The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

ACCOKEEK LANDING DR., 1215-Rhonda C. and William L. Stevenson to Chazz Banks, $470,000.

HOLLY WAY, 16812-Joseph E. and Frances D. Williams to Gulcin and Jonathan Johnson, $186,000.

KNIGHTS BRIDGE CT., 15820-Louise and Wade Lewis Jr. to Avis R. Dillard Bullock, $390,000.

MENK RD., 15821-Stacia Henderson to Robert Larouque and Alberta Edman, $162,000.

ROB ROY LANE, 18005-Dennis R. and Judith L. Hicklin to Lisa M. and Daniel D. Wilson III, $402,000.

Adelphi Area

AMHERST RD., 2210-Elias G. Flores to Gloria and Jose A. Diaz, $308,000.

EDWARDS WAY, 9200, No. 1111-Kenneth Stevenson to Ana Febus, $73,000.

EDWARDS WAY, 9200, No. 1206-Edgar G. Jacques to Marion Hailey, $173,000.

EDWARDS WAY, 9250-Donald B.W. Messenger to Michelle Woodson, $73,500.

FALLING BROOK TERR., 2705-Agisilaos A. Iliadis to John J. and Odilia Njinjoh, $425,000.

HANNON ST., 1700-Benjamin S. Selva to Housing Initiative Partnership Inc., $84,000.

LYNMONT DR., 9324-George E. Jr. and Lois B. Prince to Ana and Eloisa Cru and Jorge A. Castro, $305,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1824, No. B-4-Shaunnon Peterson to Duane C. Calhoun, $33,938.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1617-Diana Sombatcharoen to Anatoly Klimenko, $51,500.

PELDEN RD., 2013-Miguel A. and Isabel Vincencio to Alba L. and Mauricio A. Matamoros, $344,000.

QUEBEC ST., 1908-Jose and Bertila Arias to Danis M. and Maria F. Villatoro, $245,000.

RAYDALE RD., 6727-Valorie P. Tyler to James and Andrew Rozario, $265,000.

RIGGS RD., 10201-Kerry E. Flanag and John A. Franklin to Alan D. Cohen, $315,000.

RIGGS RD., 7957-Mohammed M. Yayah to Carmen E. Montoy and Rolando A. Rivera, $160,000.

TRUXTON RD., 10407-Hugo R. and Santos L. Gonzales to Maria A. Argana and Lilia N. Reyes, $294,000.

18TH AVE., 7405, No. 206-Slava Feshchenko to Lia P. Summers, $49,980.

22ND AVE., 8605-Edgar Mejia to Dinora and Miguel Argueta, $297,500.

24TH AVE., 7930-Usha R. and Jagdish L. Kataria to Maria D.L.L. Hernandez, $290,000.

Beltsville Area

ASH RD., 11711-Diane R. Lacek to Anugrahit L. and Steven Lakra, $216,000.

BEAVER DAM RD., 6835-Bryson G. and Eileen Boushell to James Herr and Benjamin Moyer, $430,500.

BELTSVILLE DR., 12089-Mary A. Folks to Gesil Regis, $223,500.

BELTSVILLE RD., 3116-Larry R. and Kolab K. Tyssens to Misael O. and Jorge A. Ulloa, $391,950.

BLAIRMORE ST., 13002-Evelyn M. and Danilo R. Cipriaso to Victor A. Palacios, $349,900.

CALVERTON BLVD., 3107-Joy K. Holness to Secure Care Services Ltd., $320,000.

CASTLELEIGH RD., 3210-Doris H. and Robert D. Timberlake to Pearl Welch, $375,000.

CAVERLY AVE., 11708-Susan J. and Delbert E. Harris to Barry W. Miller, $385,000.

CHERRY HILL CT., 3508-Mark C. Jr. and Tanya M. Mason to Lucy D. Costa and Nirmal L. Gomes, $253,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11210, No. 302-Ella M. Vaught to Debra Harvey, $140,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11226, No. 302-Tyrone D. Fillyaw to Donna Whitney, $157,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11228-Ruth D. and Jose A. Balderas to Terry L. White Sr., $152,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11326, No. 203-II-N-Ellen L. Quinlivan to Paul F. Gomez, $92,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11364, No. 202-1-S-Melisa S. Crisologo to Maria Reis, $139,000.

ELLICOTT RD., 3115-Ananthakumar C. Jothiraj to Marilyn L. Bennett, $359,000.

FRANKLIN TERR., 4407-Ruth D. Walker to Gladis Alvaren and Douglas R. Alarcon, $382,000.

LEXINGTON AVE., 4707-Brian K. Gray to Teresa D. and David Ferman, $327,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 4909-John L. and Diane M. Godbold to Leticia and Saul A. Duran, $210,000.

LOCKMAN LANE, 7525-Carrie L. Antoine to Pravina S. and Suresh T. Desai, $317,500.

ODELL RD., 5400-Ruth I. Wilson to David Simard, $150,500.

QUIMBY AVE., 4810-Liliane and Jacques Rene to Meralice Maurelus, $260,000.

STEPHANIE ST., 4605-Leonard F. and Patricia R. Johnson to Barbara I. and Reshie Ram, $340,000.

USANGE ST., 4602-Karen S. Alder to Porfirio Hernandez, $369,000.

Bladensburg Area

RED HAWK TERR., 4639-Bevolyn E. Lewis to Erica A. and Laura Swan, $145,000.

52ND ST., 4202-Catherine S. McEntee to Jesus and Rigoberto Lopez, $214,641.

55TH AVE., 4206-Samuel B. and Sonja J. Penny to Ana and Juan A. Villanueva, $205,000.

Bowie Area

ALEMBIC LANE, 2604-Hugh and Kimberly A. Schrecengost to Michelle L. and Ryan J. Cool, $460,000.

BLACKWELL LANE, 12605-Stacy M. Stalls and Gary A. Brosius to Jacqueline P. Weatherly, $285,000.

CANFIELD LANE, 12505-Gregory J. and Denise D. Polizzi to Virginia D. and Eugene W. Lerch, $336,000.

CHURCH RD., 5503-Reiko O. and Robert K. Morton to Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries of Maryland, $222,000.

EASTHAM CT., 16206-Carlton H. and Sheila Thompson to Leila H. and Afshin Abedi, $269,000.

EASTON DR., 3443-Kevin L. Ball and Amanda L. Groves to Janet M. Trevathan, $221,000.

EDMOND WAY, 3607-Joseph Englert to Geoffrey M. Smith, $275,000.

ELF STONE CT., 15902-Beca Kulinovich to Cynthia L. Johnson, $305,000.

ELLERTON RD., 3503-Amy E. Espy Smith and David A. Smith to Pamela McKenzie, $275,000.

ELLERTON RD., 3537-Arnold M. and Shelley T. Kee to Michelle L. and David G. Simon, $272,700.

FERN LANE, 12108-Carolyn R. and David J. Gallagher, trustees, to Dorothy Kenlaw, $267,900.

GWINNETT LANE, 6421-Funmilayo J. and Alex A. Adeduwon to Gregory A. Smith, $455,900.

HEMING LANE, 12645-Donna M. McCoy and Joseph Gonzalez to Andrea R. Ward, $291,549.

HOLIDAY LANE, 12720-Rosalind T. and Donald R. Dixon to Joseph Alexander, $282,000.

IDLEWILD DR., 13219-Cindy L. and David J. Parker to Joan Harrison, $335,000.

IDLEWILD DR., 13419-Edward C. Jr. and Ann E. Frevert to Mercedes I. and Jayme I. Anderson, $337,000.

IRIS CT., 13207-Eileen P. Eddy to Betty J. and Robert L. Forsee, $279,900.

KIRK LANE, 2713-Ronald M. McCallum to Keely M. Smith, $310,000.

KITMORE LANE, 2513-Cosimo Eguren to Ida M. and Kevin W. Jeffers, $281,000.

KRESSON PL., 2612-George J. and Christine Worthington to Heather D. and Richard F. Ruyter, $276,000.

LONDON LANE, 14621-Whitney J. Goss to Stacy M. Smith, $238,750.

LONGRIDGE LANE, 12110-Sharon E. Scheidahauer to Eileen M. and Bryan T. Snyder, $368,000.

MACKELL LANE, 12212-Donald E. and Gisela V. Rowe to Crystal K. and Robert L. White, $290,000.

MADELEY LANE, 12403-Jack T. and Stella G. Merkle to Janelle G. and William J. Patterson, $324,500.

MAIDEN DR., 10805-Roland L. Tirado to Jeanette Mendez and Jose F. Benitez, $350,000.

MAJESTIC LANE, 3503-Donna M. and Christopher P. Davy to Linda A. Hepler, $328,000.

MAJESTIC LANE, 3505-Herbert C. Winston and Fannie M. Will to Sandra E. and Mario Perez, $301,000.

MANVEL LANE, 12307-Ruth E. and George F. Keene to Malisa Lanell Barnes, $284,900.

MARQUETTE LANE, 13009-Daniel J. and Kristina Sprietzer to Hasan and Azra Lugonjic, $185,000.

MARTHAS CHOICE CIR., 13122-Gary S. and Cynthia A. Howard to Huda and Sharief Hashim, $390,000.

MILAN WAY, 12702-William E. and Arlene R. Rosch to Yvette and Marvin J. King, $329,000.

MILL BRANCH RD., 2408-Diane R. Poskitt to Heather L. and Rodney C. Blake, $535,000.

MONT CLARE LANE, 3315-Louis H. III and Felacita King to Caryl and Brian Banks, $180,000.

MORNINGSIDE LANE, 3612-Janeel A. Ramsey to Jeremy P. Sienkiewicz, $176,000.

NORTHCOTE LANE, 15001-Andrew Cho to Joy M. Aguda, $310,000.

NORTHWICK PL., 3600-Valorie A. and Peter T. Burr to Sherman E. James Jr., $307,000.

OVERBROOK LANE, 13206-Brian C. and Leah E. Monk to Andre V. Bearstop and Reena Masih, $331,000.

PACIFIC CT., 15808-Erin M. and Timothy J. Spahr to Christopher Williams, $299,900.

PARKLAWN PL., 16118-Lane L. Ford to Ramon McKoy, $283,000.

PECAN LANE, 2206-James C. Blue and Millie M. Strug to Trina D. and Christopher R. Payne, $300,000.

PENN PL., 2310-Leslie C. Poza and Larry O. Milstead to Michelle W. Brewster, $299,500.

PENNYPACKER LANE, 1300-Marci and Peter F. Kolitsch to Jennifer R. Thran, $300,000.

PITTLAND LANE, 2403-Lavonne M. and Stephen J. Heetland to Lawrence A. Russell IV, $247,000.

PLEASANT HILL CT., 16401-Cornelius Lacour Jr. to Dawn S. Singleton, $275,000.

POINTER RIDGE DR., 15760-Jamie L. and David W. McClelland to Christine A. and Mark H. Evans, $268,000.

POPLAR VIEW DR., 12415-Henry T. III and M. Lynn Clark to Thin and Hong Pham, $355,000.

PRINCESS ANNE CT., 2115-Abisoye Akinsanya to Kay Williams, $200,000.

QUEEN ANNE BRIDGE RD., 17100-Horace M. Lowman Jr. to Robert A. Wadden, $425,000.

RAMSGATE LANE, 4711-James R. and Colleen M. Ferguson to Sheri L. and Dennis L. Swaim, $299,900.

RIDGELINE TERR., 4723, No. 296-Sharleen S. and Alvin L. Martin to Patricia A. Jenkins, $237,000.

SILVERBROOK WAY, 4804-Michael Martin to Phyillis A. and William R. Mickens, $470,000.

STONYBROOK DR., 3005-Allen R. Bernstein to Stacy C. and Thomas Allotta, $215,000.

SUTTON LANE, 12109-Francine E. Jefferson to Shellie N. Blakeney, $285,000.

TULIP GROVE DR., 12008-Paul E. and Patricia L. Fenton to Andreanna and Quentin Welch, $307,500.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 14104-Krystal L. and Todd P. Beer to Robert P. Weber, $384,000.

WEBB CT., 11906-Richard A. and Oluyinica Williams to Faouzia and Moussa Abbo, $400,000.

WOODMORE RD., 12400-Evelyn E. and Robert P. Phibbons Jr. to Khalid F. Gross, $350,000.

Brandywine Area

LUSBYS LANE, 11905-Betty J. and Harold M. Ludwig to George C. Stephens, $245,000.

REDWOOD DR. W., 11844-Jeffrey K. and Rita A. Mayne to Shirley and Harry G. Lisenby, $285,000.

SPRINGFIELD RD. S., 13800-Darlene M. Goggins to Paul E. Ford, $249,900.

WHEATLAND WAY, 12805-Judith E. and Dana A. Frazier to Victoria A. Williams, $314,900.

WHEATLAND WAY, 12902-Mildred G. Frye and Shelley R. Fry to Cora Mackey, $259,000.

Brentwood Area

40TH PL., 3718-Crystal Grot and Susan J. Swartwood to Tanisha Jackson, $150,500.

40TH PL., 4326-Alan L. Madison to Marvin G. Hernandez, $164,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ABEL AVE., 425-Bettie J. Tate to Robert L. Blackwell, $119,000.

BOOKER DR., 1106-Linnell D. Handon to Annetta Taylor, $152,700.

BOOKER DR., 805-Nola B. and Amos I. Roy to Jacqueline D. Robinson, $155,000.

BROOKSQUARE DR., 1630-Cynthia L. Sinclair to Anthony and Latreece Humphries, $148,000.

CALDER DR., 7429-Linda T. Grier to Linda D. Patterson, $160,000.

CAPITOL HEIGHTS BLVD., 526-Aderonke Ibirogba to Gloria Tucker and Rashika O'Brien, $170,000.

CLOVIS AVE., 922-Sharon and Jerold Hahn to Tanya L. Corley, $191,000.

DRUM AVE., 525-Blue Leo Inc. to Samuel K. Adofo, $52,500.

DUNBAR OAKS DR., 1212-Mary L. Norris to Michael Oputa, $100,000.

FLORES ST., 908-Betty N. Alsobrooks to Barbara J. Doswell, $185,000.

KAREN BLVD., 1064-Sherrie B. and Barry N. Green to Larry J. Haley, $106,397.

OPUS AVE., 722-Nse B. Obong to Mirna Baires, $172,000.

PACIFIC AVE., 1423-Anna M. Bailey to M. Ituruciu Mutuiri, $131,100.

POSSUM CT., 468-Frankie R. Lynch to John K. Daniels, $100,000.

PRESCOT CT., 5635-Towanda M. Payton to Marcia B. Jones, $175,000.

QUIRE AVE., 43-Discell W. Charlton Jr. to Lisa Horne, $156,500.

SEAT PLEASANT DR., 6409-Mohammad N. Moghkaddam to Melinda Simms, $124,000.

SHADY GLEN DR., 204-Emily B. Garner to New Mount Nebo Baptist Church of Capitol Heights Inc., $163,000.

SHADY GLEN DR., 308-Towanna Taylor to Keeya Walker, $150,000.

SOUTHERN AVE., 4321-Rachel C. and Lee R. Pressley to Ramon M. Hernandez, $145,000.

TUNIC AVE., 108-Leroy Anderson to Faith Ford, $162,000.

62ND PL., 606-Kenneth and Tanya Kelley to Donna M. and Archie L. Robinson Sr., $250,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

CHEVERLY AVE., 3102-Michael J. and Anne M. Callender to Wendy Forbes and Samuel Axelrod, $299,000.

CHEVERLY HILLS CT., 3215-Marvia S. Mohan Vassell to William Eaton, $285,000.

COLUMBIA PL., 2315-Paul L. Moss to La Taunya Cannon, $119,000.

CONGRESS PL., 8958-Evelyn D. Jackson to Vanessa A. Newman, $170,000.

CRESTLAWN AVE., 2309-Marjean A. and Myrtle L. Ellis to Sheku A. and George E.N. Alieu, $230,000.

FINCH CT., 8102-Cassandra and George W. Lee to Dennis S. Williams, $283,000.

FOREST RD., 6440-Clyde J. and Doris M. Hilliard to Monica L. and Manoug J. Yenovkian, $385,000.

GREENLEAF RD., 7518-Lloyd C. Henry to Tammy McLlwain, $125,000.

HAWTHORNE ST., 7505-Artis L. Falls to Brence Taylor Burke, $128,870.

HUNT AVE., 1523-Mary L. and Stacey L. Jackson to Terry L. Hill and Angela W. Pearson, $195,000.

KILMER ST. E., 7006-Roscoe W. Tippett Jr. to Roy Daniels, $76,000.

LOMBARD ST., 6203-Lesley Parris and Steven D. Brown to Kim R. Blair, $230,000.

NORMANDY RD., 7612-Delores E. and Alvin A. Catlett to Kenneth R. Grier, $117,000.

NORMANDY RD., 7730-Robert Blumenkrantz to Thomasine C. and Jamal D. Carroll, $134,950.

OAK FOREST CT., 6502-Felicia E. and Randy M. Bell to Laverne C. Brown, $350,000.

OSBORN RD., 6212-Dorothy V. and William G. Lindsay to Michael Cordone, $66,600.

OTIS ST., 6117-Christabell M. Mann to Lucas Argueta, $121,000.

STONEY RIDGE RD., 9420-Moeun Bophan and Robert S. Koy to Gladys Joseph, $360,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1814, No. D-103-Mercy Sowho to Aaron and Gloria Harding, $100,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1827, No. X-139-Janice K. Greene to Anthony Ejiogu, $99,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1830, No. D-111-Dupe Olatunde to Emelda S. Angu, $92,000.

Clinton Area

BOLERO CT., 8809-Merdesphine C. and Elton Jordan Jr. to Gregory B. Cutler, $240,000.

BRANCHWOOD TERR., 7329-Diane L. and Gregory Johnson to Arneitha A. Reed, $135,000.

BRIARCLIFF DR., 6704-Linda M. and James J. Mason to Sherman S. Roberts, $222,500.

BUCKLER RD., 6105-Jermaine A. Sr. and Roseta L. Hall to Kkenya Montalvan and Abel Valdez, $205,000.

COSCA PARK DR., 11609-George W. and Wanda L. Carrington to Sharon and Ronalda Brantley, $210,000.

DARLENE DR., 5810-Gregory K. Scott Jr. to Azadouhie H. Balian, $230,500.

GLYNIS RD., 12808-Veronica M. Brooks to Joyce O. and Edwin B. Treadwell, $252,000.

GREEN ST., 7802-Melvin R. and Juanita Inman to Tisa B. and Curtis F. Harris, $284,500.

GROVETON DR., 7019-George E. and Doris W. Heath to Adrian E. and Valerie B. Jordan, $293,000.

HUCKLEBERRY CT., 7215-Nacole B. and Lamont A. Hinton to Danny Young, $205,000.

JULIETTE DR., 9501-Haren M. Mistry to Renee M. Littles, $285,000.

KILLARNEY ST., 6803-Rafael and Elvia Zambrano to Manuel Payan and Corina E. Paz, $260,000.

LAREN LANE, 10503-Ighovie and Inie Onojafe to John R. and Gloria Dunbar, $240,000.

OURSLER PARK DR., 10406-Emmanuel and Karen A. Njoku to Chantell and Omar Mack, $365,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 7806-Marie and Wayne W. Stallings to Percy M. Reeder Sr., $195,000.

RIDGE DR., 10605-Gordon L. and Mary C. Tucker to Margaret M. Kamb and Saverio O. Olango, $240,000.

RIGA ST., 5307-Jestena Lumpkins to Carolyn E. Thompson, $161,907.

SALIMA ST., 5307-Leroy Peters and Rochelle A. Turner to Deborah M. Green, $245,000.

SAN JUAN DR., 5700-Gerhard Felgenhauer to Mary and Nathaniel Green, $285,000.

SCHULTZ RD., 8308-William B. Thomas to Shannon L. Stafford, $248,000.

THRIFT RD., 10700-Ohmer A. Jr. and Theresa Bowles to Carrie L. and Keith M. Martinez, $360,000.

College Park Area

CUNNINGHAM DR., 8825-Richard L. Novak and Patricia J. Ebe to Janice E. and George E. Tanner, $180,000.

LACKAWANNA ST., 4714-Mary E. and James K. Havelka to Deborah A. Jacobs, $283,000.

LIMESTONE PL., 9244-Alphina S. and Lyle W. Monson to Barrett Penan, $340,000.

MINEOLA RD., 5010-Christopher J. and Bryan F. Doerrer to Mary G. Irby, $226,100.

NEVADA ST., 5703-Michelle Waugh to Julia N. and Thomas I. Ruffini, $317,650.

PADUCAH RD., 5101-George T. and Shirley K. Jones to Lourdes Chavez and Octavio Perez, $287,900.

SEMINOLE ST., 5805-Lallianzuali H. Malsawma to Cecilia Pineda Sorto, $292,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6036-Gregory J. Walling to Steven S. Cohen, $130,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6038, No. 302-Lisa C. and Andrew N. Miller to Vickery Brewer, $130,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. 408-Reinal Caspari to Shailendra Malhotra, $85,000.

51ST AVE., 8103-Derwin A. Clemons to Gabrielle Clemons, $190,000.

District Heights Area

ADDISON RD. S., 1709-Victoria L. Smith to Argwings C. Orimba, $102,000.

ALBERTA DR., 1429-Irene S. and Leslie Nyblod to James S. Jones, $130,000.

CEDAR POST DR., 6202-Habiba N. and Keith L. Lomax to Lawanda Jackson, $197,000.

CHARRED WOOD CT., 2911-Lorenda M. Hood to Monique Canty, $195,000.

CHARRED WOOD CT., 2943-Jimmie L. and Joyce A. Rilley to Kim R. and Gilbert C. Shaw III, $198,000.

CROSS ST., 7269-Greater Suburban Properties Inc. to Deborah and Carlene Assing, $160,000.

DISTRICT HEIGHTS PKWY., 6200-Tracey L. and David E. Holmes to Tchotcho M. Pinckney, $267,000.

DISTRICT HEIGHTS PKWY., 6205-Mary A. Simmons to Glendorie and Roger A. Mitchell, $230,000.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 7001-Derrick Newman to Kimberly M. and Alberta Ellis, $199,900.

HIL-MAR CIR. E., 6223-Kisha N. Sewell to Derrick K. Parks, $167,000.

JO ANN CT., 6702-Jose R. Rodri and Javier M. Szuchman to Christine Y. Johnson, $159,900.

MILLTOWN CT., 6712-Betsy R. and Jesse L. Marks III to Brenda A. Savory, $140,000.

NASSAU ST., 5911-Antoinette Smith to Patricia A. Vinson, $200,000.

PHELPS PL., 8109-Brandy Williams to Elton Richards and Megan Guy, $189,000.

PINECREEK PL., 2701-Thomas A. III and Lauren R. Ford to Dana N. and Paul E. Saddler, $193,000.

PRINCE RAINIER PL., 3257-Patricia A. Jenkins to Demarco Clark, $206,000.

QUILL POINT DR., 7819-Michelle L. Wall to Manie E. Briscoe, $310,000.

VICEROY AVE., 2911-Joseph I. and Doris A. Burgess to Lawrence Willia and Marnethia Nelson, $215,000.

Fort Washington Area

ALLENTOWN RD., 7620-Frances D. and Ronald L. Allen to Kim Padilla, $171,665.

AMER DR., 939-William M. and Linda K. Toney to Linda E. and Willie L. Falcon, $499,000.

ARAGONA BLVD., 1404-Erlinda Porciuncula trust to Markci D. Metcalf, $449,900.

BEVERLY CT., 301-James R. Sr. and Selena M. Grady to Gloria N. and Claude G. Murrell, $225,000.

BIRDSONG DR., 8010-Noveda and Shirley Davis to George E. Jr. and Shirley G.R. Artis, $305,000.

DORIS DR., 9309-Betty L. and Cornelio T. Duarte to Downell P. Foxx, $140,000.

EAGLEWING LANE, 6517-Jamarne L. and Wylecia Z. Jackson to Jose B. Serrano, $280,000.

GABLE LANE, 12603-Darryl M. and Georgeanna M. Nixon to Minnie and Tonya L. Williams, $235,000.

GOSPORT CT., 2909-Katherine Cornett to Katrina A. and Louis C. Proctor Jr., $205,000.

JOMAR DR., 1504-Sharita L. Simmons to Encarnacion Ventura, $265,000.

LARKHALL CIR., 13103-Thomas D. Barnhardt to Derrick Newman, $388,000.

OAKDALE ST., 8709-Vanessa and Brentnol A. Hamlet to J.M. Gebhardt, $203,500.

POWDER HORN DR., 2112-Shirley S. and Allan A. Avelino to Andrew Marshall, $265,000.

SOUTHFIELD RD., 6705-Keith C. and Shawn Williams to Gordon Hall and April L. Andrade, $235,000.

VERNON DR., 8009-Beltway Properties Inc. to Stephanie H. Fitzpatrick, $240,000.

WOOD HOLLOW TERR., 7316-Elsie and Henry M. Powell to Roxane Slater, $148,990.

Glenn Dale Area

GUINEVERE RD., 12211-Maurice A. and Elsie L.M. Johnson to Martha G. Edens and Walter Schmidt, $371,750.

HILAND AVE., 3223-Karen A. and Laurence R. Dusold to Beatrice Addai, $299,900.

RANSOM DR., 12418-Adeboda Tbirogba to Andrew E. Aja, $410,000.

SPRINGFIELD RD., 8491-Harry W. and Willene Stancliff to Gloria J. and Howarth E. Bouis, $255,000.

Greenbelt Area

FRANKFORT DR., 7316-Luan Duc and Quy Nguyen to Bob S. George and Pushpa Cheriyan, $276,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8413-Alex Mendoza to Gladys D. and Walter E. Saenz, $127,500.

GREENBELT RD., 8415-Julia M. Healey to Mohammad Ashfaq, $109,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8663-Sumiko F. Hossain to Roxanne R. and Olanrewaju A. Alabi, $128,000.

GREENBURY DR., 7905-Chang F. and Yue Y. Lin Chen to Quynh N. and Nhat Q. Do, $434,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7720-Pennie E. Stephenson to Beverly A. Mosso, $125,900.

KARA CT., 7902-Valeria W. James, trustee, to Marla C. Sheppard, $425,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 6512-Rodney J. Wiesinger to Mary and Todd Fisher, $207,500.

Hyattsville Area

BUCHANAN ST., 4518-Harold F. and Donna J. Jones to Agustin C. and Francisca D. Santos, $147,500.

BURLINGTON RD., 4613-Thomas J. and Noralee L. Slezak to William Murrell and Anthony Adragns, $145,000.

CARROLLTON TERR., 6206-Theresa A. Santilli to Valerie Schrock, $324,900.

EMERSON ST., 4511-Nasser Lahijan to Justicio Alcantara, $168,000.

HAMILTON ST., 5504-Gloria C. and Velton A. Gregory to Edis Y. Benitez and Miguel L. Flores, $230,000.

55TH AVE., 5031-Maria E. Palma to Maria A. Cuellar, $252,000.

Langley Park Area

NAVAHOE DR., 8345-Joseph K. and Barbara S. Rhule to Maria L. Sanchez and Jose D. Majano, $255,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 9201-Sang D. Tran to Hue and Khanh H.D. Lai, $80,000.

Lanham Area

BRIGHTLEA DR., 6312-Catherine G. and Michael R. Munoz to Donna D. Thompson, $190,000.

DAWNWOOD CT., 7907-Nellie A. and Richard W. Jones Sr. to Paula Frank, $300,000.

ELBROOK RD., 6904-Carole L. and Carl L. Dimuzio to Joseph H. Edwards, $307,000.

GLENARDEN PKWY., 8700-Constance A. Poole to Anita Agyeman Berko, $220,000.

LANHAM SEVERN RD., 9524-Vera Osborne Bullock to Tanya Y. Thompson, $189,900.

LONGRIDGE DR., 6722-Jerome I. and Iris O. Furman to Aldegunda E. and Jose E. Castillo, $285,000.

OLIVER ST., 7219-Valerie A. McCray to Luz D. Abreu, $235,000.

ROXANNE DR., 9207-Fred D. and Connie B. Stanback to Janie Perkins and April Gooding, $249,900.

SANTA CRUZ ST., 9911-Elisabeth R. Daguio to Gordon Velasco, $195,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 9304-Anne Roman to Hector A. Pacheco, $230,000.

TREXLER RD., 6820-Yoshie H. Hoppenjans, trustee, to Vanita Murray, $299,900.

WOODBURN CT., 8902-Fereidoun and Taraneh S. Samadani to Maria C. and Aldrin J. Jaranilla, $300,500.

WOODSTREAM CIR., 6804-Robert T. Badila to Adunni S. Ojo, $231,000.

WOODSTREAM TURN, 6912-Malissa R. Newman to Franklin Z. Njieugoue, $256,000.

THIRD ST., 6830-Eun O. and Dal S. Kim to Maureen Gaffney, $316,000.

FOURTH ST., 9108-Linda Sloan to Daniela S. Fazol and Robert B. Shoe, $305,000.

Largo Area

AVIS DR., 620-Kia Nickens and Diarra Hall to Rhonda Wimbish, $247,000.

BERRYWOOD LANE, 2805-Nicole Spencer to Angela R. Hargrove, $272,000.

BIRDIE LANE, 10302-Jerry M. and Christine Head to Ekundayo and Olujide Akinola, $359,999.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10104-William D. Frazier to Naomie Polistin, $115,000.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10114, No. 302-8C-Thomas M. Tolliver to Anthony I. Patterson, $74,000.

CAROL ANN CT., 11707-Archie L. and Phyllis M. Smith to Genevieve W. and John H. Jones, $435,000.

CASTLETON WAY, 10709-Nanatu Kargbo Scott to Almira and Leslie Wilson, $210,000.

CASTLEWOOD DR., 805-Diane M. and Roy D. White to Sergio A. Alvarado, $261,000.

CRANAPPLE CT., 9814-Denise O. Carter to Roger S. Moore Jr., $270,000.

DUNLORING CT., 939-Anissa and Tyrone L. Alford to Adelaide Barra, $230,000.

VERMELL PL., 9505-Leatha L. White to Stacy R. Barley, $280,000.

VERMELL PL., 9511-Mark S. France to Solange A. and Mark Wilson, $275,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY CT., 7665, No. 235-Latarsha Malone to Allison M. Judd, $165,000.

ARBORY WAY, 15300-Juliette Ross to Tamara and Robert H. Wood, $135,000.

ASHFORD CT., 14827-Kevin Jones to Boakye A. Kubi, $251,500.

BELLE AMI DR., 14820-Donna D. Jordan to Felix Y. Amon and Hager Yeboah, $235,000.

BONNETT LANE, 14325-Yvonne C. Tate and Bruce B. Perry Jr. to Emilienne Sindjui, $254,900.

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14302, No. 411-Carmen N. White to Barbara Britton, $176,000.

CARISSA LANE, 7806-Andrea D. Burns to Vikram S. and Vijay B. Kushawaha, $223,500.

CHERRYWOOD DR., 15029-Catherine P. and Harvey S. Nussbaum to Theodora Saunders, $199,000.

DORSET RD., 15704-Linda L. Lang to Robert L. Mitchell, $104,000.

DORSET RD., 15710, No. 202-Marina and Nelson A. Cruz to Marjorie R. Spence, $137,000.

DORSET RD., 15712-Rose Stephenson to Heather M. Spears, $127,000.

DOVER CT., 14319-Pamela C. Nwosu to Sophia Beckford, $252,000.

GALES ST., 16302-Antonia T. and Jean R. Aristide to Erik A. Hernandez, $332,500.

LAUREL AVE., 331-Carol L. Eddins to Emily and Carlos Gamundi, $245,000.

LAUREL OAKS LANE, 15022-Theresa A. and Duane T. Wright to Jennifer L. Mongold, $179,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 409-Gary F. Janoske to Farwa A. Sayed, $132,000.

SOUTH SHORE CT., 14313-Mobin M. Khan to Clement Forsah, $190,000.

VISTA DR., 14013-Louis A. Philizaire to Carla D. and Atalia S. Young, $175,000.

WILLIAM ST., 14112-F-Carletta C. Walker to Billy Williams Jr., $139,500.

NINTH ST., 510-Russell Meehan to Karen A. Rattiner, $235,000.

Montpelier Area

APACHE TEARS CIR., 12119-Christian R. and Amy J. Jensen to Ella L. and Wayne E. Wood, $292,000.

BASSWOOD DR., 11802-Cristobal A. and Christina Asencios to Patrice A. and James D. Davis, $360,000.

BASSWOOD TERR., 11206-James D. and Sabrina Johnson to Carla C. and Bryon A. Cannon, $285,000.

CARLAND PL., 12503-Andres L. Marius to Isha Kallay and Idrissa Tarawally, $327,000.

CHERRY LANE, 9268, No. 59-Juliet B. Drew to Velma C. Arends, $178,000.

CLAXTON DR., 12707-Diane E. Kretschmer to Elizabeth N. Porter, $290,000.

HERMOSA DR., 11408-Carmen D. Pickens to Lumina S. Robbs, $285,000.

PALMER PL., 9331-Mark A. Shevland to Yannong Feng and Eddie Mei, $222,000.

Mount Rainier Area

29TH ST., 4116-Jettie and Robert A. Fox to D.C. Assets Inc., $210,000.

30TH ST., 4303-Kathy D. and Jack L. Seek to Matthew C. Van De Moortel, $186,000.

New Carrollton Area

CARROLLTON PKWY., 8404-Kirk Pierce to Chester and Gale Scoggins, $265,000.

DECATUR ST., 7104-Earl Newkirk and Veronica Allen to Atlantic Investment Corp., $117,500.

GARRISON RD., 7728-Adrian Esparza to Juan H. Lopez, $165,000.

GREENVALE PKWY., 6950-Compassion Realty Services Corp. to Sandra E. and Jose E. Olivares, $255,000.

HANSON OAKS DR., 4056-Cynthia B. Key to Sharonne Williams, $170,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5507, No. 1026-Andrew B. Stephenson to Mohammad A. Ashfaq, $77,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5532, No. 1729-Vicki L. Hux to Nakia Strozier, $76,000.

LAMONT PL., 6501-Joseph Asiama to Oscar A. Chavez, $275,000.

NICHOLSON ST., 8503-Joyce L. and Jesse A. Thomas Jr. to Celine Ugorji, $275,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 8503-Margaret A. and Edward J. Stoner Jr. to Isidro Romero Cruz, $275,000.

POWHATAN ST., 8116-Adrian and Evelyn A. Avant to Allison T. and Antonio M. King, $276,000.

QUINCY ST., 6913-Alexander E. and Elizabeth N. Currin to Carlos N. and Juan N. Balbuena, $225,000.

RICHLEY CT., 4114-Isatu Bangura to Beverley H. Ayotunde, $287,900.

RIVERDALE RD., 7507, No. 2064-Jerome J. Jones to Gloria and Aaron Harding, $92,500.

VICAR ST., 7702-Marianne Eastep to Shene M. Magee, $263,000.

WARNER AVE., 3704-Richard E. Herrman, trustee, to Moises Romano, $246,500.

WARNER AVE., 3908-Jacqueline C. and Ray M. Brewer to Ajara O. Coker, $140,500.

WESTBROOK DR., 6102-Nellie G. Harr to Katina Burrows and Sandra Thomas, $285,000.

WOODLAWN DR., 4828-Stewart and Karen Workeman to Sonia M.D. and Luis F. Parada, $267,000.

72ND AVE., 4109-Wendy and Steven Keesler to Jose F. Marchante, $210,000.

72ND AVE., 5125-Terri E. Little to Maria and Jose Bonilla, $250,000.

73RD AVE., 4412-Fausat Fagbemi to Olukayode Falana, $230,000.

Oxon Hill Area

DEVONSHIRE DR., 1104-Jimmy R. Moye to Victor Cruz, $148,500.

DUNWOODY AVE., 1404-Christopher D. Yeates to Rene R. Chevez, $227,000.

HAMPTON DR., 615-Terry E. Good to Fresh Start Solutions Corp., $119,678.

HELMONT PL., 5607-Jesse J. and Harriet A. Redmon to Rene G. Lopez and Carlos A. Gonzalez, $220,000.

IVERSON ST., 1806-Steven L. Brown Sr. to Kisha S. Webb and Leslie H. Bailey Jr., $214,500.

LEYTE DR., 6914-Nicholas Dichiacchio to Eduardo C. Membreno, $143,000.

MAURY AVE., 615-Carla R. Carter to Carlita Y. and Ronald S. Wooten, $115,000.

TERRELL AVE., 6007-Christine M. Brown to Darnley R. Hodge Jr., $200,000.

WHEELER RD., 4808-Melissa A. and Gerald L. Powell to Millard Pointer, $235,000.

Riverdale Area

AUBURN AVE., 6708-Margaret A. Wheeler Harrod to Karen C. Sorto Andrade, $299,999.

POWHATAN ST., 6608-Roger Marcus to David L. and Eliorah H. Gomez, $157,000.

SOMERSET RD., 5005-James V. and Ella I. Wheeler to Jacquelyn M. Gray, $199,000.

58TH AVE., 6303-Bonnie L. Baker to Janice M. Martin, $216,000.

61ST AVE., 6301-John W. and Sherri L. Williams to Frida D. Ignacio and Sergio H. Flores, $215,000.

61ST PL., 6229-Jeanette and Thomas E. Decatur to Emma C. Torres, $230,000.

63RD AVE., 5814-Wilford F. Saul to Maria Arbaiza and Jose A. Caballero, $175,000.

64TH AVE., 5810-Santos A. Rivera to Ruth I. and Victor H. Pacheco, $222,000.

Suitland Area

DUPONT AVE., 2013-Willie J. and Beverly R. Shepard to Andre V. Sr. and Annette Shepard, $188,000.

MORGAN RD., 4607-DLS Profit Sharing Trust to Frances B. Brooks, $197,000.

NAVY DAY DR., 3427-Esther L. Carey to Mirna G. and Victor Arriaza, $185,000.

ST. BARNABAS RD., 3863, No. T-4-Colease P. Dixon to Janettie M. White, $77,000.

SWANN RD., 3805, No. 104-Reginald Johnson to Mona L. and Wayne A. Pinkney, $51,000.

SYCAMORE LANE, 3217-Donna Scott to Esperanza and Herbert Castro, $158,000.

WESSON DR., 6018-Carolyn B. and Damon T. Adams to Valerie A. Osborne, $250,000.

WYNGATE RD., 2306-Renee Y. Howell to Tamara D. Harrell, $160,000.

Takoma Park Area

15TH AVE., 7305-Sarah and Galen Scott to Julie A. and Casey J. Brennan, $230,000.

Temple Hills Area

AKRON ST., 4569-Georgianna C. Evans to Derek Sutton, $150,000.

ANVIL LANE, 2380-Darlene Y. Boykins to Joe C.L. Smith, $165,000.

BEACHCRAFT CT., 4005-Oxon Hill Church of Christ to Isabelle C. and Floyd M. Williamson, $175,000.

BEECHWOOD DR., 6518-Brenda M. Washington to Hassan Brown, $155,500.

BEECHWOOD DR., 6530-Lisa D. Venson to Brenda S. and Walter Enoch, $155,000.

BRINKLEY RD., 3130, No. 201-William L. Moseley to Lawrence McNair, $69,500.

BRINKLEY RD., 3140, No. 101-Harry Roupas to Margie F. Canty, $53,900.

BRINKLEY STATION DR., 3142-Harry English to Phillip C. Lionel, $177,500.

CANTERBURY WAY, 3908-Abel Ortunio Jr. to Alexander Williams Sr., $215,000.

CHADWICK TERR., 2025-Amentha Burruss to Stephanie Hines, $154,000.

CLARIDGE RD., 6305-George J. and Barbara J. Glass to Anthony D. and Lareina M. Parker, $250,000.

COOLRIDGE RD., 6806-Doris M. and William B. Waldecker, trustees, to Veronica O. Dolsey, $335,000.

DALLAS DR., 3220-Diane L. and Percy L. Hearn to Jamaal Wright, $153,500.

DAWN LANE, 2205-Ivan Thompson to Raymond Wright, $148,000.

DEER PARK DR., 4600-Carolyn M. and Brian L. Olidge to Emanuel Lee, $85,000.

DUNLAP ST., 3728-Sheila D. Carpenter Chavis to Jeffrey G. Johnson, $165,000.

GENEVA LANE, 6808-Eleanora V. Cherry to Terry L. Townsend, $340,000.

HOLTON LANE, 5705-Jennifer M. and Michael J. Thalmann to Brian Williamson, $220,000.

HOPE DR., 6011-Larry Dyson to Kimberly Kenner, $302,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3301, No. C-1-Sandra J. Mont to Delores A. Cunningham, $106,500.

IVERSON ST., 2003-Mary Garner Corp. to Nellie Cathcart, $200,000.

JAMESON ST., 2313-Doris M. and Frances F. Johnson to Andrew L. Robinson Jr., $151,500.

JOYCE DR., 6007-Carolyn Booth to Chante Shaw, $240,000.

KEPPLER RD., 5324-Marion A. Nunley to Stalin J. and Ruth E. Bryant, $275,000.

KIRBY DR., 2327-Rosa E. Gidderon to Bobbie L. Jefferson Jr., $158,000.

LUDLOW DR., 5116-Lagette H. Reeder to Jerome Logan and Porsha Ludd, $249,500.

ORME DR., 3410-Liberatore Stenson to Carrington B. Sandidge, $282,000.

PORTAL AVE., 3713-Willie and Jacqueline E. Streater to Leon Dunbar Jr. and Lashawn Rhoades, $225,000.

RANGER AVE., 4325-David Simard to Maureen and Victor Wyse, $276,000.

ROBINIA RD., 6716-Betty L. and George W. America Jr. to Christopher D. Hardy, $315,000.

SHELDON AVE., 4305-Randolph C. and Linda D. Johnson to Percy L. and Diane L. Hearn, $270,000.

SIMMONS LANE, 4500-Joann Davis to Dianne D. Calhoun, $235,000.

TEMPLE HILL RD., 6608-Ernest C. and Margaret M. Bobbitt to Catherine and Adama Sidibe, $245,500.

TIPTON DR., 6002-Cecelia and Esther Smith to Selima W. Nelson, $239,900.

23RD PKWY., 4226-Brenda A. Kelly to Carole M. Polland, $235,000.

27TH AVE., 3335-Ruth I. and Lowell Dunlap, trustees, to Dwight P. McBride, $135,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

ADELPHI RD., 6709-Matilde L. Orel and Nery Garcia to Alfonso Tamayo, $360,000.

AGER RD., 6200-Barbara J.S. Page to Jose C. Andrade, $285,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 2006-Yolanda V. Smith to Medardo and Blanca Martinez, $275,000.

JAMESTOWN RD., 2803-Thelma L. Tucker to Ana M. Zavala, $220,000.

LANCER DR., 3406-Angela D. Brooks to Albert Maldonado, $240,000.

LASALLE RD., 4923-Betty L. Crawford to Maria C. Bonilla, $335,000.

SARGENT RD., 5903-Gladis E. and Ricardo A. Velasquez to Porfirio M. Melgar, $290,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

AQUINAS AVE., 7109-Andre G. Satterwhite to Hazel Briggs and George Lassiter, $235,000.

ASHFORD DR., 5004-Lee J. and Deborah S. Rudolph to Varney and Beatrice Perry, $364,900.

BARRINGTON LANE, 13906-Monique Proctor to Kim M. Williams, $170,000.

BROOKWOOD AVE., 10912-Robert L. and Jane B. Gough to Tandra and Asim Calloway, $305,000.

CAPTAIN COVINGTON PL., 4605-Samuel Toler to Kenya D. Grooms, $241,300.

CHESTERTON DR., 12312, No. 56-Leigh A. Greene to Robert L. Cathey Jr., $176,000.

CLAIRFIELD LANE, 17204-Joan A. and Samuel C. Oladipo to Sheri Fakoya, $280,000.

FAIRHAVEN AVE., 9207-Patricia S. and Thomas P. McManus to Victor A. Scurry, $224,900.

FAIRWAY VIEW LANE, 17019-Josephine and Maurice Lee to Jeffrey D. Davis, $176,000.

HUMMINGBIRD LANE, 9910-Brenda A. Leach to Jesslyn M. and George A. Bullock, $239,950.

JOYCETON DR., 10650-La'Vern D. Wiley to Olufemi Padonu, $231,000.

JOYCETON WAY, 68-Martin L. Caldwell to Shawn Johns Shelton, $215,000.

LOCRIS CT., 7805-Stephen J. and Beverly J. Balanda to Pernell and Sparky Blaine, $266,400.

LORD DUNBORE PL., 13486-Adam R. Patton to Lance Telford, $114,000.

LORD STERLING PL., 13520-John A. Szalasny to Latrina S. Goosby, $123,500.

MANCHESTER RD., 13912-Joshua T. and Laverne Nwaokeocha to Marvis C. Newton, $239,000.

MELWOOD RD., 3404-Kevin L. Tucker to Alfred H. Smith Jr., $370,000.

MONARCH CT., 12611-Francell H. Flood Jr. to Jennifer Low and Olugbenga Adebo, $237,000.

MOUNT AIRY LANE, 5210-Renee Multari to Janet C. Queen, $195,000.

MOUNT LUBENTIA CT., 534-Patricia Hubbard to Lynette Bishop, $207,000.

NORTHWOOD DR., 12113-Lashawn and Bernard O. Woodward to Sharen M. Jacobs, $288,400.

OLD MARLBORO PIKE, 13403-Sandra H. and James A. Warren to Mario A. Rose, $168,000.

RIPON PL., 13116-Felicia E. Pearce to Amber F. Berrian, $206,000.

ROCKDALE LANE, 4500-Carl E. and Tamita R. Watkins to Abigail A. and Wallace Mensah, $418,000.

ROSARYVILLE RD., 9907-Terry W. and Barbara A. Kreft to Christine F. and Larry B. Mitchell, $140,000.

SOUTHALL DR., 10806-Willette C. and Otis B. Thornes to Charles D. Williams, $171,500.

TOURS DR., 7315-Kelly K. and Jorge Salvador to Irvin Tull, $215,000.

VILLAGE DR. W., 16211-Cathy C. and Walter L. Stanley to J. Babatunde Yusuf, $280,000.

WELSHIRE DR., 10404-Francis W. Coleman to Kenneth J. Holmes, $270,000.

WESTVIEW DR., 12223-Kathy L. Anderson to Tiffany L. and Michael O. Williams, $300,000.


Lake Arbor Area

CHANTILLY LANE, 11504-Janie M. and Jefferson Stewart Jr. to Fredrecker Adams, $390,000.

CLAIRTON DR., 3702-Harry L. Rust IV to Richard E. Davis Sr., $425,000.

DUNDEE DR., 11500-David Adesaya to Deborah Farley, $350,000.

FARAWAY CT., 819-Yvonne C. Weathers to Carris R. Skinner, $270,000.

LAKE ARBOR WAY, 10910-McQueen Living Trust to Lolanda Tappin Moore, $289,500.

POST OAK DR., 1505-Angela Horton to Renee M. Chin, $261,000.

ROMSEY DR., 3911-Ricardo C. and Bonita D.S. Mitchell to Shari F. and Perry L. Collins, $419,000.

WOOD LAUREL WAY, 10101-Walter Simpkins to Ernest M. Greene, $320,000.

WOODWALK TERR., 12408-Wendell W. Webster to Keitha and Anthony Harewood, $610,000.