Civista Medical Center

March 23

Tocarra Jekhi Qualls, a daughter, to Angel and Garret Qualls of Waldorf.

May 3

Mallory Jo Carroll, a daughter, to Susan and Mike Carroll of Hughesville.

May 4

Sayanni Fredriqua White, a daughter, to Myra and Fred White of Waldorf.

May 5

Brett William McGurk, a son, to Holly and Mark McGurk of Mechanicsville.

May 19

Jenna Raye Blair, a daughter, to Kerri and Don Blair of Waldorf.

May 25

Ayanna Faith Walton, a daughter, to Victoria Walton of White Plains.

St. Mary's Hospital

April 21

Ethan Christopher Wasniak, a son, to Heather and Christopher Wasniak of Lexington Park.

Nakiyah Ayanna Milburn, a daughter, to Natia and Frederick Milburn of Lexington Park.

April 22

Adrian Paul Proffer Jr., a son, to Mary Breeden and Adrian P. Proffer of Callaway.

April 23

John Nicholas Kovich, a son, to Kristi and John Kovich of Lexington Park.

Victoria Leigh Blumling and Brianna Michelle Blumling, twin daughters, to Tiffany and John Blumling of Lexington Park.

Cadin Eric Palmer, a son, to Rebecca and Michael Palmer of Lexington Park.

April 24

Mckayla Brooklyn Maddox, a daughter, to Shannon and Jamie Maddox of California.

Sofia Lin Galletti, a daughter, to Holli and Francisco Galletti of Leonardtown.

April 25

Kaylee Brynn Weiss, a daughter, to Jocelyn Hagelin and Michael Weiss of Great Mills.

Airyonna Alissa Hamby, a daughter, to Alana McCoole and Scott Hamby of La Plata.

April 26

Benson Taylor Campbell, a son, to Melissa and Ross Campbell of Great Mills.

Lauren Marie Tippett, a daughter, to Susan and David Tippett of Lexington Park.

April 27

Michael Jay Beach, a son, to Crystal Bates and Willard Beach of Hollywood.

April 28

Ethan James Howard, a son, to Laura Scholten and Wayne Howard of Leonardtown.

Neadurra Nicole Nelson, a daughter, to Tina and Joe Nelson of Clements.

April 30

Lauren Elizabeth McRae, a daughter, to Patricia and John McRae of Lexington Park.

Robert James Plessinger, a son, to Courtney and Jack Plessinger of California.

May 2

Anthony James Collier, a son, to Jennifer and Sean Collier of Leonardtown.

May 3

Skylia Rae Nelson, a daughter, to Krystal Goldsmith and Brian Nelson of Mechanicsville.

Sarah McKenzie Reinhard, a daughter, to Jonna and Will Reinhard of Lexington Park.

Shane Wyatt Topolski, a son, to Marta and Michael Topolski of Hollywood.

May 4

Jamison William Bates, a son, to Diana Thackston and Charles Bates Jr. of Prince Frederick.

Abigail May Donaldson, a daughter, to Jennifer and Scott Donaldson of St. Mary's City.

May 5

Saniya I. Proctor, a daughter, to Keishawna Smith and William Proctor of Lexington Park.

Jennifer Allison Graf, a daughter, to Juliet and Anthony Graf of Leonardtown.

May 6

Sydney Anne Wise, a daughter, to Cynthia and Robert Wise of Chaptico.

Savannah Nicole Garren, a daughter, to Laura and Scott Garren of Hollywood.

May 7

Kasey Marie Wheeler, a daughter, to Elizabeth and Michael Wheeler of Mechanicsville.

May 8

Blake James Yager, a son, to Lisa and Cory Yager of Leonardtown.

May 9

Nathan Anthony Bowling, a son, to Jennifer and David Bowling of Faulkner.

Jonathan Charles Pharis, a son, to Genevieve and Jeff Pharis of Lexington Park.

May 11

Ayden Wingo Sides, a son, to Sarah Wingo and Jonathan Sides of California.

Daryl E. Briscoe, a son, to Shanell and Richie Briscoe of Great Mills.

Jonathan Allen Thomas Jr., a son, to Nicole and Jonathan A. Thomas Sr. of Mechanicsville.

May 12

Cody Lang Colliflower, a son, to Terra and Joshua Colliflower of Bushwood.

Caralyne Marie Garrow, a daughter, to Wendy and Michael Garrow of Lexington Park.

David Alexander King, a son, to Jennifer and Michael King of Charlotte Hall.

May 13

Joseph Etalo Fennell, a son, to Victoria and Joseph Fennell of Piney Point.

May 14

Kaydn Jay Knott, a son, to Melissa Russell and Richard Knott of Leonardtown.

Erin Nicole Click, a daughter, to Deana and Steven Click of Avenue.

Nicholas Greer Allred, a son, to Charlotte and David Allred of Lexington Park.

May 16

Samuel Franklin Farrell and Benjamin Hall Farrell, twin sons, to Shelby and Kevin Farrell of Avenue.

Sydney Irene VerHaagh, a daughter, to Suzanne and Brian VerHaagh of Mechanicsville.

May 17

Tyler Phillip Wheeler, a son, to Phyllis and Gregory Wheeler of Compton.

May 18

Calvin Dawson, a son, to Brandy and Calvin Dawson of Waldorf.

May 19

Kaylee Marie Altimus, a daughter, to Lisa Gray and Travis Altimus of Newburg.

Tavion Kelly Somerville, a son, to Krystal Morgan and Tavoy Somerville of Lexington Park.

Jaelyn Elizabeth Holt, a daughter, to Samulyn Thomas and James Holt of Loveville.

Charles Joseph Sparks, a son, to Lauren Ernst and George Sparks of Hollywood.

Alayna Mariah Herbert, a daughter, to Crystal Herbert of Avenue.

May 20

Sarah Ashley Beale, a daughter, to Jennifer and Bobby Beale of Loveville.

May 23

Layla Mae Coffey, a daughter, to Suzanne and Peter Coffey of Lexington Park.