For a More Peaceful Future

I cannot speak for my husband, who is a Vietnam War veteran, or for his uncle who was killed in the Battle of the Bulge. Neither can I truly know what my cousin, a Gulf War veteran, thinks. My son in Afghanistan and my friend who recently returned from Iraq will heed their own voices. But as the mother of a son in a combat zone, the wife of a veteran and the daughter of a family shredded by inconsolable grief in an earlier conflict, I can speak.

After we have honored all that is holy in the sacrifice so many have made for our freedom, we must turn our thoughts to securing peace for future generations. If we turn our attention to bringing our energy consumption more in line with our share of the world's resources, if we develop passion for justice in the distribution of the dwindling supply of safe water, if we demand fair labor standards around the world and sustainable development while respecting the belief systems of others, we might have a chance for a more peaceful future for our children.

Otherwise, look into the faces of your children and grandchildren. If we do not seek peaceful coexistence through devout adherence to human rights and just economic means, they will not be spared.

S. Ann Robinson