814, No. C-John J. Sinisko to Lena R. Sisco, $325,000.

KNIGHTS RIDGE WAY, 6054-William Fitzpatrick to David S. and Karen R.E. Ratte, $410,500.

LAKE COVE DR., 7140-Jerold A. and Cecilia E. Lee to Michael A. Malferrari, $360,000.

LARKSPUR DR., 6103-Francis J. Huber and Ursel W. Huber to Asfaw Alula and Saba Getaneh, $447,500.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6931-David J. Knoedler to Stephanie M. Egan, $294,000.

MORNING GLEN CT., 6504-Grace Kim to Kelley R. Boatwright, $275,000.

MORNING VIEW CT., 6620-Louie Moore to Babak Binesh, $269,900.

OLD BRENTFORD RD., 6988-Richard S. Leschander to Justin Hayes, $315,000.

PARISH GLEBE LANE, 6526-Meredith and Timothy Burnett to Henry D. Lange and Kelly A. Wozniak, $430,000.

ROUNDHILL RD., 4430-Terry Duff to Donald E. and Elizabeth Gundermann, $390,000.

SILVER RIDGE CIR., 6451-Lisa Walbert to Jose R. Castro, $342,000.

SULLIVAN WAY, 6712-Vincent P. and Natalie R. Carter to Tracey A. Poletti and Karen E. Westerfield, $490,000.

UPLAND DR., 4709-Warren H. and Julia B. Graham to Rebecca L. Fields, $319,588.

VICTORIA DR., 6903, No. K-Dawn Sobol to Ria M. Thomas, $265,000.

VIRGINIA HILLS AVE., 6316-Ralph Moyer Hoke to Nelson Benitez, $410,000.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 5954-Brian S. Minns to Tsigereda Gebremeskel and Tesfaldet Yohannes, $437,500.

WICKFORD DR., 7226-William R. and Verna B. Baer to Thomas A. Pyle and Jeannette E. Davis, $430,000.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4325, No. 4325I-Choon J. Choi to Daniel Villena, $165,000.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7735, No. 7-Hak S. Lee to Ricardo Bolanos, $210,000.

HAMILTON ST., 7411-Stephen F. and Cheryl C. Campbell to An and Phuong T. Nguyen, $511,000.

MANGALORE DR., 4112, No. 404-Tam A. Tran to Nancy L. Hill, $174,900.

MERRIMAC TRAIL, 3716-Kevin M. and Lesley B. Walsh to Patrique Amboni and Cintia F. Amboni, $650,000.

RAINBOW GLEN CT., 4008-Ronald J. and Karen K. Thomas to Eduardo Benitez and Lubia A. Carillo, $705,000.

RAVENSWORTH RD., 4559-Sarah Z. Pardo to Joseph and Heather K. Dedekind, $357,000.

ROYSTON ST., 7802-Marcos J. and Dorothy A. Almanza to Vidal Perez, $450,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3370, No. 14-Michele S. Herman to Sheryas Dode, $181,500.

WOODBURN RD., 3378, No. 32-Sarah G. Wise to Isatu Conteh, $232,500.

Baileys Crossroads Area

DOGWOOD PL., 6340-Elham Allipour to Pam McAlwee and Barbara Hutcherson, $415,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6135, No. 206-Vang Ngo and David Alexander Tran to Jennifer C. and Kevin B. Richards, $221,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6147, No. 604-Khalequzzaman and Rahbeen Chowdhury to Sukhvinderjeet Singh, $179,900.

OAKWOOD DR., 6525-Thomas A. Tracy to Ian C. and Laura R. Hassell, $480,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 512-Sandra Shoun to Mary A. Tanzer, $325,000.

ROCK SPRING AVE., 3436-E. Virginia Aguilar to Jose and Sonia T. Penaranda, $485,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3701, No. 707N-Michelle Thong to Judith A. Teffera, $225,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 404S-Mahdi A. Mohamed to Elaine Hill, $360,000.

STEVENS ST. N., 3904-John J. and Ellen P. Reihl to Jae Kyong L. Huber, $447,500.

Burke Area

ARRIT CT., 5114-Ibert Cuellar and Betty R. Valverde to Rosaulino Montano, $311,000.

BANNING PL., 5841-Thomas M. Buckley to James C. Tran, $348,000.

BUFFIE CT., 6312-Catherine A. Palmisano to Whitney A. Milam, $332,000.

CLARY SAGE DR., 13614-Debra H. Atkins to John H. and Sabine Creamer, $612,850.

COVE LANDING RD., 5920, No. 204-Victoria P. Quintos and Melanio R. Quintos to Rachel D., Gary W. and Deborah D. Sheeres, $280,000.

HARROWHILL LANE, 9513-Soon D. Um to Robert M. and Pamela J. Anderson, $575,000.

HIGH BLUFF CT., 5802-James W. and Cathy C. Beck to Syed R. and Shehla Hussein, $339,900.

HOME GUARD DR., 9124-Miller and Bunnell Investments Corp. to Rebecca W. Reid and Artem Braginetz, $580,000.

LAKEPOINTE DR., 9820-Michael D. and Habiba A. Doyle to Freddy Zambrana and Mery Ibanez, $365,000.

LIBERTY BELL CT., 6013-Mercedes I. Moscol to Cesar Monteverde, $330,000.

MANET RD., 9909-Tammy F. and John R. Still to Pablo J. and Carmen D. Cordova, $460,000.

PETER ROY CT., 9381-Yong I. and Sun H. Kim to Madhar Elyoussefi and Nazha Benchaln, $435,000.

RIDGE FORD DR., 5911-Matthew and Stephanie Dejohn to Larry A. and Monica E. Bentley, $474,900.

SPRING LAKE DR., 6314-Dennis D. and Marie K. Fleming to Cleve B. and Michelle P. Tyler, $762,500.

TISBURY DR., 6336-Gary E. and Ana M. Billick to Rosemary D. and Rene C. Velazco, $449,950.

WALNUT WOOD CT., 10110-David J. and Stephanie A. McKenna to Brian C. McDonald and Joline A. Souder, $351,000.

Centreville Area

BASINGSTOKE LOOP, 14748-Lisa M. Bennett to Brian F. and Amanda L. Kramer, $302,500.

BATTALION ST., 6241-Timothy M. Polsinelli and Amanda G. Palmer to Gary S. and Jean C. Wade, $346,780.

BATTALION ST., 6245-Karen S. Spoone to Jamie L., Dennis W. and Serrie L. Heck, $359,900.

BATTERY RIDGE LANE, 14637-Laurie A. Bartley to Wendi Ittah, $365,000.

BIRCHLEAF PARK CT., 5606-Claudette M. and Harry J. Mallette to Elizabeth and Mike Wheeless, $503,000.

CIDER HOUSE LANE, 14452-Hye K.Y. Park to Jiyeon Choi, $405,000.

CONNOR CT., 13384, No. J-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Brunda Arepalli, $329,900.

CONNOR DR., 13347, No. E-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to In C. Hwang and Ok S. Tak, $293,900.

CONNOR DR., 13359, No. N-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Richard C. and Michelle C. Wertz, $331,400.

CONNOR DR., 13363, No. K-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to John D. Norton, $323,095.

CONNOR DR., 13397, No. F-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Heeyon Kim, $295,300.

COOL FOUNTAIN LANE, 5024-Pulte Home Corp. to Angela Hur, $519,775.

DEER POND RD., 5702-Craig D. and Valerie M. Dykstra to Delano and Michelle Hamrick, $400,000.

FLOWER HILL DR., 14726-Kyung H. Cho to Chang Y. Choi and Seoung E. Kim, $350,000.

GRANITE STEP TRAIL, 5312-Pulte Home Corp. to Douglas A. Austin, $545,750.

GRAPE HOLLY GROVE, 14305-Jennifer L. Bailey to William G. Kern, $203,000.

GRINGSBY CT., 14431-Michael J. Chajkowski to Daniel A. Portillo, Juan J. Machado and Gloria M. Carranza, $275,000.

HANCOCK CT., 14831-Jose A.M. Palacios and Rhina Guerrero to Juan J. Bellido, $298,000.

HARTWOOD CT., 14207-James W. and Brenda L. Raley to Scott Howerton and Karen Spoone, $610,000.

JADE POST LANE, 6719-Theodore W. Hack and Patricia L. Joyce to Thomas K. and Suk C. Fujimoto, $670,900.

JAMES HARRIS WAY, 6384-Michael R. Hunter to Don J. Marshall, $362,000.

JASLOW ST., 14915-Juan and Angelica Diaz to Jeremiah and Jessica G. Koller, $440,000.

JOSEPH JOHNSTON LANE, 5473-Pulte Home Corp. to Sushant H. Mankar and Rakhee S. Mankar, $659,171.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6896-Charles J. Williamson and Rita G. Clark to Robert John Brescia, $370,000.

LAURA RATCLIFF CT., 13868-Sunil and Archana Kumar to Kyoung J. Oh, $335,000.

LAVENDER MIST LANE, 13635-Winchester Homes Inc. to Peter Arango, $130,774.

LEE FOREST PA., 6362-Hyong K. and Pyong S. Lee to A. David and Shirley Harmon, $645,000.

LUDINGTON PL., 13912-Alfredo T. and Maria T. Pangilinan to Aldo E. and Janet M. Garcia, $359,900.

MEADOW CREST CT., 6081-Raj Bhatia and Kul B. Bhatia to Dat Nguyen, $280,000.

NORTHBOURNE DR., 13606-John F. and Kay L. Russell to Kenneth R.C. and Courtney E.E. Wenhold, $679,900.

PRAIRIE MALLOW LANE, 13511-Winchester Homes Inc. to Naveen R. Meduri, $475,500.

RAVENSCAR CT., 14535-Clifford W. and Johanna L. Nelson to Hajera and Abraham Baluch, $334,000.

RED RIVER DR., 14161-James B. Young to John L. Comey and Gretchen M. Allsop, $349,000.

SEASONS DR., 14607-Min Shik Kim to Ernest Y. Afari, $410,000.

SERVICEBERRY ST., 5464-Winchester Homes Inc. to Marion M. and Leigh Devoe, $592,080.

SMITHWOOD DR., 14512-Mark D. and Jo Lynn Garlow to John R. Gulick and A.R. Gulick, $445,000.

STONEPATH CIR., 6161-Charlie E. and Karen E. Talley to James G. Key, $320,000.

TRIPLETT DR., 5723-Tong P. and In S. Yu to Mahmoud Rashwan and Zeinab Ahmed, $435,000.

WILDFLOWER CT., 14703-Damon W. and Gayle Kenison to David L. and Juliana R. Steiner, $600,000.

WILLIAM COLIN CT., 5170, No. I-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Gerald G. and Mariko Young, $279,000.

WILLIAM MOSBY DR., 6214-Nasreen Pervez Balouch and Pervez S. Balouch to Rajinder P. Kapani, $280,000.

WOODS RUN CT., 13909-Frank A. Giglio to Shawn E. Miller and Laura A. Dickinson, $351,000.

WYCOFF SQ., 6060-Manuel R. and Maria Lopez to Douglas K. Bonilla, $255,000.

Chantilly Area

ELLENDALE DR., 13517-Johnny R. Soto to Harry S. and Dorothy L. Cologne, $445,000.

HAVERFORD CT., 13601-Mark E. and Catherine J. Stephens to Steven K. and Maria M.A. Pike, $530,500.

KHALID LANE, 13994-Harry I. Martin to Man K. and Jae S. Kang, $477,500.

NEWPORT LANE, 13803-Juan A. Galdamez to Jose R. and Evelyn Garcia, $298,000.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 13511-Thomas H. and Michelle S. Rhee to Nga Trang and Nguyen Tan, $510,000.

WINTER HARBOR CT., 4105, No. 118B-Capital Investments Corp. to Heather M. Hopkins, $288,500.

Clifton Area

DETWILLER DR., 7516-Steven D. and Karen A. Guttenplan to MI Group Inc., $940,000.

MELSTONE DR., 13645-Gary W. and Tuesdee L. Florence to Paul A. and Susie C. Grecco, $725,000.

ORCHARD HILL CT., 5815-Katayoon and Soraya Shapoorian to Kenneth J. Vestal, $199,000.

WILDFLOWER LANE, 13611-Randall F. and Josephine A. Smidt to Steven J. Andrews, $340,000.

Fairfax City Area

ANDES DR., 4540-William T. and Karen T. Williams to Susan J. and Vance J. Cathell, $782,000.

ARTERY DR., 11926-Darwin S. and Sharon S. Crandall to Monica A. Sarmiento and Erik P. Arboleda, $355,000.

ASHFORD GREEN DR., 12002-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Young K. and Young M. Park, $548,380.

ASHMEADE DR., 9124-Jung S. Kim to Haeng Woo and Chun Lang Shin, $494,900.

BABASHAW CT., 3124-Anna Woodward and Douglas S. Hinken to Tien D. Tran, Hong H. Nguyen and David Tran, $263,000.

BLISSFUL VALLEY DR., 12465-Winchester Homes Inc. to Ramin Javanbakht and Marta L. Nazario, $494,225.

BRAXTON WOOD CT., 3041-Richard A. and Rita J. Zipperer to Jun L. Huang and Gwai F. Chin, $390,000.

BUMBRY TER., 4225-Yaseen Noorzai and Ireldy Fuentes to Maria and Ahmed Shakoor, $745,000.

CASTLE BRANCH RD., 12308-Keystone Corp. to Gary J. Grosicki, $1.543 million.

CHESTERMILL CT., 5504-Arnold and Arlyne Meyers to Michael J. and Rebecca A. Mochel, $790,000.

COMMONWEALTH BLVD., 10332-Mervin L. Sebens to Mehdi Hoodfar, $416,000.

COUNTRY SQUIRE LANE, 4291-Keun Chung and Min J. Lee to Jay K. Tak and Hee Yun, $449,900.

COVINGTON ST., 3076-Marcial A. Peredo to Subhash Kongassery and Sulekha Subhash, $428,000.

DELFIELD LANE, 8804-Gregg S. Monday to Joydip Banerjee, $547,500.

ENGLEMEADE DR., 12006-Abdul B. and Humaira Mohmand to Myung H. and Eunice Kim, $560,000.

ENGLISHWOOD LANE, 13114-Duc Durocher to Jinshan Tang and Sun Qingling, $364,000.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4129-Jane E. Rooney to Rebecca and John F. Anderson, $327,000.

GRACELAND PL., 9223-Kathleen M. McHugh to Laura J. Fall, $469,900.

GREEN RIDGE CT., 3800, No. 202-Kyu S. and Chi H. Kim to Cindy Hong and Hong Song, $270,000.

GUNPOWDER RD., 5109-Raymond S. and Elizabeth G. Carter to Jeong Im Youn and Tae Hoon Kim, $630,000.

HICKORY GROVE CT., 3022-Hans W. and Jose R. Quiroz to Yuan F. Chen, $376,000.

HIGHLAND LANE, 3228-William P. and Jennifer L. Cumberland to Robert H. and Anjali M. Sues, $1.205 million.

HIGHLAND OAKS DR., 3810-Yong J. and Sang M. Lee to Cresswell D. Elmore, $760,000.

HOLLINGER AVE., 13325-Kirstie J. Barkley to Charles Ripetta, $414,900.

HUNTERS BRANCH RD., 2959-Michael D. and Deborah S. Corry to David V. and Janet C. Keyes, $675,000.

LADY SOMERSET LANE, 12727-MHI Rugby Road Corp. to Sung K. and Kae S. Moon, $828,764.

LOCHLEVEN TRAIL, 4151, No. 123-Comstock Fairfax Corp. to Jungsung T. Yi, $317,600.

LOCHLEVEN TRAIL, 4151, No. 128-Comstock Fairfax Corp. to Kasey K. and Kyung Soo Lee, $333,850.

LOCHLEVEN TRAIL, 4151, No. 134-Comstock Fairfax Corp. to Homer and Rounace Dizeyee, $393,375.

MIDDLETON LANE, 12812-Mary C. Wale and Barbara A. Umbarger to Paula Postigo and Lola Poyser, $514,900.

MONUMENT CT., 4116, No. 301-Kevin D. and Andrea K. Dugan to Ai Yuki, $333,000.

PARK GREEN CT., 4290-Hong T. Nguyen to Lewis M. and Parvaneh A. Johnson, $495,000.

PARKLAND DR., 3833-Carlos A. Perez to Rafael A. Lobo, $698,000.

PHEASANT BROOK LANE, 4808-James S. and Jennifer J. Compher to Prakash and Raj Lalvani, $377,000.

PICKETT RD., 4719-Luuwen and Hsiao Yun Day to Chun Li and Yina Ding, $498,000.

PINE TREE DR., 11755-Gregory E. King to Herbert A. and Elizabeth A. Hope, $1 million.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 12907-Mary Jo Tomalewski to Jose O. Mercado and Sue Chu Hwang, $410,000.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 13117-John P. Dayton and Maureen A. McLaughlin to Andrea L. Pokorny and Ryan Hancock, $385,000.

POWELL RD., 4906-Steve Agyeman to Thomas A. Marr and Kerri A. Knowles Marr, $520,000.

RED ADMIRAL PL., 13022-U.S. Home Corp. to Ronald G. and Nestor A. Lozano, $728,715.

RED ADMIRAL PL., 13038-U.S. Home Corp. to Brian D. and Kathy C. Lee, $727,325.

SAFE HARBOR CT., 5441-Clinton W. and Tamara L. Shondelmyer to Sally E. and Mary A. Compher, $342,500.

SUDLEY FORD CT., 3743-Jeff M. Brewer to Donald W. and Jennifer L. Reynolds, $265,000.

TAPESTRY DR., 4761-Thomas R. Draghi to Gary D. and Jill A. Treadway, $500,000.

WILLOUGHBY POINT LANE, 3606-Donald and Geraldine McCue to Thomas and Jennifer Naughton, $525,000.

WILSON VALLEY DR., 4351, No. 101-Gregory R. Volrath to Jin K. Lee, $296,000.

WINFORD CT., 5514-Gordon Howard Coulson to Silvana Serrano, $360,000.

Fairfax Station Area

CLARA BARTON DR., 11567-Lee D. and Kristy J. Harmony to James H. and Gale O. Cleveland, $730,000.

PREAKNESS LANE, 7839-Denis J. and Leona J. Muskat to Prudential Residential Services, $868,000.

TWELVE OAKS DR., 7111-Ali I. and Maria L. Chahine to Roger J. and S.A. Channing, $1.195 million.

WOODFAIR RD., 10951-Beryl M. Fehlberg to Rowena L. Poingue, $520,000.

Falls Church Area

ANCHORWAY CT., 3151, No. M-Darren R. Bernal to Gabriel Schneider, $253,000.

BARRETT RD., 6825-Jose R. Bermudez to Fidel A. Gonzalez, Francisco A. Rivaz and Glenda Gonzalez, $340,000.

CHANUTE PL., 8003-Paul S. Teng and Siew Fing Wong to Manuel Vasquez and Maria A. Flores, $185,000.

HOLLY HILL DR., 3241-Margaret J. Conrad to Eric J. Maier and Charles R. Ayers, $400,000.

MONTAUK CT., 2907-Liming Cai and Chuiyuen Yung to Darin and Debra Kabalkin, $415,000.

PARKWOOD TER., 3161-Merlin G. Meadows to Douglas and Lynette Dillard, $400,000.

TOD ST., 7232-Saeed S. Kamvar to Caryl D. Scambos, $550,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

BRITTANY PARC CT., 7603-John M. Kamya to Deniz R. and Yasemin Smith, $820,000.

HAYCOCK RD., 7021, No. G-Thomas G. and Pamela A. Grubb to Stephen M. and Marietta L. Bartoletti, $584,000.

HOWARD CT., 7336-Roderick S.K. and Elise A.B. Brown to Christopher S. and Sara E. Garvey, $410,000.

LEE LANDING DR., 7646-Valerie M. Hubard to Frederick Rose, $269,150.

MONTIVIDEO SQ., 6812-Jennifer Schweikert to Alyson Dunaye, $475,000.

PEABODY DR., 1806-Josefa Arias to James D. and Holly J. Kallio, $395,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

PRICES COVE LANE, 9160-NVR Inc. to Mahrukh Aziz and Azfar W. Aziz, $728,295.

Fort Hunt Area

ANESBURY LANE, 1126-Patrick E. Fitch and Caribel S. Fitch to William S. and Margo J. Anderson, $520,000.

BAINBRIDGE RD., 8009-Patricia I. Harris to George E. Foley and Marisa A. Scala Foley, $475,000.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7531-Weiss and Mariam A. Nawabi to Rebecca Leikheim, $489,000.

MASTERS CT., 8425-Lewis L. and Nikki H. Johnson to Theodore A. and Cynthia K. Mickevicius, $630,000.

SHENANDOAH RD., 1514-Renate K. Zagby to Danell A. and Allan Castro, $445,000.

SWORD LANE, 1911-David R. and Sandra H. Hill to Patrick and Dawn Light, $556,000.

Great Falls Area

CHALLEDON RD., 1113-Albert H. Huntington to Joshua M. and Grace M. Entis, $650,000.

SENECA RD., 229-Dorothy T. Ganahl to Raja Tariq and Sabeen Mahmood, $995,000.

Herndon Area

BENNETT RD., 11932-Marlin R. Makin and Rozelin Prochaska to Michael E. and Michele P. Torbert, $645,000.

BROWNS FERRY RD., 12535-Young B. and Su J. Kim to Jason E. Dury and Valerie B. Glass, $497,000.

CLEEVE HILL CT., 13407-Robert J. Goodman to Daniel T. and Alba M. Renero, $385,000.

CROSS CREEK CT., 3005-Gene W. and Brenda M. Fuller to Samuel Aparicio and Olga Torralba, $675,000.

CYPRESS TREE PL., 1153-Jean Pierre and Kathleen Picchiottino to Ravindhranath Addepalli and Sandhya Vema, $376,500.

DEW MEADOW CT., 2427-Charles V. and Patricia A. Brantley to Naser M. Khater, $361,100.

ENGLISH GARDEN CT., 12415-Terence A. and Deidre C. Woram to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $1.083 million.

GREENSTONE WAY, 3203-Elizabeth Ann Graves to Yingjun Zhang and Jinqun Wu, $435,000.

JEFF RYAN DR., 1040-Brenda C. and Jeffrey K. Wichman to Nelson Serrano, $419,900.

KIDWELL FIELD RD., 13170-Richard J. Ward and Cindy L. Squires to Diem Thuy Nguyen, $396,000.

MAGNOLIA LANE, 1266-Ruben and Margarita A. Campos to Carlos E. Garcia, $395,000.

MILL HEIGHTS CT., 12723-Jason O. Borens to Indranil Sengupta and Suneeta Singh, $755,000.

MISSOURI AVE., 304-B. Lewis Bradley to Khalilullah Rafiqzad, $358,000.

OAK LAWN PL., 12944-John C. and Margaret W. Howland to Mark S. and Christine R. McCabe, $794,990.

PALMER DR., 711-Gonzalo Cadima and Francisca Sandoval to Rosa Galdamez and Luis B. Oliva, $400,000.

PEMBROOK CT., 509-Robert T. and Lisa M. Kleinknecht to Santiago L. Morales, $409,900.

RENEAU WAY, 302-Adanilda Abrego Portillo and Maria S. Hernandez to Nelly M. Sanchez, $274,900.

SADLERS WELLS DR., 1506-Amy M. Christy to Eugene E. and Emily E. Flanagan, $415,000.

SHERINGHAM DR., 2629-Kathleen M.C. and David E. Elliott to Michael E. and Ellen J. Rubin, $420,000.

SPOFFORD RD., 13386, No. 301-Samuel Aparicio to Mark A. Gibney, $306,000.

STANTON PL., 13487-Pamela P. Gibbs to Matthew P. and Peter R. Schline, $360,000.

STEVENSON CT., 1108-Michael J. Lamatrice to Payam Jamalreza, $329,900.

SUTTERS MILL DR., 2579-Amitabh and Shaveta Kotwal to Purushotham Kotichintala and Rekha Mattennagari, $410,000.

TAUSTIN LANE, 12724-J. Suzanne Robinson to Betsy Isaacs, $435,000.

WHEAT MEADOW CIR., 2428-John C. Howland to James C. and Jill Thurber, $409,990.

Huntington Area

EDGEHILL CT., 5987-Rebecca J. Sullivan to Richard N. Schnell, $369,000.

EDGEHILL DR., 5810-Charles M. Guilbault to Gregory D. and Tracy L. Hillebrand, $358,000.

FENWICK DR., 5636-Bonnie L. Lemenager to Quest Financial Corp., $186,000.

KINGS HWY. N., 6026-Jose Pineda and Manuel Zabaleta to Jacquelyn K. Nunez, $304,900.

Hybla Valley Area

AMLONG AVE., 6716-Elfego Aviles to Miguel A. Orellana, $325,000.

CEDAR LANDING CT., 8249-Dilipkumar and Bansari Parekh to Kenneth A. and Melanie J. Hendricks, $390,000.

LINDBERG DR., 7593-Huy D. and Kieu D. Vu to Philip A. and Joyce O. Boah, $614,900.

SNOWPEA CT., 7525, No. D-Percy L. and Evelyn D. King to Jesse Mason and Gloria L. Jackson, $262,000.

WESTMAN CT., 4103-Soo Y. Chin and Kyong C. Chin to Gerda W. Edwards, $629,000.

Lincolnia Area

ALPINE DR., 6801-Peter H. Chin to Thiem Ngo and Thuan T. Tran, $590,000.

BERMUDA GREEN CT., 6589-Kevin and Lynne M. Halbrooks to Evelyn H. Adams, $391,550.

BISMACH DR., 5614, No. T3-Anthony C. Campanilla and Elizabeth V. Imperio to Stephanie Alexander, $220,000.

PHYLLIS LANE, 6321-Alfonzo and Callie M. Terrell to Kevin Stone, $432,800.

RIVER TWEED LANE, 6561-Charlton E. and Monica N. Andrews to Mira Mitzi M. Ferrer and Pojolito C. Ferrer, $437,000.

Lorton Area

BIRCH BAY CIR., 8990-Pulte Home Corp. to Mirwaiss and Farzana Rahmani, $592,549.

BIRCH BAY CIR., 8991-Pulte Home Corp. to Abdul H. Conteh and Marie Fofanah Conteh, $656,575.

BIRCH BAY CIR., 8999-Pulte Home Corp. to Jin J. and Chom Huh, $661,700.

BITTERROOT CT., 8707-Pulte Home Corp. to Marc P. and Lisa A. Greathouse, $783,057.

BUCKLAND PL., 7621-Mahbuba and Aziza Hakimi to Nasim Hakimi, $650,000.

DANIEL FRENCH ST., 9531-NVR Inc. to Rommel I. and Anupama R. Patel, $424,300.

DUCK HAWK WAY, 8304, No. 3-Maria E. Velazquez and Victor J. Urrutia to John D. Imamura, $282,200.

EATON WOODS PL., 9687-Leroy L. and Sheridan M. Butler to Sheila McClain, $362,500.

FUREY RD., 9098-Farzana Karimi and Esmat Bayat to Ahmad and Hanan Nofal, $735,000.

INDIAN PAINTBRUSH WAY, 8496-Centex Homes to Gregg S. and Rene W. Zelkin, $790,357.

NEWINGTON RD., 6616-Patriot Homes of Virginia to Sibeuy and Phouthakin Souphida, $592,624.

NEWINGTON COMMONS RD., 8766-Sean Layne to Gabriel R. Linton and Genevia A. Bonner, $306,000.

POTTERS HILL CIR., 9617-Sok C. and Chung H. Kang to Norman I. Siberon and Francoise L. Casablanca, $489,900.

PURPLE LILAC CIR., 8903-Pulte Home Corp. to George A. Stricker and Sun C. Stricker, $571,150.

RAVENGLASS CT., 8402-Engle Homes to Adiam Eyasu and Emebet Getachew, $569,526.

SHEPHERD HILLS DR., 9529-Jerry D. Long and Kathleen Jensen Long to Tariq Farooq, $340,000.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8191-Pulte Home Corp. to Akmal Ghani, $493,400.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8207-Pulte Home Corp. to Shannon A. McGuire and David P. Bennett, $450,575.

STANA CT., 7659-Angelique R. Brown to Yared and Ephrem Bizuneh, $326,000.

STONEGARDEN DR., 9109-Ronald and Suzanne C. Celentano to Dawn C. Tucker, $569,500.

WAITES WAY, 8916-Vilma E. Colon to William Wood, $305,000.

WESTERN HEMLOCK WAY, 8808-Pulte Home Corp. to Catalino and Angelita S. Umayam, $732,675.

WHITEHAVEN CT., 8427-Engle Homes to Ranjit and Vijay Sharma, $571,146.

WHITEHAVEN CT., 8436-Engle Homes to Donald and Regina Hawkins, $584,037.

WILLIAM AUGUSTUS CT., 7969-NVR Inc. to Ellis A. and Simone M. Fiedtkou Leonard, $472,160.

McLean Area

CORBIN CT., 1211-S. John Darvishi to Daniel Soppet and Shirley Bethel, $1.18 million.

FARM MEADOW CT., 7214-Hampstead Village Corp. to Windon Ringer and Carole D. White, $2.014 million.

FRANKLIN AVE., 1805-Todd W. and Blythe M. Robinson to John M. and Maureen A. Hamrick, $650,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 226-John R. and Simone Pitts to Behrouz Mokhtari and Yassamin Bahram, $472,000.

HARVEST CROSSING DR., 1410-Hampstead Village Corp. to Leonard P. and Charlotte W. Gollobin, $1.42 million.

HIGHWOOD DR., 1515-Robert P. and Elizabeth W. Scullin to Antonio E. Cecchi, $1.1 million.

KENNEDY DR., 1954, No. 102-Ahmad Mazahery to Robert E. and Yongnan Haines, $304,000.

LINCOLN WAY, 1524, No. 222-Jingqun Wu and Yingjun Zhang to Amrish Pinto, $269,900.

MADDUX LANE, 1602-Patowmack Inc. to Fred F. and Maria Fielding, $1.598 million.

MAYHURST BLVD., 1469-Rory L. and Debra M. Schick to Francois M. and Sonia Antypas, $1.5 million.

MCLEAN COMMONS CT., 1564-Robert B. Goettlich and Karin Loverud to Beverly H. Oremland, $660,000.

OLD FALLS RD., 7950-Patrick H. McNamara and Patricia J. Dollar to Wendy M. Yoviene and Joseph C. Lissenden, $1.47 million.

SIMMONS DR., 1603-Michael A. Madrid and Margaret Sharkoffmadrid to David W. and Pamela J. Ballard, $585,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1591, No. 3305-Ok C. Choe and Xi Jin to Young Ha Han, $285,000.

THRASHER RD., 7121-Han Lin and Fu Lin Y. Lee to George Z. Galloway, $690,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BEDFORD TER., 5384, No. D-Cathy D. Judy to Janet M. Wong, $185,000.

CENTURY OAK CT., 8510-Raymond K. and Rosemary A. Wynne to Cristina Ramirez and Haby I. Ramirez, $596,000.

EUREKA CT., 8419, No. 118-Cesar Argueta and Celina G. Garcia to Jose S. Martinez, $170,000.

GATESHEAD RD., 8805-James M. and Lorie A. Turner to Felix and Karen Lostracco, $500,000.

HANRAHAN PL., 4718-NVR Inc. to Rita M.G. Giles, $469,990.

HUNTER MURPHY CIR., 8324-Shirley D. Gillis to Neal W. Collins and Jenny A. Carey, $339,900.

RICHMOND AVE., 8521-George T. and Patricia A. Elliott to John E. and Amy E. Ambery, $460,000.

SCARBOROUGH SQ., 4433-Virginia Equity Solutions Corp. to Kiren J. Cross, $300,000.

SUNNY VIEW DR., 3400-Sun Up Corp. to Muhammad Aziz, $410,000.

VILLAGE SQ., 8600, No. D-Jose L. Batres and Susana E. Martinez to Sindhu Devadas, $200,000.

North Springfield Area

BLACKFORD ST., 7420-Louis F. and Carol K. Frederick to Firooz K. Shojayi, $378,000.

COLUMBIA RD., 5206-Byung D. Park and Min A. Park to Abelardo A. and Luz M. Rodriguez, $450,000.

DUBLIN AVE., 5417-Julia Manuico to Juan R. Claros, $430,000.

EASTBOURNE DR., 5515-Ellen W. Canavan to Luis Torres, $449,900.

ELLET RD., 7914-William Wesley Gallimore to Xiu Jin Wang and Shou Y. Zheng, $422,000.

HEMING AVE., 5225-Jorge Velasquez and Gladis Chapilliquen to N.T. Anh, $457,000.

LEESVILLE BLVD., 7127-Andrew B. and Christine Cao to Tiffany Nguyen, $549,000.

Oakton Area

ASHBROOKE CT., 10192, No. B-Nader Nikpouyfard to Farhad A. Soltanik and Bahman Zahedi, $310,000.

BLUE ROAN RD., 11012-Stephen M. and Tina R. Kenny to Stephanie Woods and Noble J. Dhue, $749,990.

BUSHMAN DR., 10208, No. 421-Valentin D. Kuperman to Michael D. Viscuso, $207,000.

MELANIE LANE, 2898-Agnes Y. Chang to Thomas and Miriam Erickson, $765,000.

NORBORNE PL., 2826-Richmond American Homes to Jianyuan Cui and Xiaoli Huo, $815,865.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10013-Troy A. Henry to Marco Anzoleaga and Linda Andersen, $285,000.

SOUTHAM LANE, 10345-Richmond American Homes to Yoon H. Kim, $938,110.

WAYLAND ST., 12024-Vaughn E. Hill to Eric A. Scheer and Julie B. Nelson, $542,000.

WINDWOOD FARMS DR., 3122-Michael B. and Karen V. Walsh to Kimberly S. and Nicholas S. Ludlum, $460,000.

Reston Area

AUTUMNWOOD DR., 1625-Joseph M. and Marcia M. Camarda to Brian F. Donovan, $790,000.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2235, No. 21C-Grant Heaslewood to Jason L. Osborn, $239,900.

CLAREMONT WOODS DR., 8357, No. C-Barry L. and Michele A. Miller to Debra F. and Douglas V. Kaspar, $175,000.

FAIRWAY DR., 11430-Mary S. Fox to Gary J. Moucha, $370,000.

GATE HILL PL., 11408-Richard H. Peterson to Forest D. Johns and Gina L. Ivey, $382,000.

GREEN WATCH WAY, 2120-Richard W. Hessdorfer to Joseph S. Ruelas, $276,000.

HUNTERS RUN DR., 2263-Eddie Pinaud to Fared and Rachel Adib, $265,000.

INDIAN RIDGE RD., 11749-Brian K. and Siri L. Compton to Lynn Hatrick, $450,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 125-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Shadnoosh Dastan, $202,803.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 132-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Rebecca A. Trachtman, $301,293.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 225-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Adonis F. and Fotini Rubinstein, $196,487.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 231-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Stephen Iannucci, $194,056.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 328-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Kamran M. and Soheila M. Tari, $185,214.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 336-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Andrea D. Harley, $357,450.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 431-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Rosa M.S. Espina, $258,246.

PINE CONE CT., 11512-Primacy Closing Corp. to Joseph H. and Cynthia M. Kister, $381,000.

SANIBEL CT., 12165-Albert G. and Mariola Chrost to Pedram Farid, $260,000.

TALIESIN PL., 12016, No. 26-Rebecca M. Fallen to Nancy Sampson, $311,000.

TOURNAMENT DR., 12800-Wendy M. Yoviene and Joseph C. Lissenden to William and Kara Dingell, $648,000.

TRAVIS EDWARD WAY, 5105, No. D-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Abbie L.M. Perez and Rizalina N. Mendiola, $259,900.

TWISTED OAK DR., 1544-Helen M. Kenna to Marcus Collier and Angela Kinsella, $345,000.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1946, No. B-Mohammad and Wazhma Nazemi Tabrizi to Douglas J. Vaughn, $240,000.

WAINWRIGHT DR., 1773-John J. Kotzuk to Erick B. Osman and Claudia G. Cutler, $290,000.

WILD HAWTHORN WAY, 1267-Carole L. Kolstad to Osama Mohamed and Abdelrahman M. Osman, $499,927.

Seven Corners Area

PEYTON RANDOLPH DR., 2906, No. 178-Freddy N. and Melva A. Terrazas to Ira O. Sullivan, $155,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3100, No. 827-Somchai Laowattana to Najat Cherradi, $243,000.

VALLEY LANE, 3104-Raymond L. and Suzanne S. Peeler to Bradley S. Parker and Marion W. Frost, $480,000.

WOODVILLE DR., 6429-Veena Bhasker and Madan L. Bhasker to Zulfiqar Ali and Abdul M. Dad, $620,000.

Springfield Area

ATTEENTEE RD., 5963-Carol P. Clark to David M. and Cathy M. Zando, $434,000.

ATTLEBORO DR., 7842-George F. and Nancy N. Bettis to William P. and Janice D. Nelson, $436,000.

CASTINE LANE, 6503-Noel A. Garcia to Yongxing and Zhiling Huang, $410,000.

GILES PL., 7217-Jennifer E. Chatfield to Jacqueline O. Cabrera, $360,000.

GREAT LAKE LANE, 8471-Angrej Singh and Jaspal Kaur to Quynh Nguyen, $355,000.

HOOES RD., 8532-Crystal Tsang and Fan S. Tsang to Liliana A. Baldeon and Daniel F. Paredes, $737,300.

MERIWETHER LANE, 6400-Elmer Horseman to Lori A. Markley and Deborah C. Horseman, $350,000.

RHONDDA DR., 7301-Walter J. and Maria T. Ghio to Badrul and Komar Khan, $337,000.

RIDGE OAK CT., 7440-Kathryn L. Norfolk to Joo H. Kim, $450,000.

ROUNDABOUT WAY, 7836-Andrew and Julie Simonson to Gary L. and Erica N. Odum, $479,500.

SLEEPY BROOK CT., 7907-Robert L. and Jamie R. Bradshaw to Bruce T. and Joyce E. Desautels, $761,000.

SLEEPY VIEW LANE, 8068-Alonso M. and Gladys V. Rivera to Kathryn M. Poynton, $315,000.

SPRING GARDEN DR., 7096-Andrew and Cecilia K. Paek to Rohina Rashid, $189,000.

WILLOWDALE CT., 8152-Kirman Bayumi to Rexford G. Booth and Mary E. Coughlin, $318,000.

Vienna Area

BELLFOREST CT., 2701, No. 402-Daniel R. and Yoko Vasquez to Jaesun Park,


BROOKSTONE LANE, 9708-Patrick W. Samson and Robert A. Scherbarth to Ali Rakei and Mona R. Zarei, $1.2 million.

CARPERS FARM WAY, 1346-Jackson Y.K. and Joycelyn M.J. Chou to Charles and Ji Lan Culmer, $815,000.

COURTHOUSE WOODS CT., 9924-Michael R. and Frances E. Saltzman to Denise M. and Hassan Massihi, $560,000.

GALLOPING WAY, 2123-Fred W. and V. Caroline Hale to Marie L.B. Williams and Lilia Banzon, $826,000.

GALLOWS TREE CT., 2048-CRG Tysons Corp. to Masood Shah, $562,323.

GUNNELL FARMS DR., 2016-Peter B. and Joanne E. Mackey to Timothy L. and Jacqueline L. Knicely, $637,550.

HICKORY CIR. SW, 117-Penny Ross to Teresa Echeverria, $415,000.

KIDWELL CT., 8021-Anoushen and Hamid Ansari to Hassan S. Judeh and Nimette T. Mourad, $675,000.

LANGHOLM PL., 2909-Margaret Ford to Tripat M. and Sawraj K. Singh, $775,000.

LAWYERS RD., 10421-James W. Yeatts to Atul and Priti A. Jain, $1 million.

MEADOW LANE SW, 607-Julia A. Bitner to Kenneth L. and Judy L. Luttrell, $470,000.

OLEANDER AVE., 9777-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Michael C. and Amy B. Baglivio, $450,000.

WOODFORD RD., 2139-Anthony V. and June A. Falcone to Van Meter Homes at Suncrest Corp., $555,000.

West Springfield Area

BAYSHIRE RD., 5925, No. 114-Andrea R. Richardson to Jose H. Melgar, Norma C. Vaca and Michael B. Teran, $307,000.

EARTHSTAR CT., 6806-Allen M. and Mary F.D. Ostrager to Jose Arregoces, $424,000.

GREEN HOLLOW CT., 6163-James W. Brown to Samuel V. Guzman, $392,000.

HUNTSMAN BLVD., 6615-Ronald A. and Allison Orlando to Yun and Ok Nan Heo, $515,000.

KENTFORD DR., 8608-Dennis M. and Celeste R. Corrigan to Donald J. and Krista B. Ripper, $451,500.

KINGSFORD RD., 5900, No. E-Ann Elizabeth Flynn to Nathaniel R. Sandell, $255,000.

PETUNIA ST., 7023-Paul C. Nguyen and Hong T. Pham to Nancy A. and Edward C. Rudolph, $575,000.

SEABRIGHT RD., 5980-William W. and Marion W. Chandler to Albert G. Allen, $425,000.

SHAMROCK CT., 8925-Carlos Padilla and Giselle Duchesne to Meng Tang and Houy K. Yang, $309,900.

TYNER ST., 6200-Colin N. and Christa J. Callahan to Damask Hansen and Stephen T. Petrick, $420,000.

WINDING HOLLOW WAY, 8850-Maryann A. Robinson to Jung Y. and Myong Y. Yoo, $410,000.